1. oDZiyK -

    God damn his talent ages like a fine wine

  2. charvelshredder

    Even though Ozzy has attained enormous success, he has dealt with immense hardship in his life, from physical abuse to public shaming & ridicule. Many people who’ve been through far less would have given up. He deserves all the love & respect he receives from his fans. I hope he finds some comfort, peace, & strength while dealing with his diagnosis. This song is amazing Ozzy!

  3. oDZiyK -

    God damn ...... 70 years old and still releasing bangers

  4. zac jacobs

    You always say you love us all. Ozzy we all LOVE YOU TOO!!!!! ALWAYS!!!\M/\M/

  5. Atom Aunt

    I worship celebrities.

  6. Sheikh A.J. Abrahim

    Just to let you know Ozzy I have been listening to you for a long time. This song is confession for the soul; your soul. I wish you all the best in your quest to a timely recovery. And one last advice from an ordinary man- give #Jesus #Christ a chance in your life!!!

  7. Justin Zepplin

    She pulled him outta the darkness and has been there ever since through it all thanks to Sharon Osbourne we still have Ozzy Osbourne

  8. Hunter Bell

    Ozzy will never loose his touch!!!

  9. Little pssy

    Guys rock is reviving

  10. Sumer61

    WOW!! What a masterpiece!!

  11. Ralph Brueckner

    jake e lee

  12. TonyTube407


  13. Emily Alterio

    I kinda sensed something was going on with the releases of these songs...like maybe he knows it's only a matter of time when it's over.....now knowing what we all know, my heart hurts and I just wanna cry. 🖤🖤🖤

  14. HuisHouseYe

    Beginning sounds like Post Malone Take what you want.

  15. salmonfire

    The refrain play in my head days after i first heard this....

  16. Rachel Keith

    Ozzy Osbourne ft Elton John....not something I’d ever have expected but yet here it is. And I love it💜

  17. Nicolas Ballon

    This man has make metal for 6 fucking decades. Freaking legend!

  18. Brolygarcia 92

    He really made me defecate with this incredible song

  19. Robert Easley

    Hell yea great song to legends

  20. 2595cjp

    I honestly think this is ozzy's best songs it Absolutely phenomenal

  21. Cody Begay

    Damn Never ending Legend

  22. David Hall

    Dude ozzy is the king undisputed 🤟

  23. Fede Gagliardi

    We love you, Ozz, we're here.

  24. Taylor P.

    Thank you for what you do Ozzy, we love you as much as you love us!!!! As a kid with Aspergers my school told me I would never do anything but color and drool, now Im in the midst of an amazing life, you really inspired the hell out of me!!! Ill never forget you Ozzy, and you most certainly will never die an ordinary man, you have given music to many souls!!! And Elton, keep doing what you do brother its a beautiful thing.

  25. John Gagne

    Beautiful song!!! Thank you!!

  26. Matthew Kosakowski

    Ozzy, on behalf of everyone, we love you.

  27. John Goddard

    an Ozzy video comment on the clown circus right on

  28. Welly

    Man O Ozzy tá com parkinson pqp

  29. Lil SadSushi

    ah so they guy who played Pelle Ohlin or Dead from the lords of chaos and the lady who played alyssa in TEOTFW is in one music video of ozzy hmm

  30. John Goddard

    Wow just Wow

  31. John Goddard

    Sharoooooooooooon .Wooooo

  32. John Goddard

    he's not alone . Just looking for peace. Sometimes we have to swim to the bottom before we rise

  33. Power Volume

    Great video, the way it was peformed and everything. Ozzay, keep doong what your doing man, because your never gonna be a lonely singer, you will always have followers.

  34. Patrick Lourenço

    Cadê os BR porra?? 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

  35. Patrick Lourenço



    Good shit.

  37. fireflies

    ozzy é a pessoa mais fofa que já vi

  38. Gisi Rößner

    Tattoo is insperedad from Ozzy.....thx


    Trump becomes president... Good music starts coming back... I made more money this year than ever. Let’s go

  40. Yah El Espía Secreto

    Is good cause you can see how a person is happenig this, and you can feel that

  41. SomeHazyCaveman

    Such a good music video! Glad you made it Ozzy, thank you Sharon for not giving up!

  42. SomeHazyCaveman

    Sharon is an Angel sent to Ozzy to help him with his Demons. God bless that wonderful lady!

  43. Ridge Thompson

    Instant classic already

  44. Holly Bronwyn

    love it!

  45. Nathaniel Rees

    Is that Alyssa from teotfw?!

  46. Legna quiñones Becerra

    Ozzy is inmortal...

  47. Callie Morrow

    Well it's finally happened! I got tickets to see Ozzy again! I got my first ticket to see him at Ozfest 1999 in Atlanta, my girlfriend and I were going but we misplaced the tickets!!! We found them a day or two AFTER the concert, hung on to that ticket for all of these years! I wish to God I could get it signed but unfortunately I can't afford great seats or backstage passes so I guess that won't happen but I will take it just in case I get lucky. Who knows maybe someone may feel bad for the cool feeble disabled woman(wishing I could still headbang but broke neck won't allow but won't stop me from trying lol). Ozzy you will ALWAYS be loved!!!!!

  48. Wes Harding

    Who's in for an OZZY Movie?

  49. Michel Tremblay

    Nobody can ever kill your rock n roll 🤘🤘

  50. Arabic Rum

    I love ozzy so much but my man is looking like a very angry grandma

  51. Mario Reyes

    CHILE CTM!!!!!

  52. Eric Normandin

    I wonder if this is him as a young man and Sharon saved him!

  53. irham natural

    Wow...Mbah Metal satu ini emang keren... Sudah sepuh,masih bisa bikin lagu sekeren ini. Mantap mbah... Salam sungkem saya untuk sampean,Mbah Ozy

  54. irham natural

    Wow...Si Mbah Metal satu ini emang keren... Sudah sepuh masih aja bisa bikin lagu sebagus ini. Keren mbah.... Salam sungkem saya buat Panjenengan mbah Ozy...

  55. Marcel L

    Look at them. Watching the show without recording it on their phone. What a bunch of psychopaths.

  56. Shawn Cameron

    just learned to play this its complicated as hell respect randy

  57. Albert M Grant

    Without Sharron, Ozzy would've been dead years ago

  58. Marcello Spagnoli

    This video's so strong

  59. John Girard

    "I'll never give up on him", wow. I wonder whats that like.

  60. MJSTM

    All hail the Prince of Darkness! Can't wait to see you in October Ozzy! We love ya!

  61. Klaus Hargreeves

    we all need a sharon in our life❤ she's a real angel

  62. Diego Quintero Esquerra

    Que chingon que Ozzy se adapta a lo actual aún mantenimiento su estilo original 💜👊

  63. Melvin The Rooster

    Looks kinda dumb

  64. Goran Trtica

    Do not worry Ozzy, we will never forget you !

  65. Fausto You

    Ozzy grandissimo

  66. Marcelo Terron

    Esta loco por todo lo que consumio un mortal ya estaria muerto a los 5 años!! El ya es viejo y sigue en la ruta

  67. Tyler Knight

    Man I love ozzy but this song just isnt good.

  68. pantelis bekris

    Stay strong Ozzy!We love you!🇬🇷

  69. meessa1992

    You can hear it while he sings that his speech is a bit more slurred than usual.

  70. Richard Coffman


  71. Dawn White

    Your awesome Ozzy

  72. Leo-david Jaenisch

    So fucking real! I feel him in every word. 🤘

  73. Annas Samiaji

    I was unprepared for fame Then everybody knew my name No more lonely nights, it's all for you I have traveled many miles I've seen tears and I've seen smiles Just remember that it's all for you Don't forget me as the colors fade When the lights go down, it's just an empty stage Okay Yes, I've been a bad guy Been higher than the blue sky And the truth is I don't wanna die an ordinary man I've made momma cry Don't know why I'm still alive Yes, the truth is I don't wanna die an ordinary man Many times I've lost control They tried to kill my rock and roll Just remember I'm still here for you I don't wanna say goodbye When I do, you'll be alright After all, I did it all for you Don't forget me as the colors fade When the lights go down, it's just an empty stage Okay Yes, I've been a bad guy Been higher than the blue sky And the truth is I don't wanna die an ordinary man I've made momma cry Don't know why I'm still alive Yes, the truth is I don't wanna die an ordinary man Yes, I've been a bad guy Been higher than the blue sky And the truth is I don't wanna die an ordinary man I've made momma cry Don't know why I'm still alive Yes, the truth is I don't wanna die an ordinary man

    1. Phil

      Lyrics are in the description already. No one ever looks though.

  74. SnipeGhost

    Ozzy is a legend, then now and after he’s gone. we love you Ozzy you definitely aren’t an ordinary man. you’re a living legend. forever <3

  75. Maurizio Marcialis

    Cryptic message

  76. Дмитрий Зюнов

    Ozzy Forever !!!

  77. Jax and Landon

    Legends never die! Not my style but I love the lyrics and story. You can feel the truth in this song..

  78. Mike Rietow

    If I were the devil I'd make you defecate in public. What!!!?

  79. ghostoflaura

    This is just amazing.

  80. ambervisions

    Ozzy, your fans love and support you! Don't ever doubt how much support you have, all over the planet! Love to you and Sharon!

  81. Dave

    Holy Beatles. Great song!

  82. sad_ _boy127

    College: I’ll make you scream I’ll make you defecate Hahahhahahahhahahahhahaa

  83. SASHA KOT 2.0

    Оззи реально мутант, при таком количестве лет беспросветного бухания он ещё жив)

  84. Guido pastore

    excelente tema

  85. Xavier Calle Lituma

    Great song

  86. Aila Gouveia

    this song, anounced the end of Ozzy Osbourne carrears. I cry so much think about . Ozzy, you will be the best EVER!

  87. TELIO

    Elton,that was amasing,what a rock voice !

  88. Gleyson Gama

    Perfect. Long life for Ozzy

  89. Araf Ahmed

    will there be a music video for this song?

  90. Rubbafingaz1

    Please let me know if this gets to No. 1 (anywhere in the world)... deserves it more than any other song I've listened to in months!

  91. Cody Neds

    Can't take it when you go people ...

  92. The Mask Collector22

    Ozzy and Elton You are always be one of the greatest singer who save me from my Depression.. Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️

  93. Marko Gačić

    When Elton John say: "They tried to kill my rock n roll." I really feel that

  94. Kyle Crossley

    You are the man!! Love your music!!!!! Get well Brother..

  95. Jeff Kirk

    I love this song. Anytime Ozzy does a "deep" song, it's always amazing. My favorite part is the ending (final 5 seconds), which feels very Jeff Lynne and ELO.

  96. H0 PE

    In the 80s-90s they were called rockers... after 2000 they are called Snowflakes.

  97. Tosha Tarter


  98. Lewis Helme

    It sounds like fair well 🙏🏻 grew up as a child listening to him and watching his reality tv show. Absolute legend

  99. Dalton White

    fucking beautiful

  100. Jamin Fernandez

    Esto demuestra que las putas los vicios y toda esa mala vida no sirven para nada, la que te ama y te valora te cuida y te ayuda a salir adelante