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  1. Just Call Me Ginger

    Got no notification or anything for this

  2. Jason Cleary

    Assistant resume: IM A BADASS

  3. audie x

    Logan is so thirsty for celebrity attention hes tryna pick fights with athletes xD dude is gonna be in his 30s, like his baby sitter Mike, and still hanging around young 20 somethings

  4. Dylan Crockett

    Who tf is rice gum

  5. VL Supremee

    This is how old keem's popcorn is Like = 1 year🍿

  6. Willie_Be_ Rollin_Hard

    Rice cum 😂😂😂😂 she’s such a cute little girl.

  7. any who

    gabby should have just care out and said she made a mistake. she shouldn’t have made a video because she’s just giving all these drama people the attention they want. they know damn well that she made a mistake and didn’t read the article and now they are obviously trying to stretch it so that they can have something to talk abt.

  8. Ariel Ben-Abraham

    I live in NYC and I have been watching when all you used to cover was stump and kenz drama LMAOOOO

  9. blackdart2718 u

    I love trees

  10. 4bsurfer

    Go join a Beach clean ups near you with Surfrider. Done clean ups from the beaches, harbor, inland valley river and Lake. Got 5 paddle boards if you wanna join us.

  11. Clara Park

    1. He went after k pop fans because they have pretty large fanbase and he wants them to watch his videos and leave comments so he can use them on his videos. 2. He doesn't know that Korean people prefer to watch Korean mukbangers where mukbang originally came from. 3. K pop fans, Koreans and other Asians do not know who he is so his tactics is not working. 4. Korean FIsels channel made a video about American mukbangers and people believe there is an issue with Nik and wish him good health and and advise him to get help. Stop with the k pop shit. It isn't working.

  12. audie x

    I didn't think there was anything more cringe than rap music, then there was FIsels rappers to prove me wrong.

  13. a Pineapple

    FIsels should delete this channel

  14. Js Js

    becouse i am subscribed to u since 2016

  15. Saul Jr Barajas

    Literally never heard anything about rice gum in a while and the only time I hear something about him is if he is going to start drama or something

  16. Dillon Marchant

    Hey drama alert, I should be your assistant because I’m Canadian, that would be so cool to have some from a different country

  17. funnyjuffowup72


  18. JuiceBDG

    Assistant Resume : um its my first day out here idk what im doing

  19. Smeg killA

    Keemstar: what’s your favorite nik avocado video? Leafy: the one where he eats stuff just thought i would write what countless others have

  20. Tryhard Tropical


  21. Amit

    Assistant: I should be ur assistant b/c I love the ocean and really want to meet u and mrbeast

  22. Matthew Lugg

    Boet you need some raw South African ayra as your assistant facts I'm here pick me!

  23. Mxrcy

    5:16 fuck ea ultimate team i hut 15 crossbars and posts in 1 game and the 1 shot my opponent takes goes in the net and he was offside by from usa to iran tf is this game

  24. xawesomebro28

    assistant resume: I should be your assistant because I know a lot about FIsels and about the system

  25. Kakarii S

    Damn tfue breakup really hit him hard

  26. Cross B0nes

    I should be your assistant because I can edit multiple videos of drama alert for free 🤷

  27. Anakin Skywalker

    Assistant resume: Uhhhh I’m a fun guy ahahahaha

  28. zedツ

    Who tf is Rice gun.

  29. joaquinzamoraaa

    my assistant resume: if u make me your assistant you’ll have 10 years of good luck

  30. Aleksa

    8:44 gabbie actually looks like a troll that lives under the bridge

  31. Mxrcy

    2:33 deji can be a new drill artist with tht flow all he needs is a gang domr bitch's and sime violence

  32. Guisel Paz

    Tfue gay

  33. DanielPasten

    Leafy is still not funny

  34. Chris

    Assistant Resume: Im 6’4 for no reason

  35. Jacob Howson

    Cause I am smexy

  36. Michael Mendez

    You should pick me

  37. Adolfo Hernandez

    i like water Lol, but seriously I just wanna help the world

    1. Adolfo Hernandez

      please like

  38. Just Rykken

    Assistant resume: i sit in my bed and eat animal crackers all day I need something to do

  39. Luke Rossip

    I know he’s not talking about people’s hair🤣

  40. Kind sav boi

    I have gay friends don’t make me gay

  41. Fusion

    Assistant resume: The corona virus was first found in Jake Paul, when he sneezed 3 times. I should be paid for this.......

  42. Olympus_ Exile

    I should be your assistant because I was in Nemo

  43. JuliusVer Gaming

    I want this channel to die so badly, he's such a huge liar, he defends himself like a bitchy girl, and all in all, hes just a trashy person

  44. Victor Crosthwaite

    Big fat and I to meet you and Mister Beast

  45. GTomx

    Why should I be your assistant? Dunno, I fart quite a bit and I own a pair of Kanye's by yeezy so I got that drip

  46. Hadi Katbieh

    I’m gonna be ur assistant because I’m bored and I’m a comedian sooooo yea..

  47. Tristin Buck

    I should be your assistant because I'm positive

  48. lil pizza420

    This dude came back to life just to make fun of some fat dude

  49. Aria Aida

    I’m not a fan if Stephanie or true hater of Nik but if someone was filming and taking pictures of my security system which nowadays is easy to hack by just knowing the brand, I’d be uncomfortable and scared too. Also Keem only got Nik cause Onision won’t come on...

  50. Percs

    Deji is so off beat 😭

  51. Cry0genic

    This whole drama is basically watching three sad people fight over a can of corn. If you ask me no one here is in the right and everyone has handled their actions and arguments poorly.

  52. Infinite Maddog

    assistant resume: I am a swimmer and diver and i need to leave my house

  53. Teo’s WRLD of animals

    Rice gum coming out of his mansion cave

  54. Γιαννης Τεκτονιδης

    8:24 that is against FIsels TOS

  55. Mason Bancroft

    Assistant resume: 1. Always supported you 2. Your g fuel flavor is pretty fuego 3. I love the water 4. Dream to meet you

  56. Deji Soboyejo

    Why does Antonio brown so so fucking stupid and like he needs to clear his throat

  57. Lashawn Craig

    Logan will butt fuck rice in a disstrack ricegums disses are about how rich he is

    1. Lashawn Craig

      Assistant resume: Im biracial straight Republican i i wrestle im going to ncs probably gonna place state in California

  58. Gian 720

    Assistant resume: I think you should be my assistant

  59. America

    Assistant Resume: I don’t need any money for being your assistant I just want to have a fun time with you and Mr.Beast, thank you

  60. kerm1t

    Assistant resume: My dad might come back if he sees I was keemstar's assistant and finally be proud of me

  61. Teo’s WRLD of animals

    I want to be the assistant because I’ve been watching for a long time and u made a funny music video with the yeezy’s in the woods 😃📸 if I some how win dm me on insta @randomteo

  62. Jack V

    Assistant resume: I’m fast as fuck BOIIII

  63. alisuo toko

    I missed Leafy’s voice :(

  64. Thunder Chicken

    Logan Paul releases diss track now literally every other FIselsr does

  65. Caycie Trotter

    Assistant Resume: I am actually scared of the ocean but would still like to help it.

  66. Diamond Fragio

    assistant resume: my life goals is meet keem and be in usa

  67. Shockanity [Devil Shockz]

    Assistant Resume: I'd be down to drive on over and help out. Just tell me what to do and I will go along with it.

  68. Common Kai

    Assistant resume: I’m also a youtuber ;)

  69. i am famus langenss

    God keem always read something wrong, Tfue said anywhere but LA! But keem said anywhere in LA and just made it dumb hahha

  70. Ross Wilkinson

    I’ll be your assistant, I don’t mind

  71. Thunder Chicken

    Damn haven’t heard RiceGum in a minute

  72. later

    Assistant Resume: I pour virgin onto my salad to represent that I'm a virgin!

  73. Ddog3377 —

    We lost a soldier rip tfue

  74. Jonathan Ramirez

    Assistant resume: I'm Mexican and I'm from Wichita KS and you've been there anddddddddddddddddddddddd I've never even seen the ocean sooooo.

  75. Mage -_-

    Assistant resume: i wanna save the environment

  76. Zosia A.

    Imagine all the Tfue x James fanart that will come xD

  77. KitPro Games

    I should be your assistant because ya boi wants to be your assistant

  78. Frank Ruggiero

    Who’s rice gum😂😂😂😂😂

  79. Joshua Person

    Assistant resume: Just because and I want to be an assistant

  80. Vose Wagon

    Assistant resume: I know nothing ab the seas, but my name starts with a c, I’m also just ab to turn 18, so nothing important is going on in my life. This is the perfect time to be carried away in you’re arms to save the seas or whatever we will do. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  81. Pranav Rajneesh_Mittal

    Im indian and smart lol.

  82. Lil Skeet

    leafy needs to come back

  83. Kaleb Blackstock


  84. Isaac Hall

    The way dr. Disrespect moved his head when he said he was moving to mixer🤣

  85. Cody Allison

    Assistant Resume: Love fishing especially salt water fishing, so team seas not only helps the fish but helps me as a fisherman

  86. evan gaming

    I should be ur assistant because I am iron man

  87. Arafat Abdi

    Just wanna skip school

  88. Blade

    Assistant Resume: I played Fortress Craft

  89. xGR Supreme

    I like bagels

  90. PaulyD187 R6

    Assistant resume: I’m not racist, I am trying to get out of my hell house, plus I care about our earths future and especially the sea.

  91. Talks with Lills

    Assistant resume : I geniuenly care about the Earth/ environment and I am chill but still get shit done

  92. Game Code clan

    wait wait wait tfue is by sexual

  93. William Ramon

    Why not?

  94. Officialnick 007



    I’m 16 so I’m probably out of the running :( but I work hard

  96. Katana wielding default

    I am a panda but I’m funny af maybe guess we would see

  97. Lutella

    Assistant Resume:im poor I have no money let me help you tho

  98. Oh Yeah Yeah

    You honestly don’t even deserve these subs... like where is your talent?

  99. Husky ViolentChanclas

    Assistant Resume: I'm Asian and want to get out of school.

  100. TrueToxic

    is leafy coming back????????????????