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  1. Pixo OSE

    damn i was in toronto for the casa loma legends of horror event while he was there

  2. Hayame Kun

    Pewdiepie: Alright, Lets build a Cobblestone generator. Cinnamon: I HADDO BIG BWRAIN

  3. Family Life

    Plot twist: Peppa pig comes and yeets her out the window

  4. lhalls9116

    Dun dun dun..war...hooh..what is it good for..absolutely nothin..good god now..

  5. Danald

    Just a swedish man having fun making his last video whilst drinking alcohol.

  6. Hào Cổ


  7. Hunter Gaming

    Me and mercy? From overwatch

  8. 0809 Oof

    2:51 to wash away his feelings

  9. Josea Yum


  10. Tristan Morris


  11. 葉亞倫


  12. xjaybeats

    truth is he has a baby on the way

  13. Danald

    3 days...It's been real Felix. We will miss you.

  14. HyperStyleZ

    pewdiepie: I’m going on break not quitting Last seen 7 years ago

  15. Jo

    Marzia is preggers, isn't she

  16. Babadoe

    When will beast master return it’s 2020 how long has he been hunting

  17. Sayler jordan

    Yay I got big peepee

  18. Alwin Dacia

    Noooooo boooooo

  19. kennethpro lamud

    its this illigal

  20. Rhys Harnett

    The intro hit different

  21. Victoria Davis

    The fu**ing brofist is back 😢😢😢

  22. Rafael Lopes

    Press "F" to pay respect

  23. Im Pretty Sure

    me: starts to watch again your videos

  24. Rafael Lopes


  25. Muddmas101

    In western Pittsburgh born and raised on the playgrounds where I spent most of my days I'm not gonna fish the rest 😂😂

  26. Dogcatten Gamer


  27. Coffee -with me

    Looser company 😄💩💩💩

  28. يهصعايو س


  29. SynusesTheGreat

    Pewdiepie is kil no

  30. IVskin

    19 year old

  31. Gimme some Suga Kookies and Tae

    We ain’t gonna see him again are we..

  32. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    I wish people would be out of my forest

  33. HyperStyleZ

    Great, now you can hold hands!

  34. Eduardo Maestro

    💯💔Goodbye pewdiepie 💔💯

  35. Omega Otter

    Toriel+Asgore= Asriel The power of shipping fills you with determination

  36. Tolle

    How tf was this 1year ago

  37. LeJokester Gaming 131

    12:07 every month has 28 days

  38. FBI 69 Doors taken down

    3 days in, I'm empty

  39. Sunny Monroe

    the full song at 11:41 is silver lights-coconuts

  40. Cody Nunn

    Why did I laugh so much when he got the hat

  41. Patricia Diaz

    It time to buy PewPiew merch and make media trigger with out new videos still getting money.

  42. Η αναρχία είναι τάξη

    13:17 Misscholangolow

  43. Breanna Palmer

    “That’s a big pp” “I’ll take it”

  44. GalaxyLuna_YT

    Bye pew die pie c u l8ter 💓

  45. Maiwen Bakke

    #1 spelled mounds

  46. TheMrMussolini

    “Shut up Finland!” *edits in Norwegian flag*

  47. Cade 101

    We got another friccing brofist

  48. Angel btw

    Who all couldnt watch this video because it was so cringey

  49. dumplee dumbling

    I'm still waiting for the annual bottleflip challenge 2020 w/Jackcepti

  50. Baby Yoda


  51. Ronny Tahiti

    *PEWDIEPIE: The Trio is complete!* *Mark: 😶*

  52. Shredder the Slayer

    Look at his face, i really want to laugh no need challenge

  53. Caelyn Crochet

    46:30 was my favorite game

  54. ender slayer

    pewdiepie fans please do not get angry i am a fan to but he kind of looked like draco malfoy

  55. MemesStoup

    Fox News called me today, and invited me to their party celebrations, they said that they are very happy that PewDiePie retired from FIsels!

  56. SworldIvan

    PewDiePie это очень оскорбительно для русский твоя кепка 😥

  57. Amm0 69

    Day 3 without pewdiepie 😔

  58. AnniieChan

    Sven: Takes a Little Damage Pewds: EATT!!

  59. Reekaboy


  60. Archi-world Studios


  61. Sunflxwer

    honestly Pewdiepie needs to be the new dr phil

  62. turbogrumbo

    January 15th will now be celebrated around the world as Big PP Day.

  63. Aaron Miller

    3 years ago pewdiepie hit 50 million subscribers

  64. Leif Newman

    If I'm a zoomer and I know who Ozzy Osbourne is what does that make me

  65. Caesar salid

    Ok (pewdiepie voice)

  66. Christian Miloy

    tbh these parents and dr.phil is horrible people like what the shit???

  67. Chris the furry!


  68. JeekerSoahHD

    The glasses pewdipie was wearing are called “the lasagnas”

  69. pastel_milk

    See you soon!

  70. Digvijay Singh Rana


  71. Crimson Demo

    0:13 you cant sleep in the neather Edit:never mind

  72. IconicIsak

    What about the terraria series :(

  73. ElyC West


  74. Mad eye


  75. alex paulea

    “These really young kids go out drinking, doing drugs, car crashes, drunk driving, falling off skateboards” One of these things is not like the other

  76. first name last name

    1:59 hold up... did he just say shat I think he said?

  77. Javadi

    the one rapper that Eminem was afraid to diss

  78. Jerzie Beauchaine

    Who else it looking for T-series comment? 😂😂😂😂😂

  79. Wanda Bishop

    6:54 r/whoosh

  80. p a n g j a s o n

    Pewds:quits minecraft Minecraft:he was like a father to me

  81. Elacticah

    That shit hurted.

  82. Doctor Yulcha

    also gimme that seed

  83. demo G


  84. Doctor Yulcha

    i dont wanna go on living

  85. Cyber Sparkle

    This game predicted the world war 3,it says that it will happen in 2020

  86. McKay Martin

    what if I told you that labs will be destroyed?

  87. killit95

    How much are we willing to bet it's because of COPPA.

  88. Xen is Here



    Love you m8 enjoy your break 👊🏽

  90. Petman Everything

    Anjay mabar

  91. ariallette

    me just watching this vid now cause I'm paranoid that this is his last vid. is it normal to cry while watching this?

    1. Barney Stinson


  92. Muriel Luv Elacion

    Piwdiepie noooooo😭😭😭

  93. Alley Morgan Alexander

    i am going to have to cry about this

  94. Boof Doof

    Similar to the zipper lubricant post, when I was in high school someone who recently joined band looked at a stick of cork grease and thought it was chapstick, that fool played himself.

  95. Ecuadorian Boi

    PewDiePie : I'm not quitting from FIsels *one eternity later* Pewds Viewers : I'm quitting youtube

  96. Happyvirus 016

    On the next season of LWIAY : Felix brings his child to call his bros uncle

  97. Allen Dishman

    10:44, this is the conversation I thought of: Sheev Palpatine (SP): Master Windu (MU), I take it that General Grevious has been destroyed. I must say you're here sooner than expected. MU: In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you are under arrest, Chancellor. SP: Are you threatening me, Master Jedi? MW: The Senate will decide your fate. SP: I AM THE SENATE! MW: Not yet. SP: It's treason then. All credit to LucasFilm and Disney. PS memes

    1. Allen Dishman

      Also, 12:54, Let's start singing it, I'll start. Creepah, aww man. So we back in the mine, got our pickax swinging from side to side, side, side to side.

  98. shrek is love shrek is life

    when i was three i would go up to people and say “my dad had a cat named _______. he died” very calmly. my dad brings it up to this day and keeps saying he feels so sad and disappointed with me.

  99. Nothing stuff

    why does edgar sound like the dog from men in black, pewds? WHY?!?!?

  100. Goose The Flerken

    Sweden will join us for war if they like it or not