1. Beppe

    Bellissimo film, è complimenti al regista.Mi sono comprato il CD, è ho potuto notare ciò che il regista ha chiesto, a tutti i gli attori di questo film. Complimenti per le sfumature

  2. Steven Stark

    He can kiss me all day😄😄😄

  3. Shania Sampson

    This gave me extreme butterflies

  4. Shay Campbell

    Peggy aint happy steve

  5. Kevin freire

    Rico beso

  6. Tony SS

  7. Tony SS

  8. Tony SS


  9. Anuar Samsuni

    The whole avengers dislike this

  10. Michelle Evans

    Dios mío! Chris, do you want to kiss another Michelle? 🤤

  11. Charlie Bucket

    What’s the song?

  12. Sujan Kirtania

    Now I understood why Peggy is joining Ethan in mission impossible

  13. Shaikh Sadarabbani

    Bucky , peegy ,sharon and sam got jealous by seeing this

  14. Himanshi Diwan

    Tony, Peggy, buck disliked the video 😂

  15. janiele Sousa

    onde encontro o filme completo??

  16. whitehairz

    Ethan Hunt has join the group. 😄😅✌

  17. Shaikh Sadarabbani

    I love Michelle Monaghan. his facial expressions

  18. Jael Garduño


  19. Jael Garduño


  20. Priya Vishwakarma

    The way he stares at her makes my throat dry...

  21. Ana Thomas

    I never got my picture from april 2015 because of a jealous woman, never sent the pic, I even went back to get it at the samsung studio. Never got my pic with chris Evan's sent to me, and I'm pissed! Everyone else got it! Why didn't i!!! Thanks to the people working there deciding not to send it to me! We ate at a nearby restaurant and everyone I came with got it except me!! !any case, this moment here, so beautiful. I only went to the event because my friends were into the avengers .. hes lovely! And his kisses are amazing!

  22. Asma Imtu

    It was so embarrassing

  23. Nina C.

    Please marry me Chris Evans. Please 😭😭😭

  24. Gaurav nikam

    No negative comments...

  25. Ananya Chaudhuri

    I felt the kiss on my lips. Am I mad or what?

    1. Hidden Gem

      No no, I felt it too babe 😉

  26. Laura Platkeviciute

    So intimate 🥰

  27. Primitive UK Official

    Superb 💋

  28. Rashpinder Singh


  29. Rainey Wells

    song ?

  30. Sendii YY

    1:15 xD

  31. m syahreza

    Unless you're Chris Evans or RDJ, and this was your move when you start your first kiss with someone, you would have failed.

  32. Ajay Kkalika

    Somebody give this man a room

  33. Clement Oghosa

    Why is always easy to kiss a girl in the movie I wish it always real in live

  34. Mackenzie Hays

    This part makes me want to cry

    1. ZX zxcc xxcxç your Louisy

      Mackenzie Hays , v hi

    2. ZX zxcc xxcxç your Louisy

      Mackenzie Hays ZX. ccJXhx

  35. Kath Lux

    Someone knows the name of this beautiful musictrack?

  36. Annette Elliott

    Oh nice..........Mr mcdreamy.....😆😆😆😆😆

  37. Audraelynne Grimmelhaussen

    I love their chemistry here. I wish they have another movie.

  38. James Weng

    She has a boyfriend and she kissed him. What a b.....

  39. Raven YouDontNeedToKnowMyLastName

    FUCK! He's sexy i want him to punch me in the face.

  40. dandirindina

    Aaaawwwww 😍

  41. Janeth French

    My ovaries just exploded

  42. Megan Luminais


  43. R Noor


  44. Duncan Sands

    Jesus the comments on here, don't ever be spontaneous boys, because the feminist men hating Vibrator girls just hate the loss of control..sad fuckers!

  45. Logan Battiste

    She looks like Emma Stone

  46. Yuri Carrion Leon

    Porfa el nombre en español de la película para poderme la ver

    1. Elizabeth Hidalgo

      Dejate querer

  47. Mister Suave

    Thanos disliked this video

  48. sound wave6

    So Sad

  49. Zechariah Cameron

    She cheated. I liked his movie until this part. She should not have kissed him back.

    1. JD

      The most important thing they end up together lol.

  50. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    Nice ;)

  51. Eduarda Graciano

    This is the best kiss on a movie for me!

    1. natasa pappa

      Zechariah Cameron have You been telling to everyone that liked the kiss that they cheated?! It’s a Freaking movie and this one was a hell of a kiss

    2. Eduarda Graciano

      @Zechariah Cameron haha maybe

    3. Zechariah Cameron

      Eduarda Graciano she was with someone else though. That is cheating!

  52. Alex Dashkoff

    Yeah, no chance in real life. And I’m a solid 7

  53. Stee 74

    I haven't seen this movie like I hadn't seen (the best of me) until a couple of days ago what's going on youtube ffs, it's 11 years old man.

  54. Catherin Mella

    I'm the old lady that choked on her drink 😱👻

    1. Catherin Mella

      @tasha phanor ohhhhh that makes sense 😂😂😂

    2. tasha phanor

      Thats her mother

  55. Sans The Skeleton

    Captain and the wasp

  56. Sans The Skeleton

    Ant man dislike the vidéo

  57. Solange

    That is one breathtaking kiss

  58. Glutamate Sulphate

    because of this movie I had considered going to Scotland to study medicine

    1. Glutamate Sulphate

      @Emily Kelepheshie The program in the Netherlands is also very good but at a reasonable price

    2. Emily Kelepheshie

      @Glutamate Sulphate it is but the system is really good i am also studying medicine in cyprus

    3. Glutamate Sulphate

      @Emily Kelepheshie It is expensive there no?

    4. Emily Kelepheshie

      Come to cyprus 🤙

    5. Glutamate Sulphate

      Update: I have decided to go to the Netherlands

  59. Gee B.

    best kiss love it

    1. Zechariah Cameron

      Gee B. I’m saying that he kissed her when she was about to marry someone and she kissed him back. Even if it’s just a boyfriend its cheating. He had ten years to ask her out.

    2. Gee B.

      +Zechariah Cameron am sorry that you feel that way .but to answer your comment.he don't respect the relationship because he Love her where did they cheat at kissing is cheat if she is not married have a good night and thanks for your comment

    3. Zechariah Cameron

      Gee B. They cheated. He didn’t respect her relationship.

  60. A


  61. Aprilla911


  62. Aprilla911


  63. Aprilla911


  64. Anju S. Vasu

    Wish I could kiss Michelle like that.. her lips & expressions were awesome..

  65. Novella

    Great movie. Unexpected. And I want her to play Emma Stone’s sister.

  66. maria goncalves


  67. Rogelio Ayala

    April may be a little far away though

  68. Rogelio Ayala

    Good idea here

  69. Ali Hasan

    I'm looking for a girlfriend to kiss her

  70. Mudassir Ahmedi

    Ultron jerked off to this video

  71. sariah te amo

    those eyelashes wtf

  72. Sarah Brown

    God that kiss is smokin hot!!!!! Wish I could make out with Patrick Dempsey like that.

    1. Zechariah Cameron

      She cheated though, because she kissed him back.

    2. Kevinthedreamer91

      Sarah Brown ugh same

  73. Jules Doshnugan

    WTF she’s in MOURNING! I mean I get it it was to comfort her. But still. WTF!

    1. Black Blue

      Only works when its Cap i guess

  74. Ceren Kırca

    cap finally got some action

  75. peterviegal166

    Cheating slut!

    1. Mya Haywood

      peterviegal166 oh please

  76. bhondwe mayur

    Whare is ithan hunt His wife having affair with c america

  77. Bobby Knight

    I wouldn't want to kiss her after I found out what she had done for a world record. Let's just say she has ingested a lot of male DNA in 1 day.

    1. الينا الينا

      wait what...where can i see that??????

  78. Mamon Dey

    Ethun Hunt's wife with cap...thats amazing...🤣🤣

  79. Bangin' Gears

    Pretty sure, by today's standards, this in rape.

  80. eva vélo

    i wanna dislike this video bc he is supposed to kiss ME. damn.

  81. Kyra Navarro

    Ethan hunt very much hate this video 😂😂😂

  82. jenlei14

    He can kiss me anytime

    1. Eliana Castillo Zárate

      Yesss me too

    2. Rawza Reza

      same here

    3. vigo videos

      I want to kiss kiss you

  83. Malinda Kidd

    Chris This Is My Second Favorite Scene That You Are In

  84. Clash Fan

    What? That is incredibly depressing. How do you consider this kiss anything but pity? It's kind of weird and sort of inappropriate for that story to be a turn on for someone don't you think?

    1. Jeffrey Thomas

      Clash Fan cry about it then pussy

    2. davidsirmons

      If that's what you see, you're literally blind. That's not what this was. And how pathetic you feel that a kiss can only be from someone turned on. Jesus.

    3. mike dick

      No. Some people find it attractive to know that others have been through some sort of fucked up shit. It makes us feel like we're not alone ... P.s. You're a jerkoff

    4. hangry26

      It’s a little strange that she was pouring her heart out and he suddenly kisses her. That was a depressing ass story, now let’s make out. He still hot though

    5. Caitlin Wilde

      Clash Fan so true...lol.

  85. darcy parkin

    Kiss me

    1. Bobby Knight

      Okay, if you say so. (I wish).

  86. Tru Comment

    1:20 kiss

    1. Bobby Knight

      Yes, KISS is a great rock band.

  87. Jo Mills

    The way he looks at her before he kisses her....😍😍😍

  88. ChingLo100

    Wow, how to make me cry in less than 2 minutes​

    1. ZX zxcc xxcxç your Louisy

      ChingLo100 CV u XCx iuxCz zxcc s fg sX as f

  89. Gianna Spencer

    Today is June 13 2018...Happy 37th birthday Chris Evans❤

    1. Hay Day Everyday

      @Fanny Surbakti fuck u bitch

    2. Fanny Surbakti

      he is already 37? wtf

  90. Max Baba

    So, this is what Ethan Hunt’s wife is doing while he’s off jumping onto a plane or climbing the tallest building with his bare hands and running for his life? (Literally, he’s running all the time).

    1. Tony SS

      Dushan Fernando …

    2. Dushan Fernando

      well, she's hooking up with Captain America. Can't really blame her :P

    3. I can smell my nose


    4. right things

      Max Baba 😂😂😂

    5. Aisha .G.


  91. Lucifer

    Ethan Hunt disliked this video!

    1. Irene's Slave

      I specifically searched for THIS comment 😂

    2. Anagha

      Lucifer LMAO I was wondering why no one had commented this

  92. Данил Филенко


    1. davidsirmons

      John Constantine disliked this video.

  93. Theresia D R S

    Tony disliked this vid

    1. All Taire


    2. Jacqueline Duica


    3. davidsirmons

      Sam however......

  94. Gaurav Patil

    Bucky disliked this video

    1. Rawza Reza

      it's 83 dislikes. so this means he disliked it from 83 different accounts XD

    2. davidsirmons

      hahahah, nice!

  95. Sandy Sunflower

    Wow, lucky girl😁❤️

    1. ZX zxcc xxcxç your Louisy

      Sandy Sunflower z as CX asxdd CV fD sX DG f SA, Da, az SSD fg sC SA XSDXA zzsd

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  97. Michael Morales


  98. Caitlin Wilde

    Lol...such a sweet moment and then out of the blue he kisses her. Very interesting choice.

    1. mike dick

      Caitlin Wilde .. Sounds personal lmfao

    2. KindnesslikeConfetti

      I thought it was an odd choice too

    3. Jenny Schecter

      he wanted to cheer her up maybe

  99. Diana21692

    She looked like mila kunis

    1. Melanie J. Roberts

      So much prettier than Mila