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  1. Tyler Rourke

    Imagine this just came out March 2020 while everyone’s stuck inside... then It would be the time of our lives

  2. Danny The Friendly Medic


  3. Felix Herland

    Why is this in my recommended now?

  4. simp exterminator

    I'm proud to say I contributed a dislike as this was announced

  5. Lagger 2x


  6. onE mEmbEr studios

    Get ready to see Ghost dies in HD

  7. playfilms

    Mob of the dead i miss u

  8. semaj glenn

    Just now realizing that those soldiers who were jumping out the plane was a teaser to warzone

  9. Mitchell Jenkins

    Finally went back to play the campaign, thanks for another amazing story 👏

  10. Chio Productions

    3:21 : When your little brother deletes your 100 % save on Lego Star Wars 3 and hes sleeping

  11. Son Oyun Gecesi

    Is this about future or past ?

  12. mari

    does anyone know if it’s still possible to get waitress zombie?

  13. RTYTЬ

    Ребята продвиньте Русский Коммент в топ! Как долго я ждал ремастеред

  14. Don't look

    Why would i pay £20 for a game I have completed 4 times? Until they release multilayer I won't be going near it.

  15. Emmanuel Campos

    Just noticed there sounds Space Oddity by David Bowie

  16. SanAnMan 1

    Dear Call of Duty the ARX 160 from or the OSA in Infinite Warfare a real prototype assualt rifle because it be awsome in Modern Warfare with a heartbeat sensor. Do to the fact it's a close and mid range beast in Infinite Warfare. It be nice if you can give us original Juggernaut Armor by add armor plates that boost life like in Warzone.

  17. EMINLI

    please remastered call of duty 3 & change weapon sound...

  18. memegod 1969

    2020: you wanna see ghost die in HD

  19. IMATREE 007

    Its almost 2025

  20. serhat atalar

    Mw3 and ghost???

  21. Juan Manuel Santoyo Urbina

    Finally a battle royal that I actually enjoy.

  22. Shadow

    MW3 Remaster in 2022

  23. BigSchlongDaddio

    I honestly think if this wasn’t labeled call of duty it would have succeeded

  24. Mœ

    0:09 "jetbacks are history. this is time for boots on grounds...a time for legends"

  25. Ryne Drye

    This trailer really doesn’t do the game justice at all

  26. Vee Pee Cee

    I’m so mad I pre ordered and still haven’t gotten my UDT ghost bundle!!! It’s been 4 days. Let’s get it together InfinityWard


    @Callofduty there is a glitch in the game it game break it’s that there is no multiplayer

  28. Hazme 0909_LY


  29. K3NN3TH PL4YZ

    Please remaster cod waw

  30. Jose Orozco

    The zombie mode slaps through

  31. Flash Slash

    Activision should make more james bond game 😓😓😓💔💔💔🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤☹☹☹

  32. Jan Ramos

    I'll always remember this trailer for being perfect

  33. NOAHMARIE Mendoza

    We want ghost we want ghost

  34. Group Events & More

    I love how this was the only trailer to give the Song link.

  35. The Hive Bros.

    My favorite COD! In my opinion, it had the best quality content overall. Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies + DLC. Solid Game from a decade ago!

  36. Trevor Reeves

    “Let’s Do This.”

  37. XalixoKitten

    *"Your Fruit Killing Skills Are Remarkable"*

  38. DENVER

    I feel like the most hated call of duty's, advanced warfare, infinite warfare, and ghosts. Had the best campaigns and kinda "meh" multiplayers

  39. M Dani ツ

    Us when quarantine ends

  40. Hunter Thomas

    They say it's free-er, but yet today they stop making multiplayer free

  41. Paradox University

    I can't wait for this brooo, It actually looks fire

  42. Atom

    They remastered 1 and 2 they can't let this one go unremastered

  43. Mystic Robin

    This is amazing game

  44. HCR -10-03-00

    (2020) "Stay frosty"

  45. Taco Man

    "You start to forget, the things you should remember."

  46. Justin Wright

    Honestly if they'd just drop a zombie chronicles with every single zombie map from BO1-BO4 with every single gun from all 4, I'd buy it. The only reason I haven't bought this is I don't care for BO3 campaign or multiplayer

  47. Kozhin Kamaran

    I all ready completed all chapters where is multiplayers please

  48. Kozhin Kamaran

    Where’s multiplayer please


    Yeah finally a free call of duty..

  50. 22RoXas

    That,s allready dead (Realy dead )

  51. pieman243

    Huh, I just finished replaying Wolverines! and this got recommended. RAMIREZ

  52. Your Average Demon

    Bruh. They are going insane due to them going through the same thing over and over again until they break the cycle.

  53. jonathan cardiel

    Is the bundle fixed for Xbox, i bought the thing like the day after, and i haven't been able to get the bundle

  54. Oscar Aguilar

    Treyarch if you see this PLEASE PLEASE!! Remaster Black Ops 2 with all dlc PLEASE!! 🙏


    Yo me los gane. Y nunca me llegaron.

  56. Laith Abueznaid

    In retrospect the fact that WW3 only lasted like three months makes this teaser a little misleading

  57. King Redstone

    2:03Did anyone realize Dempsey holding Weasel’s hat?

  58. n00bXsicht

    Warzone? what is that? i just know the gamemode called CHEATZONE.. worst decision from YOU Activision, to make it Free2play and the guys who paid for the game like meh.. are the idiots anyway.. T.H.A.N.K.S

  59. Nomenclatura Serious

    Una campaña pero con los protagonistas del trailer de live action de ghost, como se conocieron

  60. Nexxunlan XD

    de aqui en adelante call of duty dejo de ser un call of duty

  61. ItsYoBoi BMoney

    The cod community is the most bipolar fanbase on earth.

  62. LMN118

    One more exclusive deal Activision and I'm out. This is one toxic trend that needs to end.

  63. Derek Hays

    I’m wondering which one is roach in this scene

  64. Space Autonomy

    The next thing that they are gonna remaster is mw3

  65. Lucas Bradbrook

    Your game has viticulture graphics and thank for butting the boys in a fun world thank you

  66. *glub glub*

    Oh this game is new I thought it was 2 years ago

  67. sina terror blade

    They use roach and ghost death music :(

  68. Josh BST

    This game is pretty solid, but the trailer is the one that bugs me out. :/

  69. Bruh Moment

    Can't wait

  70. Bacon With a side of Sagittarius

    I bought it it didn’t seem to show up

  71. George

    Price says “going dark” so well i love his voice and accent its amazing what a great voice actor

  72. Spyder

    The voice acting.... wow. I don't remember it being this bad

  73. ElectrikStatik 900

    I used to hate this map because of how the zombies are more aggressive and because of how tedious it was. Now I like and appreciate this map more than I thought I would.

  74. 15648013 12.


  75. Apolinar Howell


  76. znon zeo

    The trailer song tho

  77. Mxrs

    Where are the claymores

  78. Deadsnake98

    mw2 and mw3 was a legend and never forgotten

  79. Deadsnake98

    next remaster i hope it's mw3

  80. BC richie

    Does Call of duty have a discord Server?

  81. TheRakvalen

    just love getting one shotted and getting killed before i land in every game. yeah i stopped playing after about 12 matches

  82. Justin WZRD

    When soap goes down is it just me or do they ask Roach to help pull Soap and Roach is the dude with the covered face?

  83. AlphaPredator

    2009: "Remember no Russian." 2020: "Remember Wash your Hands."

  84. FitnessNationX

    If they make the multiplayer of mw2 you wouldn’t even hear about call of duty modern warfare 😂👌

  85. Unpredictable

    Why no multiplayer though?

  86. Soldier4Life

    Marine R.I.P 🇺🇲🦅🎖️A true leyend 👍🏻

  87. Hamza Yazgan

    Tranzit remastered on bo5

  88. vegeta

    Loved this!

  89. imsamin

    No one: Ghost: STAY FROSTY EH

  90. Kade Golman

    Cod ghost 2 pleaseeee

  91. Erik

    Can’t wait !!

  92. Nana V.S. Tata

    I hope they remaster most of the other COD Games, especially World at War & Black Ops 1.

  93. TheGoldenCrowbar

    I didn't know this game is coming out, I found out just know by complete chance But I'm so happy I'm freaking out

  94. Yevon Light

    Hackers again ?? Please do something just tired to buy COD game full hackers


    1:00 no need to overshoot buddy!


    Remasters Modern Warfare 2 Campaign. They better get this one on board!

  97. Anas Bashdar

    I have too l m112

  98. Vulture_K

    My second favorite CoD after MW3

  99. AlphaBeTa ProducTion

    Captain Price Thanks for all 🙏

  100. HUNTER

    Remember switching to your pistol is always Faster than Reloading.