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  1. Alicia Velazquez

    Subtitulo en español plis

  2. Alicia Velazquez

    Traducción en español plis

  3. Victoria Sweet

    They do look like him. So precious

  4. Reagan Makai

    Queen is always a queen

  5. aly trevino

    huh,, what just happened

  6. scrap trap

    Rest in peace,stan lee

  7. Jeff Calvin

    the reoublicans wants Us to have sex doggystyle while tapping her back as an act of worship to the missing link aliens

  8. malenotyalc

    So I should burn down the place my ex and I used to eat at all the time?

  9. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :

    The Phantom of the Opera caught Covid-19 because he wore an ineffectual mask.

  10. Aurela Zeneli

    He does a great job not swearing. My dumb ass would’ve said every swearword by accident

  11. ZEE

    Shes absolutely gorgeous!!!

  12. Aud

    Bobble head joke could have been Willow Smith parody lol “I whip my head back and forth”

  13. Albert Enchia

    Very Cool hi Jimmy this is the SkyWalker writing to comment about this video, very cool: Frannie was not happy about Winnie closing the door with her not being inside first, my heart awed at that idea. First thing that came to mind Jimmy was "teachable moment!!", every parent home teaching anyway - now Winnie can learn to make sure she look for her sister, wait on her sister then close the door because her sister is all she have and why not while she young get her in the habit of taking care of two people, herself and her sister. We know Winnie was remembering the rule to "close the door" and without the "stay home order" the opportunity for you to "add a pearl" to both your daughters necklace would not have happened. They both could benefit from the idea "screw everyone else, let's look out for each other first THEN other people", there is nothing wrong with early building the bonds of sisterhood. But enough with the moments of grandeur Jimmy let's "open the good wine" and talk about the question "since very old people are living out their lives as Manatees, can non old people explore Nature in the same way or no?" The answer Jimmy is "Yes", SkyWalker may not know what all everyone can turn into however there is planet reserved for all things nature. The sky need to be open so everyone can travel and spend time on that planet but again I say Jimmy "Yes"; SkyWalker Jimmy would hope that you be Wolf, Wolves are huge, about four and a half feet from paw to back and run in packs which is fine Jimmy but here's the thing...a Wolf is very much an Apex preditor which means you would have to hunt! SkyWalker's advice Jimmy..."lure not trap". Lure is to "bring in" and trap is to "corner"; the problem with trapping is "if one corner the wrong group of "being" you will realize you bit off more than what you can chew". That Jimmy is how you see dead Lions after Lions attacked a group of wildebeest, lour'ing Jimmy works by the understanding "whatever God wants us to have God will provide", if nothing is ate in two days you know "somebody else was having their turn at the Masters table". Next thing you know Jimmy...a fat male outcasted Gazelle will just happen to prace right next to you as you and your pack were laughing and making jokes at a baby bird learning to fly. Jimmy most would think a Gazelle too fast for a Wolf, which is true...from a distance, Gazelle's need time to gather speed and this Gazelle was outcasted which mean the tribe this Gazelle was kicked out of purposely walked that Gazelle to you all's area and was told "head straight", which Does happen in Nature! Well Jimmy when Nancy saw that Gazelle did not notice yall in the high grass, with out a single growl she took off, Nancy was on the back of the Gazelle, claws dug in trying to get a lock on the Gazelle's neck, after hearing the Gazelle's cry Jimmy you ran into action, Gazelle's have dangerous horns and all the Gazell would need is to get good footing before the Gazelle put up a good fight. From experience you know this Jimmy, you know a full grow male Gazelle can be quite dangerous, without hesitation you spring into action, your sudden movement alerts the pack who follow in suit, your massive teeth and jaws lock onto the Gazelle which Nancy was on back thigh, the Gazelle could not handle your bite, the Gazelle fall; the fall was enough for Nancy to lock her jaws around the Gazelle's neck, one by one your pack finds a spot to bite...the Gazelle dies. A full grown male Gazelle will last yall about three days; SkyWalker can relate, SkyWalker know he is a Snow Leopard, who is very glad to not be in the Bush where you all are at because it is too d*mn hot out there, and Jimmy there are other sides also to explore from the water animal side to the flying animal side, even the insect side, God's diversity is great indeed, and has been "a walk in Nature with the SkyWalker" thanks.

  14. Beverly Novak

    Omg you both are adorable!! We love you and it is not a corny story! It’s so adorbs!!! Love you both!!

  15. Lauren Smith

    I have to say that I haven't really watched Jimmy Fallon since he was on SNL besides some of his skits from the show because I was never into the whole shallowness of talk shows and he always seems a little fake. BUT he has found a new fan in me because I am absolutely loving these with his family. It really endears him and creates a more natural vibe. Playing off of his wife and daughters- so adorable!!!

  16. French Bulldog _VLOG_

    Блин Чимин очень круто танцует шафл

  17. Aramo

    ای شیرین نفس کوچک بیهوده غبار گلرنگ مرگ در پی توبه هولناکی دوان است ببین چگونه پوشش گل سرخ ره سیدره یک لحظه میبوید و به یک وزش

  18. Psychic Bubblegum Man

    Just imagine if you had a voice gift like that .. Every1 would love you just for that.. Be great to be handed a cake walk of a life when it came so easy.... To bad we can,t all be handed a free easy life... 99.999 percent of as have to struggle the way to live half way good. Good for her tho and maybe she will be a bum on the street next life who has no voice or brain cells? Who knows? Only god I guess

  19. Eduardo Venegas

    ...shut up and let him talk jimmy.

  20. Brian Schlicher

    Great Weird Al song. good pick

  21. RC Perfect

    Always new for Jimmy 😂

  22. Akhila Ramarathnam

    Daniel Radcliffe looks like Voldemort

  23. GOODWIN wedding movie

    Адам под кайфом походу

  24. Angel Ibrahim

    I'm teaching math to my kids..... _that can't be good for America_

  25. Mai 3

    Swinging her purse at Khloe. Swing punch at Chris Humphrey. Slapping the shit out of Kourtney. With all the evidence, judge & jury's, i find Mrs. West guilty.

  26. Michael Mantikas

    was i the only one that laughed at that joke from jimmy

  27. B mac

    Why are there 578 dislikes eat a dick people who put a thumbs down!!

  28. Mia S.

    I love Charli❤️❤️

  29. Jerad `Blazek So true right now. 😀

  30. Zeeshan The Money Prince

    This gives me old school vibes

  31. Amelia Rose

    5 foot 9. Teenager and the mentality of a 6 year old

  32. Carbon Connection

    Boycott everything this woman is involved in.

  33. Catherine Colwell

    That lil laugh after he says “but I wanted to win” has my heart

  34. Google User

    Look at the stupid little retard! Thanks for helping me with nothing, FREAK!

  35. Film maker


  36. LoniYoni

    They are so over Kourtney. All she does is complain and make sarcastic remakes, and when they do it to her she can't take it. She alwayshave an attitude. When they try to have a serious conversation with her, and tell her how they feel she doesn't listen. ...........Girl Bye👋🏽

  37. Isabella Melgara

    He is amaziiinnnggg

  38. Tanmay Jamwal

    Go f*** the people that disliked this

  39. SpongeBob SquarePants

    He was too short for the ride 😂 but still went on

  40. Stephanie Rivers

    My brother’s a Mailman Adam!! Thank you for this song!! It def brought a smile 😀


    God it was staged you bunch of morons kumsterdashians fans are such morons are too stupid to realize the show is scripted do a little fact-checking you bunch of morons. The show sucked so bad they had to do something to keep viewers interested

  42. K.R. Hoffman

  43. SpongeBob SquarePants

    They must be very good friends

  44. Jared Mesa

    Thanks Adam Sandler for making this one big joke. I used to think you were awesome, but now this? My grandmother is dying from the virus and everyone in my house is without a job and we're running out of food fast. And your over here Singing songs what the fuck is wrong with you?! Fucking moron! You stupid fuck!

  45. Kids Today

    Wow 4 years ago well in the year 2020 on the month of April I'm in truck with no work Damm you Russia and OPEC I hope you run out of oil instead you pump beer out of the ground Maybe beer be cheaper then oil. The oil field truck drivers We had a good run but it's game over for us now

  46. Jessa Hamili

    - to all her bashers ; She’s a 10 out of 10 don’t you ever forget it” 🌻❤️🧡

  47. Bill TradeStation

    This guy only worried losing chance to run for presidential.

  48. Jon Harvey

    this was so hard to watch. I fucking love it

  49. Shark Sandwich

    What's her fav Metallica album? Poser

  50. Guilherme RLS

    You wanna vocals ????? 🙌

  51. Agnes

    So sad ... 2020 is not starting off to be the best year ...

  52. Mati08 。

    Hi did we just see RM do that

  53. lazycalm41

    If Carlsberg was tasked to make a perfect woman....

  54. Abbie Normals

    O.O That wallpaper....

  55. Mint Diz

    our english teacher showed this video to us back in 6th grade. it was awesome

  56. Jonut

    Is that kevin de bruyne?


    Someone's been buying views and subs! You're thumbs-up and thumbs-down don't reflect your views or your subs. Which means you bought them. Makes sense I guess

  58. Uzi • Eternal Atake • 11 years and

    Fuck Donald Trump 🖕

  59. brenda hernandez

    Let’s all stop watching keeping up until they kick kim out of the show. She’s disgusting always being a bully. She did it to rob now Kourtney?

  60. Asieff Husein

    " Look im really rich " 😂

  61. holy knight

    why does ir feel he could be in a movie and win an oscar?

  62. brenda hernandez

    Tbh kourtney is the most interesting to look at. #kickKimOutOfTheShow

  63. lai flores

    my god who cut your hair can sue it looks like it was a 4 year old child done ✅😳😳😳

  64. rishi tena

    Just imagine if markiplier was here 😂😂😂

  65. Esther Mcluckie

    She’s come a long way from twisting one leg to one kiss

  66. pessonizando

    Demi always kicking a**s, love from Brazil <3 this song is on loop around here these days

  67. Nabanita banerjee

    First it was Benny Colbert. Now its Gary Fallon. These shows are really going to the dogs. And I love it. ❤❤

  68. samet shabani

    after the show Jimmy is like when i get Rick hes dead :D

  69. Jashan Tejani

    John Cena is weird in this

  70. SAVAGE 21

    2020 серьёзно?

  71. Kathy Lovelace

    Jimmy love seeing you and the folks out there ❤️ hey I love that birch bark!!

  72. Big B Meyer

    Ah yes, the left never gives up on the hate. It's an illness!

  73. Keanu Reeves

    Why they wearin the same suit tho

  74. The Great Hawk

    He should finally debut his new song "I'm a douchebag" even though it would be a very long song because he's been writing it every day of his life.

  75. Mati08 。

    Nam Joon: No veggies Jimmie: No Me: Are you kidding me I love veggies by the way and ketchup, I really felt it when Jhope couldn’t have ketchup. Go here 11:52 you won’t regret it, look at Junkgook

  76. Isabella Mendez gaviria

    Cantas muy bello

  77. Maria

    Thanks for these re-runs FIsels. You just came up in my feed and I watched this over 2 years ago. In the season of corona, people need comedy like this to take our minds off of what's happening out there.

  78. Md. Salim Reza

    wait Gary's voice is actually Jimmy's wife's voice , right???

  79. Martha Borja

    Canta vonito hasta me lose

  80. Evelyn

    She bullied rob Kardashian just like this! She’s taking it out of her sister

  81. Me Only


  82. Nikki Dee

    Anyone with a sibling is very well aware of the fights that go on. Kinda pathetic at their age they resort to that though. Also Jimmy has some tacky ass rooms in his house 😂

  83. Scott Harris

    shes not really teaching she is just doing the dances

  84. Mary D

    The younger little is hilarious!!! She’s just herself and I LOVE IT!!! 🤣

  85. Robin Joyce

    As a front line health care worker. I LOVED THIS ONE.

  86. ASR

    *noah has left the chat*

  87. Learning Biology

    Wow huge respect to BTS. I am impressed how they sing with their so intense choreography 😍😍😍

    1. Lil Rinch

      Lip sync

  88. Scott Harris

    i dollow you and my name is macenzie i am 13 i follow you on tiktok and i have a tiktok plzzzzzz follow me and like all of my tiktoks here is my channle name goodgirlggcvvvvv love you charli

  89. Saugat Bhandari

    You need to do this with Ice cube.

  90. Marty McFly


  91. Christian R

    Jimmy’s reaction is priceless hahaha

  92. Matheus Brito


  93. alba c

    why is it that the uncles song is so catchy

  94. McDougal Valentine

    Server: How do you want that cooked? Me: Um. Like. All the way.

  95. Green TV Guy

    cya in 3 months

  96. Ally Raschka

    Came here to watch usher and laugh but I stayed for 1D 🥰

  97. Francis Mak456

    And Billie's like: MUM!!! Make me a sandwich!!!