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  1. Gabe Donlon

    11:00 Hi, I was wondering- Is loving Jesus legal yet? Ok cool. r/unexpectedbillwurtz

  2. Bill F

    Ok boomer...

  3. Tae

    When you realize you've heard this story before. The first one was by either, Be Busta, Lazy Masquerade , Unit512 or Blue Spooky. One of these guys. I love creepypasta horror stories being narrated

  4. Savannah Harville

    I'm crazy enough that if a mom was screaming and honking me to move at a children's park I'd call her bluff. Hit me. I dare you.

  5. 含羞草草莓

    🍓🥛 Or 🍫🥛

  6. Jayla

    I absolutely love how you are pro-sanity (aka anti anti vaccine ^^)

  7. hunter3x1

    the first story, that was an actual good mother

  8. Josh_the_ jester

    14:34 yeah because accord to ISIS the world is wrong and you are right, that why home school.

  9. CluLess Fangirl

    The burrito rant had me in hysterics

  10. Legacy_Secret

    I can relate to the 3rd 1

  11. Josh_the_ jester

    12:24 cut him some slack he probably in his 40s and going through low T

  12. Josh_the_ jester

    9:33 my 4 yo cousin says that when ever my grandma leaves for the holidays, to this day I still laugh

  13. the rat obssessed person who likes memes

    14:15 i think thats why my brother beat me up so much and made my self esteem into literally nothing

  14. Josh_the_ jester

    8:41 psh 15 minutes, a few months ago I made love with my significant other for an hour and fifteen minutes, thanks daylight savings time.

  15. DevylBear Hawkturion

    I hope that entitled prick gets her just 'deserts'!

  16. Could not come up with a name

    Why don’t you people just buy yourself some more money Lol

  17. jackie wilson

    I work at walmart and most of the time I miss most of the interesting stuff that has gone on cause I'm on my day off But I haven't met a karen yet but some angry customers but that's about it but oof I know how busy our store gets during Christmas and black Friday

  18. Makayla

    This person does know that you aren't supposed to fear god, you just accept him as part of your life and go to church once a week lol

  19. Austin Z. Jones

    Gonna be honest folks, it's not that hard to keep up with us.

  20. Josh_the_ jester

    6:30 ladies and laitens welcome to r/murderedbywords Ft. r/niceguys

  21. Savannah Harville

    I once saw a black pitbull in a pet supply place and (of course after asking permission) immediately introduced myself to doggo and gave some lovins. He was gorgeous and soo sweet

  22. Alexis Laureano

    I didn’t knw anybody could b so dumb until I heard about the 2nd person smh 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  23. Josh_the_ jester

    5:25 I honestly hope to God that this tant sniff doesn't have kids, because as we all know, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

  24. Echo Fox

    I'll do it for you, Hugo!

  25. Eden West

    Dog is just trying to help 😂

  26. AzekiaXVI

    Ah finally i got paid in ecposure i wonder how much dollars does this count as, ah yes i remeber; *0*

  27. Prtty Much Lag

    I wanna buy your channel but can it be free, in another case it will be $3 but u nees to send me the password first ok??

  28. Josh_the_ jester

    2:48 though it is, easy to make dark and insulting humor about them

  29. bombermanking 2004

    Why do most people involved in these types of stories like at the end of the video have social anxiety? I’m not saying every person has social anxiety I’m just saying it’s a common trend. It’s just strange.

  30. Bollywood Goddess

    OP: She always told me how much better she was then me Me: Is she though?

  31. Josh_the_ jester

    0:34 I have nothing against vegans or vegetarians, but I hope they don't care if others choose to eat meat

  32. Anakin Miller

    14:25 First: I’m single I’ll do what I want Second: I’m gay Third: men can’t have children Fourth: I’m homeschooled Fifth: I’m a Heathen/pagan I’ll do the rest tomorrow I need SLEEP

  33. no no no no no no hehe yes

    When I’m imagining EP face I think of Morgz parent

  34. Milky

    I'm adopted lol

  35. TheInkyGamer 242

    Theif: steals dog but starts to hear the doom theme Op: walks over to her with a shotgun

  36. ItsOnlyJoey

    10:19 ok I’m a boy so now whenever I see an unconscious suffocating woman I’ll just sit there and let her die because apparently that’s what you want me to do

  37. pgo 2003

    I love how you read 2:48 sarcastically😂😂

  38. Copper Feather

    Entitled person: "I shouldn't have to prove I'm right! You should just take my word for it!"

  39. Eric Losloso

    The ENDING ... Whahhahaha ... LOL with tears. hahahaha.

  40. Anthony Trentadue

    15:52 So, I tried to eat the subscribe button and now there are bite marks on my computer

  41. Gabe Donlon

    Stop. You know what talking about. 4:54 *Rslash feels his sins crawling on his back

  42. NationalVideoWatcher

    I knew two karens. One was one of the kindest people I've ever met, the other was one of the most annoying I've ever met. Aiyah...

  43. Papababbibobo

    Joe Goldberg vibes

  44. Barbie Campbell

    6:20 R/slash: not all hero’s wear capes Me: and not all villains wear pants

  45. Twisted Creeper Gaming

    Kicking someone out of an establishment just because they’re speaking sign language is against the Americans with disabilities act (ADA)

  46. Kageki_ 2265

    When you wear red at Target

  47. DuckOnQuack


  48. Joshua Ruiz

    On his ep voice, he sounds like derp sundee

  49. VariableEddie

    bye poop!

  50. Fake Email

    Listening to you blow through the shounen honkers one was so satisfying.

  51. Erick Merwin

    Hey i know this post is old, I was a little confused, the pen was 250,000 dollars? i looked up some pens in that amount, and they in some cases have ruby's and gold, far more expensive items. Lapis pens, while they can be expensive are no where near that much. www.supermoney.com/25-most-expensive-pens-and-their-owners/, just a link i found with some pens on it. So who stole the 250,000 dollars? Im still confused ahaha. Sorry. Look at pen 18, on that link 996 diamonds on it, only 81 ever made. ROFL www.etsy.com/nz/listing/569208983/handmade-lapis-lazuli-pen 32 bucks. =P That last link is the same pic given at the end of the video. I know you have to take these story's with a grain of salt, but i think some one got played on this one.

  52. Amber A

    @r/slash I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your FIsels channel. It’s very hard for me to read Reddit as I’m visually impaired and so being able to hear all my favorite stories in such a great voice has really become my favorite pastime. Thanks for what you do!

  53. SapphireReaper

    Ok..OP in that last one's story....their parents are a bit on the dim side aren't they? what that woman did was trespassing and destruction of property wasn't it? Correct me if i'm wrong, but it doesn't really matter how much those items cost or whatever, its more so that she went on through/over the fence into her neighbor's yard, then let her kids and whatnot play with, and break, the objects that belonged to said neighbor, all without any of OP's family's permission. Even if she couldn't get in trouble over the objects, she could have still gotten in trouble over having gone into their back yard to play around right?

  54. Holli Willmon

    Y'all! replay the telemarketer audio with the video caption turned on! the captions are WAYYYYYY funnier than the actual call!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Genius Idiot

    I had a ex who when I asked her I’d she’d mind microwaving (not even cooking) something for me while I was servicing her car. She microwaved a popsicle and gave it to me. Yes still in the wrapper. I dumped her car off my lift and kicked her out of my house. No man needs a biatch.

  56. Godslayer Kiran

    2:07 Is this a Wattpad Fic because if it is I’m going to hunt it down and suffer.

  57. gloria cox

    The heterosexuality in this is poison to my lesbian organs

  58. Brooklyn Sheets


  59. Eric Losloso

    I hope Hugo knows he's name is Hugo and not DhOuG .... Whahahaha!

  60. ShadowGames

    If anyone needs a reply to being told "you're adopted" just let them know that they're right but that it just means that your parents chose you while theirs are stuck with them.

  61. Just some random Idiot

    2:27 wendy roasts are here

  62. Triparadox Clifford

    18:00 Of course the explanation would be because she held hand and kiss someone. That's how you get pregrananante anyway.

  63. Tifa Alexandra

    Not a fan of Stormi Daniels but that was funny.

  64. Gol3m MKVI

    Op: no it’s our... COMMUNiSM INTEnSIFISRYS

  65. Drew MacNeil

    rip rip rip dogs

  66. Devon Quarles

    "What a stupid idiot!" Anyone else laugh when they heard his voice?

  67. Drew MacNeil

    rip dogs

  68. ̉

    "Well I guess I'll just kill myself" lmao that came out of nowhere, that was a good laugh!

  69. Burrito is my bunny

    Rslash: I DEMAND that you subscribe to my channel! Me: Sure Me: *looks up "my channel" on youtube*

  70. Pookster

    Thumbnail is clearly a mugshot of someone who abuses aerosol cans(spray paint) to get high smh

  71. Kim Pascual

    "Your fired!" no "Employeet!" *YES*

  72. Damaged262

    Millenial math, the most creative of all math since math became a thing. None of it works, but since there are no trophies for coming in first place, then there's the next breakdown in math, second and third place. Don't sweat it though, your EM will foot stomp for you so you won't ever get to avoid being drafted should the laws change some day. (make sure you never think anything through, I'll be trying to revive the draft, if dozens of countries around the world can, why are we above it?) I served as a choice, the Army was good for me as a man, I wonder how participation trophies helps mature a human being.


    I don’t hate homosexuals at all I don’t but, when someone don’t even hate on them and they are “murdered by words” it makes them look bad

  74. Katt Raisor

    To answer your final question: GameFreak does

  75. Liz C

    I click on this video It's demonitized This is gonna be good

  76. Usecodetfue96

    Pay up

  77. lilhoho

    Not all heroes wear capes some wear hand cuffs 😂

  78. Silver Wings

    Who says that Rob? Ignorant and naive people. He insulted (murdered) himself before she ever had a chance to.

  79. alex:r.c

    Dude stfu with the jokes between stories. The stories are the fun here

  80. Jean-Luc Lapointe

    I deserve the money because I'm Canadian.😎

  81. Art of a girl named Loki

    "I'm a Marvel fan" *hasn't heard of Stan Lee* "He ain't nobody" Yes that is definitely something a Marvel fan says

  82. Char Gamer

    I watched the Miami story while on a plane to Miami

  83. Phantom Flair

    0:14 if thats not NF ill sue

  84. norma berry

    I have a wolf hybrid and the lady in the beginning happens more than you would think. I have had people even come into my yard just to call animal control about an aggressive wild beast that "attacks" people and kids for no real reason. When she was about 3 months old my kids were playing outside while she was on a chain because of the broken fence. I had to run inside to answer my phone when a neighbor came into my yard. The neighbor happened to be a registered child molester. My dog actually broke the chain to bite him when he got near my children. The neighbor actually called the cops because she did enough to make him have to get 72 stitches in his thigh and butt. But he tried to get the cop to put down my aggressive and wild animal for what happened to him. The cop was actually a person I went to school with and he knew I always train my animals to be loving but also to guard. The cop smile so sweetly to my neighbor and asked if he was sure he wanted to press charges while pulling out cuffs and walking toward him. The neighbor ask why he was coming toward him with the cuffs and the cop told him that if he wants to press charges then he gets to go back to jail for violating his parole by coming near my kids and that my dog would only be held for 10 days of observation. He said f* that and walked away. We have now been here for almost 13 yrs and he never crosses the street to get his mail until he is right in front of his box. My wolf can jump our fence and she will go and sit by the walk up whenever he would come to close to our yard. To this day he is still scared of her and she has yet to bit anyone else.

  85. Isuapig

    You got 10k subs in a few weeks I have no words

  86. Zombie Killer

    That last entitled mother was thinking “My daughter might hate me but I can still be on top by demanding a free sandwich tomorrow!”

  87. Captain Evildjdude

    rSlash can you cover r/rpghorrorstories in the future please

  88. Official Neon Sky

    "Try Cuckold BBC" OMFG i lost it at that part, that boss is amazing :D

  89. Crystal Gonzalez

    *playing Pokemon shield while laughing hysterically* wow that lady is crazy. lol :) she start to get "calmer" but then goes full force screaming, calm, scream, calm, scream *continues to laugh*

  90. Micah Guillemette

    Question: Do you ever go to vidcon?

  91. Steev Palpatine

    9:40, that's a charge if it causes mass panic.

  92. gentarofourze

    When my grandad died a few years ago I wasn't as much bothered about getting nothing as much as my aunt getting everything, she is a right "Karen" she says anyone unemployed even with health issues is lazy, says nasty thngs about my side of family and calls her own angels despite her own son being a heroin addict, who has stolen tens of thousands from her over the years not including jewellery, fraud and he also stole from my grandparents, he has 5 kids from 5 women and got a free council home for it and large sums for "disability" Anyway my brother was (wrongfully) arrested over 10 years ago and to this day she talks about it and how it proves my family is scum as we lived on welfare benefits. It didn't matter my brother was a volunteer in a school and won various awards, my dad has 2 degrees, my mum has 1 but can't work due to severe health problems but do as much volunteering as they can, anyway when grandad died he left the house to her but put in will my mum and other aunt would get 10k each from the sale and to divide the possessions fairly, of course my aunt refused to share saying it brought bad emotions, and money went missing and despite grandad wanting to give his grandkids money too she claimed she sold the house at a loss (it was a lie she didn't realise we could access the records online, she made a huge amount) yet her grandkids happened to get expensive presents worth 1-2k each and took them to Disneyland for 2 weeks! From what my mum told me over the years, even when she was younger she wasn't much different, she tried stealing her own sisters boyfriends, begged for cash from her mother and spent it on make up/clothes etc.

  93. Kris

    Meth instead of math? Nah, thats 8th grader math in shitty communities.

  94. Jonathanplays 01

    Is it me or is Rslash becoming very liberal

  95. John FINALY HAS A GIRL says famliy

    Ok how do you "accidentally" dip you ball in hot sauce?

  96. CoryTheRaven

    The best part of the response to the Boomer is that the Nazis justified the Holocaust by saying that Jews controlled everything. They fell exactly into proving the Karen's point. How bad of a fuck-up do you have to be to prove a Karen right?

  97. CloudSteele

    Oh my god.... I spent 25/31 years of my life in Sarnia. I probably know that dumb bi***

  98. Satan


  99. Bad John

    UGH. Cutco.

  100. sandy yusuf

    Hahaha, i remember one of mr.bean episode when he's in a laundry