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  1. Sara Ierace

    R/niceguys & r/nicegirls? You mean r/crazyguys & r/crazygirls, lol

  2. Phantom

    I have a little question how long ago did you start your FIsels channel I need to know

  3. Zeanok

    *Sees title* iNtErEsTiNg

  4. Elliot Bogle

    4:57 amazing it lasted that long I’m pretty sure that’s the longest one I’ve read that’s amazing

  5. AtotehZ

    The tit pic to the brother figure could've been handled differently. If M and B were at the same event I would've asked M to get his phone and have her tell him OP sent a compromising pic by accident and that she'd appreciate it if she could clear it. This way M would also be able to report back to OP on whether the messages had been read or not.

  6. Zamolxes77

    Censorship ! In a democracy ??? I'm spitting in the face of next 'murican who claims they're free !

  7. Tristan Rose

    For the last story I had a problem as well were I would talk faster then I could think and I was in school so last year and I was talking to my friend and his dad and mom come over to take him home. So we would laugh every time I studer and but his dad took it way to far I was trying to say a word with a t in the beginning so he t.t.to day junior which I took way to far so I flipped out and started to wail on this ED and I am 6 foot and cada a football player so it took four teachers to get me off of him and his son just said what ever I know not to do that so I am not going to get into it. So note do not do that to people who have problems or if u know that they might be ok with it then maybe do. Stay strong 😊

  8. your local animator

    Hi I live in the UK an the legal age to drink is 18 *us in austraila drinking from our parents cool rooms in there pub at 12 years old* get f***ed world

  9. Grayson Carlyle

    I'm a Christian, and that Mormon story makes me a bit mad. After all, at our church, we have multiple teens that got pregnant when they were just dating and are accepted normally. And that piece about God hating the girl now is literally the opposite of what the bible teaches (that God loves you no matter what and always forgives you). I don't know if all Mormons do this, and I'm not trying to offend anyone, but I thought Mormons were similar to Christians, but now I'm not sure what to believe about Mormons. I hope she recovered fro the harassment from the missionaries.

  10. natkatmac

    To answer the second question on the second story: tell her. Teens can handle hard-hitting news. She has you and her siblings for support. If you're worried about her reaction, have the other siblings there. Keeping it from her leaves her open to mom's manipulation.

  11. Cleetus C l e e t u s

    The CPS children one was so saddening

  12. ssg gohan


  13. emily bishop

    bruh my sister faked being blind

  14. Mr Doggo

    Thumbnail: me when I run out of beans and I’m going out to buy more

  15. jimbob jimaroo

    I am in 8th grade, but it’s the same shit. I see girls get stopped in the hallway and told to go change because they have 2 inches of shoulder showing, even though the school has a policy stating that all straps must cover at least three inches. The girls get stopped because “shoulders are distracting”. What wierdo has a shoulder fetish?

  16. Hunter x's hunting team

    Those five guys got turned into burgers and fries!

  17. AtotehZ

    It's a nice thong. I wanna see my GF in that.

  18. Deathscyther

    A lot of sheep actually suffer for wool, in Australia they get a big Skin flop cut off, to prevent parasites, but well it's a giant skin flop, that is not needed for survival, but I'm pretty sure, that that hurts.

  19. Imogen

    The first story had me FURIOUS! A good friend of mine has eds as well. He's had to deal with the "its fake" bullshit from lots of people including doctors! When op started talking about all the joints that went out and how much pain she was in I was crying because I know it's happened to my friend too... I would've absolutely slapped that mother so hard!

  20. The Master

    I’m most definitely not a pacifist and teeth would’ve been swallowed by that guy lol

  21. AtotehZ

    I have the worst temper when it comes to people like the ones in the first story. I bite down on my annoyance, then over time I start to snap back and after a while I explode. Hasn't happened in a long time, but the last guy got hoisted up the wall by his collar(I'm 6'5 230lbs and fit). I generally try not to get in trouble as I know my temper can't handle it.

  22. Olivia Baker

    Oh my god I love the puppy bloopers XD

  23. Doug Ogle

    The unspecified animal was a miniature horse

  24. Kristen Lum

    Lol if they broke into a Tesla you could just turn up the heater until they are forced to get out

  25. Jessie Alexander

    You don’t realize how difficult some ordinary everyday tasks actually are until you’re laughing along with a hysterical rSlash. I almost choked on my toothbrush.

  26. Maverick Games

    Not saying that the story is made up but it sound almost identical to the plot of the movie knives out

  27. Captain Evildjdude

    rSlash can you cover r/rpghorrorstories in the future please

  28. Mihai Ciurchea

    Rslash- i Wonder Why older teachers belive that they can get their way with gen x People nowadays CUZ THEY ARE BOOMERS

  29. Melodi

    8:51 first of all, they are not fat. Look at their hip/waist ratio. Their arms aren't even fat. Because of that their bodies aren't "realistic" because ppl who look like that are naturally skinny celebrities that get butt/hip implants

  30. Xerxeon

    I would have called the cops when she barged in.

  31. mi boi

    Now I know why there were ads on this video. You got the videos I bet.

  32. A Doge Named Yeet

    Do people actually say bloody murder or is that a term just for lots of cussing

  33. Baby Yoda Cult

    Oh shit hopefully she never wins because I don’t wanna senator like her

  34. Hellhound 683

    Does anyone have a link to the first post? I wanna know if she's doing ok, like oh lord that man is disgusting!

  35. Justa Fille

    Lol rSlash coming to beat up my family wants me to take my like back :P

  36. K V

    Change “The customer is always right” to “The customer is almost always right”

  37. Austin Wilburn

    5:30 That almost did happen with J.K. Rowling but not with an artist. She had to go to dozens of publishers before someone was willing to work with her. They told her they didn't believe anyone would be interested in her books.

  38. The Shining Diamond

    ummm u watch porn hub ur a pervert

  39. It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo

    Fake reddit posts always remind me of Randy FeltFace: shopping on Gumtree. Video here for those who haven't seen it: fisels.info/video/videot/haHEqbx2cWOLeo0.html Watch it, it's hilarious.

  40. Captain Evildjdude

    rSlash can you cover r/rpghorrorstories in the future please

  41. Fnaf Addictions

    Advice if a child is stealing your inhaler something you need to live I feel like when no one’s watching smack his ass and scream top of the morning to you laddies

  42. Imogen

    The wheelchair story made me so angry! A friend of mine has a disability that causes his joints to pop out uncontrollably. He can walk a little depending on the situation but still uses a wheelchair and it made me so angry to think of that happening to him... Some people are just intolerable!

  43. Liam Sullivan

    they more i watch this the more i think my mother is the greatest mum in the world and isn't like any of these shit mums

  44. Braydosauce Poop

    I love how people call them A Karen

  45. XDッ

    I dont like coffee i like tea

  46. John Forni

    That story about the nurse in training... God damn. I hope she's alright. That's a lot of shit to be drug through. And she didn't deserve any of it. She did everything she could for that boy, and at the very least, he gave him some comfort and sympathy in his last days. She did a great job, taking her patient into consideration first and foremost, even if it did make the mother snap like the savage bitch she was. I'm glad she managed to get the charges dropped, and hope she continues to do well moving forward. People just fail to recognize where a medical professional's opinion should sit, when it comes to priorities. It's fucking sad, but when the human body can't function, the result is often severe, even including death in many cases. If a doctor talks, people need to learn to STFU and listen. If a nurse speaks, she is relaying what the doctor told her. Humans are fragile machines. That mother is gonna meet me in hell some day, and I'll make sure her ass stays behind the godless gates, where filth like her belongs.

  47. Melodi

    4:33 would you rather see her eat someone else's used tampon?

  48. kirbo

    The first kid makes my head hurt smh

  49. Dont Mind Me Human

    Remember kids, dont sexualize yourself or you'll ended up attracting a cannibal

  50. Ocean Marie

    On that last story, I’m pretty sure OPs parents were gonna just try to hitch a free ride on her “vacation”. Some people in this world just weren’t meant to produce, but 9 times outta 10 their children somehow grow up to be amazing human beings. The best example of “learn from others mistakes”

  51. SMAXZO

    Also, what mother thinks it's a good idea to let her kid play around with a KNIFE?

  52. DD The horse lover

    The first guy was so wrong. EVERYONE EVEN MEN get raped a lot more then you think. When you hear it on the news your obviously going to fear strangers asking for your address. She obviously didn’t want a stranger in her home and then he told her to die.. so that gives her more of a reason to not give out her address. He could’ve leaked her address

  53. Jaegerplayz

    If I was her I would break that’s kids tv a gaming console

  54. Cleetus C l e e t u s

    "Omg your work is amazing may I have it for free?" "No" "YOUR WORK SUCKS HOW COULD ANYONE WANT THIS"

  55. Bon bon


  56. ChrisCreates

    God, I even hate the voice rSlash gives EP’s.

  57. MT tsaka

    First story is friking creepy

  58. MR System

    Hooooly shit people could get banned for "bad language"? PATHETIC. People need to grow up.

    1. human being

      well it just isn't the environment that the store wants to have

  59. Beanut Butter

    One thing I'll never understand: "you shared before so you must be hoing to share _now_ " if they shared before, they'll most likely _not_ share now because they're probably restocking after sharing with you greedy people

  60. KingDeathscythe666

    hey, rSlash. I heard that you want entitled karen videos, here is a link to one. fisels.info/video/videot/jJvaX9NqoIWVq58.html

  61. I Want Candy

    That kids Roblox gf is a gold digger

  62. BloppersPartyz

    Karen: I want everything now!!11 Me: No Karen: Lol ill tell the police about it and say U STOLE MY HOUSE ahaha ill use the prof pic as evidance cya later loser. Karen: WHY AM I GETTING ARRESTED HE HARRASED AND R**ED ME!!

  63. Lynette Build a giant snowman

    My mom leaves me in the car but rolls down the window to the point where I don't get hot and nobody can get in

  64. Jake Bob

    That 1st story was amazing I hate dodgy land lords, had one once ... never again XD

  65. Cheye P

    So I have an embarrassing moment in I want to say maybe eighth grade so I didn’t really like like this kid just like him as a friend and my close friends thought this Boy was my crush which he wasn’t and at the time I wasn’t non-binary or bisexual but anyways I said this would be more fun if so-and-so was here and they looked at me dead ass in the face what do you have a crush on him and I’m like no why would I and they said because you said it would be more fun if so-and-so was here and I said to them ah no with a confused look on my face because I didn’t really have any anybody I like liked in middle school but I forgot my think about that moment I think about how stupid my sentence was because it made me sound like I had a crush on him when I didn’t and it haunts me every day because I say the stupidest things in the most awkward moments

  66. Blackhelm

    That last story. Holy fuck. Those adoptive parents are absolutely insane. If the OP reads these comments, you don't move past this. You cut contact. In essence, you were indeed kidnapped and betrayed. To hell with those entitled shitbags.

  67. Nylonix

    I'm mostly Mexican and would be darker but seeing how I almost never go outside, even my natural skin tone is starting to get pale... Hopefully that party situation doesn't happen to me in a similiar manner lol

  68. Spamasubio The Weirdo

    rSlash: say p*rn and p*rnh*b FIsels: DEMONITIZED

  69. R4M1R GAMING

    I hear wii theme song in the bg

  70. PeanutCheese

    I had something like the first story too, some muscly tattood massive dude didn't grab a cleaned cart, which he had to by company rules. I told him so and he just didn't accept it. Long story short I told him either grab a clean cart or leave the store. He left the store... (priorities amirite)

  71. Christopher Mondy

    The karen with relashonship problems is still lucky she has gone to Disney but some people like me have never gone to any amusement parks except for a festival in my town that only comes 1 a year for a week and I can ever only go 1 night for just 4 hrs max

  72. Karen

    Excuse me, this video is inappropriate where do I leave a review. 1 star:I deserve payment since my identity is used in this video

  73. Quintin Zachary

    The subtitle: me:wt-

  74. grim reaper

    To the parent of the Ek Putang ina mo gago ka akala mo kung sino ka purket sa america dapat english bakit kayo ba pag pumunta kayo sa ibang bansa sinasabihan ka ba na wag mag english

  75. Castor Midnight

    The pigeon story isn't only a nuisance but having that much pigeon feces and pigeons in one place is a serious health hazard

  76. Tosted Fud

    🔪🔪🔪🔪Oops errrrm I mean 💙🧡❤💚💜 typo I accidentally pressed the knife that's miles away from the hearts but u believe me dont you? I'm joking, this channel is great!

  77. Brady Lind

    The dog is having fun

  78. Jim H

    Ray is my name..... Cool

  79. It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo

    The mask thing is just like the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" rule. It's not a big deal at all.... Jeez...

    1. human being

      if this is a joke it's only got 3% of the squad laughing, try again

  80. The Official Carson King YouTube Channel

    1st story is fake as shit

  81. The Perpetuating Party Of Patricks

    6:22 Well Congratulations,you think you're hot shit,tell me when you can beat shaggy at 1% of his power,then we'll talk

  82. Cleetus C l e e t u s

    2:17 this is off topic but in my sixteen years of living, that's the first time I've ever seen "you're" at the end of a sentence.

  83. Sanjay Mane

    12:47 When I Heard OP Say “Hey!” I imagined OP as a White Kid, walking fast and was like “*hey-boom*” *Splash* and all the other people I imagined as the guy from the meme “outstanding move”

  84. Lil Firehawk

    Did everyone else get bombarded with commercials? I got 1-2 commercials per story

  85. TheGuruStud

    A cult ignores you is punishment? Win motherfucking win. Cut those losers off.

  86. General Lacey

    did I just watch a half an hour video, whilst doing an assignement with a teacher who's scary similar to this dude, *yes*

  87. sxiro

    I am blind as shit my glasses are a plus 5 aka bottom of coke bottle thick

  88. palpatine84

    FFS FIsels. 5 commercial breaks in 18 minutes?!

    1. human being

      dude that's like 25 secomds for you, no need to complain

  89. Nic 2751

    Jesus Christ the world is out of control.

  90. TheUwU27

    Yummy popcorn goblet

  91. Never Glitch

    I LIKE CHEESE!!!!!

  92. Dovah Spy

    Turns out "netball" is British women's basketball; but there's no backboard, the ball is a volleyball, and the net is only about 2 inches wider than the ball, the net also appears to be placed lower than it is in basketball


    The guy in the thumbnail is in the marines not the army just saying

  94. dose of risher

    I mean nieng gay is a choice but the story is still wrong


    i thought of a rating for each star 1 star is a slight mix up 2 stars is ok but dont do it again 3 stars is you went a little to far 4 stars is the other person should get negetive stars and 5 stars is your a karen

  96. Mahtan Amandil

    The law forcing the use of masks is anti-constitutional and should never have been a thing.

  97. lauren tarantino

    Not the butthole the dog is the most is more precious than theto the wife should know her place in the love the dog always comes first we'll all the animals come first before the wife the kids you know

  98. MajoraPandaHero

    Hi I'm a JW, and I would like to say that that the way that mother acted is honestly horrible. 1. It is a basic common belief that you only date if you believe you are ready for marriage. 2. Jws also do the "Disfellowshipping" thing but we are still allow to help. Just not talk about God to them. 3. You do NOT play match maker and most witnesses believe that you shouldnt have kids in this horrible world cause of quickly it might end and how we have a brighter Future. 4. I personally apologize if anyone here has had a bad experience with Jws, the hope they give is pretty nice. Along with the fact that we still view people as human, we give you the different views from the bible and let YOU make the decision of it you want to change your life to Bible Standards. You shouldnt force people and most def you dont force them out of the house cause they dont agree. You let them live their life, even if you dont personally agree with it. Sorry for the Rambles- TL;DR: there are good and bad examples of Witnesses, and I'm personally sorry a sister did this. Note: Disfellowshipping only happens when the person is Baptized as a Jw, and commits a Really Bad Sin and they are unrepentant.

  99. Eric Morales

    Godamn this man almost single handedly took down an entire company

  100. Poultry

    Every time I hear these stories I get so fucking mad and realise how much trouble I could get in if faced with the same things.