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  1. BarrenJelly

    I always wondered why you could see a chun lei in final fight..

  2. Timothy Brandriff

    I never thought about the menus but it's true. It's like they just stopped caring.

  3. motron3

    Is that the T2 poster from Last Action Hero behind the counter?

  4. Le Papa Nouwel

    I thought this was a hack that would make the grapple physics better...

  5. DeeJay1986

    My aduly uncle figured out all the secrets to beat this game or i wouldve never been able to beat this.

  6. HDM Reviews

    I agree with A Christmas Story, it’s a good film, but it’s gotten stale. I can go without seeing it ever again😂 It’s a Wonderful Life and Christmas Vacation on the other hand, I can watch any day!

  7. Hunter's Moon

    You and Jacksepticeye both do the same crazy shit in VR, good fun to watch.

  8. DeeJay1986

    Loved this game on SNES when i was a kid...i got it for chritmas when i was 9 or this game

  9. Darkey VilKulak

    She wears an exosuit. Her hand will be fine irl I guess.

  10. PanConAgua

    Wait... there is comercials and trailers on blueray?, On a thing that you already bought?

  11. Brendan Geier

    What’s with the lighting in this episode?

  12. McCad 00

    if you want to play more Metroid hacks, check out Hyper Metroid and Super Metroid Ascent, hands down the best super metroid hacks available by a huge margin

  13. Maisteri

    I wish i lived in the year where vcr tapes was the best thing

  14. endofanera1983

    You know you were white knuckling when the controller made squeaky noises like that. I’d do that on the challenging games.

  15. Day Late Gamer with Will

    "This review is getting pretty Fuck-y" lolol

  16. Christopher Martin

    I'd grapple up Mt. Everest because its there

  17. oasisbeyond

    lol 2 hands with the axe... Clearly :)

  18. RumoTu

    So, kronar the barbarian invisibility, where only visible thing was his nutsack

  19. Danny Marschall

    What is this, Kaizo Metroid?

  20. stefoehmen

    i agree with 6-8 :)

  21. Brian Roberts

    I like the long videos much better.

  22. thundermorphine

    Have you done Kid Icarus for NES yet?

  23. Michael Rubino

    Dude I say this from bottom of my soul, deep deep within. You have shit taste. It's really bad. It's scary you have millions of subscribers you can rub your crappy hot takes all over.

  24. Joseph Romano

    Some of us don't have great internet... Physical media rules still.

  25. John Joseph Acuña

    I'm Tarzan aaaaaaaaahhhhhh

  26. DeBosscher

    This is why I love the Nerd; making friggin' call backs to random throw away lines I don't even remember xD

  27. Number0neSon

    This is how I imagine Badger and Skinny Pete would interact if they were playing this game, lol.

  28. DasAntiNaziBroetchen

    If you were truly invisible, you'd be blind. No light would be hitting your retina, since it passes through you.

  29. Lordkey51

    The L-word

  30. TC1

    In the Fonzi vs Mork competition, when Fonzi unfreezes, he says ayy with two thumbs up.

  31. Martin Tedder

    "she doesn't have a harness"???

    1. Juraj Joščák

      She does have a big fucking power armor though.

  32. Aspar

    I want more of these hypotheticals

  33. hack_boy dude

    8:10 just a Mista, gunslinger Mista

  34. MissAshley42

    No joke: This video started stuttering on me the moment it got to "Streaming wins for convenience." I had to check the timeline to make sure he wasn't doing a bit!

  35. Jeffrey McGillivray

    The thing is, is it will have to be made our of things that melt. So it might be impossible, unless we can control gravity fields, then it wouldn't mater if we move through lava, it won't even touch us.

  36. Christian cruz

    "It's probably illegal to grapple around"

  37. Brendan Geier

    Well now we can all agree Fallen Kingdom is the worst Jurassic Park movie ever.

  38. David Pinto

    this should be an angry video game episode, that game looks and feels awful

  39. Michael Marcucci

    Bruh, on my birthday too.

  40. Jeffrey McGillivray

    That's what a Varia suit will do, it will protect you in all places. That's why it's called a Varia suit, as in variety. Meaning it can protect a human body in a variety of places. It's science fiction now, but, lets make it real.

    1. Todd Crabtree

      It's originally called a Barrier Suit on Famicom and was mistranslated on NES, then Nintendo stuck with it because they liked the Varia name better.

  41. YourTechGuy

    This is a terrible movie, but it's that kind of bad that you want to watch it, its that kind of bad and everyone should watch it and you will love it

  42. William's Pops

    Fuck! Totally forgot about the Blueray updates. I was going to give away my PS3 tomorrow!

  43. OneMinuteFixed

    No physical formats for this guy. Ever again

  44. fatapf

    When you look up "Super Metroid" in the dictionary, the definition is: "Perfection" When you look up "Perfection" in the dictionary, the definition is: "See Super Metroid".

  45. Patrick P.

    AVGN 4 President... this was EPIC ^^

  46. Strife Lee Simpson

    Why do the mini battles bother you? It's exactly same thing as pokemon.

  47. Jeffrey McGillivray

    The thing is, Samus didn't get her Varia suit from human beings, she got it from some aliens called the Chozo.

  48. Juan Cigarroa

    Too bad you didn't realize there are 3 different endings to the game bro

  49. K0sm0

    Would u make a Monster Madness episodes about "Spider Baby"?

  50. Matthew Longley

    The problem is partially streaming. Designing novel menus and including tons of extras is expensive and physical media sales are down.

  51. Darosamath

    Ask this question about grappling hook for Ladd Spencer

  52. Diego Montenegro Correa

    I'd love to watch an Avgn episode about DragonBall Games

  53. iamaplatypus 1234

    I love this

  54. Eduardo Montes de Oca

    Oh God.... I just realized I've only seen the original Predator movie, the two AvP movies, and the newest movie. There are older movies I didnt see?????

  55. Jeffrey McGillivray

    Man, that's what I been talking about, invent a Varia suit. all purpose. if you want to go to Mars you're gonna need one.

  56. Artma

    You should also try Metroid Fusion for a JaMM, you could use a gameboy player.

  57. Puppy Girl

    You tube also sells videos as well as letting you rent movies as well. All of them are a little easier to use. Maybe try that for buying or renting movies. Up to you

  58. sam wolfield

    You should put your movie collection on plex

  59. Tristan Mathers

    Everything about this game is great until to the point where you get lost

  60. Aaron N

    I was that little fucker that beat this game when I was 9.

  61. Jānis Irmejs


  62. Andrew Schmitt

    Came here after watching Sonic the hedgehog movie.

  63. Sean Culligan

    Old man yells at current techology

  64. Xion Dominagus

    I still dont understand why you'd get arrested, but I understand the arm-rip-off thing

  65. LaPeppercorn

    2020? That's not a real year.

  66. tenryuta

    so how many hddvds and shitboxes did you buy

  67. Лёша Ткачук

    That's all? Oo

  68. Alex

    I see a Super Metroid upload = I click immediately.

  69. A guy who plays Garden Warfare

    Now I want a 4th one!

  70. Alucard

    “That was 5 years ago!” And this was 10 years ago! So that was 15 years ago! Holy shit...

  71. dave9999 999938


  72. LYNX

    having my son singing your intro song is the funniest shit ever , love the show thanks for all the content

  73. Fernando Metal Old School

    Old school always win. Great reasons

  74. boumbh

    If you were invisible, you would be blind too because your invisible retina wouldn't catch the light.

  75. Bobsheaux

    "That's because you're such a nerd." ....Wait a minute... Hang on.... HEY!!! Board James is also the NERD! I just figured it out! MIND. BLOWN. Woah... speaking of mind-blow... that ending... O_O

  76. William Brall

    y'all forgotted the shoulder buttons

  77. Wolvie-619

    Somebody went and made a rage game out of Super Metroid.

  78. FubarSFBD

    F streaming. Support physical media - games, music, movies, books/magazines

  79. Derangedxzombie

    It made me laugh when James was gently poking and stroking the barrel zombie with an axe. With love to see you guys play more VR, especially the horror ones. There's so many good ones. I'd strongly recommend Monstrum and Ayuwoki

  80. starcader99

    I was literally watching Super Metroid videos recently and this pops up!

    1. Bandar _

      wow it’s almost like youtube has algorithm and recommends videos similar to what you watch

  81. theproject568

    I guess you have to be a Metroid fan to understand this one. What the hell was this video trying to show?

  82. Nick Duhé

    Aren’t you the angry video game nerd?!

  83. Chris 90

    You have to play the "Hyper Metroid and Metroid Super Zero Mission" hack's!

    1. McCad 00

      Try 'Ascent' if you havent already. Very good new hack

    2. Adamack Beats

      Yesss. It’s criminal to me how Super Metroid hacks don’t get enough love. (Though SM probably still is the second most popular game to hack after Pokémon). Hacks like Hyper, Z Factor and Phazon elevated Super Metroid to a different level of greatness. The hacks help to keep the game challenging and add so much content

  84. Kaos89

    My concern with grappling is what if it becomes dislodge and you fall to your death or break a leg.

    1. vajoynus

      Then youre not a true ninja.

  85. 6400

    home network media servers ftw. Plex is your friend.

  86. Tiny- Tyger1922

    Why is it in public domain?

  87. kc 3182x

    Where's the Sonic movie review??

  88. UnknownFox

    Honestly, if The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast are not enough for a Nerd episode each, I'm all for a bad Disney games collection episode.

  89. Shay Sway

    James' content is just getting better with age. They are like PG red letter media

  90. Steward of Consciousness

    I think the name is alright.

  91. Matticus Barticus

    1:29 I have that same keytar.

  92. Dragonrider1227

    Do you know about Svengoolie? It’s no Monster Vision but it’s a step in the right direction

  93. ZavvyxTiger

    I beat this when I was 9 on Sega Game Gear.

  94. Korgoth Killings

    I pretty sure her suit is connected to the arm cannon. Her suit acts like a harness

    1. sonnieandjacob

      Correct. The stress is on the suit not the arm

  95. Games And Movies Entertainment

    Hacks Are So Much FUN Love Hack Games❗️❗️ºoº ºoº ºoº ºoº ºoº ºoº

  96. Macho Mane

    Once again James try WAY too hard to answer simple questions

    1. ꧁༺Drunk Relik༻꧂

      Love when he does that tho

    2. 12feettall

      ya its so weird O_o

  97. River Laurie

    The lie detector kinda looks like one of those devices Scientologists use for auditing.

  98. Dubz Da Boi

    When cinemassasce uploads "YEEEEEA NOW WERE FUCKING TALKING"

  99. J Phoenix

    Had this on SNES. God it was awful. Total AVGN material

  100. Manuqtix Manuqtix

    Is that a tattoo? Nerds don't have any tattoos