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  1. Zeal

    Deadpool is the biggest troll on earth

  2. Darth Vader


  3. Hypewin

    Wow he is so good

  4. Savannah Holt

    watching this at 3am totally pissing myself

  5. LOLZLennon 123


  6. CatMage 002

    I wonder how much FIsels demonetised this vid...

  7. car boi car boi

    This is the best Deadpool thing ever

  8. MelihCelik

    A bottle Gin and then you can forget all memories about your times in Green Lantern movie 👍😉 cheers!

  9. TravisT TURBO GTO

    Ryan, I need you to watch this tiktok clip. I was sent here to get it to you. This needs to be in the next Deadpool. vm.tiktok.com/E2AP76/

  10. skyhawk06


  11. Degmar Felisberto


  12. Degmar Felisberto


  13. LYSDivine

    Nice movie

  14. Josef Amadeus

    He looks like that Cool badass Grandpa that we all wanted

  15. Unser

    The first kid shoots laser eyes out of his eyes 😂

  16. Jasper van Aken

    This man sound like a gta v radio

  17. H4nn15 5p4rr0w

    Noice dog

  18. Allegiance to GOD


  19. 1CrazyGamer

    That’s the guy from fortnite

  20. The Double J

    Wade Wilson talking to Ryan Reynolds

  21. Just your friendly Neighbour

    I like how he doesn’t give one shade of hell of what going on in the back ground 🤣

  22. Kim

    This is me when I am done with issues .... nope

  23. jacmeoff

    Ready player two?

  24. Alif Firdaus

    I hope to see this guy in the movie

  25. Lazy

    at first I thought this was a joke lol

  26. Kandieapples305

    The woman on the left resembles Mercedes from America’s Top Model 👀

  27. Shmangos Games

    His suit got the color took off by the sun

  28. Ryan McGrath

    This is what real life is now

  29. wink west

    I love it

  30. Quazar -A good cop

    Wait a second This is just the live action lego movie

  31. bob the knight

    Only a month away now

  32. Mr PATOTO

    People talking about an accident, I can’t see it.

  33. Samuel Reyes

    This gin is so awfully good and I highly don’t recommend it, so if you see this gin in a store.. please... please... buy it

  34. Fernando Mojica J.


  35. joey Boldewijn

    this is just GTA the movie

  36. Tanvir H18

    How long did that take! (Also it was so funny when ryan started to rip the thing of his face and then the others be like😐🤬🤬🤬

  37. Uniqke_yt

    Those pink crocs tho❤❤

  38. Emilie Hladova

    xDDD a love youuuuuu😊💕!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Omar Randgris Northways

    Logan: Wade! Is that You? I wasn't expecting You to be like that. From a badass mercenary to a weird painting artist, Come on Spiderman.


    Return to justice league please please please please make cameo


    Please please make it happen


    You know green lantern is best movie 🍿 in my opinion


    Hope you to see as green lantern

  44. WILLIAM F-4

    Song ?

    1. Tage Steinsøy

      Ballerina - Yehezkel Raz

  45. Luiginaruto Number one

    Ryan can you do a video for Fortnite nos that they have deadpool

  46. SlikTaj

    he litteraly said a leprhacorn had sex ignore my spelling

  47. Jasmina Angeleska


  48. Zonal

    If you look closely u can see something happening in the back

  49. iBandeeto

    they need to f***

  50. Orel Tabib


  51. mBlackThunder

    What was this? :S I mean, the show or whatever it was...

  52. ExperimentalDud

    Wow, i celebrity that actually leaves the comments on. I love Ryan Reynolds!

  53. Gekkies Miguel en huip

    1:18 i cant stop laughin

  54. circuit music drops

    This is a action scene look at that dron

  55. Angad Menon

    Just came here to say as of this moment in jun 2020 ryan reynolds has 69 videos.

  56. pathfinder


  57. Sandra Wong

    Wattttttttt????? Your kids r more important man

  58. Siti Jannah

    I like pikachu, so cute

  59. Shazzy2365

    Video: exists 7,142,484 people: interesting

  60. Ahmad Musleh

    Soooo confused. Is the feud real? Is it like joke feud?

  61. cristian bottino

    Only ryan can make my love for a bottle

  62. Oky Fadhrul

    slide wilson (arrow) is t'hat you ??!!!

  63. Jeff Young

    I may not be a Pokemon fan, but Detective Pikachu movie was pretty good. Pikachu is cute.

  64. Rafick Moon

    fortnight meets red

  65. Siti Yuliati

    I love pikachu because pikachu its so cute

  66. Yameen Patel

    Don’t worry it’s deadpool he is immortal

  67. Fonda Veggies

    😂 😂 😂

  68. Wayverlee Soulsong

    "I can't wait to not watch Italy play the Netherlands" Me, living in the Netherlands, is Dutch myself: ha, same dp

  69. Hayden Martinez


  70. Zarrar Khan

    When she says she home alone (GONE WRONG) 0:13

  71. Riley Mjasiri


  72. Ayushman 2609 :]


  73. Joey 239

    I bet you 5 bucks he Won’t heart this comment

  74. 佐々木由莉

    Ha ha xd xd

  75. Bill Cipher

    My man legit liked gin so much he bought the company and made it his own.

  76. Phil Dawson

    Skinny Jean's. Forget about it

  77. Злой гений

    Это форсаж снимают

  78. Donda Nana

    i was thinking of linux mint only reason i clicked this haha

  79. Itz OniiChan

    Why did i get a Ryan Renolds ad on a Ryan Reynolds video?

  80. Steve Rogers

    Why did I think he was gonna talk about LinuxMint.

  81. Solitary Bat


  82. Roy re one ta



    Hi ryan broo I'm a big fan of you, pls reply 😭

  84. saw g

    ドローン飛んでるから撮影か… てかよく見たら撮影車じゃんラッカー車みたいなの

  85. Emilie Hladova

    Omgggg you real i love you Deadpool❤💕you very very beest !!!!!

  86. Sora Entertainment

    I am a male, and well. My fav colour pink


    my freind daid of cancer 2 days ago

  88. E co

    Hi Green! Damned Sneakers! :)

  89. cerrone tasi

    I thought he was more of a WHAM! guy

  90. Jaxta

    Hes trying to act normal but he flinched

  91. stoagy mahalo

    I think erin Hanson said it best. just smash that like or die. followed by Dan avidan dont forget to like and survive

  92. Supadmi Iswan


  93. Vidwa De Seram

    gta online

  94. Jose Oppi

    "...is a family film. True story. And every good family film starts with a vicious murder. Bambi, The Lion King, Saw 7, Aviation Gin..."

  95. Blind Fishy

    I thought this was for valintines 😂😂😂

  96. Never Lascairde

    Gooosh, please give me that gin

  97. Never Lascairde

    I will fucking kill for aviaton gin.

  98. Never Lascairde

    I want aviaton gin

  99. KelexosYT


  100. DoomaWhat

    "escape plan" "asmr.wav" "syruprecipes" "excuses" "Books to say i've read" "companies to buy" "R2DP.pdf" "name of third daughter" "enemies list" "Free Guy-FULL MOVIE" never change Ryan, never change