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  1. Ix Chris Xi

    Best song on the album, but damn it opens some nasty scars.

  2. Hilda Soriano

    No bullshit, Mac’s music is the reason I never went through with ending it all...he touched my soul with his music. You will forever live.

  3. brandon65678

    “I do not lie though facts may seem a little far fetched, that’s only because I may be make believe and full of darkness”

  4. Genny Barajas

    I’m not crying, you are 😭😭😭

  5. Chuck KTCLuTCH

    This masterpiece will NEVER fade, My ears are at peace🥰❤️

  6. Wanderer 2205

    Brb Crying

  7. Chuck KTCLuTCH


  8. Amerikkkan Badass

    Damn circles was good. But fuck. Swimming is a masterpiece.

  9. OnlyOneMe

    No more No more No more No more ..

  10. XIS BOY


  11. Senor Wong

    See you later man...

  12. mayo

    miss you man

  13. Chuck KTCLuTCH

    This whole album makes me feel his problems and it’s so heart aching to hear his voice and I wish he didn’t have to go😖😢 Rip Legend🙏

  14. Dwayne Styles

    Fuck Ariana Grande for taking him away from us too soon.

  15. JP Laurent


  16. Mykel Rogers

    Rest Easy Mac

  17. Lucas Hammond

    I grew up listening to Mac and respect him as an artist; I even admired him as a person somewhat from a distance but some of all borderline worshipping him. Stop with the idolatry. He was just a man. Peace

  18. DeCenzore XVI

    damn ;((

  19. Black Dragon 123

    Go subscribe make my bro a star please

  20. Ethan Muck

    Yo its so weird that you like there music more when there gone :(

  21. Arturo Jimenez

    I can’t bear what you spit cause it’s grizzly 🔥🔥🔥 that man was a lyrical genius even at a that young of an age🐐

  22. Alisa Gouge

    Mac literally got me through high school. I remember the exact moment my boyfriend told me that he passed away... I was training for a new job. This man will always have a huge place in my heart.

  23. Mike of many Mikes


  24. Beau Castilla


  25. Wavy DaGod

    This the Imma play when I finally Wanna end it all again.

  26. Maisey Hunt

    who else is here in 2020:’(

  27. Ben Jones

    That's our Mac, master of melody and inner peace.

  28. Jacoby Ferguson

    Can someone put this on a 8 hour loop so i can make through the day shift,I need....

  29. Javier Talamantes

    Does anyone know where 2:52 is from? attach link if possible. Thanks

  30. UncleKhab

    When a passed friend tells you ' it ain't that bad ' you better listen.

  31. Hunter David Copus

    This freestyle/song here is it; between this and the spins on kids I always come back to and hit me the hardest. I love you I hope you’re resting in heaven King.

  32. Ralph Lotus

    The producer looked kinda stress in the beginning, he must've been sober. I wonder what it must've been like to work with Mac. Man rest in peace brother

  33. John Rigsby

    You know what kills here? You can see how much fun Mac was having. That's the face we would all have if we made a mil. But remember my peeps, drugs took this gift from us. Stick to weed,alch, but don't drive. "You" are the Mac Miller to someone, your spouse, you're mom, dad, friend..someone.

  34. Ralph Lotus

    I know how you feel Mac. Save me a spot up there. Say wassup to my folks up there.

  35. corey michael

    04:17am in the UK listening this song specifically. You made mistakes Mac but they never made you. Love you bro x

  36. John Smith

    Why the fuck do people dislike this mans art. Rest up Mac

  37. Dillan Cleveland

    To miss someone you don't know is unfathonabolie confusing. My best friend Riley showed me mac miller when i was in 6th grade. He killed himself a year later and i thank god everyday ad appreciate all that riley and mac have taught me ♥️ RIP MAC ♥️RIP RILEY hopefully yall are skating ad vibin to soms good tunes

  38. Jonathan Saravia

    It goes Eminem then Mac!! I'm lost man

  39. Ariana Alarcon

    Pero el no esta muerto?

  40. Brandon

    Anyone else here GOKU👀

  41. Micheal McClain

    If this song or especially video doesn’t make the greatest track and video ever we boycott all awards I know Mac wasn’t bout them but damn this deserves to be ingrained in history

  42. Kevin Washington

    New fan here!!!! Suggest some songs to check out off the album. 90's hip hop here

  43. GBCuddLe

    Damn.. watching this legit makes me cry. R.I.P Mac & thank you Jon for helping finish this album.

  44. Jack Moody

    This is my favorite Mac song

  45. dempsey

    most dope

  46. Matthew Rocha

    This beat 🔥

  47. Chris Lindgren

    Damn 8 years later and still a banger. Miss you Mac

  48. Nelson Jr. Peralta Acevedo

    2:30 Ari armoniza la canción.

  49. franks little demon

    this album is like the 2020 version of flower boy i love it

  50. Space tree Infinity

    I always said sleeplessness makes great rappers !! It’s the key to rap

  51. deelizzle

    there’s a feeling in my heart i cannot explain every time i hear his voice

  52. ARA 123

    Where were you when you first heard this track?


    2:20 if only he was alive to see that he did...

  54. OBREY _

    My brother is an athletic, laidback, stoner and I’m a weird gay kid. We have only connected through mac. For about 6 years we have taken a few minutes every couple weeks to talk about our interpretations. I moved away in 2017 for college. We facetimed regularly and talked. When mac died, we argued about swimming. We were so passionate about what things meant to us individually that it was hard to connect. A week ago we stayed up late (face timing) to listen to Mac’s new album. After, my brother moved in with me. Back up, we posted something on Ig on jan 17th saying, “what a great night.” And someone responded, “post malone’s circles is better than Mac Miller’s circles.” Shit hurt my heart. My ig is Obrey. Idk what to say. If someone could help, then please do. If I’m being a sensitive ass mother fucker, then please just call me out on my shit.

    1. Randy Griffin

      Post Malone is no where near the creative genius that was Mac Miller. Mac's soul is in these songs, while circles by post malone is just another song. I'm not saying it's a bad song, but goddamn they do not compare in any shape or form. Whenever I listen to Circles by Mac Miller, I feel like I am catching a small glimpse into his soul man. It's so touching and personal and vulerable and I want to cry. Post malone was just like, "Yeah that was a catchy song" and I forgot about it in a few days. I think my point here is that Mac's will stick with me for life, and is completely unique from any other piece.

  55. totall recall

    2:20 if only he was alive to see that he did...

  56. Claudia Renee

    I can't help but cry... 😞

  57. 박상현


  58. Dillydallydahooo

    We love you, we miss you. Rest easy, "Most Dope."

  59. Stephanie Torkelson

    Cant get enough of this whole album. Greatful his family released it. Couldn't of been easy but this album is gonna touch so many souls

  60. Ryan Nihart

    Watching the last of him ! And you can see it in the videos !

  61. Phillip Flaherty

    I miss you brother!! still letting tears fall over you I don't think they will ever stop!!

  62. Calvin catalan

    It’s amazing to see how many other people love this man and his music as much as I do. Love all of y’all man. No matter what. Keep it real forever. Rest easy, Mac. We love you.

  63. Light

    Its not a sad song, its an acceptance song. Beautiful.

  64. Jake E

    Miss ya kid :(

  65. i like cat poo

    This song gives me goosebumps holy

  66. Utös Utös

    The middle of this video is as I was 28 years ago when the creator took me for a trip...🌌

  67. روحية محمد

    ٩ حد القناه العربي افلام سكس

  68. Sreyleak Thay

    Sounds like a Beatles song

  69. Brandon Weatherly

    This man lived to get high... sad... RIP

  70. SickHop Studios

    Hello My Dear Friend I love you mucho.

  71. Sarah Ichi

    Wots she wearing

  72. キャブ・ガッツCab Gutz

    So beautiful

  73. Gaby Brown


  74. Jay R

    make a whole movie with im in the studio!!!! fkn fire!!!!

  75. Jordan McGalliard

    S’sounds like Chris DElia’s child impression.

  76. Rebecca Holly

    i just wanna see him sing these god damnit

  77. Brie Grande

    2:50 eargasm

  78. Sam Hagene

    This kid was indeed swisher sweet

  79. Kenjutsu -_-


  80. Nicholas Montross

    I think it’s absolutely crazy and beautiful that this all came out

  81. Geads Games

    Kid Kudi has the 'Hums and Mmmms' Mac has the 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah'

  82. David Johnson

    love this so much

  83. KASCHEI 21

    Uh uh uhhh All of us when see (circles)

  84. Julius Spencer

  85. Julius Spencer

    yall check this. i dont rap but i do write. check out this new piece about addiction

  86. Julius Spencer

  87. NotAddy _

    Looks similar to a seen in Kill bill: volume 2

  88. jess smel

    I miss you so damn much mac. Get teared up every time I hear you now. Loved you for over 11 years.

  89. taedo

    Great cover, great human being was growing as an artist rip malcolm

  90. diego puscan


  91. Brayan Barranza

    The High Life Mixtape, KIDS, was my era.

  92. Matthew Verjan

    omg the ending. Ariana literally has a voice of an angel you can’t tell me otherwise.

  93. jerod fisher

    This was his farewell. His album circles in general but, this song specifically. It almost sounds like he was ready to go, like he was at peace. We will always miss you Mac. Till we all see you again.

  94. Ronaldo Cesar

    miss u broh 😧😧😧😧

  95. Arianna Mendez

    fuck i can´t watch this without crying

  96. Yuridia Castrejon

    Fav song in the album 💛

  97. Jmanlol11

    i hate you

  98. devin augo

    Miss you mac the game will never be the same without you bruh

  99. Abby Ceballos

    Me and my friend love to listen to your music we love you

  100. DravYt

    Bro R.I.P