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  1. Abdullah

    Ai black guy

  2. z x r o c a t

    maybe we really are going to the futuristic place we said we were going. idk if I should get s20 ultra or this.

  3. Shahnish Sharma

    0:39 *you what Marques wants*

  4. 박성현

    Looks good but not practical

  5. Disguise Power

    So he puts the little robot on the orange shelf, he's going to sit and the robot disappears and reappears on the blue shelf 😳😅

  6. Maciek Joker

    More phone, less your dirty hand and face from africa

  7. Shreyansh Verma

    Not buying this phone because if I drop this, my mom dropping me out of my home

  8. Andriod Guru


  9. essiemeister

    I JUST upgraded and now this?? FML


    Marques sounds so hype over this phone😑😑🤧

  11. Fajar Jayadi

    Bang David dapet gak?

  12. Michael Pace

    Crazy design, keep pushing it Xiaomi!... Just reign in those BS specs ;D

  13. yeh ehhh

    For Sale: Screen Issue: There's a little phone

  14. jdonalds2001

    My galaxy s9+ has curved edges. Light reflects off it all the time. The curved edge wraps partly around the side so my fingers sometimes inadvertently trigger unwanted events. My next phone will have a flat screen.

  15. VAHE G.

    remember nokia gem?

  16. Deepakabhiram inagandla

    Bro I have aids can u help me

  17. Fran Vuckovic

    I feel like the thumbnail wasn't an accident

  18. Ryan Jade Balod

    Is no one gonna mention that portal reference at the beginning of the vid?

  19. Ms.jessica memories

    I have a red iphone xr as my primary and a samsung J7 as my back up

  20. Hyomin Kim

    Great idea but not convincing

  21. Anime 24/7

    Noice thumbnail you got there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) XD

  22. 保羅

    Will they make a "pouch" for this phone? (that would kinda cool :)) )

  23. Andriod Guru

    noob design

  24. mahmoud Khouzame


  25. D O R I A N

    When she so thick you can -> 2:59

  26. D3L7A Z7R1K3

    Gonna be watching alot of videos for science reasons. Anyone else agree?

  27. FootyCrazyM8

    Looks cool but surely the point of having notifications at the side of the phone is just much worse than having them at the front

  28. Arshu Hansda

    No, I wouldn't want it. Can't handle so much display.

  29. Tarun Phogat

    It would be great to see a video on Vivo Apex 2020!!

  30. Kevin Schwetz


  31. Anthony Ortega

    You forgot to mention the original Samsung Gear IconX. Those came out a year before the first Airpods. They deserved some recognition in this video lol

  32. Sir Kay

    Over 10M already. Started from the bottom now he here. I'm going the same route. wish me luck!

  33. big boobs

    it lowkey looks like a suorin 😭

  34. 保羅

    ...sooo can that phone use a "case or phone protector"... how about an extra "screen protector" ?

  35. kindred hammer

    Well fuck no more porn on the train 😓

  36. brayden


  37. JWCatalano

    ight this thing is pretty freakin cool lookin

  38. Choco Potato

    Is this mobile have chance to case cover?

  39. Mr. Ash

    That's one sexy phone... I'll never put a case on that

  40. Vihanga S

    Just a thought.. Mix alpha Design To OnePlus Concept One Phone Gonna be INSANE 😍😍

  41. ok boomer

    Xaiomi: 360 screen Case manufacturers : am i a joke to you

  42. Randy Gravel


  43. Suresh Joshi

    2:45 Tiktok???

    1. قرد

      Its a chinese phone it has already downloaded apps

  44. Kongyou You

    It's a really interesting phone

  45. Aadi

    2:44 did i just saw tiktok!🧐

  46. ry no

    So, if I watch porn it'll be front and back?

  47. Dextria

    $2800 for this phone?? Dang.

  48. ry no

    So, if I watch porn it'll be front and back?

  49. Dumbicus Maximus

    1:21 This is the most passive and nonchalant "Fuck you, I have a shit ton of money, and I'll show it as much as possible" moment.

  50. lx xander

    if the liquid reacted to the angle youre holding the phone, boom

  51. Cyber Dude


  52. Christopher Ashoff

    No 3.5mm? No thanks.

  53. Billie Eilish

    Google: Bans Huawei Android: Cries

  54. Carlo

    This is why some people sticks on Apple, come on man! that phone is freaking ugly

  55. R Yarbrough

    No...This Is a good idea, ... if there's no concrete, porcelain, gravity, or hard surfaces in your world.

  56. sic

    So can I have it .....pleaaeeeeeeeeez 😥😖😢

  57. Mabdb Gdgd


  58. Harsh deore

    Apple : we make most expensive phones in the world Xaomi: you gonna be kiddin me , now hold our mix aplha

  59. Zone gaming

    all right I'm going to be the one to say it what possible use case scenario would you want a screen on the back you can only look at one side at a time what the f***** the point of this

  60. Ayush Thakur

    Did Anyone thought that it was a Powerbank by looking at Video thumbnail?

  61. MX3KY

    Gimmick. Wasting battery life for extra screen space for what. You cannot use it like galaxy fold LOL

  62. Adarsh Hinduja

    Yoooo J Cole Legggoooo mad love to you for repping him

  63. Ikram Hussain

    What an intro! Love the small level of details in some of your videos. Yes! I'm talking about the Android figurine warping.

  64. Johnson Adekunle

    It looks like a cd case.

  65. j deala

    They should have endless shortcuts on the sides and back

  66. Mateusz Kolpa

    4:28 It would be even more awesome it they have added a sort of gravity to the liquid with g sensor, which would pull the liquid to the bottom and it would behave like a water bottle.

  67. Anonymous Cyprus

    I’m wondering what if it was raining outside??

  68. Alex Sander


  69. Varad Apte

    Can I take this phone for just click a selfie 😋😋

  70. James Veach

    It's a cool phone but I really don't see the purpose so I would say I think it's over kill

  71. Hidden Knowledge

    Today in things I can't afford right now lol

  72. Pubudu Channa

    Haha we got Jerry Rip Everything 😂

  73. Shakib Helal

    Sony Xperia 1 Mark 2 review this phone

  74. Ankit Mishra

    Apple Pencil... nice tool to pick things up 😆 Apple Pencil chopsticks 🥢

  75. lutfi dandy

    2 apple pro stand,cost more than my phone and laptop

  76. Boy Carrot


  77. Kyle Duran

    if you can see it from the front wait till u see it from the back back back back back

  78. Zak

    Jerry asking mark for phone Illusion 100

  79. Sal

    A battery animation is a plus?! GTFOH!

  80. Quan Ha

    The fact that he can hold the phone without feeling slippery makes me think the experience when you slide ur finger pretty meh.


    Price bro 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  82. Malaysian Gamer

    Xiaomi: this screen wraps around the phone Techrax: *happiness noise*

  83. Trojan Hell


  84. Julian Daube

    Pls geht a Glass Screen Protektor Guys, its Importamt to Project your Phone XD

  85. SaddamAfamousta Bro

    Why I need to rewind this video My brian:just do it

  86. Holycrapski

    This phone make my Nokia 3330 look old, going to update the 3330 in another 10 years or so as the battery last 2 days now.

  87. InkReadible DiarieS

    Thumbnail :69% Me: Noice😎

  88. uncle8jack uncle

    it's just an flip phone that cannot be folded XDDD

  89. xVen0m7

    is anyone gonna talk about how this man is recording this at 2 in the morning?! talk about dedication

  90. Tanishq Bansal

    You r Having Worst ever speaking style and gestures. Use your hand less man.

  91. CubeRazn

    See I hate how everyone disses Apple for their things and how Android phones are so gud with headphone jacks, but everyone copies Apple, so basically their brand will be the same!

  92. rahul kailash

    is there any chance for giveaway?????

  93. Nice Guy Right

    Phonecase manufacturers:. how??? Waht do wwha??? HOW!?!?!!??

  94. jason wong

    maybe there's a plastic screen protector on the glass

  95. Akihiro

    How much is this and can we already buy this?

  96. maksimgames1

    was that a portal reference?... if so then i'm impressed anyone still remembers that game, thumbs up from me.

  97. Big Boy Muffin


  98. seankayn

    “First link BELOW THE LIKE BUTTON”... I see what you did there hehe sneaky, but clever.

  99. impact cisse

    this is a so bad phone

  100. moupran gayan

    Marques when a i phone starts from more than 1grand, it's still buyable with reference to the class of the phone. Marques when Samsung launch a phone with a lil more price but the most epic camera ever "We don't have a grand and a half"