Doing animated commentary and solving crimes with my purple goose boi Wilfur!
I animate using Adobe Flash CS6, with a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet.

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  1. Something or Other Inc.

    Hey, at least raccoons are fucking cute

  2. Omi- Elixir

    I know you don't really talk about small stuff but when you get the time can you talk about yandere dev he's to put it lightly a bad person

  3. Joshua Rissinger

    The answer is one youtuber: Theodd1sout

  4. BN_Ghxst

    Ik from the UK and I get the point of this video, but most of the things you said aren't very accurate. The tax income doesn't all go to the Queen and mostly to the UK government. Essentially the Queen is being portrayed in a negative light in parts of the vid and she isnt a bad person. She is one of the ' best' monarchs ever and she has done alot for the UK and several other countrys. I totally get your points on Harry and Megan and some of it made me laugh I just found it annoying that people assume that the queen is being spoilt with golden chairs and thrones when she isnt, and the thrones she sits on are the ones that have been sat on by several previous Kings and Queens. Just thought it was sort of disrespectful to portray the Royal family as spoilt people when the media creates that illusion and your just backing up info that isn't all true what so ever

  5. Hayzinn

    Why u have so many adds

  6. Doge Bark

    Why i don't like the pauls 1. The japan thing 2.It cringey 3.The japan thing (Im half japanese so i kinda got offended 4. Just why and last one 5. The japan thing (It's offensive and i will never forget it)

  7. Kei Tobio

    harry and vick hod this guys animation

  8. GoatMan66

    Sex work should be stigmatized. Its not a good thing.

  9. A YouTube Channel

    Andrei: I hope there are no more inconsistencies. TROS: Rey palpetine, Rey Skywalker, C3-P0 losing his memory in a sad seen and then getting it back making the sadness pointless, and worst of all Palpatine didn’t scream UNLIMITED POWER

  10. Bassel Wehbe

    1:35 it shouldve been millie do you love me for the joke of it

  11. Beezle

    Funny thing is Idubbz views on his videos has tanked since. Lol

  12. Brandon Christou

    0:47 you cant beat pac man


    What's the problem with minions

  14. Darien Hall

    It’s over raid is here

  15. Jiblit Neutron Star

    Simp is such a shit insult/label Sure, guys shouldn’t put they’re lives before a woman’s But, it’s become so synonymous to having a girlfriend or anything with a guy and a girl, I’ve done research and what a simp is, a simp is a guy who will give anything and basically serves to a female in hopes to gain some sort of a relationship.

  16. Aidan Stone

    The raid sponsorship,c'mon man

  17. WOOT BRO

    Andrei I hate to bother you but um do you have any tips on animation? I kinda only know the basics.

  18. MR. POTATO

    WTF did I just watch

  19. CrispyCreamLord

    1 he played destiny 1 first

  20. soul stealer


  21. nickoloz natsvlishvili

    logan: I'm the fastest youtube ryan thrahan: hold my neptune water bottle.

  22. Chips _AJ_Ahoy

    Can you do a video on Lily and Albert on OfflineTV? I’d like to hear the full story. It was a while ago but I don’t know the full story

  23. Pepsi man thy commenter

    I will now say a childhood saying of mine. "EAT MY PP SUCK!"

  24. Ben

    Twitch is most likely a liberal leaning corporation. Perhaps populated by sjw minded individuals. In their minds "white men bad, so all fringe culture identities and women get a pass as reperations"

  25. Drempty

    Ima make one for yall. Ur a turtle

  26. JohnLife-_


  27. Kevins World K.W

    iM STARTING TO THINK t series dose NOT actually bot

  28. Thulium

    Jeffree Star is a perfect jojo character

    1. FineCastle IRE

      If I ever witness him even slap someone physically, we're fucked

  29. Nicholas McDonald

    Cant be leave he stealed gold lol

  30. J_chavezz4

    There are no kids watching the pod cast that’s what Logan Paul meant

  31. Seabird Shop

    FIsels:I'm gonna add rice gum in FIsels Rewind 2021 😂

  32. Monokuma

    Aliniwho? Oh, the Pokimane competition who shows her feet on stream? yeah, Twitch is full of feet-girl ew

  33. Ian Paquin

    I have never watched a single Paul video in my life. I don't like vlogging

  34. Kool Kid

    It might be slightly overplayed for views but there is definitely some real tension between the two and it not surprising I wouldn’t recommend watching a rice gum video to my worst enemy.

  35. Seabird Shop

    Everyone here is like the Ghost busters 😂

  36. phnx

    haha called rryan trayhan a prretty boy...

  37. Mackenzie Brooks

    Do you sleep? Great job getting videos out so fast.

  38. Illphaqup

    Lets see: Tits? Check Vagina? Check Superiority Complex? Check Animal Abuser? Check All around good natured person? *Crickets* Do you even have to wonder how she gets all the power?

  39. Yessz Perssy

    I here not to see the hate comments i'm here to see who know the song

  40. FormulaFire 9584

    So wheres the h3h3 vs Keemstar vid

  41. No Name

    KSI tbh

  42. 27 Ritvij

    ksi is ten times the man ricegum is bruh

  43. Tetin Hael


  44. Angelo DiMeo

    The reason why they didn’t ban here for nudity is because the twitch staff have already seen her nude

  45. Travis Rubio


  46. Ricky [Bs] 2.0 !

    Raid Shadow took Him We Lost Another One Boys

  47. Recii -recidivism-

    His laugh gives me life.

  48. Tetin Hael


  49. Roberta Fredrick


  50. X- Craftz

    Is your carrier is ok? Cause I just need to know about your career

  51. platform14

    i was here before this video got copystriked

  52. Carmen Hernandez

    Lazarbeam saved minecraft

  53. cavalo047game imortal

    Your final music is EPIC

  54. Opu Ofbengal

    You kinda left out the part about all the really sexest and demeaning comments real females in any streaming service get on a daily basis. This woman seems dispicable but Pewdi Pie and others have also gotten their share of "special treatment"

  55. Brandon Kunkel

    why is this in the steven universe section of youtube?

  56. Patricio Lopez-Banda

    I’m GrimKing21

  57. Hattab Mayon

    Watching morgz videos makes your brain cells loose in every second of his video

  58. vxctric

    It ain't fake it's just not that serious or personal

  59. D Turcotte

    nice hair

  60. BananaDofus


  61. Yo Boy Egle the sav

    Me: reads title Also me: so Andrei Terbea dosen't love us? Ps: I know he does

  62. Your Local Fren

    does tati's husband is jumin han?

  63. AK-Areeb-47


  64. Malockssomex Mastodon

    2:25 Here's were the video starts

  65. Cloaked Deity

    The only time I actually AGREE with PETA. If you did that, your doing something wrong

  66. Jacob Franks

    Larry wheels and Nicole drinkwater best power couple jus sayin

  67. THE_HUNTER2006

    If you don’t like cancel culture then you will hate the K-pop stans #jojisoverparty

  68. Omar Morfin

    Andre can you make merch like a wilfur plush

  69. Once

    Frate ca frate, dar brânza e pe bani

  70. Alex Lee

    Trxperrz is cracked FIsels

  71. Olivia Maas

    I'm 9 and I dont support Logan, I'm glad you told that about him because we needed to hear what he was really doing. I really like your channel it's so addicting and I'm glad I found it :D

  72. Sneaky-Fox 1864

    Twitch's mods be simping rlly hard lmao

  73. Ben Mode

    The first few I didn’t care about but the moment she abused her cats my opinion of her went from poop to we need a crusade

  74. The Underblox

    (HIM: want to be channels) (ME: ;-; i just want to be MERG the undertale gamer)

  75. Flimsy

    also late 2.23 million

  76. Trastic

    Leafys back soooo I'm cool with idubbbz fucking up

  77. Cyan Let's Play

    Who is Alinity?

  78. Raccoon Man

    I think it's their right as people to leave. Maybe that's just American mentality talking.

  79. Legoivan44321

    Wherever that demon lives, just call their fucking government for multiple crimes

  80. Edna Piscos

    F in the chat boys

  81. ClvssicDelon

    Why isn't his hair coming back

  82. Dave

    Careful man, you gonna get your sponsors cut lmao

  83. Dj Bape

    Selling crack cocaine and lsd

  84. Mohamed El Amine محمد الأمين

    ksi for life

  85. Acid Gaming

    I’m GrimKing21 lol

  86. Shaminur Sulyman

    1:43 Probably idubbbz getting revenge after all his fans left him.

  87. Waxtles123

    0:42 I’ll never forgive you for this

  88. TheAssain88

    Wait she is Colombian?! Well atleast she is not from my city

  89. Killing Boi

    Someone already stated this, (forget), but the ENTIRE twitch office is sexist. And she also says that they say to her to just take it down. (Now I think about it, it maybe you that said it).

    1. bodoti qwiu

      PETA: dont abuse cats also PETA: kills cats

  90. Reuben Cousland

    I think their SIMPS!!!!!

    1. bodoti qwiu

      There is no secret she's a woman and twitch mod are a bunch of white knights.

  91. K.K Ina Wheelchair 69

    Me: *reads title* Also me: thought that was kinda obvious

  92. Clmdz Yeot

    2nd biggest dantdm first

  93. Cold

    This video in a nutshell: TWITCH IS A SIMP

  94. Ryan ???

    I haven’t watched any them but whatever

  95. herpsrus

    um..she cried over him doing a ad

  96. Danny Ric

    yeah pneumonia part is completely fake, i know cuz i had it twice

  97. frances brown

    Thanks for the tip it almost looks likes am walking in old foot step but in s different way

  98. darryl wijaya

    pewdiepie and merthz best power couple!!!

  99. Legion R6

    Alinity is a queen... Of the streets

  100. Nxxvy FN

    in 2020 people get famous off there body