This is scotty smith here uhm thats all u need to know if ur reading this u probably know enough about me so thats all im saying :)

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  1. Amazing Doggo

    Zoey Be My Name

  2. supriadi pammu

    0:15 sound from hell

  3. Авиамуделист

    Remembering Flatout 2

  4. Ryan Daniel

    Guy in my hood only dresses in Iron Maiden shit....Latin dude.

  5. Mongo Like Candy

    Is eddy the most powerful being in the universe!

  6. Yan

    I love the way he says "Pied Piper" xD

  7. Merrem

    flatout 2 gang rise up

  8. James Cotter

    .....also ..... You have to be older than 30 to appreciate this song.... Just sayin

  9. James Cotter

    I have tried to blow my ears off to this song..... Alas ..... I couldn't..... Wait what?!?!

  10. Buğ Ra

    There is no comment like "Metallica or Megadeth ?" , but everyone says "nO nEEd tO ArgUE I lOvE bOth"

  11. Matheus Fogassa

    2019? Brasileiros?

  12. Johnny Fountains

    Dave kicked cancer in the ass

  13. e s

    Furio theme

  14. Frank Landry


  15. Valentino Torresi

    Aguante megadeth

  16. VitaminJ7734

    Who else is beating their meat to this?

  17. TheFunkhouser

    Probably THE best if not one of the best ever heavy rock songs! History!!

  18. Prehistorik Caveman

    hallowed be thy name

  19. jodi-lee copland

    Deez nuts

    1. Joshua Patton

      Ben O'Donnell


    symphony of destruction the project jojo stand

  21. Devon Teeple

    Doom song

  22. kids fun and play

    me = salieri random chinesse kid = mozart

  23. emma S


  24. Hey I’m gay


  25. Steve Smith

    chilli pic.uppa via tat i,a ladies choice butt idid 80$birth oneandx paid. plus one lyte tease"az

  26. Petran Assunco


  27. Ryder21

    If I’m not mistaken, the first time I really heard this song was on Flatout 2. Kickass song

  28. 김원호

    Megadeth <w.w> Great!!

  29. Unsatisfied Uncle

    rock and roll is my jam... but metal is good too...

  30. alex wu

    I became wolf and robot at the same time for listening to this

  31. A day in the life

    Indeed...Hallowed be thy name indeed. Absolute masterpiece. it still gets cranked in my car.

  32. Dead White Male

    Mozart was always the best at la de da. And I don't mean that as a complement.

  33. Luis Fabián

    Quién por jordi wild xd

  34. The Uberman

    I had a 16 year old friend in University. He was in my calculus class. He would never study and he would literally only read something once and completely comprehend it and memorize it. He garduated at 17 with two degrees. He was also very imature and childish for his age. I was never jealous but it was really discouraging to realize how dumb most people and I are.

  35. Liliane Pereira

    2019 ??

  36. Bernd - Immer wieder Sonntags kommt der Patriot!

    Einfach top! White Music!

  37. inu linu

    iron maiden, forever

  38. Iron Head

    One of the greatest songs ever

  39. Montse GR

    lo mejor de lo mejor desde MEXICO

  40. radio lolby12

    This sounds like at doom gate

  41. Munnin, das ist Wunderbar!

    here is your master --------->

  42. antonio colman

    No regrets from oak cliff texas d town

  43. antonio colman

    Im a pirate an outcast of society. But the problem is i like the crminal life. I love it. As long as there is whiskey in the jarro i will live like this. No regrets

  44. DamFlyFor aWhiteGuy

    This song makes me wanna sock somebody in the face

  45. Toxin Wave

    Trump song!

  46. Alan attack

    Master played by the Masters !

  47. hassan palomo

    2019 and still watch Jamie Thomas to this song.

    1. Alejandro Urbalejo G

      zero for life

  48. hassan palomo

    This song saved me $120 I was going to call off work today but I guess I'll go

  49. lukasrembeck

    Flatout2 best

  50. Block City Clutch

    Who are the lab rats? People who take the vaccines from the elites!!

    1. Galaxi

      @Block City Clutch Don't let anyone sneeze on you then, you might die! LOL

    2. Block City Clutch

      @Galaxi absolutely

    3. Galaxi

      are you anti-vax?

  51. Jeff Ingram

    You can absolutely hear Dave's influence

  52. Michael Ybarra

    Fucking love it!! Powerful riff and lyrics...MuthaFucking Metallica!

  53. GerardoIx

    This is song is Megadeth's Enter Sandman ; )

  54. Antonio Villacís Osorio

    ¡Megadeth, Megadeth, Aguante Megadeth! xD

  55. omer haron

    Is this the hardest song to sing? Look at the speed you need...

    1. Ale17

      don't look at the speed, look at the tone of voice with which it is sung, that's the hard part of the song

  56. Robert Papak

    Get fucked dont be a loser like everyone ellse your the master.........James you got probs fuckin I Love you fix me

    1. Robert Papak

      I LOVE EVERYTHING Fade to black is easytell the song please play it

  57. Pedro Moreira

    Brasil! Sou Iron Maiden 🙏

  58. 8- Bit


  59. Thomas House

    Dave Mustaine Marty Friedman David Ellefson Nick Menza The best Megadeth lineup in my opinion

  60. Constable Dodo

    This movie is so dumb for portraying Salieri in such fashoin.

  61. Joseph Paez

    I dont understand why the big 4 in metal are Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, and does not make sense..... Anthrax. There are so many better bands than Anthrax. Maiden is way over the top over Anthrax! ...I have always thought it was because Anthrax is from NYC (east coast) and jewish.

    1. S

      Because Maiden is not thrash..

  62. Markoi Green

    Im new to this genre and daamn,neat beats and vocs. Gonna use it for.gym 👌🎈🚒🚑

  63. greathelmm

    just imagine the masterworks Mozart would have created if he had not died at the age 35

  64. Vanessa Esparza

    Mi favorita de todas sus canciones

  65. Hellfactor Tv

    Metallica is better

  66. Corttez Videos

    musica do lula ladrão

  67. fourDimension

    3:48 // comofas

  68. mega man

    So anyone already listening to this in 2020

  69. Acting Empty

    6:26 there's a boop.

  70. Darrin Rychlak

    I had the same experience at a tuba exhibition. EDIT: Curse you Roger Bobo.

  71. Turkey Man

    I hate drake!

  72. P Pipe

    The title of this flick should have been "Salieri"

  73. END GAME


  74. вeaѕт gaмιng

    *Doomguy enter hell*

  75. Manuel Meraz

    Literally one of the Greatest Metal tracks of all fucking time!

  76. Παναγιώτης Αργυρόπουλος

    All Rise \M/

  77. ClassicAdden

    If you like both, you get twice the enjoyment. Your welcome.

  78. Savetheworld03

    travis is over

  79. themariusnos


  80. Andre Richard

    This actually seems pertinent to the current political climate. Dear America time for solidarity among the ranks from an American.

  81. SegaCDboy21

    Edgy cover but awesome music

    1. fucker mcfuckface

      Dude this is not a cover

  82. Crazy_clay 78

    yo for the longest time i thought this was metalica

  83. Bryan sterba

    I fucking love it

  84. Claude Hayden

    Salieri, miserable jealous douche.

  85. Mike Lowry

    666 comments? Let's do it!!!

  86. Syris of Lemuria

    Love this movie lol

  87. CCW Noob

    The casting with Hulce was just perfect. How ever did they think of him esp from his Animal House days.

  88. R Heffner


  89. R Heffner


  90. Speek Fraely Wayan

    Must see film for music fans. "Jealousy is the most terrible human emotion" AA big book...mozart lived as a lowly working musician who drank and attracted too many women. Ironically, it is accepted that he worked himself to death given how much he produced in a short time. His sister Nannerl may have been a better musician but we will never know.

  91. William Gray

    Awesome Song! Never gets old! Luv Iron Maiden! ❣❣❣🤘🤘🤘🤪🤪🤪

  92. Marco Rosales

    Salieri reminds me of Squidward.

  93. Badtothebone R

    the Real Salieri probably would have just said " porco dio " at the end of the clip...

  94. Izzy SoDope

    that tiny little bit on the end 9:27 was a musical fart joke. Oh jezz-us LMAO

  95. Koaasst

    do not let these comments dissuade you from recognize excellence. this is not merely 'lots of practice'. this is inherent ability, and they hate you for it if you have it.

  96. Michael Myers

    When is Mozart going on tour

  97. Triple Gem

    It's a stunning movie. Ok it's not completely accurate, tis but a master piece.

  98. Cliff Ryan

    I was driving a few days ago , and my 8 year old daughter was in the back seat. This song was playing and I could see her head banging along, then breaking into air drums and guitar. Life is good :)

  99. Giuliano Avanza GLV


  100. Moon Five

    It was good scene with musical humour and Mozart not really mean to make other music guy look bad but his music did require help by genious of all muscicians of history of mankind that has been made.