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  1. Sypher the 297th

    The extremists on both sides of this are gross. We are currently moving to the one side of the scale where "boys will be boys" and "she had it coming" is prevalent to the side that says "believe all women." Both sides are perpetrating their own injustices. And we have a profoundly imperfect justice system to mediate it all while allowing peoples biases and bigotries to run rampant. I don't really see sexual harrassment and sexual assault going away anytime soon unfortunately. It is as Anita Hill said "you have to change the culture." But there are powerful people who have less than zero interest in changing that culture. For fucks sake, one of them is President of the United States. The part that I find most disgusting is an attitude that is encapsulated in a situation i encountered. I was acquainted about 20 years ago through a shared hobby with a person who i knew had, I think, two daughters and we'd get together with mutual friends and play cards at various restaurants/bars. The dude was an absolute pig (think southern good ol' boy type.) One night a friend and I (we were both in our late teens) had enough of his sexist nonsense and told him to knock it off. He gave the usual excuses. My friend asked what he'd do if some douche behaved like that toward his daughter. His response was ,and I quote, "well I've got a 12 gauge for that." I nearly fell off my chair from the absurdity yet he didn't see the disconnect at all. WTF?! So it's ok as long as it's not someone else doing it to HIS daughter. And that is why this will be almost impossible to root out. The point isn't for society not to try to make things better or that perpetrators shouldn't be punished. It's that a large segment of the political/religious/cultural makeup of the country is absolutely sociopathic and bordering on psychopathic on this issue.

  2. Viniit Singh

    Fuck you john & your team, you are an asshole.

  3. Michael Laverty

    Do you see the lengths this mother fucking arrogant douche bag will go to muddy someone then when you ask him to his face NOTHING.. Because He sits to pee ...

  4. Thomas Sibalski

    Funny how things changed in a couple of years.

  5. dahudescimes1

    Thank you so much John!

  6. Ali Mahmoud

    At first I was super uncomfortable that there weren't audience laughs but then I got used to it and it hit me how serious this show really is

  7. Ryan Stallings

    "Legal good, illegal bad." Don't think about the Boston Tea Party, Rosa Parks, Ghandi's Salt March, The Singing Revolution, The Greensboro Sit Ins, the Women's Movement, etc. All illegal, so that means all bad. I guess.

  8. Jackisath

    Only a fool would think the North was so much more morally superior that the whole civil war was only about slavery. If it was, the North would not have compensated slave owners but the slaves themselves whom they left to fend for themselves for the last century.

    1. Rundstedt1

      The South rebelled to protect slavery, the North didn't start the war to end it they wanted to contain it so it could die out, the South started the war to protect and expand it. Of course it was all about slavery the South told us so over and over again. If you don't know that starting a war to protect and expand slavery is a morally inferior position, then there's nothing we can do for you. _"Can there be a doubt in any intelligent mind, that the object which the Black Republican party has in view is the ultimate extinction of slavery in the United States? To doubt it, is to cast the imputation of hypocracy and imbecility upon the majority of the people of every Northern State, who have stood by this party through all its trials and struggles, to its ultimate triumph in the election Lincoln._ _In these declarations Mr. Lincoln has covered the entire abolition platform - hatred of slavery, disregard of judicial decisions, negro equality, and, as a matter of course, the ultimate extinction of slavery. None of these doctrines, however, are left to inference, so far as Mr. Lincoln is concerned, as we see he has avowed them in the plainest and clearest language. They are not exceeded by the boldness of Seward, the malignity of Giddings, or the infamy of Garrison. It was the knowledge of these facts which induced his nomination by the Republican party; and by the free circulation which has been given to them in the canvass, it would seem that Mr. Lincoln is indebted to their popularity for his election._ _There is one dogma of this party which has been so solemnly enunciated, both by their national conventions and Mr. Lincoln that it is worth of serious consideration. I allude to the doctrine of negro equality. The stereotyped expression of the Declaration of Independence that "All men are born equal," has been perverted from its plain and truthful meaning, and made the basis of a political dogma which strikes at the very foundations of the institution of slavery. Mr. Lincoln and his party assert that this doctrine of equality applies to the negro, and necessarily there can exist no such thing as property in our equals. Upon this point both Mr. Lincoln and his party have spoken with a distinctiveness that admits of no question or equivocation. If they are right, the institution of slavery as it exists in the Southern States is in direct violation of the fundamental principles of our Government; and to say that they would not use all the powers in their hands to eradicate the evil and restore the Government to its "ancient faith," would be to write themselves down self-convicted traitors both to principle and duty._ _In the election which just transpired, the Black Republicans did not hesitate to announce, defend and justify the doctrines and principles which I have attributed to them. During the progress of the canvass I obtained copies of the documents which they were circulating at the North, with a view of ascertaining the grounds upon which they were appealing to the people for their support and confidence. With the exception of a few dull speeches in favor of a protective tariff, intended for circulation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and still fewer number of pitiful appeals for squandering the public lands, the whole canvass was conducted by the most bitter and malignant appeals to the anti-slavery sentiment of the North._ _Fellow-citizens of Georgia, I have endeavored to place before you the facts of the case, in plain and unimpassioned language; and I should feel that I had done injustice to my own convictions, and been unfaithful to you, if I did not in conclusion warn you against the danger of delay and impress upon you the hopelessness of any remedy for these evils short of secession. You have to deal with a shrewd, heartless and unscrupulous enemy, who in their extremity may promise anything, but in the end will do nothing. On the 4th day of March, 1861, the Federal Government will pass into the hands of the Abolitionists. It will then cease to have the slightest claim upon either your confidence or your loyalty; and, in my honest judgment, each hour that Georgia remains thereafter a member of the Union will be an hour of degradation, to be followed by certain and speedy ruin...'"_ - Howell Cobb (future President of the Provisional Confederate Congress), December 6, 1860

  9. MWNelsondesign

    Would you rather live in poverty or die? When you think about it, poverty is something the Conservatives don't understand. They fear poverty and see opening the US on Easter with millions of people dying, as not a bad idea. It removes their problem from the equation of society. They no longer take responsibility for anything that doesn't make them rich. Poor people are a danger to their vision of the United States. They hate people who help others and expect the money (taxpayer money) going out should go in their pockets, not to the poor. They believe in economic equations that only consider human consumption and labor in them. Given the current situation, money is more important than lives, because death removes the unwanted from the mysterious part of the equation. Yah, I don't get it either. It is just like the energy problem. What is more important, a barrel of oil or a life lost in a war.

  10. Kear O'Malley

    His entire argument fails if you just say that the Civil War was not about slavery. aaaaaand it wasn't every historian will tell you that.

  11. Yan Nikoloff

    For those who fights with Confederacy statues;- Just walk to any Unionist monument and find name of factory that made that monument... More than 98% of Union monuments was made in Germany in 30ies. Yep, nazi Germany made your monuments.

    1. Rundstedt1

      Bullshit, _"What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."_ - Christopher Hitchens .

  12. AmberAmbitions

    Anderson Cooper's complete lack of hesitation when asked if he thought his ancestor deserved it is exactly the response we should have.

  13. Desmond Miles

    You can speak so much

  14. Rundstedt1

    I see all these amateurs here trying to say that there were only X amount of owners in the South, usually a low 2 or 6% and naturally they never say how they arrived at that number. ... Well it's all trash. In reality on average in the states that rebelled 1/3 of families were owners and this rose to almost 1/2 in the deep South. And I'll let the Antebellum South itself, and the former head of the Census office make that clear: _"When in charge of the national census office, several years since, I found that it had been stated by an abolition Senator from his seat, that the number of slaveholders at the South did not exceed 150,000. Convinced that it was a gross misrepresentation of the facts, I caused a careful examination of the returns to be made, which fixed the actual number at 347,255, and communicated the information, by note, to Senator Cass, who read it in the Senate._ _I first called attention to the fact that the number embraced slaveholding families, and that to arrive at the actual number of slaveholders, it would be necessary to multiply by the proportion of persons, which the census showed to a family. When this was done, the number swelled to about 2,000,000._ _Since these results were made public, I have had reason to think, that the separation of the schedules of the slave and the free, was calculated to lead to omissions of the single properties, and that on this account it would be safe to put the number of families at 375,000, and the number of actual slaveholders at about two million and a quarter. Assuming the published returns, however to be correct, it will appear that _*_one-half of the population of South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana, excluding the cities, are slaveholders, and that one-third of the population of the entire South are similarly circumstanced._* _It will thus appear that the slaveholders of the South so far from constituting numerically an insignificant portion of its people, as has been malignantly alleged, make up an aggregate greater in relative proportion than the holders of any other species of property whatever, in any part of the world; and that of no other property can it be said, with equal truthfulness, that it is an interest of the whole community."_ - J.D.B. DeBow, December 1860 .

  15. Eliyafeth Soto

    I feel the sudden and incredible urge to send this man some money

  16. Journey95 Far

    so many dumb sjw in the comment section

  17. Intercat

    The "America second" movement. You can't say enough nasty about the idea that treason is in style. Put statues up to slaves - they're part of our history, and their descendants aren't nostalgic about the biggest attempt ever to destroy the United States of America.

  18. Manuel Valcárcel

    Lots of corpses on 5th Ave.

  19. sunny

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  20. Two of Pentacles

    9.2k thumbs down ? Really. ?

  21. daisx beohfox

    More like a SHIT is born.

  22. DoWhutNow

    God damn. What an American hating pos. All he has is terrible news, and shit talking about the potus. Wow, exactly what we need right now pfft.

  23. jai lalwani

    maybe its the quarantine, but young john kinda cute.....

  24. General Ablon

    3:00 what song is he referencing here?

  25. elchinator

    2:49 - This IS a Corona-Virus! Insert conspiracy theory <here>. (Spoiler: it probably was SARS)

  26. Julia S

    "Trump only just seemed to realize". It's all an act do you people still not get it?!? The whole of US govt is full of players who've been manipulating and directing your thoughts since sometime after WWll. Wake up and think for yourselves and do it quick Time is Running Out

  27. Onyeche Onobu

    “President Equus” 😂😂

  28. Dustin's Watson's

    25000$ ventilator for like less than 100$ almost free as the air

  29. Stanley Z.

    Seeing the studio transition from the original Coronavirus episode to this one is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen.

  30. CosmosRuler

    56k dislikes from modi bhakts

  31. StoreyTwoFace

    This has just been made available to us in the UK. I was life was still this optimistic!

  32. Alejandro Woods

    So this Country was split after the Civil War, and I fought for the rights of all Americans, though think about the need to rebuild after brother killed brother and mother, father, sister, brother, family splits apart. I do not support this video as it remarked one-sided argument with indeed a camera, video, and a person with authority not advocating but putting down a straw man argument for one side. Thus, this does not build a nation but continues to push people one party to another without understanding each side of that feeling and belief. John Oliver does not seem to be a smart man; if he was, he would have come at this with more neutrality to understand truth lies somewhere in the middle, not one side or another.

  33. How Did you know

    Best liberal night comedy since John Stewart. He's improved with time.

  34. Ci Silver

    If this was a movie, no one would believe it because of the stupidity.

  35. Leon Foster

    The info in this video has already aged badly.

  36. Las Vegas Free Press

    Ivanka and Jared must have taken grovely voiced serious classes together.

  37. Pekka Viitala

    I'm just wondering about a few things. Why is there a British comedian talking about a complicated civil war which happened in US, and boiling it down to just being about slavery? It should be accounted that there had been a fierce loyalty towards your state rather than the federal government, and furthermore there had been a growing resentment between the north and south for decades. A great majority of the men fighting on both sides of the war didn't think they were fighting about slavery. Only a few wealthy landowners owned slaves, but as for the fighting men they didn't largely care about that. On the confederate side, most men fought for their homes, states, and freedom from federal government, as volunteers. A large factor in the large numbers of volunteers on both sides was also the simple reason of men seeking adventure and the field of glory, as to escape the boring monotony of farm or factory work. Every civilized person on the planet knows that slavery was and is wrong, and yes the confederacy was an evil institution supporting slavery, no one is denying that. But is it really reasonable to further create a divide between political lines on arguing about these things that happened roughly 150 years ago, by suddenly demanding tearing down monuments? It doesn't change the past, and this kind of divisiveness just might be sowing new seeds for civil strife. And furthermore shouldn't it be left to the communities themselves weather to take them down or not? They're the ones who have to look at them. All this seems just pretty bizarre from across the Atlantic.

    1. Rundstedt1

      And that resentment, like everything else comes down to one thing,..... slavery, everything goes back to slavery. You clearly have no background on this topic and certainly less knowledge of it than Oliver here. 1/3 of families in the states that rebelled were owners, the CSA soldiers in their private letters home consistently wrote about fighting to protect slavery and the Union soldiers consistently wrote that the rebellion wouldn't end till slavery did. _"The most powerful motivator remained Confederate troops' certainty that they must fight to prevent the abolition of slavery, the worst of all possible disasters that could befall southern white men and their families. Over and over soldiers repeated the same refrains about the necessity of fighting for slavery that they had been sounding since the beginning of the war.”_ Chandra Manning "What this Cruel War Was Over" p138 .

  38. Gold Baby

    You need to leave the statues, if you cant cope with having statues as a reminder of the history regardless of what your views are then you cant learn from it! Move on look to the future not the past,

    1. robert presley

      Did you...not watch the video?

    2. Rundstedt1

      Statues are not history, they are a glorification of certain ideals and try to pass on that message. In this case those are white supremacy and a reminder to the subjugated minority to keep its place. .

  39. comic215

    Coronavirus III gave me chills

  40. Franck Somarriba


  41. Ak 47

    Wtf is that idiot Texas governor talking about? How did he become a governor in a 1st place, Fucking idiot. Trump this crisis is not about your bitch ass. Just help the States on a federal level ass hole

  42. Abhay Kaushik

    Wow so much hate towards Hindus, Hinduphobia and blatant lies about peace loving people who never invaded any country in last 5000 years. John Oliver rant against Hindus feels like what Hitler might have said about Jews. He needs to look at last 1400 years history of India, Tulsi Gabbard is right when she talks about rampant Hinduphobia in the USA.


    This iz such bullshit, modi is actually making everything fair. Muslims are above the law and is trying to make them on an even level. No indian leader has dared to do so ever

  44. Jarod Farrant

    4:30 wasn’t planed parenthood started by a racist women?

  45. jacob edwards

    What race was that guy huh? A horse huh?

  46. Skoda

    We in the Czech Republic all sew masks at home and give them to others FOR FREE. Mainly we give them to seniors and hospitals. Our schools have devised respirators that can be printed on a 3D printer that will be given to hospitals FOR FREE. We also produce plastic shields and give them back to hospitals FOR FREE. Instead of alcohol, alcohol companies produce FREE disinfectants for hospitals. DO IT LIKE WE DO. We have been able to significantly slow down the spread of COVID-19! You can look on video #Masks4All on youtube and you will understand.

  47. Alex Mc

    Think about this. Biden is your next president John Oliver, now's who's shitting on their cake now. Oh wait are you even an Ameircan? Back off the cake Torrie

  48. Brian Wanbaugh

    All of that stuff Glenn Beck was talking about was already happening before this started!!!!

  49. altareggo

    ...about as useful as the website .... I LOVE THIS GUY!!!

  50. ArtemusnH

    God this Trump is so ridiculous, could not even had imagined such a dumb character in a movie. Loser "par excellence"!

  51. Jpenney mrcoin

    Bob murray molested bill cosby

  52. Biljana Petrova

    You USA should act like a leader, if you want to be viewed as one in the world. Electing Tramp for President, doesn't resonate with leadership. And I don't say this as an insult, but as an advise.

  53. Marjory Frontaan

    “Yeah, let’s see if that will trend, you thirsty bitch!”. I died 💀

  54. Alex Mc

    Didn't you just say its up to the governors and then now you're blaming the president. this guy is such an effing parrot. No sense and no class. Oliver probably is just mad because pelosi couldn't squeeze in the green new deal and held up the aid the American people because she wanted to staple her agenda to acrisis relief bill. What a giant douche

  55. Štefan Rástocký

    yep. he's exactly like Stalin.

  56. Prasad MG

    Fake and utter nonsense this video should be removed from FIsels everyone dislike and report it to FIsels.

  57. Esperanza Valero Macia

    From Spain. I agree with you almost all the time. But I have to say, that in Spain, authorities applied "social distancing" as in Italy or even better. If you have other sources, it can be because a campaign from the opposition parties helped by certain Media to attack our Government.

  58. themetal

    Elect a clown, expect a circus. So. all you wool hat in the summer wearin' snowflakes who wouldn't vote for Hillary, how did that work out? All you gen-x disconnected nesters who didn't even vote, did that work out? All you protest vote 3rd party voters, did that go? Don't Boo. . .Vote Blue. In MASS!! Get the FUCK OFF YOUR ASSES AND VOTE THESE SCUM BAGS OUT OF OFFICE.

  59. Curtis Wade Stafford

    all you people are buying in to the bullshit you hear on the tv you are all stupid if you believe what the media is saying they all lie like the dogs they are

  60. Wilson

    1958 - Richard and Mildred Loving had married in Washington, D.C. to evade Virginia's anti-miscegenation laws, including the Racial Integrity Act. Having returned to Virginia, they were arrested in their bedroom for living together as an interracial couple (Richard Loving was deemed 1/16th African American). The judge suspended their sentence on the condition that the Loving's leave Virginia and not return for 25 years. In 1963, the Loving's, who had moved to Washington, D.C, decided to appeal this judgment. In 1965, Virginia trial court Judge Leon Bazile, who heard their original case, refused to reconsider his decision. Instead, he defended racial segregation, writing: " Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, Malay, and red, and placed them on separate continents, and but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend the races to mix ". In 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Virginia's anti-miscegenation laws, condemning them as "designed to maintain White supremacy".

  61. Curtis Wade Stafford

    look dick head the goveners of CA and of NY are the reasons the people have nothing to fight this with they wasted all their money on bullshit it's not Trumps fault it the spend happy ansd illegal alleins lovers that fuck up

  62. Adam Thapazz

    Al Pacino day has to be a world wide holiday!

  63. Dhrumil Barot

    You are taking things out of context yourself idiot! 😑

  64. Nicolas TRANG

    I mean.... even Talibans look more human handling this crisis than the few Republican mentioned here...

  65. Vendula Marešová

    First of all: I´m not sayng I don´t want refugees here, If you are runing from war and don´t plan use our country as trancit country then feel free to seek alysium if you qualify for it. I´m from Czech Republic and there was a lot of hate against us besause we wouldn´t take in migrants...try to look at is from our side-we took in several migrants(id I remember corectly it was about 20) and they fled to Germany! So if you are running avay from war/opression/powerty and a country like Czech Republic let you stay there, oferes to get you a job, gets you a place to stay(which is much more than what our state garantuie to its regular citizens) and you run to Germany because you will get more money there than you are not a refugee seeking alysium but an economic migrant and you can wait and get to the country legaly. At the time we ofered to take a orphan children but we were "offered" by Greece to "pick" them out of a group of teeneger boys from Afgania and Pakistan(16-18 years old)-please tell me, who is more of a security risk: a young chilld/baby or young adult male? Other thing is that Czechia is one of the most atheistic countries in the world and from what I se around me we generarly frown upon ANY religion(and yes, even christians but less so. We basicly ignore them if they are not trying to bring religion to every conversation or try to convert us).

  66. Eric Joseph

    John, we at India were told to light candles at April 5 9 pm to spread hope about the fight against Coronavirus, and we get messages like this on WhatsApp regarding its use: Artificial light such as tubelight emits electromagnetic waves of certain frequency. One disadvantage is that it blocks the natural light coming from distant stars and Moon. These natural lights has infra-ultrasonic hyper modulated frequency which can act upon the lipid layers of mRNA dependent corona virus in nano seconds. Some tons of corona virus can be destroyed in 9 minutes time. Also candle light and DIYA eminates heat which eliminates the remaining corona hiding in your home🙏🙏. The candle or दिया flames have temperatures in the range of 400° to 500° Celsius.When so so so many candles will light for 9 minutes,imagine the impact on the environment and the heat so generated will decimate the virus.Why 9 mins, 9 P M and 5th Apr(5+4)?9 in the numerology is an adamant digit,which can not be destroyed. It is symbolic of creating awareness at every level the the positivity together can eliminate negativity. The flame🔥 of positivity burns negativity. 🙏 Please joke about this... please please please please please please please please please please. Also please end your show with lighting a diya😁

  67. Thomas Horrego

    good thing we have a new tappan zee bridge

  68. Singapore182

    Different times, only one month ago

  69. Lydia Bliss

    if you’re looking to learn more about this, The Bleeding Edge on Netflix is a great documentary about medical devices

  70. Joshua Smith

    And thos was during the Obama Administration. Imagine what it's like under this corrupt, incompetent administration.

  71. Neil Deep

    To those who voted for Trump? Yeah, fuck you.

  72. Danish Naeem

    13:01 i guess now she will like those Aquaman figures

  73. Jim Burks

    Isn't this hate speech from Piers Morgan wannabe?

  74. Wilson

    watch the movies 'Lincoln' or 'the State of Jones' for accuracy of life & liberties during the Civil War.

  75. Augustus Brown

    Hammy for Prez 2020

  76. jason9022

    Drump is the dumbest piece of incompetent shit ever. Why dont all the reporters and everyone talk to him and treat him how he acts.

  77. Yesi Verduzco

    20:54 😂😂😂😂

  78. I wantAvote

    Maybe we could leave the horse.

  79. jason9022

    John doesn't seem so funny without the stupid ass laugh track playing and idiots in audience laugh only when an applause light comes on.

  80. Travelling Spud

    7:02 - 7:10 mmm corgi bums <3 Id like to bury a bone in that booty.

  81. I wantAvote

    Maybe if we replace our reverence for warring with a reverence for Community and Neighborhoods, mass shootings will fade into history as well.

  82. Mad as Hell

    We know there is a cure but the MSM and wealthy democrats (Bill Gates and others) controlling the drug/ vaccine/medical industry don't want it used. Instead, they want you to suffer until they have an expensive vaccine to force on everyone...

  83. Alžběta S.

    Thank you John. You can be both serious about this and make us all laugh at the same time. Trump is a sick joke.

  84. jason9022

    People get a brain. The Corona virus isnt that bad. I'm in horrible health and I got it and stayed at home. I got over it in a week, the only people that will die are so sick or have aids , almost anything would kill them because they are damn near dead already

  85. I wantAvote

    Celebrating war and the players who were good at it - has woven itself into the fabric of who and what America is today. We now think and act in terms of warring in our daily lives e.d. the war on literacy, war on poverty, war on drugs etc. Something needs to change. The whole world see's who/what America has become - why can't we see this?

  86. I wantAvote

    Removal is NOT about the Confederacy and NOT about the Union. Removal of statues is all about ending our "Celebrating War and destruction and death." Children and adults often get the wrong idea...

  87. Rahul Kumar

    I wish our media would cover modi like this too bad all the channels are bought by BJP

  88. Kevin Marken

    You don’t know shit ask most anybody that Vietnam they didn’t have a choice governments did back in the 1865 you were more dedicated to your state than you were to your country two days travel would it take you to the nearest town if somebody for any reason invaded my home I wouldn’t fight them 98% of the confederacy never owned a slave The largest slave owners in Georgia was black if we started the Civil War today the winning Side will make it over abortion or some other high profile issue. Some of the greatest generals of the world at that time or confederate and they were are people like it or not let us live with history not Erase it

    1. Rundstedt1

      Again,..... where do you people keep on coming up with these numbers? ...... Geeze, on average in the states that rebelled. 1/3 of families were slave holding households. For instance: Georgia had as reported in the 1860 Census; 109,919 family households among its white population, and there were 41,084 slave holders among them meaning that about 37% of the households were slave owners. And like those who don't own a home, still support the idea of home ownership and aspire to own a home in the future, so did the avg. southerner aspire to own a slave, not all, but certainly a majority. _"[So] there was the hope on the part of most of the nonslaveholders that they would some day become owners of slaves. Consequently, they took on the habits and patterns of thought of the slaveholders before they actually joined the select class."_ - Franklin, "From Slavery to Freedom," p113 And Mark Twain wrote: _"In those old slave-holding days the whole community was agreed as to one thing-the awful sacredness of slave property."_ And most slave owners were not the large planters who were classified as those with 20 or more slaves, but were the small farmer with a few. _"While slaves were concentrated in the areas where staple crops were produced on a large scale, the bulk of the slave owners were small farmers" "It is not generally known that 200,000 owners in 1860 had five slaves of less. Fully 338,000 owners, or 88% of all owners of slaves held less than twenty slaves."_ - John Hope Franklin, "From Slavery to Freedom" p113 . _[T]wo ideological factors caused most Southern whites, including those who were not slave-owners, to defend slavery. First, Americans are wondrous optimists, looking to the upper class and expecting to join it someday. In 1860, many subsistence farmers aspired to become large slave-owners. So poor white Southerners supported slavery then, just as many low-income people support the extension of George W. Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy now._ _Second and more important, belief in white supremacy provided a rationale for slavery. As the French political theorist Montesquieu observed wryly in 1748: "It is impossible for us to suppose these creatures [enslaved Africans] to be men; because allowing them to be men, a suspicion would follow that we ourselves are not Christians." Given this belief, most white Southerners - and many Northerners, too - could not envision life in black-majority states such as South Carolina and Mississippi unless blacks were in chains. Georgia Supreme Court Justice Henry Benning, trying to persuade the Virginia Legislature to leave the Union, predicted race war if slavery was not protected. "The consequence will be that our men will be all exterminated or expelled to wander as vagabonds over a hostile earth, and as for our women, their fate will be too horrible to contemplate even in fancy." Thus, secession would maintain not only slavery but the prevailing ideology of white supremacy as well."_ - James Loewen, Washington Post, Jan. 9, 2011 . And no, the largest slave owner in Georgia was a white man with over 500 slaves, not some singular outlier Mulatto with 63. That is not only an ignorant supposition but its also an obvious dog-whistle argument pulled from some racist Neo-cofnederate web page. .

  89. Cha Cha


  90. Vishnu B

    This episode is one of the best ever. Thank you for introducing us this great personality.

  91. Davide Pontini

    Pardon my ignorance, but are the laughs in the background real or not?

  92. Asim Malik

    I voted for #ConservativeParty and regret him not getting back in the office 😔 Harper had me at Hello! I💖U #Canada🇨🇦

  93. Nate Kantner

    thank you John.

  94. Carline Torweihe

    Great show, John Oliver!

  95. Nathanael Stunt

    I love how you pin your colours to you mast.

  96. Fabelaz Nyan

    Trump is either coward, stupid, or both.

  97. Frank Pierce

    Thanks Jon for being a sane voice in a crazy ass world!

  98. Patrick Dunphy

    I'd like to see the hamster do Last Week Tonight. I bet he has a better accent.

  99. emtguy4321

    Oliver, so i stopped listen to u because its just less joke.on trump, which is neither good or.bad cor me. However instead of bashing the president how about u start bashing china for their endless bullshit.

  100. Alexandr Vylegzhanin

    10:54 is why are u here