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  1. Ibraim Costa

    Tá lindo!!! 👌😂👏Quando eu for grande, vou passear assim pela floresta 🤔😜👍bem hajam 👍👍sempre deste produto 😜😂👏👏

  2. Владислав Кизюк

    Flying Scottish man!

  3. 은양Vlog

    How can handle this. By Human ability?

  4. Miguel Barrero

    Great job Lappi, you getting faster, hopefully with Ford's new engine upgrade he will catch the Toyotas and Hyundais and make this championship season more interesting. Suninen he is just not fast, more experience than Lappi driving the Ford Fiesta and he's slower than him. Wish Msport should have hired H. Paddon or A. Mikkelsen but if Suninen doesn't improve he could be on the hot seat

  5. twincammike83 16v

    It's amazing thay call evens British wen he win but if he crash he is back to being Welsh.. Ever noticed that..

  6. Sekolah Online Teknik Otomotif

    F1: "We're the most challenging motorsport..!" WRC: "Dude, your'e too cute to say that.."

  7. Hojoz

    Is it just the car or does Hirvonen like to go sideways through a corner?

  8. kimmo salonen

    Here Finland we say,kilin kolin mcrae..

  9. Piet Hoi

    I am trying to get into WRC atm. But it is kinda hard with the low amount of footage from the official WRC channel. Also it is kinda weird you have to pay to see if you like WRC or not, or am I the only one?

  10. Donnie Poole

    I gave you a 1ooo likes

  11. Den End Studios

    Nothing like a bit of Frozen Herring !!

  12. DimZ

    A one hour, 11 minutes rally? Wtf? This is somekind of sprint, not even close to be called a rally...

  13. Yichao Ren

    Need more cars

  14. 草刈重工[有]


  15. twincammike83 16v

    Big crash

  16. JY

    티아누 화이팅!!!

  17. Carefree Bruce

    Too fast, LOL!

  18. 조규현

    Hyundai N OTT TANAK 👍👏👏👏👏😘🙏

  19. Putin The Great

    ToyEvans 👍

  20. kfukanuma

    YarisWRC that's motion just like Mcrae's ImpressaWRX .

  21. fotoeffetto

    00:10 poor gopro

  22. brown20

    How can i be there to win the finals?

  23. Nhlanhla Dexter Tshuma

    Best WRC Highlights clip i have seen...thankyou

  24. F BN


  25. Thomas Wang

    And this is the official account. I'm disappointed. At least you could include the podium celebrations and Champagne opening like TOYOTA GAZOO Racing did in their video.

  26. Ever Faster Racing

    Great job by the rookie Kalle, it'd be amazing if he gets a rally win this season

  27. Ever Faster Racing

    1:00 why is that corner catching loads of people out?

    1. twincammike83 16v


  28. Ever Faster Racing

    It looks a lot like Rally GB without the snow. Colder though

  29. Руслан Мусин


  30. Nobody's Husband

    Excellent race Kalle💪.

  31. Zaki Asakura

    This year Evans has shown promise since Monte Carlo. Good to see him winning here.

  32. dot dot

    To bad nothing on screen over Catie Munnings :(

  33. Hendrik Pardede


  34. BlueFlag Alpha

    Neuville for champion 2020

  35. BlueFlag Alpha

    Why you didnt show the points standings?

  36. Rudy Kalkbasepijpje

    Now I know how to drive from office back to home

  37. カブトムシ

    The speed these with parts latest on an old-model vehicle. As the next latest vehicle is faster in cornering, a Japanese is a pleasure, too. If it is the latest Japanese style roll bar though it is EU established roll bar, more cars are regrets becoming fast.

  38. Sebastian Castro

    Unos genios.. que grandes 👍👍

  39. Gianfranco Corbula

    Sono troppo felice che abbia vinto Evans, lo merita, non avrebbe rubato nulla vincendo anche il Monte Carlo, con questa macchina è uscito fuori il reale valore di questo ragazzo, per il resto della stagione bisognerà fare i conti anche con lui.


    Looks like Kalle is all set to emulate and exceed his father’s legacy. Keep up the good job kid. Awesome power stage win

  41. Evan Martin

    The sound of the Toyota is amazing

  42. 86YUHO

    New King

  43. RedlineShadow29

    Not bad for Rovanpera

  44. james roche

    9 stages in total but its was really only 9 needed ti see who would win. Once Evens got that car into the first stage he was like Tanik last year to quick to catch really. Something about the Toyota once your at one with it its unbeatable really. So look I know I might be getting ahead of myself but look there's a 4 man charge now for the 2020 champship. And bring it on. I'm just sad we have to wait so long to the next round. All Wrc needs is more manufacture joining soon and few more drivers getting opportunity like Paddon and even Breen cuz it ain't nice getting 1 round and not been able to rest longer so you can do better. I'm actually loving how this champship is started off 4 really great drivers at there peek. Ott Elfyn Seb and Thierry all in Contention. But I'm just tipping one off Toyota really for the drivers title but who its anyone who wants it really. And Kalle Rovenperra what a special talented guy this man is . I hear people saying money helped him. Come on guys he has been learning for this kinda result since a child. And to see him over take a multiple world champion is no easy money task. Wrc just please fix the website and steam could not watch live all Friday morning until about 1 PM when all but 1 stage was left and buy that time spoilers came up on my phone to tell me who was winning so if Wrc fix the stream and we see the fighting we see this weekend. Wrc will attract lots of mad rally fans . Best drivers I the world in Wrc really looking forward to Mexican rally now 4 way fight interest to say the least

    1. Miguel Barrero

      Yes the WRC+ coverage wasn't very good. I tried to watch it on my computer and I had to wait until the end to see it. That was not the case before. However, I was able to see it on my 7 in tablet. What's going on here, I couldn't see it on my computer but was able on my tablet. Come on WRC please fix these issues for Rally of Mexico. You probably made many fans who watch the race on tv or computer very upset. The streaming was Awful to say the least.

  45. MB CARS


  46. AEBK

    Anyone else drive like that in the mornings running late to work?!

  47. Hipanderos

    Who won power stage?

    1. Miguel Barrero


  48. Mkai_BajanFlyDude

    They could've just cancelled this lackluster event. 9 stages?? Seriously? Also hardly any snow

    1. Tomi Vuori

      @Miguel Barrero they should have driven it in the swedish lapland

    2. Miguel Barrero

      They should have run ALL the stages not just 9 with or without snow. We paid a lot to see all the rounds. We missed Australia due to fires, we lost Chile this year, they almost cancelled Sweden. Come WRC next time let them run the whole distance, we as rally fans deserve better.

  49. bonelessbeef1

    Great job to everyone on the Toyota Team. That car is a beast.

  50. diesel

    Evans has come of age ..and has the ingredients

  51. James Stewart

    Magic 👍

  52. RedNeckRacing 88

    No American teams not worth watching

  53. Cub Scott

    Good footage. Evans is on it at the moment and gets better with age much like a fine malt. Colin would be proud of that balls out performance 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤘

  54. Oscar sergio Benitez ortiz

    Igual que Toni Gardemeister y Jakke Honkkanen

  55. Tommy712rus

    It's r2?

  56. Jared Richardson

    Congrats Elfyn 👏👏👏

  57. Stuart Hughes

    The lack of snow is shocking! Quite sad to watch 😔

    1. MANU ALEX

      Alvin Chan Even I thought so myself. But stats project that contribution of IC engines on road towards green house emissions is only a fraction. Not that it doesn’t matter, every fraction matters. I personally am of the opinion that it’s high time we all did something about it that would actually make a difference

    2. Alvin Chan

      welcome to global warming. not that it matters for petrol burning sports!

    3. MANU ALEX

      Indeed. It’s kinda scary too knowing that the climate shift is a reality

    4. Es

      Yeah, I wanna snow battle :(

    5. LongLiveHelghast / joshobx18

      Hopefully there’s a fair bit more next year

  58. Marek Kubi

    Good result for Kalle, but he have been compiting on that kind of roads all his life. Finland, Estonia, Latvia... Lets give him time for crashes and learnings. Then when Ott gonna retire,then he is grown up for winning.

    1. J. S.P

      Marek Kubi Jari didn't do the same great things as Kalle. He was pretty inconsistent though than Kalle. Kalle drives like a veteran already. Makinen couldn't even describe it how brilliant Kalle was yesterday in the Powerstage

    2. Marek Kubi

      @J. S.P Wasnt Jari also wonderkind?

    3. J. S.P

      Homer Simpson It's true mate, but as Colin Clark says: "This is the freak of rallying" & he really is because he's going out there to face the legends & surpass them.

    4. Homer Simpson

      @J. S.P wow.. give him some time mate. I am not saying this isn't possible, but let's not get ahead of ourselves

  59. LongLiveHelghast / joshobx18

    I’m sure Rovanpera was taking the piss when he chose #69 as his number 🤣

    1. Marek Kubi

      He explained, that as he is young driver, then can happen, that the car gonna be on the roof, so then number is still readable.

  60. Nick Govier

    You need to stop pretending WRC+ is a thing and actually start growing the fan base by putting proper highlight videos on FIsels.

  61. Sannu Videod

    0:09 Huttunen?

    1. INeedADoctor

      yep I noticed it immediately. It's not the first time they messed the names up

  62. Karl

    Latvala is not Huttunen 😒

  63. Trap Country

    Fantastic video! Keep it up! Would you like to be FIsels friends? :)

  64. Isaac Mashiter


  65. Antonio dicicco

    Why almost half of a video Is about Friday and Saturday highlights?

    1. Markus Laskar

      Because Sunday had 1 stage

  66. Bean

    I read somewhere that there no excuses for Evans this year, well first two events he seems very quick, car and driver suit each other with that combo, predict he'll be a consistent front runner, well done

  67. ruben gouveia

    Great drive from lappi very consistent and focused better luck next rally cheers

  68. James Stewart

    Well competitive

  69. James Stewart

    A Taste of the dragon .

  70. Daniele Cagiola

    Only 9 stages?? 😢

    1. Miguel Barrero

      They should have run ALL the stages with or without snow

  71. Ikis

    Can you show the championship points / standings at the end on future videos 👍❤️

  72. Vanger48912

    Always gets my blood going! God, I miss Group B!

    1. Buddy14

      i doubt you were even born at that time, most people that say that werent.

    2. Sizifus

      From what I've gathered, drivers had a sigh of relief when Group B was cancelled.

    3. Es

      @Vanger48912Hmm.. I agree with your opinion

    4. Vanger48912

      @Es It's the insanity of group B I miss.

    5. Es

      Actually this Group A is faster than Group B

  73. Trap Country

    Great video! Keep it up Would you like to be FIsels friends? :)

    1. Es

      @vtt355Yeah, Im reporting this account .

    2. vtt355

      Is this a bot account

  74. Marek Kubi

    With half million subscribers you should invest more in quality of content. There are youtube money laying around and also commercial for this sport.

  75. Matthia6 Ma6ola


  76. RuubenMix

    We need Kalle's drive from SS -stage please.

  77. tukang foto keliling

    Bravo Yaris!!!

  78. dubtube

    Do we actually have winter?

    1. twincammike83 16v

      Do you not see snow.. Idiot..

    2. Es

      global warming :(

  79. 0123456789abc decghijklmn

    Kalu-Kalle 69 WOOOO!!!💪💪💪👉👉👉👌🍆💧💧☔

  80. George Balm Ghanard Junior


  81. Henry Kago

    Well done to Tänak for showing true composure and resilience like a Boss... 🔥 But my eyes were firmly on the young, flying Finn (Kalle) and his wild pace !! He has all the ingredients of a future WRC champion.. ✅ 🔥 🔥

  82. Santos Vega

    Sexy videooo!!!!

  83. Roberto F

    No more engines with 3 cylinder....

    1. Varski The Chief

      Whoa somebody has left the bed with the wrong foot

  84. George Balm Ghanard Junior

    フォードで一際〜偉才を放す〜ラッピがフォードの窮地を辛うじて救って居る〜流石〜ですラッピ〜👍⤴️ 其れに引き換えフォードのエースナンバーを背負いし疫病神の(スニネン)の此の成績の結果〜ワークスチームで有ってもエースを背負って居る以上最低限の契約金に見合うプロの義務を果たせと言いたい〜プロらしい事も無くプロ意識のプライドも備わって居無い〜エースの資格ゼロ〜プロの義務も果たせぬ=最低限のベスト5圏内にも入れず〜8位とは〜5位と8位とでは見方も受け取る側=ライバルの目も違って来る>確実に分析されそこを徹底的に突くプレッシャーを掛けて来る〜ワークスチームでもフォードは恐れるに足り無いドンドン責めろと意気込むだろう〜実力も既に的チームに見切られて居るだろう〜自ら自爆して実力と能力の無さを晒したのですから。 其れにしてもアマチュア以下の実力〜何処迄我慢するのかフォード首脳陣〜今季既に2敗です〜どちらもベスト5に入れず蚊帳の外〜ワークスチームとして恥です去年の此奴が来てからの成績は下降線〜!! マイナーチームより悪い〜ショコダやルノーの方が遥かに上位。

  85. beedsj roiue

    sharp slope and landed on wheels. If there is god then his protecting hand was on them...

  86. Ruairi Mccarthy

    this channel is DEAD WORST COVERAGE EVER WRC youtube USELESS

  87. George Balm Ghanard Junior

    先ずは〜エヴァンス〜優勝🏅おめでとう🎊ございます〜👍⤴️ 想定外にロバンペラが3位とは〜オジエを抑えて〜😱⤴️ オジエ〜未だコンストレーションがふちょうか?其れとも〜未だ〜ヤリスに馴染め無い〜で〜ナーバスに成って居るのか〜?

  88. evo

    Evans #33 job done his dad will be so proud.

    1. ImGettinTheWordNonce

      Very well done Elfyn! Onwards and upwards.

  89. nicolas garcia

    unbelievable kalle !

  90. Mr Stance is Love

    And Elsa didn't bring any snow:(

  91. Pekka L


  92. Seppo Tempo

    Kalle is the Best!

  93. Mubiru Joel

    How did Evans contain dat pressure ,,,wow wat a performance,,,👏👏👏👏👏👏

  94. - Kodi

    No snow in sweden=too much migrant and gay guy

  95. Zoli Reedcourt

    you know, if you show the power stage highlights, you could also show the power stage results and talk something about the stage performances

    1. BlueFlag Alpha

      Nah,you will need to pay for that

    2. Petidani0330

      Nah, that would be too much effort.

  96. İsmail Ukil

    If I need a Rally pilot, this job is just me

    1. İsmail Ukil

      @ImGettinTheWordNonce Driver

    2. ImGettinTheWordNonce


  97. Sustri

    cocky little sh.talanted young man

  98. Snouffy

    A Swedish rally without snow wasn't a Sweden rally... It is a country where snow is present in abundance at this time of year and this year nothing at all... Global warming is very present...

    1. ulgn1964

      Lots of snow in the northern part of Sweden

    2. Rasmus Brekke

      Yep, that’s true

    3. Snouffy

      @Rasmus Brekke Maybe climate change has nothing to do with it, but it's still sad to see a Swedish rally without snow...

    4. Rasmus Brekke

      Not true, it’s just the weather fluctuating year to year as it always does. 2 years ago there were so much snow it was causing difficulties for both competitors and spectators, and if you look back there have been plenty of years with little snow and ice. You really can’t blame climate change the lack of snow this year, because the climate is the trend over many years, not just one season.

  99. Hajduk Besmrtnik

    interwier should be hit with wrc car!

  100. neuro / op-oc

    rovanperä finessing the 3rd place from ogier like a boss :D definitely future world champion