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  1. Aven Fye

    D+C+ the plus button on pc skips the night

  2. Joey Mies

    Markiplier is there any horror games you haven't played

  3. mimy06

    Just wait till he sees the Nether

  4. Brady Robinson

    More of this Mark! we need more!

  5. Draconic Lord

    Mark:”go to hell” Me: technically they cant

  6. ThatGuy TV

    everyone when they play with wade : HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE BAD YOU BAD SUCKER

  7. Dead Dave

    Mark: I don’t have to check the cameras Freddy: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  8. Reychel Villar

    It’s Eleanor my childhood

  9. Marissa Roche

    How unt get PREGANANANT

  10. Shikari Fox

    18:25 Tactical shovel?



  12. ConfusedZekora

    I just watched a grown man eat pretzels on loop for no particular reasons, How's your day going

  13. Devin H

    Play huniepop double date when it comes out please 🙏🏻

  14. Art_By_Ellen _

    BBBBBBBBBBBB BB BB BBBBBBBBBBBB BB BB BBBBBBBBBBBB (this isn't my idea and I'm 2 months late but oh well dlnsflnd)

  15. Benjam In

    Just another tip unless you got it from someone else. You can jump and on the way down you do a critical hit

  16. Jimi Westerlund

    Oh, how the turntables...

  17. Destynation

    The dislikes are everyone who loves pineapples on pizza

  18. I threw UP in the toilet :3

    Smexy voice intro

  19. Cringe_DuckYT


  20. Chess Kid IM

    18:36 eats a chicken for half a food bar me: He is the chosen one!

  21. Brax147 Ak

    He called me out

  22. Felix Rodriguez

    Go mark u da bozz

  23. General Grevious

    Clickbait cause he don’t have enough no no juice

  24. Jay- J

    He said: my name is Markieplier

  25. Michael and Elizabeth Wise

    Listen you are talented don't let anyone tell you that you are not good you are amazing ohh and your dog toooo!

  26. The_SCP _Foundation

    Now that Felix has taken a break from Minecraft, Mark is swooping in to steal the spotlight

  27. Get Me 1000 Subscribers For No Reason

    *excessive loud zombie growling* me: don’t do it- mark: *digs into mob spawner and takes on 12 zombies with a wooden sword*

  28. Andreea

    1:07 " WhO LIvEs iN A PiNAplE UnDeR ThE SEa?"

  29. TheGamingFox 4372

    13:07 That's a furry it already exists. -iftheycamefromthisvideoyoudoomedus-

  30. lilsilverfish

    17:26 when you hear the creeper before it explodes

  31. Driix

    Did anyone else notice at 3:32 in the east hall mark got the rare screen of the posters on the wall to be crying children

  32. Dragon_God26 Official but on steroids

    if this was real i would just blink with 1 eye xd

  33. Heidi S

    I died, lol Ending 10 of 31 .w.

  34. Rocio Ramirez


  35. thecoolbros777

    How I scare my little cousins. 2:40

  36. gacha legende

    Is it okay if i cry because Mark is sad and that makes me sad bc he's like a friend no wait family no wait a soul mate too me

  37. Aidan Thecodguy

    Who saw darkiplier

  38. scruffles mcscruffleson

    Who here watching this 2020?

  39. James Grisafi

    Mark: this is the easy part Also Mark: WHHHYYYYYYYY on take 37

  40. Joious_Fallout 59

    I am 1:55:51 and I think markiplier went a little bit insane that day.

  41. Frix Sama

    There will be a little nightmare 2 coming out in 2020 which is this year. There is noo set release date but I thought id just let you know

  42. Kawaii Pineapple

    "Where is the Bigass then?" Me: We already have that bud.. Its called Nicki Minaj

  43. Darkstar 71

    P U R P L E G U Y

  44. Leonardo 4

    woah mark looks so different here. fresh shaven man and no dyed hair

  45. Jay- J


  46. chubby pig 56 gaming

    Get stone tools my god

  47. Ex0

    I’m literally sat here wanting to smash the shit outta that button

  48. Ya boi The00

    m a j o j o ' s m a s k


    Mark, you should play a game called ‘Left on Read’ Uts about quarantine


    ᴵ ᴸᴼᵛᴱ ᵞᴼᵁᴿ ˢᴴᴵᴿᵀ!! ᴵᵀ'ˢ ˢᴼ ᶜᴼᴼᴸ!! ˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ

  51. atoversl

    *No way!!!*

  52. Onem Production

    the middle of the video got me so hard it shot my sadness to death

  53. SACsam

    11:27 - my dirty mind says no

  54. Skylur Stuff2

    I felt like I wasn't a part of life I felt like I didn't deserve to live Markiplier helped me I was going to kill myself in the bathroom but Markiplier helped me thank you so so much Markiplier you have helped me!

  55. An idiot on youtube

    If you look to the right on the newspaper you can see a message from the creator of the game!

  56. Ze Bloody Axol

    Is there any difference if you break the dolls and hug/help the little gnomes

  57. M Puppet

    I don’t think mark knows that ten year olds do not have child like innocence they know a lot more than they should

  58. Warisha Bari

    Markiplier: Sees a bunch of zombies Markiplier: jumps in yEaH tHiS iS bIg BrAiN tImE.

  59. Antonina Ego

    Have a like for the editing. That was good.

  60. Ally Melendez

    Mark at 8:42: I will go uppus... Me: ..... Uppus Downus?

  61. Ollie Likes beans

    cough drop

  62. Jay- J

    0:48-1:06 here’s mark talking very fast for a minute

  63. post-scratch mortem


  64. Thumb Egg

    Is chicas name based off of fnaf?

  65. Kippy

    Mark: Don't wake the baby don't wake the baby- Scott: Hippity Hoppity that's now my property

  66. lonewined


  67. A Person

    Mark: I NEED FOOD Also Mark: **smelts iron and not food**

  68. Wolfie White

    Me: has anxiety Also me: "ThIS gAMe Lo0Ks fUn LetS pLaY"

  69. jones jon


  70. McDonldHamburger

    *S H M O I S T*

  71. BRUTAL OWEN!!!


  72. BEZ Gaming

    The bongos had me dead😂

  73. chessnut98

    this video just surpassed fnaf for his most viewed video

  74. Dylan Brumley

    dead dog: how the dog DIED

  75. Dr. Harold Pontiff Coomer

    6:15 A few seconds ago Mark: " *FAMILY FRIENDLY!* " No chickens were harmed in the making of this video...well maybe some were killed

  76. Rayan Akharaz

    1:54 Why does he sound like dio from jojo

  77. Yeet Yeet

    Chad java

  78. tater thot

    Screenshot multiple times as “the end” is on screen. Play with all the editing settings? Tell me.. did you find it? :)


    Funtime Freddy: "Ready or not, here I commeee!!" Also Funtime Freddy: *Yeets Bon Bon* Me: "Nice. Very nice." Am I literally the only one who think Funtime Freddy bluffs whenever he says "here I come"?

  80. TrisWolf


  81. Nightbot

    Mark: sprint is shift Me: ah yes another person who has kept their sanity

  82. H2Dden gAmers

    this game is interesting and all but seriously if you're gonna tell me if I don't make a choice and I don't choose, and the game doesn't actually do anything. then you need to make it where something will happen

  83. wackywolf821

    put a different shirt on it was a pic of someone laughing so its vibe killed your strong one and made it harder for you to NOT LAUGH

  84. -_MLS _-

    Anybody watching during quarantine 2020???

  85. Bear Bears

    Are you ever going to finish the epilogue for rdr2?

  86. Kevinisnot Awesome


  87. Fecó

    OMG I JUST REALIZET WHY HES NAME IS SPRING LOCK!!!!!! its bcause when he got in the suit the SPRING LOCKS broke and he got TRAPPED in the suit and died

  88. Amelia Homer

    8:21 r/ihadastroke

  89. Braeden Tate

    Every song,e jump scare got me because I didn’t know it was comping and I was wearing headphones while doing it

  90. GalaxyNuggz

    I counted the amount of times mark sweared after he fell from orange hell and I tallied up a total of 24 cuss words. I would probably sweat more if I played this game

  91. •AnnoyingBunny ಠ_ಠ•

    I’m watching this in 2020 and I miss this so much

  92. Bash Bros

    Me : notices that he ended on 69 Also Me: coincidence I think not

  93. homie dino

    holy moly. this is extremely ravioli levels of holy. The pope liked this video

  94. Paul Rondezca

    Hey I think I recognize this game from somewhere

  95. Monica Sherman

    The fact Mark likes the Minecraft music makes me oddly proud...

  96. Summer’s Jungle Juice

    You've gotta be shitting me Mark.

  97. LovelyValentine