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  1. Marc Marquette

    shut the f... up you pos limey see if we save your worthless asses again your about as funny as hillerys face go back to bum fuck england beling

  2. Jay Taylor


  3. Clubparty98

    Dude no joke I have literally seen Stan Stanart in real life before. I live in Harrison county Texas and I once walked into a public ceremony where he was giving a speech about the upcoming 2016 election. Never thought he would end up on John Oliver's show lol

  4. Mark Scott

    Even before the US TV show really starts, there's commercials/adverts, show starts, multiple interruptions with commercials, show ends, more commercials. Almost every time, the commercials are high fat/sugar food/drinks followed by magic anti fat/ageing pills/creams. Now it's the same in China so I don't watch terrestrial TV. I heard somewhere an ad creator say something like, people think commercials are created to go between the tv shows, when in fact it's the commercials that are the important thing and the TV shows are just secondary fluff to fill the gaps.

  5. GOLIATHdominates

    Even in this situation, using children as political mouthpieces in response to China's similar tactic should be wholly unacceptable. LWT keeps it classy as always. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. Jayden Go

    who was the voice actor at the end of the episode!!

  7. danyl barbour

    when i was yeang there were many anti gambling social groups now there are hardly any this may be a mager point in our society

  8. XxMr99xX

    For any one interested, actually redirects you to Oliver's Coal video featuring Bob Murray. This has to be the greatest thing ever lmao

  9. Marie Huettner

    OMG. I'm dying...... Hahahahaha

  10. danyl barbour

    company are by there nature fascist

  11. Daimond The Furry

    Well how else was Trump to cut the head off a snake,do like Obhama and tell it on the news first,so they could escape.Hum,and they been fighting for years anyway.

  12. GGR TheMostGodless

    If I were an undocumented resident int he USA and they asked that question about citizenship, I would answer YES just to be sure they don't come knocking, the immigration people have waaaaaaayyyyyy too much power and I would not think they have no access to that info through some underling in the census bureau SOMEHOW. I have seen ICE people disobey a direct court order from a District Court, and if anyone here knows what a district court is then you know that you must have lots and lots of power or influence to disobey one of those orders. I mean, this is a FEDERAL court!! I know ICE agents don't like to admit it but they have a LOOOOOTTTT of racist agents in their ranks.

  13. Hull Pop

    They could try to decrypt the data on the iphone but it depends on what type of encryption it use, most encryption takes a long time to decrypt Maybe its aes encryption because it uses 1 key.

  14. danyl barbour

    the answer is simple dont do bisness with them when enough farmers stop, the company will shut down

  15. championincharge

    John Oliver for president

  16. NoGoodMarw

    I always hope Trump is just screwing around when he gives speeches like that.

  17. Raafee Khan

    There should be a limit on the number of times one can file this type suit, especially if the case is dropped. 3 dropped cases = a ban from filing this type of suit.

  18. Dr Do-Little

    Was totally expecting Céline Dion's "take a kayak" in the beginning.

  19. Kim Jong Un

    Holy shit why didn't I think of this!

  20. John Elam

    I have never seen Bill Nye curse before

  21. Dante Mussolini

    Fascism is the future

  22. glitter

    I got "sex education" in Utah, It was 100% lies and misinformation, and also implied that you should avoid sleeping with black men, because they'll abandon you and your 100% going to happen child

  23. The King Of Norway


  24. Justin

    Wasn't the South going to abolish slavery a few years after winning the civil war so that Britain, France and other nations would diplomaticly recognize them as a nation? If so it's a bit surprising (only if that first part's true) that the Confederate Constitution would prevent the end of slavery

  25. DPWFG

    In Canada we just put a check mark in a circle, give it to witness, they tear off the registration half, then open the box, you put in your ballot and they close the box...

  26. Fedex5

    Esto se fue a la mierda muy rapido

  27. Thommy2n

    Excuse me Mr. Oliver! I ALWAYS get the flash drive in right the first try. ... I may accomplish that by staring directly at the male and female ports for several seconds to make sure it's flipped the right way. THE POINT IS IT CAN BE DONE!

  28. Justin

    In a way the Hong Kong protests are in a small but powerful way Xi's fears come to life about the Arab Spring happening to him. Even though Hong Kong is NOT apart of China let's hope that the torch lit there will spread to the mainland ending the Communist tyranny

  29. Wild FL

    Keep corporations in check

  30. Rob Elliott

    The internet is short for the World Wide Web... so in fairness sending it via a modem to a direct location is not connecting it to the internet, just like using an old school BBS wasn't the internet. It was a network but it wasn't the World Wide Web.

  31. Stephanie Carrasco

    I never get tired of watching this lol

  32. CJ Cogan

    I’m pretty sure I just fell in love with John Oliver a little bit...

  33. Omar Alor

    8:56 Space Force anyone?

  34. mindy canales

    I watch you so much John Oliver, because I believe you try to call out those whose are malicious and support those that are minorities and get treated poorly. However, this one, rare to me, seems more to bash a women with a beard and then say Crimea isn't worthy of winning. Even if Crimea doesnt give much in resources, it's not thier fault. The people are still important. And the women should be greatly respected as her chosen profession, not her looks. I still respect you John. Just think about those. Your able to laugh at jokes made at you. No one should have to. I would love to love discuss nature nurture and all we torment each other with but I dont have it in me as I am sick of all the hate in the world. So please (making sense or not) try to be kinder to the little people. Your one of the few shows I respect even though it's a comedy, wink wink, special. Oh and Fuck Trump hes an idiot that thinks he can do no wrong. I'd go back in time and sterilize his parents. Both in the of chance either could make him.

  35. Wickid Ghost

    The way we treat the animals that we eat is deplorable, it makes me ashamed to be human sometimes. Like how veal is made HORRIBLE.

  36. scratch

    Evilness and corruption.

  37. Globe Science

    she’s one of a select group that has gargled presidential baby goo

  38. jordan Festa

    I dont get it did this come out last week or tonight

  39. Walker Rowe

    Trying to be sugar free. Why does Jimmy Dean pork sausage have sugar? It’s not necessary.

  40. transact69

    Can we get a song like that about donnie?

  41. Ailsa Ni


  42. AI Deep Space Combat Unit 4730 Lexael

    Census Man, alongside Captain Literally, is the hero we need.

  43. Aldo Torres

    "Science rules, motherfuckers!" Bill Nye, 2019

  44. April Gabriella

    I'm so in love with the Dalai Lama's fuck you attitude. Good times.

  45. Sam Maps

    All these rotten people eating those apples

  46. Gaurav Udiyavar

    It's even more funny when Johnny O mocks Americans because he's a brit, I sense a deep feeling of "why the fuck did I move to this country?" in his tone.

  47. SongBird

    I scored in the bottom 10th percentile when I took act/sat, yet I scored a 134 on an IQ test I took a year before. Clear evidence to me that these numbers mean pretty much nothing yet we judge the value of people based on them. We would be much better off as a society if we stopped holding people back and let them do what they are good at.

  48. Gustavo José Torres Arias

    Anyone here after the Bob Murray musical episode? That dude seriously should've paid attention, maybe he could've guessed what would come his way with his stupid lawsuit.

  49. Sarah-Lee C

    I just found out my conservative father likes your show! We have something in common! Unfortunately, he wants you deported despite the fact you're a citizen, but he finds you funny! I don't understand this either, as I wish I can be on your show!

  50. Alex

    11:30 I don't have a dad :(

  51. Corn Flakerr0

    Lol this proved to be so bullshit

  52. Courtney Sch.

    We in Canada use paper and pens... and people are hired to count them...

  53. Dylan Mote

    Sorry I don't have a Facebook or Twitter to send this but 00:20 in this video could prove to be accurate

    1. Ailsa Ni

      give the man another emmy

  54. West10

    How many people can stand up to a coal tycoon's legal team? This guy is fearless

  55. TheTomster3375

    The worst thing is that bob might actually like eating shit

  56. MrTolgarion

    Oh it is being said NOW! Impeachment hearings!

  57. Nerdygoddess

    I'm vaguely remembering something like what Trump was saying. Personal property tax was calculated by people coming into your house and counting the rooms. Which is why in one of the standing houses that John Quincy Addams built for his wife, which is now a museum, had no/minimal closets. To decrease taxes people would use wardrobes, but that was in the 18th century.

  58. Seth Mckin

    Mattis was the only good thing about the administration, and he voluntarily resigned.

  59. galaxian insomniac

    Richard Sackler's name could be shortened to Dick Sack. Just thought i'd put it out there.

  60. Jordan Russell

    As an Australian I'm so mad about my countries continue Corporation with the Communist dictatorship China. The people have no rights. Children are forced to work 20+ hours a day. But yal keep buy Disney, Nike, adidas and Apple

  61. Scott L

    That isn't the "internet". It's a direct dial over the telephone network. There is a difference.

  62. Claudia Mossbrucker

    I know that John Oliver never wants to talk about trump again but can we get an episode on the impeachment???

  63. Odbarc

    Instead of a Census, just get the information off Facebook where the information is probably given away for free.

  64. MrTolgarion

    7 months later, HE FOUND SOME FOOLS TO OBSTRUCT!!!!

  65. jdbeast

    Former ITT Tech student. People literally graduated by sleeping with the teachers. Yep. That's what we learned.

  66. Naim Forde

    Abortion is a tricky one for me I support it because it kills children. But it gives women rights so I don’t know.

  67. Alexis Rodriguez

    This. I'll be telling this story to my great grandchildren.

  68. se7en57

    I will get myself a panda lawyer! 🐼

  69. AmethystEyes

    Bob Murray killed the Starks at the Red Wedding.

  70. Julia Cummer

    I was today years old when I found out HBO stands for "Home Box Office"

  71. Patt Adams

    15:10 Idk I think the multiple revolutions in Paris were Big Gestures

  72. Keith James

    Can’t wait for Bob to repeat all the accusations and insults in the suit! Bravo John and HBO.

  73. Bear

    I very clearly remember the day that Bob Murray drove all the way up to NH, just to yell racial slurs at my cat. Tf, Bob?

  74. John Starz

    Education on the states is rubbish this don't surprise me.

  75. basba Qal

    RESPECT! John is one in 15 million. Philanthropists should jump at this idea, buying a 15 million dollar debt for merely 60 thousand. WOW!

  76. Snack Time

    Man, I could go for a tooth fairy blowjob

  77. Daddy-O Dizzy

    Talk about COPPA?

  78. Richard Caldwell

    If you live in a GOPpish state then it is incredibly harmful to participate in the census. Imagine how wonderful it would be if GOPpish states reported zero population!

  79. Ignore Anime Avatars

    9.8k people are complete dunderfucks.

  80. Shadow1Yaz

    This makes me sad. It appears to me that Donald Trump wants to help but is literally not smart enough to. There’s no shame in that. Everyone has different strengths. I’d probably make a terrible president too

  81. Robert Martin

    How is redistricting legal?

  82. tubatim

    Go back to paper and counting by hand. Ain't no voter fraud by hacking up here in Canuckistan. Instead, we just have idiots in Alberta voting conservative, to the point where you could paint a bale of hay blue and it would get the most votes. Alberta: the stupidest province in Canada, and that's after Ontario voted for Doug "Dumb Fuck" Ford.

  83. KendrickMan

    I don't wanna be 'that guy', but there are advantages to having witnesses around on a first date as a male. I wouldn't wanna be alone with one anymore. I don't wanna agree with the list of shitty people presented in this episode, especially tucker carlson, but I did have a weird incident one night where I was scared I was going to be falsely reported to the police for rape. Their roommates saved my ass. I still don't even know the fuck was going on. To keep this simple Person 1 = date 2&3 = roommates 4 = her friend. So I went and met my pof date (1), hung out with her friends (234) a bit first, then went to bed. We weren't that into each other, it was more of a fwb thing. All was pretty normal (including how lazy 1 was during intercourse). Went home the next day. About a week later, 4 messages me, and basically starts calling me out, asking why I was hitting her, etc. I'm just like "wtf?" and my heart instantly starts pounding. So, I message 1, asking her what 4's talking about. She says she was just kidding to him. So I message either 2 or 3, i forget, they were a couple, and ask if they know what's going on or if this is normal. They didn't think it was normal, but they also only knew each other for a few months. They tried to tell 4 my side of the story, since the walls were thin enough for them to hear 1 telling me to fuck her if I'm going to cause she's got work in the morning. 4 didn't know who to believe, but gave her the benefit of the doubt just in case, kept calling me a rapist, and i could tell he was thinking of calling the cops or something. I ended up telling her I wasn't coming back over facebook message. Cause either 4s gonna stab me or make the cops show up, or 1's gonna start telling other people i raped them, and either way, not worth it. So I got tfo of there permanently. But all this being said, this wasn't about going "too close to the line" or not knowing where it was. That's not what I'm scared of. It's pathological liars I'm afraid of. And well insulated walls, I now appreciate thin ones.

  84. tony ryan

    I wonder will John open his doors for these migrants.

  85. Kevonte Daniels

    Why limit people at all. Let rich, out of shape idiots go up.

  86. Robert Martin

    That 1940 census training video is creepy as hell.

  87. Tuffsmoygles

    Orrin G. Hatch is no longer a US senator. Small victories. He retired. Utah residents are fucking morons for 40 plus years.

  88. KipperBill

    I honestly wonder why John Oliver never became my high school Principal.

  89. Kieran Miller

    does anybody know if the song is on spotify? I'd listen to it

  90. Johnny Beasley

    Fuck Bob Murray

  91. GoldenCheese

    This. This is why freedom matters. Hey Bob, *eat shit* . Love from Germany.

  92. Channel Name

    Meanwhile a Sinclair owned company just fired someone with a concussion VIA EMAIL

  93. chiinadoll8

    Best. Episode. Ever!

  94. MrTolgarion

    About those

  95. dmaster225

    wait, dont they get ad revenue from youtube? Thats how news places like the young turks and alex jones survive, on top of that he just said that this show isn't real journalism even though others say so, so didnt he checkmate himself?

  96. Dont Ask

    Why are we not able to hold police accountable?? We need to make a stand. This is insanity..

  97. Paresseux Irrévérencieux

    Well, USA were using floppy disk to manage nukes until recently, weren't they..?

  98. Alex Yellow

    we’re gonna outlive then.

  99. Robert Martin

    Republicans are all for the first amendment, right up until you start calling them out on their crap. Because holding people accountable for horrible business practices is evil? O.o

  100. caçadora de marte

    I liked The Lone Ranger