This is scotty smith here uhm thats all u need to know if ur reading this u probably know enough about me so thats all im saying :)

Any videos i upload are meant for the sole purpose to show some damn good music. I am NOT uploading these videos to infringe on ANYONE'S personal or public rights. Nor did I upload these to take views or comments from other youtube users. Thank you

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  1. False Prophet

    The intro actually sounds like my PS3 booting up.

  2. tonny guardo

    😷🤘🏻 MEGADETH 2020 MAYO

  3. john dominic

    I am here from mcnasty

  4. ysahillioglu

    proud to drum cover this masterpiece 🤘

  5. nub.ulous

    My chorus teacher made me watch this

  6. Matěj Novotný

    FlatOut 2 anybody?

  7. Neal Hubler

    "Take A mortal man and put him in contro"l...?!??!

  8. Justin Jay

    Givin props to the Masters of Puppets!

  9. Justin Jay

  10. anicoleligon

    I love the bassline in this song. Simple but so satisfying.

  11. Guitalist


  12. mingli yi

    coronavirus killer song list

  13. Ciprian petru Condoros

    o adevarata simfonie

  14. Idania Valdivieso

    Soy mexicano y escucho lo clásico de iron maiden en 2020.lo escucho desde que tenia diez años

  15. Angel of Death

    Guitar Hero

  16. marty alex

    If iron maiden and guns n roses had sex in a parking lot their baby will sound like this lol

  17. Laurent Arnould

    Hummmmmm acting like a ro-BOT ! I love his voice .... Long life to you Dave.

  18. Leslie Rivera

    Witness the original mike drop. This movie is a masterpiece in every possible way.

  19. Devosce

    Of of my most favorite songs ever!! I created a guitar cover Of this song I would like to have some feed back on my playing.

  20. Bloody Hope

    Do I Need To Say TRUMP???

  21. henrique sabino

    This song sounds better when the audio is not in hd.

  22. Ethan Donaldson

    I played this album the other day and my neighbour gave me a message asking if I could please turn the music up

  23. Antonio Stella Bottom Tile

    Kapellmeister Bonno 3:45 looks just like the "fat and sassy" lady

  24. Digantanil Khasnobis

    Metallica and Megadeth are the two sides of the heavy metal coin....both are legends \m/

  25. Shane Bradley


  26. skippydammit

    Big Short! Part Deux...-:)

  27. Parinai Upasak

    Flatout 2 anyone

  28. Gaming guy

    Came here to pay tribute to my Uncle that I just lost today..The man that introduced me to Iron Maiden ❤️❤️😭

  29. c fedyszyn

    Salieri literally recoils from Mozart. I feel for the King. Everyone so doting and oppressively fawning. Such a funny scene.

  30. MasterWitchDoctor

    the best part of Megadeth is Lars isnt the drummer. The best part of Metallica is um yea there isnt one Metallica is lame. I liked Metallica a whole lot better when they were called Megadeth. and compared to Pantera, lol, Metallica look and sounds like the New Kids On The Block.

  31. Music is my antidote

    I showed this to my 🥕 and now it’s an 🍆

  32. JoeThePro

    My morning tune

  33. ssgrunt

    Ahh the memories. OIF 2003. 1st Marine Division

  34. Phi Syiemiong

    I love that intro it's amazing

  35. Cowdy McCowface

    "I was born for die-ing"

  36. Rayford Raynor

    I wish i had abs like the old man on the cover

  37. Johonny Alexander Gonzalez Lagos

    The remaster version: MEH!! I preffer the original with more punch in the drums, sorry!

  38. runup 2

    This reminds of golden axe for sum buzd out reason... cool asf song though

  39. MajinHico

    At least one manowar song?

  40. Axel Hernández


  41. Jerrell Bevers

    Who could have guessed that 34 years later this song would ring so true to what is happening in this country...

  42. Jeremy Sandberg

    Long live their music- my comforter...

    1. Jeremy Sandberg

      My friend

  43. Jeremy Sandberg

    This song means more to me each and every day

  44. Jeremy Sandberg

    Everyday this song gets better and better

  45. Gerhard Berger


  46. Davide M

    Che ne sai tu di un campo di grano!!!

  47. moto brain

    x1.25 speed is kool

  48. Ivanushko_ host

    Comments here be like: 1) Metallica vs Megadeth 2) *insert any year* anyone? 3) guys complaining about "*insert any year* anyone?" 4) You try to take his baaaaaaaaalls 5) Flatout 2

  49. Da Bi


  50. Patrick Giglioli


  51. David Christensen


  52. Duke Fischer

    Well, I searched for megameth.

  53. Collin Vail

    Why do people feel the need to defend Megadeth from Metallica in these comment sections? I never see it in Metallica comment sections. Like, guys, they’re both good bands, with their own different and shared history, and each have unique things to offer. It’s really annoying whenever I scroll down and see “MeGaDEtH/MeTaLlIcA bAd.”

  54. kurb kurb

    the only reason I'm here is because in elementary my music teacher had put this one clip from this movie to get us to know about Mozart, well I'm glad I was able to find the title for the move and also able to relieve some nostalgia :D

  55. Joshan Sharma

    You take Dave Mustaine , Throw him out of the band, and watch him become a God.

    1. Mark Maloney

      Good point. Love Dave and James.

    2. Riley K.

      And watch him live in his former band's shadow.

  56. FilthStyle

    This solo(s) = Hella insane

  57. Adam Downer

    Rip Paddy Bowden 😔

  58. The Temple Guard

    Metallica are way better than megadeth

  59. Rick Shaw

    I see a bunch of Metallica songs that are next in the playlist. I can't go there. It's like telling my uncle i won't listen to my cooler uncle.


    Megadeth aguante Megadeth☝

  61. DoorKicker

    This song was blasting from our MRAP when we left our fob. 🇺🇸👌

  62. Avitar Magnus

    top 5 TRUE METAL SONGS of all time great job Dave I lifted my first 1000lb Deadlift to this song!!!

  63. Raindeer Projekt

    Its a very uneasy song.... Mozart would approve me thinks.... Impressive work from the 1990's We had things called mosh pits Anti- social distancing

  64. Tempa Bhutia

    One of the greatest metal number ever.... awesome

  65. Пинещенко Никита

    У тех кто проходил f2 этот трек всегда будет в сердечке

  66. Ryan Palermo

    My neighbor listens to country music, until I play MAIDEN !

  67. Alex Alex

    Here to piss the neighbors who made noise until 1 am

  68. BL4CK Master

    The old generation is so pretty lucky with the artists

    1. Sylvano Ginnamio

      That is true

  69. TheReaverOfDarkness

    I thought Doom outsourced their music to Pantera, not Metallica. This straight up sounds like it's from the original Doom soundtrack.

  70. luiz Fernando

    one day, God will destroy death and sin. and will bring the beautiful new world ... only peace and happy!

  71. Beaker

    35 millions views bitch🤘

    1. Beaker

      @Raindeer Projekt o. K. Thanks

  72. Brian B

    Robert Downey Jr. is Mozart?

  73. guitar guy

    Sometimes i forget how good this song actually is

  74. Ezio Gama

    Megadeth is a copy of metallica...

    1. Raindeer Projekt

      I am thankful for both

  75. Kevin Cantu

    Heroes class S vs Melzalgad

  76. Cristian Pol Salazar

    That "laugh" makes me laugh so hard. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  77. King Diavolo

    7 minutes of perfection

  78. Rafael Caltabiano

    my band covered this song 🤘

  79. chuy andy

    Muchos aquí vienen por el soundtrack del video de el coronavirus contra la avispa gigante xD

  80. Zainab Nawal

    Man that guitar vocals are just 🔥

  81. Billy that one guys channel

    As a metallideth fan I can say this fucking slaps

  82. Carlos Slime 役人


    1. Luison

      4000 years B.C. anyone ??

  83. Michael Meacham

    My favorite song to Yodel

  84. Miguel Angel Barrera

    thanks to the life cause i was born in the place and perfect moment. :´(

  85. Caio One007

    Clássico demais. Fantástico. Number of the beast é um dos melhores discos que já ouvi de heavy metal.

  86. Andrea Garcia López

    My favourite iron maiden's song

  87. kamil sobecki

    Clearly One of the best hard rock / metal songs EVER RECORDED ...

  88. Carlos Barajas

    I get tingles

  89. The Mitten Brothers

    When ever I listen to this song, some how our neighborhood does too!

  90. Aixa Perez


  91. u wot meme 2004

    shut up billie you tramp or imma smack down you off the charts and eat your ego raw even if id have to go back to 2006

  92. Salvo Cali

    L'album migliore con questo cantante..

  93. Noah Frelich

    Anyone notice how this is pretty much a copy of leper messiah

  94. Ryan Silver

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸(President Donald trump theam song forged by fuckers like you. Led rats threw the streets

  95. Iósif Stalin

    Aguante megadeth

  96. Wolf Moon

    Is this heaven

  97. mia mia

    when you wanna turn this all the way up and jam out but your entire house is asleep.

  98. Doi Frig

    You take a mortal man And put him in control Watch him become a god Watch people's heads a'roll A'roll, a' roll Just like the Pied Piper Led rats through the streets We dance like the marionettes Swaying to the symphony Of destruction Acting like a robot Its metal brain corrodes You try to take its pulse Before the head explodes Explodes, explodes Just like the Pied Piper Led rats through the streets We dance like marionettes Swaying to the symphony Just like the Pied Piper Led rats through the streets We dance like marionettes Swaying to the symphony Swaying to the symphony Of destruction The earth starts to rumble World powers fall A'warring for the heavens A peaceful man stands tall Tall, tall Just like the Pied Piper Led rats through the streets We dance like marionettes Swaying to the symphony Just like the Pied Piper Led rats through the streets We dance like marionettes Swaying to the symphony Swaying to the symphony Of destruction

  99. Bastián Herrera

    Unique song

  100. Francis Cyprus

    beast of a song. E minor is just such a powerful key.