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  1. RandomnessProductions 2020

    Make a r/woosh to me

  2. Unknown

    He forgot the fbbbbrt noise

  3. EcoGranite

    never do raid, PLEASE DON'T, THE PLAUGE AAAAAAAAAA, help me im drowning in aids shadow legends

  4. Matthew White

    I realized that the under 25 MB game all the way to the right is 26 mb

  5. Awesomecat_9 The gamer

    YoU SpELT SUbsCriBE WrOng

  6. Matthew White

    My gender is toronto

  7. Matthew White

    I'm pretty sure 180 plus 160 is not 240

  8. jebbiestar JEBBY

    Lol I have a not my job pic can I have your Gmail address so I can send it lol

  9. The1andonlymehhh_Pooj

    I die of laughter each time I watch these I am supposed to be Stu dy ing f or a spe lli ng be e

  10. Crypto

    0:35 wait I have that same keyboard

  11. Random Peep

    comment: *funny* me: haha i’ll like that comment- comment: i got a like... but why is it blue? me: yeah nevermind

  12. Jam Man


  13. WolfRryOP

    Actually I would wait 8 hrs and play mario kart. -Kid

  14. ICqntA1m, The Fortnite Failure

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  15. MaskedInferno81

    You just earned a subscriber

  16. Boss2119 •

    It took me a while for the “9 inaccuracies on one hand” 😅

  17. The1andonlymehhh_Pooj

    I am always Big Sad

  18. Affan Baihaqi

    5:40 double wooshes? I thought it was impossible...

  19. GachaGirlForever 23

    Bakersfield feels like 706 degrees in da summer


    If i were them i would say "JUST F*CK OFF IF YOU DONT WANT IT"

  21. Sans Explains The Joke

    no, Thanos was trying to do the best he could to balance life. all he wanted was for the rest of the population to live better, and prosper with extra materials. so, *50%* of the entire population of earth should be praising thanos, as he made them be able to live the best they ever had.

  22. Matthew White

    4:17 scared me

  23. Joseph Stalin

    Can we get this comment to 420 likes and 69 replies? That would be *n i c e*

  24. Nicholas Stellish


  25. Bin Zhong

    0:41 for the iluminati

  26. Galaxy Wolfie


  27. SamuelsAccount07

    I started watching giofilms when I was 11... Now I'm 12... Crap I'm old

    1. SamuelsAccount07

      Wow whoever wrote this is a dumbass , will never get a girlfriend and should kill themselves

  28. The Sonic Movie Channel

    r/wahoo lol

  29. Skylynxify Reborn

    But... eggs ARE living things... they are single celled organisms.

  30. KG - 07RS - McCrimmon MS (1481)

    R/woooosh posts can actually be r/technicallythetruth

  31. Zach Temoro

    Mother/children: *tries to steal my videogames* Me: Do I have to stab a bitch?

  32. Boop Itty

    So me and my family where at an airport going to Universal. Some Hispanic lady and her 8 other family members come up and start speaking random stuff slowly nudging her and her family in front of us.My family was already mad enough and for some reason the lady was mad at us. Then my dad completely flipped! He went B**** I know your tryna get in front of us now if you don’t hightail and yeahhh.... it was great I was dying of laughter. Quick note: before this 2 flights were cancelled and a 2 day delay.

  33. GrimStuffz

    Man I accidently put my children in the oven the pie to school! Kids: REEEEEEE WHAT THE HELL!?

  34. Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the Third

    Wait what the fuck? I'm a year older than Gio? Dang, he sounds like an adult LMAO

  35. سبحان الله وبحمده

    Nice girl: I started a fight and shoved a fist that could break your soul into your face. But it’s your fault cuz I broke my own nails. My thing that I don’t even feel

  36. Yeetus Deletus

    Bro what is this subreddit I don't get anything about this and why did you make a weird accent while taking about someone telling the truth. tHiS iS sOoOoOo ConFuSiNg

  37. Doctor It


  38. Saiks the anime


  39. Lucas Gamer

    6:28 :O the battery is gonna die

  40. _Sakura Føx_

    My cat has a my name and it will come back in the morning and then I can get in a few days and then I can go outside and get me some more food and a lot more than I have to go in the next chapter of my head Florida and the suspects are in a different position than I What is life anymore

  41. Cherry The Kitsune

    “burn the whole country” be careful for what you wish for.

  42. The Tomato Watcher

    I love how we went from Xbox making the joke immediately to Xbox missing the joke.

  43. GangstaX


  44. Joshua Davey


  45. Alyssa Daly

    Karens They all karens

  46. SHY One

    hey love your videos. outro is long though. How are the fires coming? Did the rain put them out? You guys cannot catch a break. Fire, floods, what is next pestilence and famine? Good luck over there. I have the inhabitants of Australia (even those yucky spiders) in my prayers. Much Love from the USA.

  47. Scooter Man

    At 4:44 the man had an hand as part of his neck, also with a spade in it... nothing wrong here :)

  48. Darma One

    Wkwk 1 orang indo kena wooosh 🤣

  49. Random gooy

    Head banign

  50. Rick Rodriguez

    Gio calls charizard charmander

  51. Kat C

    To be honest, about the birthday thing at 6:06, only some people do give surprise presents. Others actually want to know what the person wants that way the recipient will be happy. They aren’t begging, they are just letting others know what they could get them if they were to get something.

  52. Apparently, Cat Egg

    If Alabama and Florida are known for being weird, I have been blessed with double weirdness

  53. NeverMore

    I say it like gjiff

  54. Impossibly Random

    *1000 time easier

  55. niancat 20420

    Why does Gio sound more savage in this one

  56. Grimm Drawings

    As someone who has an IQ -4 this subreddit makes me feel so smart

  57. Starzone88

    7:16 god damnit, my Siri kept activating

  58. 그냥사람

    6:57 screenshot

  59. Icestrike411 Cubing

    When you are so late you can't get any likes on your comment.

  60. Time for Video man

    Those Mickey and Minnie plushy‘s are wii characters

  61. sneez

    0:50 I got r/woooshed coz I dont understand Edit: Nvm its pretty funny if I don't understand so...

  62. lick lack hoginhack

    4:00 its called Bakersfield for nothing

  63. Seth Dale

    2:08 I actually did this and it worked! HAHA

  64. Awesomescout 22

    7:11 1 like = 10 crowns for gio

  65. burnt baconator

    3:16 right when you said you havent experienced true sadness I got the mr peanut ad where he dies

  66. RaceBandit

    3:52 | How'd the second guy miss the joke? They knew what was being attempted, which normally isn't the case for a woooosh...

  67. Sebastian Nielsen

    3:22 I’d be like “Mom?”

  68. Charbomber

    Fun fact: the name of the dog from the shot Scooby Doo is named Roger. This can be known from the episode when Shaggy says "Roger that!", to his dog, obviously implying that his name is Roger.

  69. The random Stranger

    5:42 tbh flying a drone iis more fun compared to flying a kite because you can swoop people with the drone

  70. kim jong un

    wait what if all the people that we woooosh are joking so we are the ones that should be wooooshed

  71. gremkill.1216

    You try to steal my dog and I can't promise you won't walk away without bruises or broken bones

  72. Clint Griego

    HoW aRe YoU AlLoWeD oN yOuTuBe ThEsE aReN't EvEn JoKe's. :/ >:(

  73. Rose Dreamurr lel

    Cornel JoJo. What is his stand? Kentucky chicken 😂

  74. Kageki_ 2265

    “Girl can’t watch Spider-Man” Wow, such racists

  75. Master Taco Monster

    This staff not fun to wach subsrcibeb to mw imstead 😋😪😪

    1. Master Taco Monster

      oK I subsrcibeb to u!! Good chanel

  76. John Rhett Laureles

    7:12 I heard some famous youtuber said that her passport photo looks like she smokes alchol allot. Alchol if you some it will burn like gasoline. Alchol is quiet flammable. She has some nice animations by the way.

  77. Alyssa Daly


  78. Bonfire Gamer

    Friend: ¥£€§£ Me: I don’t speak SQUIGLES

  79. Rose Petunia

    A lot of people complain about how much it hurts stepping on 1 lego. But have you ever accidentally fell onto a pile of legos that are all upside down?

  80. 10k subscribers with no videos

    In the FIsels replies in every r/woosh video, you can never tell if someone is joking.

  81. Shmackson 99

    Roses are red, Oranges are orange, I threw my dinner away. I didn’t eat my portage! >:)

  82. Fandomize Gacha

    I’m a nice person. If you get to know me and know how to manipulate me into thinking you’re my beat friend :3

  83. potato game A.

    bro.. *_w'as a joke?_*

  84. christine gamache

    ( ._.) ( )=🍪 Pls cookie ( ._.) ( ) =🍪

  85. Nightbot

    computer: help me error: can not save files because no me: stop computer error

  86. Franco P.

    I was REALLY hoping to see a top comment from a guy named "Ency" when I finished the video. I was extremely disappointed to see none.

  87. random dangantrash

    I'm going to name my future kid ency...

  88. Lauchxj Alfkdksjxncn

    Landon should start his on FIsels channel

  89. notcll0ut

    8:14 😳

  90. mini potato


  91. The1andonlymehhh_Pooj

    The man from the thumbnail is probably Nico di Angelo

  92. Dots and Bows Cookies

    kid: throws sock and shoe at me em : GIVE MY KID BACK HIS SOCK AND SHOE me: i didnt take it em: IM GOING TO CALL THE POLICE ON YOU

  93. Nathan Reme

    People developed brain cells 10 000 000 000 years ago People before 10 000 000 000 years ago :

  94. Mokey Mouse

    I saw this article of a dude in florida pulled out a gun in a mcdonalds drive through after they said the ice cream machine was broken.

  95. James BonGiovanni-Blum

    love how you mispronounce guillotine

  96. Mr Roblox ticker

    My friends are the weird ones that use youtube on safari even though getting youtube is free

  97. DalimarM

    How can people be this stupid

  98. Zaki Chan

    Why are you so dam quiet I turned my volume all the way up and then an ad for McDonald's... Everyone in my house heard. "New frappe blah blah blah other stuff" at full volume I'm not complaining but I found it hilarious.

  99. Wubzy

    im still confused on 0:53

  100. The_reaper 29

    I’ve been watching these for over 4 hours Help