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  1. ajudy

    Hope nowadays journalist are watching? At least they can learn 2or3 things here.

  2. 7 Gunner

    Khabib v tony, adesanya v costa, conor v gaethje, masvidal v colby and till v whittaker...... good luck beating that card guys, it aint happening 😉

  3. Ismael Brown-Bryan

    Fury a cheater

  4. Hands of Stone

    From top to bottom: Khabib vs Tony Masvidal vs Conor Adesanya vs Costa Stipe vs Cormier 3 Cejudo vs Aldo Holloway vs Zabit Ortega vs Korean Zombie Islam vs Fighter Kevin Lee

  5. Kal

    Stylebender vs Costa is a dream fight

  6. Digital soldier

    Corona McGregor is here to take ova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kahlil King

    Jones is the champ u got to K.O him but Reyes is sweet greatjob

  8. MacG

    Fantasy card: 1) Wonderboy vs. Ponzinibio 2) Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastellum 3) Shevchenko vs. Zhang 4) Nate diaz vs. Tony ferguson 5) McGregor vs. Khabib

  9. dannyboywhaa

    Yes, it pisses me right off! Right off! Never money before honour... time some time off training or take it easier at your club! Your country comes first, end of! What’s the point of anything otherwise?

  10. Dan Farmer

    Main Nurmagomedov vs Ferguson Co Main Adesanya vs Costa 3rd Ngannou vs Jones 2nd Covington vs Masvidal 1st Gaethje vs Poirier 2

  11. Emilian Zaharia

    Nick Diaz vs Masvidal Reyes vs Miocic Ferguson vs Conor Jones vs Israel Gsp vs kabib

  12. leeturnbull82

    1. Conor vs Gaethje 2. Khabib vs GSP 3. D.C vs Miocic 3 4. Tony Ferguson vs Charles Oliveira 5. Ryan Hall vs Brian Ortega

  13. Martha Okoe

    But rashford has a six pack

  14. Martha Okoe

    But rashford has a six pack

  15. Abu Ameer95

    This is the best moment for both of them 😍

  16. jeff griffin

    Show us your 33 tattoo Freemason Brand

  17. David Olsen

    Hahaha brilliant! This whole exchange made me laugh!

  18. A. Friche

    The bearded guy is very funny

  19. Andrew Fitzgerald

    so quarantine is out the window then

  20. Samuel N

    I enjoyed this. Stipe vs Jon(HW)/Adesanya vs Costa...other fights I would like to see Zombie vs Ortega, Ferguson vs Gaethje or Porier, Dom vs Thiago.

  21. David Lepa

    francis-cormier. santos-reyes. masvidal - geathje. tony- khabib adesanya - costa

  22. R

    Smoking crack to not have Khabib vs Tony.

  23. jeff griffin

    John DIAMOND Hartson 33 when he retired

  24. Harvey Bhullar

    Man City why?

  25. Zatrazato Hazur

    6:10 what’s the singer and song name please, nice background music

  26. subhadeep maulick

    I could see conor getting gassed out on every test just 23 chin ups ....

  27. josh vance

    Nobody wants Khabib Conor again!! Nobody!!!

  28. ....

    Khabib nurmagomedov maaaan 👌

  29. EscargoTouChaud

    Little City fan with glasses is a hoot. Smiling all the time, and a great question too. Btw, One shouldn't make one's bed, as it keeps the bedbugs trapped, and all professional football players have a six-pack, don't they? Not that it matters.

  30. akr13

    Controversial questions all around

  31. Dawla Sanni

    Awkward celebrating by Dries Mertens

  32. adrian sandoval1221


  33. Dafydd Johnson

    francis v roozenstrike, conor v ghaethje, zhang v jj rematch, co main till v adesanya, main khabib v ferguson

  34. Dan A

    1. Ferguson vs Mcgregor, 2. Khabib vs Gaethje, 3. Usman vs Masvidal, 4. Miocic vs Ngannou, 5. Adasenya vs Costa

  35. Man Over The Top

    Khabib v Tony Jorge v Conor Volkanovski v Cejudo Dillon Danis v Ben Askren Zabit v Yair I am Calling this the cursed card that will never happen but I dream of every night.

  36. Rick Rowlinson CM

    I think Stipe and Ngannou are both overrated, although Cormier is legit - Kharitonov from Bellator could derail Stipe - Cormier would whip Ngannou

  37. Stone Cobain

    Khabib vs GSP (C) - 165 Jones vs Adesanya (C) - 205 McGregor vs Diaz - 170 Ferguson vs Zabit - 155 Masvidal vs Colby - 170

  38. Colin Prosho

    Diane Abbot v Swinton

  39. Felix Brown

    pls no music next time

  40. Red Lavish

    Nice guy but this was so boring lol Liam Gallaghers one was quality.

  41. Commander Fox

    Y there is a Man City a rival of man u

  42. girish nair

    Both drew and oldie OVERACTING

  43. Sammy

    5- Francis Ngannou Vs Rumble Johnson 4- Jon Jones Vs Dc - HW 3- Masvidal vs McGregor 2- Kamaru vs GSP 1- Khabib Vs Tony

  44. Owen Davies

    1 Till v Whittaker 2 Zabit v Korean Zombie 3 Masvidal v Colby 4 Gaethje v Tony (Interim Lightweight) 5 Jones v Stipe (Heavyweight Title)

  45. Ben Mcd14

    3:40 Brandon Williams and mason greenwood on the right😂

  46. Dafydd Johnson

    no need to see zhang v shev now

  47. Xivinux

    Thanks guys this was amazing

  48. Alex Amaya

    Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock IV: The Revenge.

  49. Tom Royle

    Jones won kept the centre, close tho

  50. R I

    Khabib vs tony, till vs Izzy, Mcgregor vs gaethje, calderwood vs jedrzejczyk, ngannou vs Rozenstruik

  51. Simpaticus

    Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa , Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington 2 , Justin Gaethje vs Jorge Masvidal , Thiago Santos vs Anthony Johnson, Jan Blachowiz vs Alexander Gustafsson 2

  52. Justin

    drew will win the lose then win again in a stadium surrounded by fans he fulfilled his destiny at wrestle mania after that its time to make his dream come true this could be a really cool heel or face angle for a run (; also if they make him into a mouth breathing big man who can’t speak for himself that’s another L for WWE creative man’s heart come through the mic

  53. Sam Horsley

    Masvidal vs mcgregor That would be my dream fight or Nick Diaz vs Connor or Nick Diaz vs masvidal but I'm sure Nick will never fight again ohh well 😭.

  54. Irish Technical Thinker

    I miss the UFC so much over these dark days.

  55. Halofan117 Halofan

    Tony-Khabib DC-Miocic Masvidal-Colby Gaetje-Porier Zabit-Zombie

    1. leeturnbull82

      That's a nice card.

  56. Sacha Horne

    Adam won

  57. Ryan Duffy

    Why not just go to a normal gym

  58. Sergio Perello

    1 Khabib ~ Ferguson 2 brian Ortega zabit 4 usman masvidak

  59. TheCrispy64


  60. FCMolde99

    1 Khabib vs Ferguson 2 Miocic vs Jones 3 Woodley vs Covington 4 Costa vs Cannonier 5 Ngannou vs Rozenstruik

  61. chimp

    Gotta have Tripple C vs Shevchenko somewhere

  62. Diogo Abrantes

    Not to be a Karen, but that’s not social distancing

  63. Anant Veer Bubbles


  64. Just Rammy

    My realistic fantasy card would be Main Event: Gaethje VS McGregor Co-Main: Figuredo VS Benavidez 2 Main undercard: Ponzinibbio VS Lawler, JDS VS Gane, Walker VS Raktic, Suarez VS Waterson Prelim Feature: Silva VS Tavares Prelim Undercard: Vanzant VS Ribas, Condit VS Gall, Musayev VS Mustafaev,

  65. Keith Adrian Bender

    Khabib vs tony, McGegor vs gaethje masvidal vs usman, stylebender vs costa, Whittaker vs till

    1. leeturnbull82

      Only two title fights! Nice card though.

  66. handsom.chris

    Did the ball pass the line or not?

  67. Sam1982 whittingham

    1 Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes 2 2 Tony vs khabib 3 Jorge masvidal vs Colby Covington 4 Darren till vs Robert Whittaker 5 Connor vs gajhe

  68. Faz

    1. KHABIB vs GSP

  69. lewis g

    Max hasn't got enough power at 155 otherwise he would be a problem..

  70. Rick Rowlinson CM

    Wonderboy was always going to outclass Masvidal

  71. Dan Lucas

    All vs dereck lewis by looking at the picture.😂😂

  72. a

    i proper eye rolled when adam said khabib conor 2 lmao

  73. Alx Castillo

    de canelo solo espero aver si un dia pelea con mi abuelo de 70 años pero canelo no creo de seguro lo va a esperar cuando ya este que no se pueda mover solo asi gana chingue su madre caneculo y el america

  74. Henry North

    Cheers for this BT, it's nice to see the lads having some good banter when most content is negative at the moment!

  75. Leo

    Lol wtf I thought about this last night here are mine: ( no particular order ) 1. Khabib vs Tony 2. Masvidal vs Colby 3. Masvidal vs usman 4. Adesanya vs Costa 5... idk let the replies decide? (Probs Conor vs khabib rematch even tho is was a domination)

    1. Leo

      Dana Black haha I didn't realize they said in the same night haha

    2. Dana Black

      Masvidal fighting twice? Blokes in for a rough night

  76. casual complaints

    If it doesn't have khabib Vs Ferguson I do not care

  77. Alx Castillo

    ya te cogio un anciano por eso no quiere pelear el caneculo

  78. Salem Yobin

    And that match never happened.

  79. Jim 83

    Adam has some really weird eyes

  80. DimsThe Immortal

    Adams card was awesome