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  1. gaming legends _-_

    Mom:we are going to the dentist Me: 11:14

  2. Brandon Daniels

    In all honesty, i am pretty sure all i would find in my gfs search history is going to be pubg mobile stuff and BTS.

  3. Viktor Lopez

    Yo the kid said tiger king we got joe exotic

  4. Xeno Drake

    tried each one of them and suprisingly got one right

  5. ΜΞŘΔΞ-ĆĦΔŇ bella

    Im watching stray kids like earlier but i promise yall i will let you guys know when i stan them and the boygroup i stan gets bigger.

  6. Kim Seokjin

    I'm crying because my 5 dorks (children) won't listen to me sometimes (one of my children is listening his name is Yoongi) but my husband won't help me😓

  7. Streamy Dragon

    Game boy girl

  8. Viktor Lopez

    Yo she likes the beat bois

  9. MemesAreDreams

    Should have showed them TOXICITY

  10. Dyo Kyoto

    11 days before he died ☹️

  11. HeyItsNoTealAds

    Thomas, sweetie, June 19th is Father's day.

  12. ElmariaJin Atiny Monbebe

    "I don't think u have to understand evrything to love it." THANK YOU FOR CLEARING THAT!



  14. Wbsono Gaming

    Gabe is a scary cat XD

  15. Kelly Stephenson

    Felt like the boys were feeling it more

  16. Paige_xx

    “Good tastes like coffee”💀🤣

  17. Rōsē Klōssy

    I saw jungkook and click it tbh 😣 😂


    For those people who are saying pewdiepie is an individual creator plz Check out who is the founder of T-series and how he started it when there was no youtube !!! He was also an individual creator!!!

  19. Mohit Mehta

    Haven't they hammered the whole "25 years of Triple H" everywhere already? We get it, Triple H has done good. So have a lot of other superstars. Betcha haven't done much for them. Not even for the Undertaker. Perks of marrying the Chairman's daughter.

  20. Godspower Abukainalegwu

    Elias was smiling by it's hard to see because of his beard, but crews why do you smile so much

  21. Sai

    Do the Sword Art Online reaction..

  22. 4 Sons Networks

    Anyone look at Gabe background

  23. Jake Mackey

    We don’t respect undertaker critisizim

  24. killergod 9296 to name is Alex

    8 and under use tiktok to if u didn't know

  25. Solstice Beat

    I appreciate this video. I found out my 14 year old watched this show without my knowledge, so I did some research and the first video I watched, these two boys were laughing at it, even making a re-enactment. I left a very concerning comment. So I can appreciate this video. THANK YOU

  26. Sai

    Make some reaction on Sword Art Online.. I wanna see it.

  27. Viktor Ptychenko

    I dont care what people say about seth, i love his work in wwe.

  28. Boi gaming Bear 3

    I wish i could see my dad he left me and my mom before i was born. And. Out in my normal life im very energetic and in my vids im very energetic but when no one is around i just think. About my dad. And start crying. It happens at night when im supposed to go to sleep and when i go to social places and there son and father i just breakdown i go to the bathroom and cry and i just don know what to do and sometimes i think that its my fault and my mom says its not my fault but i feel like its my fault a lot of the time can i get some advice please im trying to overcome my feelings please help

  29. PiztoLice

    FLULA's Jumpscare made me lost it

  30. Christopher Cahmhson

    Oh my gosh I would be scared

  31. Nabi Khan

    Ryan’s favourite singer is actually J.B. it’s a fact

  32. GJK gaming

    I got every joke .... And I am 10years old

  33. korraclaw

    5:31 me : *y e s* a lot

  34. Kyler X

    I still think to this day you got to look at the good side of the game and not the bad.

  35. Nabi Khan

    Liveloveserve smh 🤦‍♂️

  36. Dems


  37. Elva Lalita

    Hi can i have a shout out

  38. Fenty nurani


  39. Inkmare :3


  40. george pig

    hes uploading again yay!!!!!!!!

  41. Lera Meier

    Does anyone know how many seasons attack on titan has

  42. Hxh_ Chrollo

    Teens react to attack on titan season 4 trailer plz

  43. monie802

    "The Wings".... it's just Wings. 😂

  44. щak yhatoфny


  45. A&M Animations

    XD matpat is wearing the Michael Jackson jacket from the Thriller music video

  46. Lemme Die

    Jeg er fra norge også.også festen er så.hoøyt musikk,hodepin,of bli lagdelt så easko😅😅

  47. JJ SWANG

    5:02-5:08 I'm dead😂😂☠️☠️☠️☠️

  48. Pinitech

    the red shirt dude knows everything :o

  49. Vauxhall Corsa_15

    3:07 if its too loud turn the frickin volume down

  50. Pegasus

    Why does the girl with the striped shirt look like the spoiled girl from Willy wonka?

  51. JAEDEN Brown

    why... why... WHY?! WHY THE BOOMERS?! JUST... why?

  52. hyunjin the drama llama

    bruhhh... you could've put Kevin as the Former member of U-KISS instead of putting "was in K-Pop, The Ultimate Audition" AND IT'S NOT EVEN THIS KEVIN THAT WAS IN THAT DRAMA WTH FBE DID KEVIN SO DIRTY PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH FBE

  53. Sasquatch 06

    8% actual reaction, 92% part no one watches

  54. hyunjin the drama llama

    Josh Park, Cinematographer, *stray kids music video* oh so he's the one behind the masterpieces of stray kids' mind blowing music videos

  55. •ÍŤŞ ËĻ•

    Boy x girl👫 Boy x boy 👬 Girl x girl👭 ❤❤🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈love is love🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈❤❤

  56. KayKay Yt

    "was that the wood or the body?" "yEs"

  57. Shannon Carey

    you have to do more videos with Colby and sam

  58. Hazel jEeaAn

    this is sooo f ucking WHOLESOME! im holding back my tears or im weird.

  59. Pokemon Junior

    Why not have the babies react to themselves react to lil baby when they grow up

  60. Aram Amiraghyan

    Celine Dion, ABBA, Toto Cutugno... they all won Eurovision.

  61. AZEM 201

    The next video: College kids react to Mamamoo react to College kids react to Mamamoo Edit: Where's Wheein anyway??

  62. Kaitlynn Smith

    the teachers dont give a shit!

  63. •abbie luv•

    MAMAMOO are such queens, ngl man pwp so versatile and they absolutely s l a y

  64. Arnold Agrees

    who tf is she ???? even if i knew her i wouldn't call her the best singer. her voice sounds just decent

  65. cb ot

    Michael should make a video called “Is This Purple?”

  66. Torrnaldo99

    DO LIL BABY!!! How he is from Atlanta and the come up, influence he has and how he has changed drastically!

  67. Angxl

    Did the girl in red have a nice stay in the attic? I mean shes grounded for thinking about it and singing it

  68. 1upus G

    5:40 basically what blackpink did

  69. Anuradha Singh

    Well,YMCA is my best friend's school 😂😂

  70. Thotiana

    Lady : look at alllll those Me : CHICKENS lady : ..American flags

  71. Alain Abel

    I’m Pissed Y’all Saying About How Much Work They Did And How Somebody Did It Better Just To Give A Low Rating, If You Don’t Practice How Are You Gonna Do These Things?

  72. faded gacha

    Art Things To Do When Bored #2

  73. Jonkey Monkey

    This is how you destroy relationships lmaooo😂😂😂😳😳😳

  74. Xvinity


  75. Novanance

    This went way better than I expected it to go.

  76. Pokemon Junior

    Omg Adam reacting to the Friends song being cut of is me when the best part of Confident was cut off.

  77. Kirstyn McKenzie

    Think that most of the movies are Disney movies.

  78. Baran Nishat

    If they only knew that they don’t write there own songs..😞

  79. Uthpala Bandara

    wtf! kids don't know who chester bennington is???? shame!

  80. Taekoomin방탄

    Is that BM? 😂

  81. Louis Valentine

    Lady in Purple got it !

  82. AshKetchup

    5:57 Jisung reminds me of Seungkwan.. "sO geNiUs"

  83. Ryan L

    "Wow that is so relatable" (Sr Pelo)

  84. Ade Laide

    Wow I just started watching Extracurricular and it's 👌

  85. Jordan Kurniawan

    CREEPAH! Sing in the comment

    1. Jordan Kurniawan

      Got our pickaxe swinging side to side side-side to side

  86. Julysso

    Watching this hurts everytime because my dad was never there for me. I would visit him but he wouldnt talk to me or do anything with me or even tell me he loved me. I grew up with my grandparents so my grandfather was a father figure to me so when i watch the fresh prince of bell aire scene it gets me everytime

  87. Mekuzashi 13

    This is what we sing on the Karaoke when we were kids and the Video on the Karaoke was Garfield dancing

  88. Jamyia’s World

    I’m literally watching 13 Reasons Why all over again and this and other related 13 Reasons Why related stuff keeps popping up on my recommendations?

  89. Wonderbird08

    Me realizing that they put "Colby & Sam" and not "Sam & Colby" ;-;

  90. celler Luvmor

    It's so beautiful it would make a grown man cry and that's okay... ( ᵕ̳ з ᵕ̳ )و

  91. Amjad f

    Tom and His GF are so adorable

  92. ChikiPaw

    how dare you

  93. Creeperman 5570

    I wish he nerver got shot

  94. Happygirlygirl4 and Cutekaiyisah2008

    I love pewds, Joel and Dave SOOO MUCH AHHHH(my fav youtubers ahh)

  95. Xotiicک

    gabes a BOI Ithought she was baaad no cap

  96. 4A93 Vlogz


  97. Shaun Mattice

    Videos back then...but it was only like 15 years ago yesterday...

  98. SmallBoi Hater

    Nobody gonna talk about James deadmeat

  99. Peachiiisims

    she started saying ‘look at all those..’ and i said chickens and got sad when she said american flags 😂

  100. Christian Sturdy

    Hey it's candle cove