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  1. karma


  2. Tea is Good

    I say jalapeño like juh-lap-eno lol

  3. Chantavia Smith

    I remember those skittles they were wack

  4. Jay Dyce

    emily jeez girl nice

  5. Tiffany Simmons

    Engineering degree hard at work there 😆I laugh but it's working so 👏

  6. Sosmetology

    You don’t have my size in the shirts :/

  7. Jordan Thomas

    This hurts to watch in 2020

  8. Arald

    "if there's anything we've learned in 2020 it's that if you can think it you can 3d print it" *This episode was recorded in advance* .... Ya don't say

  9. Electric

    Link spoke in autocorrect

  10. Megan Bumstead

    As a Canadian, ketchup chips are my favvvvv😍

  11. k*don*

    8:38 dip those in coffee

  12. Rhonda L

    I think it would depend if these orders were made at a peak time as to how cooperative and kind the order taker would be.

  13. azflower2008


  14. Sean Stevens

    Here's what I heard in the illusions: Deutch: Love love love love Link 1: No joke no joke no joke Link 2: Anthrax anthrax anthrax

  15. MrJamhamm

    Did nobody else get that Radiohead refference? I can't be the only one

  16. Jake Battaglia

    that's probably very similar to a heavy stutterer experience

  17. Daryl Allen

    Is Link actually Dana Carvey?

  18. Sir Galahaad

    Well that’s not in one piece anymore

  19. MS. Nesbitt

    Who’s here in 2020???

  20. MuhaNNad

    Why did they let Link handle something sharp????

  21. Klutzyorangeconfetti 101

    Link sounded like Austin powers 😂

  22. 「Ocean Man」

    Shia was an actual cannibal.

  23. Frig Off

    How ridiculous

  24. Christian Penstone

    Who was here because of how ridiculous

  25. Ayyy ItsAaryn

    The announcer needs to have an asmr channel

  26. Clara Latham

    I love how Becky sips the tea after saying something

  27. Holy Water

    It's pretty hard to correctly rate them when you don't like some of the ingredients

  28. k*don*


  29. John Newhouse

    Am I the only one that get bothered by the tables not being aligned?

  30. Andrea Walker

    Rhett:”I refuse to eat cereal from a bag.” Me: All cereal comes in a bag 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂

  31. Charles Miller

    No. We complain about Link possessing the pallet of a three year old.

  32. gogeta blue


  33. gogeta blue


  34. Allan Adamson

    I bought a Fosters one time about 14 years ago & took a drink & threw it away & never again

  35. Brandon Grorud

    Woowoow take that back! 😂😂😂

  36. Kermit The Frog

    Alright who came from 5-minute crafts

  37. Mike Easton

    Would love to see a bit of behind the scenes for these! lol

  38. mckenzie pillstrom

    Rhett apologizing to the bowl of ravioli after he hit it was *everything*

  39. Atlas 2019

    Not the best Australian accent it was more Cockney/londoner. Haha loving the hair too :)

  40. Sir Underbridge

    I thought "Komquat" was just a slur for lesbians.

  41. PsychoticWolfie

    The legendary crossover episode we didn't know we needed

  42. lukedanc

    thin mints are best

  43. lukedanc

    link made me so mad in this video

  44. lydia j

    thin mints are god tier and i won't accept any other arguments

  45. Johan Sörensson

    13:00 Wait WHAT???

  46. Omahri Marcial

    Why not just make a show on Nickelodeon

  47. Kiki Lopez

    😂😂😂😂 Linkster is hilarious

  48. Leatrice Reickart

    Im a girl scout 😁

  49. Luke

    Australians dont actually drink Fosters

  50. Lexie

    "Never know what's going around" That didn't age well

  51. Jackie Poo

    Me watching this while eating jalepenos 👁👄👁

  52. tl tl

    I like steven🤷🏽‍♂️

  53. Nexus Neviera

    I love Rhett, but I really cant stand link..

  54. ssrunner

    l i l b i t s

  55. Leon L

    because of *force*

  56. Logan Tyler Neser

    Wow I’m so glad he lost 😂😂

  57. Tyson O’Brien

    1:32 When you have the whole squad laughing

  58. Kathryn Syssoloff

    It's called THE DEEP STATE.

  59. maxpower10k

    Probably the easiest accent to do too 😂

  60. Morrisa Freeman



    it's weird that i still remember this episode, and i still watch every episode.

  62. Wthboi

    Did anyone else think the 9’s were g’s lol

  63. MC Venne

    Oh man! I guessed D everytime. 😪

  64. Micaela Cotton

    My two favorite channels!!! Y’all are amazing!

  65. Doctor Sobek

    Huh, I guess they were pre-recording

  66. zvxcvxcz

    Stevie, ignore these fools, it's 'two thousand' whatever. The year now is 2020, 'two thousand twenty.' 'Twenty-twenty' is 20-20 and is a score on an eye exam, not a year. I appreciate how literally you take the written word. My mom does that too actually. Keep being you because you're awesome. Sorry for calling you fools Rhett and Link... but you are sometimes...

  67. thatjuan kid

    He sounded like yakko warner

  68. Gianluca Arbex Fierro

    oooh best mashup every! love them

  69. Dietrich Kelley

    I have been watching the How Ridiculous snap stories for a while. Idk how I never realized they had a FIsels channel 🤦🏼‍♂️

  70. William Vouk

    I miss short beard Rhett

  71. ZionIronworks

    Man I didn't know Ringo Starr was CO hosting this show

  72. Carsten Hansen

    Link is looking more and more like Garth from Wayne's World more and more every day. If only he had had Rhett's hair, he would be a twin.

  73. Mareena mazurkevich

    Why is link the only one ever playing these games?

  74. Brandon Murphy

    I love How Ridiculous!

  75. Doves AreBetterThanUs

    my mom who is nearly 50, is a tween multitasker

  76. The Ask Trixie Channel

    8:13 Objective A completed.

  77. Kana Beats

    ok but I need sushi mac and cheese immediately

  78. Sam Pollock

    A pint of FORRRSTRS GIves me thE bERpYes