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  1. clown robin

    it doesn't had any subs

  2. Zachary Johnson

    They probully changed the MOST of the story because of the way sonic looked in the last tralieiir

  3. Steven Campoverde


  4. Hailey Hamel

    I still watch this and I’m in fifth grade oof

  5. Doggy Wise

    When ur early 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  6. Red Mist

    Sonic looks cute! ^-^

  7. Gerardo Lopez

    I love the new SONIC design

  8. A delicious taco

    This Sonic looks way more beautiful.

  9. Christian Alfred Garcia

    Has Tom been working out? Ooohh 😉

  10. Girly girl

    I love this video and the one who voiced sonic is the one who voiced my booooiiiiiiii DEWEY DUCK from 2017

  11. Arco Polis

    Tbh there is nobody who hates the new design

  12. Martín Castro


  13. hi there


  14. Sharkie Alami


  15. Carra Henry

    Ok but the society

  16. Wok's Random Channel

    Meh. I am not impressed.

    1. Wok's Random Channel

      Just not my thing. Opinions and stuff.

    2. Robin Sequira

      Are you over 12? If so, it's not aimed at you.

  17. Cookie_Mint _the_wolf

    ♥️💙🔀😂🎅🏻🤦🏽‍♀️👏🏼📉🔁🔂🔌🐻🤣😄🔝🎵🤶🏻❤️🐇🖤🔄⤵️🎁🥰👋📈🔃↪️😍💝don’t ask I ❤️ x-mas

  18. maddie jay

    What year were boomers, generation x and millennials born?

  19. Steven Sitarik


  20. Dario shehaj

    Some good youtubers dangmattsmith , loveliveserve nice

  21. Apple Kid

    These guys are boomers

  22. jean ester perez

    Lacasa de papel

  23. Big O

    Bird box?

    1. Supermariojavion

      Big O not in the top ten

  24. BakuBabe Lover

    Yes! My boy is fixed! So adorable! 😍

  25. spooky rover

    Ok Bommer



  27. Silver Skull

    okay but seriously... wheres 13 reasons why

  28. Anisa •


  29. TommyGunn TwinStates

    So glad they revamped this before they released what they originally had this is heads above what they had

  30. Kaylee Adams

    Okay I new I wanted Disney+ but now I want it SO BAD

  31. Reginald Pouncy

    I'm glad they redesign Sonic.

  32. FreakStomp95

    This is was so cute.

  33. Sparkz Animates

    yay sonic looks so cuteee

  34. C o o k I e D I n o

    Im gald the Animators changed how sonic looked

    1. The weird Aiden

      Arco Polis nO iT Is GaLD

    2. Arco Polis


  35. akong cuw

    Shoutout plz

    1. Joker


    2. Chakki


    3. Milk Barbie

      akong cuw no

  36. Jessica Freeman


  37. Kaitlyn Gmail

    Prepare your storage 🥴

  38. Kaitlyn Gmail


  39. Itz Dezzz

    My recents: 👋🎂✂️🧸🖤🥇😂😒📌📏🥺🏆❤️🎐📰🍌🖌🍼😭😪📘👻📍🙂👍😥📕🗝📱💔

  40. Kathryn Horne

    why did they all turn into boomers after seeing that 13 year old meme I-

  41. Luke Schlimper


  42. damaged gpu

    Kick max out

  43. Admin Rumah Juna

    this is the real sonic

  44. im charlie sweetie

    stan byler. stan elmax. stan byler. stan elmax

    1. Cassandra Trombley

      Y E S 👏

  45. Rebound oωo

    It's honestly the best we've seen

    1. Brandon Westfall

      It’s the only we’ve seen...

  46. Sofia Evelin Moctezuma de la rosa

    I am a fan of Sonic in cartoon and video games well I wish Sonic could be a werehog

    1. roachxyz

      Maybe in a sequel.

  47. GamerGal1934

    Eugenia. Yay. ❤❤

  48. angiicerv

    I can’t wait for season 3 of Elite, it’s so good

  49. Pedro Rodrigues


  50. Ji-Soo Park

    Noelle and her mother are so wholesome, i am in love with them

  51. Carlos Guajardo

    Yes, that the Sonic we all needed. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  52. Sebastian Roll

    Bad Guy was a #10 for me

  53. Griffin


  54. Paul Hofreiter

    Holy crap they actually fixed Sonic

  55. Caleb Kuti

    This is why I love family films! They bring people together

  56. xx 64g


  57. yahia


  58. Layomi Oladimeji

    Fbe can you react to the Charlie’s angels soundtrack

  59. Lila Guerreiro


  60. Arely Monroy Villarreal

    😂😂😂😂 I call dr.eggman DR.EGGROLL when I was younger

  61. Sam Gaydos


  62. Space Junk

    Don don :)

  63. mensah chief

    Thought I was the first watching this from Africa

  64. Poke BOI

    React to Pokemon Sword and Shield in celebration of its release!

  65. ochoa0130

    Is anybody else surprised that Narcos wasn’t even in the top 10 !?

    1. June H

      The past year? nop

  66. Brandon Wells

    Why does Benjamin look like Mark Ruffalo

  67. Kevin Ordonez

    Do college kids react to rick and morty season 4

  68. Angel Rose Love

    Thank god there is a new Sonic trailer.. the other one made me like no thanks

  69. Mark Keller

    They got it right now.

  70. Pa Omadou Salllah

    could you make youtubers react to new sonic trailer

  71. Kian Cuddihy

    I love you all so much your all so funny love from Waterford Ireland 🇮🇪💖💖💯🔥🔥🔥💯

  72. Jc.bailey05

    Bro Don's, son's name is don jr 🤦‍♀️ (Edit) wait that means his nickname is DJ!!!

    1. Jc.bailey05

      @Brisa Garcia Yeah i know. I just changed it

    2. Brisa Garcia

      No it’s Don Jr.

  73. Layomi Oladimeji

    There’s a new new sonic trailer?

    1. Steven Hoshiko

      Layomi Oladimeji yep and it’s way better that all the internet and viewers were requested

  74. Nayeli Casas

    So lime

  75. Hazardness


  76. chantalbrown81

    That movie looks amazing. I think I’ll go and see it with my kids when it comes out.


    Aww wowww congrats guys 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  78. TheRubixCubeDude

    Where's Narcos

    1. Jim Halpert

      TheRubixCubeDude no.

  79. crytal ross

    Where’s Lucifer?

    1. dylan theghostboy

      Its not a Netflix original dumbass

    2. Jim Halpert

      crytal ross no.

  80. The Animaeguy

    Yay a new React on my birthday. Happy birthday to meeeee.

    1. FBE

      Happy birthday! - Lauren (FBE Producer)

  81. Curious_ Lobster

    Oh my god Sonic looks soo much better, I knew he sucked before but now I can really compare

  82. Tibbz Animations


  83. Logan Easley


  84. KST827

    Much better.

  85. Whistlezzz

    Ok 🅱️oomer.

    1. Monkey D. Luffy

      "Not bad kid"

    2. Whistlezzz

      Ok 🅱️oomer

  86. RoseThe Pasta

    Netflix actually have Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

  87. Giovanni Galvano

    Where is bojack horseman????

    1. Jim Halpert

      Giovanni Galvano no.

  88. Chase Kolwyck


  89. Felix Gonzalez

    This trailer is a bit different from the other one

    1. Q Toons!

      Yeah. *JUST BARELY A BIT.* For the love of God

    2. ExiletheJedi

      A bit?

  90. maggie

    if russian doll isn't on here im rioting

  91. Sssshoma

    Hi Lauren Wait... Why dose it sound like? Hold on... Was Ethan behind the scene instead of Josecarlos?

    1. Sssshoma

      Yeah! I knew it lol I thought Generally aBehind the scene .Ethan=React Josecarlos =FBE right?

    2. FBE

      Nice observation! - Lauren (FBE Producer)

  92. Papi 18

    Hi fbe

  93. John Christian

    Sonic movie on Valentine's day?! Oh, dear.

  94. Dan_Howells 12

    Do the reaction with the same FIselsrs from the first trailer

  95. Emmaaa Got

    Thankful for the new trailer 🙏😂

  96. Nicola polidori

    I'm really glad they liked, Sonic needs to return at the same level of Mario

  97. Jurassicparkfan93

    Their under a bit of pressure to try and promote the movie in only 4 months! Usually I don’t like sponsored content but I respect this.

  98. juliana s

    now that i know the design is better and jim carrey is in it.... let’s go boys


    Mine all day pewdiepie

  100. Enio Franić

    When you are early but you dont have notifications

    1. FBE

      Its ok, you still made it in the first 30 mins! Hope you enjoy this episode :) - Lauren (FBE Producer)