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  1. Versacerunnning

    I have one account on my PS4 as primary but I cannot broadcast

  2. Brendan Des

    There are 3 certain things in life 3:death 2:taxes 1:Ellie’s Pocket Knife

  3. Mustange 70

    Was that Zack at the end?

  4. Murphy King


  5. aggresivcanadian

    Heha ghost go "ora ora"

  6. Hashim .69

    I played uncharted before but iwell do it again 😌, and dirt 2 I will give it a chance

  7. Not Dead

    Show us the ps5


    Trump finna pay for this game when that stimulus hits

  9. ryder mccall

    Red’s voice is AWESOME!

  10. Liam charnock

    Was that zack fair at the end? I really hope so final fantasy crisis core is still my favourite FF game?

  11. AlkoPRO

    У него ремень.. он срёт в штаны!!

  12. put3ska the cracked

    1:13 Squall???? nevermind...

  13. ali assi

    Check my latest video how you can get free ps plus and ps now

  14. Prince 900


  15. William Vincent

    This is epic!

  16. InRealTime769

    I didnt expect Red 13 to be quite so... catty

  17. Papyrus16918

    I've always found Rufus to be a really cool villain his boss fight looks badass

  18. Flex Lopez

    I cnt wait for this to freaking release yo 👊😁 ff7 greatest game of all time!

  19. Vitor Cagni

    5.29.2020 Covid-19: thats cute...

  20. Berk Can

    best remake everrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Giregar

    Whaaaaat, Zack will be back? Oo

  22. Brian Hansen

    The Dialogues are HORRIBLE, so cheezy and target towards teenagers :/

  23. sum obo

    Total ripoff of some nintendo game but a new IP for playstation.

  24. Hayden Bingham

    looks repetitive but i will defiantly buy

  25. KESO

    I don't see anyone mentioning The Club that came out on previous consoles. I used to play that game all the time and this reminds me of it! Can't wait!

  26. AwayRook14

    who wants to bet the last one is the Broly fight?

  27. W iLL

    P L E A S E tell me that was Zack at the end

  28. Max555

    Deadpool going to floss

  29. Solo Pioneer


  30. 봉윤아

    Now show us Zack damnit

  31. Aekusso Nii-chan

    Wooh, living on a pray...

  32. Matthew Whalen-Henik

    This one looks cool and all but I can’t wait for the second one so I can play red and cait sith

  33. Mark-Anthony

    Please release for Xbox One soon.

  34. Justin Calhoun

    Rainbow Duty: Apex Fortwatch

  35. SomeUnholyDude

    Can’t wait to have my “Talking dog best friend” with me! 🐶

  36. JTL

    Voice acting is pretty poor...

  37. gooieglopp


  38. Serhiy Demchuk

    Remember in original game was the moment when we used to play in Cloud’s flashback where we got an opportunity to play for Sephiroth. If this one is going to be in Remake my happiness will have no borders

  39. Shirako Takamoto

    Glad i took off Friday for this. Gotta download it Tuesday when i get paid so itll be ready by then since corona is slowing everything down. Never played 7 only crisis core and the spinoffs /KH, Dissidia etc so im hyped to see what everyone else is hyped about lol.

  40. DRAK8N

    This game looks very cheap. Not even NPC's on the streets. Easy cashgrab on skate fans because here is no other skate game on ps4....

  41. Артём Романов

    С*ки, сделайте русские субтитры! Простите за мой французский ахах

  42. george dimitris

    Whoever create Cloud as a character deserves everyone's respects, best character ever!!!!

  43. Max XI

    FF17 right?

  44. Kent Reed

    To be honest, this game looks kinda dull. I dont think its worth $60. Im going to have to pass and install fortnite instead. That game has at least a big fan base.

  45. Hilmi Naufal


  46. bullipe Reddy

    Why is nobody talking about the 'Zack memory' in the end?

  47. linh Nguyen

    Great romance story

  48. Cristian Espinosa Radke

    This is your April fools joke?

  49. Anthony Ramos

    If a company make an MMORPG like SAO and GGO I´ll surely pay 60 dollars for it Man, it´s 2020 and there is not a game like SAO (without taking into account the VR that was shown in the anime, obviously)

  50. Raden Ackerman


  51. Creative Kaiju

    I'm guessing with Part 1 being Battle of Gods, Part 2 will be Ressurection F then Part 3 might be DBS: Broly.

  52. TeJay Smith

    I want DBZ movie DLC cooler, broly, janemba, bojack, turles

  53. Excalibur Warlord

    Season 2? I can't even download it where I am

  54. Zahir Smith

    Why Am I emotional

  55. Jack

    I see the Para and Dox brothers from YuGiOh somehow got into the game

  56. Popyman51

    Any Breaking Bad fans here? I think Badger is in this game, haha.

  57. Yosefan Harryanto

    1:21 i saw Nora gang from ff13?lol

  58. Haret

    Then.... what this game?

  59. DeAndre Holland

    Crisis Core had more emotion and drama.

  60. GWhoves

    Because we needed more of a reason to be hurt by Arith's death.

  61. Tech G

    they should do FF1 & 2 this on ..& the one with Rydia? Was it umm the one where they went to the moon

  62. Ev3n 0dd

    it's just insane that this is an actual thing.

  63. Saud Ahmad

    1:52 that diesel though ❤

  64. Anggi Nurdika

    So the Final Boss for part 1 is Sephiroth (In ilussion world or something) ?

  65. Vicente Espinoza


  66. Wallace

    Midgar was my least favorite part of the game. Don't really care for all this density.

  67. Tj Cherry

    Breath of the wild : "I don't have a switch" edition

  68. reihare

    Please deliver a free trial version soon as an apology 😤

  69. kiplie nightburn

    Is yuffie and Vincent is play able characters???

  70. Feverun 0

    I really want to see knight of round!

  71. Brayden Bechtold

    whenever they show off the ps5, they should re do this trailer but with all the ps4 hits

  72. JJJ JJJ

    Jolines que clase de eta es avalancha

  73. TheRiolumon

    Dat lyp sync Edit: nevermind it all over the place


    The graphic is horrible this must be some kind of jokes man, yall did this dirty for such big movie franchise

  75. cHa0s Vince

    No Vincent eh?

  76. Kevin Romero

    0:26 GOKU AHHHHHH!!!!

  77. Mizchief

    More gameplay not dialogue

  78. Juan18 Arellano

    The beginning of the trailer hits harder if you played crisis core

  79. Mizchief

    Cloud is a simp

  80. Ever Torres

    Wait what is that Zack or what im confused. Because that's the place where he....!

  81. BaconNuke

    *realization gonna get HD Crossdressing Cloud*

  82. Lenard Regencia

    You are Jill Valentine. The whole Raccoon City is in Lockdown. As the master of unlocking. Do everything that you can to survive the nightmare. This is your Last Escape.

  83. Axe_ Zell

    Can someone buy this game for me? HAHAHAHA

  84. ゴルゴ13

    I had to stop it, I will not spoil anything for myself.

  85. online name

    they should rm FF6 ..and ff5 as well.. just saying

  86. AKA Rekz

    Its probably Angeal.

  87. ibo rivera

    Zack at the end??👀

  88. B Anonymous

    It hurts to see they only put him in just for fan service and not to actually contribute in the theme

  89. President Pixel

    Mark Hamill voicing Cloud will always be the cherry on top of all of this. Edit: And Ryuji from Persona 5 voicing Red XIII😆


    Dislikes are from nitendo players because xbox players liked it...

  91. José Luis Gaitán

    So many spoilers!

  92. butler3251

    PC release in 2021 but PS4 will be in this fall? k, gotta buy a ps4, I can't wait 😂😂😂

  93. Royale Meister

    Bruh the beginning gave me serious Crisis Core nostalgia man... And idc what anyone says, cloud belongs with tifa and aerith belongs with ZACK. Thats how it is dont fck it up


    Still not more physicstic than beamng drive..

  95. Dominic Torretto

    Ну что за кусок говна🤦🏻‍♂️

  96. Alfalfa Snow

    I think Cloud and Aerith will be together at the end. Not with Tifa

  97. online name

    i .. CANT... WAIT..!!!

  98. 420_ Gamer

    The game is better now than it was before I think anybody else?

  99. Uchijav

    So in their own words can someone tell me just how does this tie into Nier: Automata? I just started playing automata and i can use a bit of a lore explanation.


    ZACK-KUUIUUN 😂😂😂😂😂😂