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  1. Simona Govender

    Love u Ariana Grande u sing beautiful I got my passion from singing from love u so beautiful u are sweet heart I'm your biggest fan wish u all the best love u lots and your song 7 rings

  2. Sofia Valerio


  3. Kasia Jakubowska

    helo sister

  4. Saby Torres

    When are you going to come to Florida

  5. G5

    NO relationship with Grande could last. She's a little narcissist incapable of durable love at this point.

  6. Alexandre Lima Tv

    2 20 202 2020 202 20 2

  7. Shaimoh

    so when i saw ariana legs i saw like 😕 cuz its darker than her arms and i liked that skin color or im blind .

  8. Lil Cire

    Snitch9 brought me here

  9. Saby Torres

    Ariana grande

  10. Bill Benjamon

    Nice My Favorite Things Vibe

  11. Ola Tkaczyk

    Ariana Grande is sexy o i am men

  12. Pheara Rum

    Sweet song and favorite. I'm stuck with U. Who?😂

  13. Filipa . . .


  14. rafaela zanatta


  15. Lina Müller

    At this Time she was so beautiful😍

  16. Šwēēt Łîłãč

    2021 anyone? Do we make it?

  17. Paige Brookings

    imagine being ariana grandes dentist haha

  18. JAY- II

    I thought she was talking about a gym 😬🤭😂

  19. Anne Shen

    who's listening to this in 2020?

  20. Scarlett

    Plot twist:ariana actually wanted the girl

  21. Razo De Paris

    Baphomet devil

  22. Sharri Larson


  23. Lupita Flores

    La mejor 😘

  24. גלי יוסף

    You amzing!!

  25. It’s._.dessie

    I wish I could have been in the video 😭😭

  26. Giovanna Machado


  27. Tiffany Lerma

    Wasn't she still cat then

  28. ines brito

    I can't take it, I have to cry. Ariana, at my school, we have a newspaper, do you think it would be possible to interview her by zoom or another platform? PLEASE. Answer please

  29. Axel

    She got surgery around when kylie got it

    1. Ariff Hamid

      she can do anything she wants if u got money

  30. Jacinta Morgan

    🤩i love this song

  31. excuse you?

    This song flopped mainly because of lana. They should have switched her part with Nicki. Nicki would have being a better choice.

  32. shakier hadid

    I feel so ugly

  33. Anne Shen

    this sounds so good I'd never knew this song abut it's amazing

  34. Rencel Tabornal

    I always whatch ariana grande this 7 ring and i love arina grande evereone love ariana

  35. Audra Grigar


  36. Chelsea Salazar

    I really thought that In The show Victorious she was so Nice and cute but in reality😔😭

  37. Ariff Hamid

    Fighting to reach 800M views!!

  38. Cacau Meine

    I made a cover of this song ♥ ️ Ari, Justin, I hope u see it, I love U ♥ ️🇧🇷

  39. uhuhuh1966

    Easily her best album

  40. asia

    Me @ my phone be like:

  41. danna morales

    Elisabeth from victorious is there your the best Ariana stay safe😇

  42. KFC MAN


  43. Giacomo Mondin

    Everything will be fine

  44. Lia

    This would be a good ad for a phone brand. 2020 made me come back here<3

  45. Paul Dawson

    Who's punched her in the mouth? her lips are so out of proportion to the rest of her face. Talk about duck face.

  46. Eduarda Mota


  47. Ronak Saxena

    Like - Ariana Grande Comment - Doctor Strange .

  48. Błøšśöm čåkē

    you inspire me. :D

  49. Emily Bonakchi

    Ariana you are our inspiration

  50. Erika Raquel ALMIRON CANALES

    hola saludos desde casa en cuarentena!

  51. Shqyponja Short

    I love Justin's and Hailey's Tictoks

  52. Łukasz Kwiatkowski

    nagraj z mds

  53. Caesar Singh

    I can't figure out if this song is dumb, stoopid or dumb. (Topped the charts) Huh?!

  54. assps Moh

    Me stuck on lvl 999999 of boredom


    soy la unica que habla español?

  56. Tara Storf

    Me sees the video: Where the hell did gravity go?????????????????????????

  57. Emily Bonakchi

    Ariana I love you with short hair!

  58. Błøšśöm čåkē

    aww ariana i love your short hair!

  59. banak tuka

    hi ariana grande i love u i am your BIGGEST fan pls tell me after quartine if there is going to be an upcoming concert i really wanna meet u

  60. d d

    Y'all fuckin slept on this:((((

  61. V S


  62. Allison Bocourt

    Soy tu fan te amo

  63. ItzStarly It's you!

  64. エレクトリックヤッピー!


  65. Tara Storf

    Damn i want that dog

  66. Maud Hervouet

    Tjr pas de français ???

  67. Rose Wob

    Ihhh Bahh ekelhaft

  68. Hristtina Bojurina

    Ариана имаш ли си приятел

  69. Astrid Nilsen

    Love this song😻

  70. nomin nomin

    Thak u love

  71. Mia Hastedt

    _Ay :( Amo mal está canción, la mejor colaboración las dos grandes voces por fin se juntaron.!!_

  72. Jonathan Corredor

    6ix9ine the king is better by a lot

    1. Gavin Renna

      Shut up I don’t see Ariana fans attacking 6ix9ine fans

  73. Nic Key

    Very sexy Ariana 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😁😁😁

  74. Παναγιώτης Κακούρος

    No one: Not a single soul: Coronavirus all these days: 0:03

  75. georgie anderson

    no one gona talk about JADE FROM VICTORIOUS is on it!

  76. Lucas Cardoso

    Sdds Jô hahaha 🎂🍰🧁

  77. Muffiñ ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄

    i thought i saw kris jenner or am i wrong cuz she looks like her (о´∀`о)

  78. Anas Saïdi


  79. gaming memer

    It won't work thumbs up if yours doesn't work either ⬇️

  80. La Billie Eilish

    Kriss jener! Omg!!!

  81. Sandra Paez

    Ariana Grande (Drew Barrimore) Lana del rey (lucy liu) Miley cyrus (Cameron Diaz)

  82. Andrés Ismael Orellana

    I love it so much

  83. Kaelie Wangerin

    is that jade

  84. rajkumar gonela

    The fact is that jb and ariana never dated.

  85. Kaelie Wangerin

    i love Ariana Grande

  86. Tara Storf

    Me: I wish i could hit Ariana's high note... Also me: * Accientally steps on lego barefoot* Meh then: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally hit the high note UwU

  87. IAM,xian Sam

    Her lipsss is natural here

  88. Roosje Bloem

    Okay well, i’m going to tell everything in here bc i can’t tell it in rl. I’m a 14 y/o girl from Iraq and i live in the Netherlands. I have a boy bestfriend since September 2018. But i fell in love with him around November 2018. And i still love him like that. But he doesn’t know bc first of all i’m afraid to ruin our friendship and second of all i’m a muslim, and i’m afraid to tell my mom bc in the islam u can’t have a boyfriend. ( he is a muslim too, his parents aren’t so strict about the islam) so I can’t tell my parents. But i really love him, and i think about him the first in the moring and the last in the night. I cry every day bc i don’t know what to do and he is literally in my head 24/7. This is something that is in my heart for a while and i wanted to tell someone about it. So i tell it here. If anyone has tips for me or want to talk to me, i would appreciate that.❤️

  89. RobloxTeBest

    It feel like this came out in 2019 but 2018??!!

    1. Ariff Hamid

      yes it was in april 2018. i still remember

  90. IAM,xian Sam

    I notice that she is pop here not rnb🙂

  91. Dj Neonix Matsono

    Super Trans Muza Ariana Grande Feat. Zedd - Break Free (Zedd Extended Mix) Jak I Teledysk

  92. Emin Ismayilov


  93. Nat C.G.

    Correction: Breake UP with you boyfriend, Im bored. Such a kiss between the ladies oh lala!. A Arianna le gustan como Arianna jaja.

  94. Andres Cevallos

    I have no idea why im listening this in may i miss christmas

  95. Jessica Dane

    We’re u in sam and cat and u were cat ur so good at being cat

  96. Moo Boo


  97. Im Carmen

    ariana grande was born pretty

  98. 柏崎千加希

    It makes me very happy that she loves Japan!But the heartless criticism hurt her."I'm sorry, but the fans are very happy that you love Japan. Please don't hate Japan.

  99. Dj Neonix Matsono

    Trans 2020 Ariana Grande Feat. Zedd - Break Free (Zedd Extended Mix) 130 Uderzeń Na ⏲ Transmania 2020

  100. RobloxTeBest

    Wait THIS WAS 3 YEARS AGO!!??