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  1. Raphael Lim

    FIsels recommending me this in 2019

  2. GA. Luigi

    This is the phone I'm rocking now

  3. Ashutosh Chandrakar

    Snapdragon 710🤣🤣🤣

  4. greenson gerald time

    5G can harm your health,dont be so proud of it.the radiation far more powerful than the 4G.

  5. Android mode


  6. Damage

    so u can't use snapchat...?

  7. Eric

    I’m no fan of foldables (as of yet), but at least with galaxy fold, you get top range specs for the price. Yeah it’s $2000, but with this costing $1500, I would take the Fold all day.

  8. D Marc

    I’m getting the Apple Trash Can! You can use it for both digital and physical garbage! Then I’m going to get the iFaucet, Apple’s smart faucet (getting it wet voids the warranty, I heard)! Sadly, this is how entrenched in Apple’s ecosystem I am 😔. A crying shame...

  9. forkandknife

    $1500..... You'd have to be a daft monumental bag of hammers to think that's a good price.

  10. Frederic N

    Can you do a video test for this phone?

  11. Austin Wilwayco

    2010: iPhone 4s 2019: iPhone Xs

  12. John Mark Hermono

    Where is this tech self healing now in 2019?

  13. Antonio Hernandez

    Bro I had like one of the first foldable phones back In 2012... that Kyocera boiii

  14. Austin Wilwayco

    iPhone 4s was my first

  15. Katiesasquid 1

    These were the flimsiest phones back in 2006 and the look just as flimsy. I know 2019 has been the year of reboots but this is just no imo

  16. Šømê Dęēr

    I swear to God every freaking company in the world is making smartphones now. Soon you’re going to see Nesquick smartphones smh

  17. Katiesasquid 1

    Let’s get this out of the way now, NO.

  18. einc70

    Marquee before you get a celebrity on the show make sure you do your homework, background checks on these people. Will Smith is not a tech guy but an actor so the conversation an actor would go is talk about character development, facial expressions, emotions and acting performances. You can tell Will wasn't comfortable talking about certain stuffs. But it was a privilege to have him on the show and allowing you to approach him. 👍

  19. Keshav Borana


  20. Hi imaperson

    at 3:24 when he turned up the volume, the video sounded louder but when he went back down, the video would go quieter. it's crazy how your brain adjusts to stuff you see a lot.

  21. Lou T

    Motorola can make a bigger RAZR which I think would be a great way to attract more people as a bigger display always attracts crowds plus for it being a good, solid folding phone as well

  22. Naomi Weissberg

    Honestly, actual review aside, THE INTO WAS DOOOOPE👌👌👌

  23. Ghost

    Can you like smack it closed or should you be careful?

  24. Carlos De Leon

    Seems to be nice! But I have one concern opening and closing the Razr one might think that will start to wear and show a Kris in the screen?

  25. Naomi Weissberg

    Anyone else looking at these ppl complaining about their iPhone 6 and ur still sitting with an SE?

  26. Mark Cruz

    Bring back the Nokia 5110

  27. FGI


  28. Viorel Calotă

    Its not great tbh. Disappointed with no finger print for me

  29. The Analytical Menace

    Who else is still watching this video on their iPhone X in 2019?

  30. Bunny boy

    I was out when there was no headphone jack and saw the price, some of us ain't dumb rich

  31. _SomeoneAnonymous_

    The OnePlus 7 pro, 7T, and 7T pro are out and it’s 2019, why am I watching this ? 😂 I am curious to see how far they come which they *DEFINITELY* have

  32. Douglas Reginaldo

    1 gopro and this video gets 1000% better. Sometimes simple is the way

  33. Sourav Roy

    CEO of Google - INDIAN CEO of Microsoft - INDIAN CEO of Nokia- INDIAN CEO of MasterCard - INDIAN CEO of Harman international - INDIAN CEO of cognizant - INDIAN CEO of PepsiCo - INDIAN

  34. Alberto Garcia

    Who wants and AirPods for Android video update for 2019?

  35. David

    The lenses cost 120$+

  36. Daniel oguejiofo

    Still???????????????? *it was never worth that much but it's under apple guess we will all give it a pat on the back*

  37. Spe Cial

    How to anwser texts?

  38. Castle

    how is Asus a small company :/ Smaller than Apple yes, but better for PC stuff that is for sure.

  39. einc70

    Oh boy. It's sounds like experimental. It's for the root communitiy to crack new features. 😂


    “Jerry can make any phone foldable”

  41. Trevor

    watching this while using the beats solo 2s

  42. Joseph Moore

    Looks snazzy. Might by nice to attach a few pockets to hold credit cards, maybe some extra battery

  43. lilPopper

    Motorola made a new category phone: SMART BURNER

  44. David

    Deal breaker right here.

  45. Desmond Chia

    Using the Note 10 to watch this video

  46. lando hoth

    This phone is only going to get better, this will be my next phone, or the next iteration of it.

  47. einc70

    Marquee this came out in 2007, Google responded with the first Android phone the Nexus One in 2009. I bought one in 2010 first started rooting it. You could do a Nexus One vs Pixel 4 throwback. The phone had a chip that could read Wifi Passwords. The root communitiy cracked it. Then Google removed it on the Nexus 2. 😂

  48. Ozan Kilic

    +iPhonedo what do you think about this challenge ;)

  49. FooBoo Castle

    Hey i am waiting to buy this for my Business purpose and I am from India, waiting for your First 10M hits. (if you like this give me a heart) i am also happy too.

  50. kunal khargharia

    I loved the Moto razr v3i I have used it for so long and this new razr it's perfect the way it is unless it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket

  51. Abdur Rahman

    Can you make a video about updated apple ecosystem with significant improvements like sidecar, project catalyst,iPad OS etc.

  52. Sherry

    The next iphone will be not designed by johnny ives. Perhaps. I miss him. No homo.

  53. Zakuz

    why you always keep digging problems JERK

  54. Shrenguin

    That’s a nice Big Mac how much

  55. daniel holden

    the days of samsung $1000 cameras are gone for me, the xiaomi note 8 with amazing specs is only $250

  56. gosekinz

    The Nokia 1020 and 808 PureView had dedicated image processing chips which is why they were and still are very very good camera-phones .. OS aside they still rate with the best camera-phones of today

  57. ED

    Install G CAM on it and it'll be the best camera?

  58. kunal joshi

    Waiting for someone mod the new google camera for this😍

  59. Jose Flores

    At $1.5k, seems like they're just selling nostalgia. I was too young to have a phone when this phone was out, but i remember wanting one because i thought it looked so cool. (i think i was finishing elementary school/starting middle school)

  60. Justin Mckay

    Sony XM3s are dope

  61. Æ__

    In 20XX there will be a 1 gigapixel camera on a phone.

  62. sonic 768

    You know, you gotta admit. That ad was sick

  63. Heather Arrington

    Wow love it!

    1. MJ Is The Goat

      Did you know this guy has a huge penis?

  64. Lex

    I have an X, the bitch keeps coming back for money

  65. Mighty Arena

    Search N*gga tech in yt. Thank me latet

  66. Admiral Ackbar

    I've been searching for a compact phone after iphone stopped releasing 4 inchers. Finall someone is making something that can actually fit in my pocket. 21st century sucks!

  67. Akshay Sheth

    8:44 mkbhd slides in a prop ( bottom left )

  68. Sami Salem

    I wouldn't exactly call that a supercar.

  69. Ricodabodyguard22

    Recently upgraded from the Galaxy Note 2. Was going to purchase the Note 10; but, the moment I learned of the phone coming without a headphone port, purchased the Note 9.

  70. Prasanna Venkatesan

    Awesome to watch your videos man!

  71. Darin Porter

    I'll never get in an automated deathtrap.

  72. rangelo8

    Opening that thing up for every text is going to get old...

    1. nelson montezuma

      rangelo8 wow TRUE!!!!!

  73. A B

    Brandon 🧡🧡🧡

  74. Edward C

    Umm, it’s not the same size as the original razor. The razor was not as wide.

  75. Nathan Dias

    Me: FIsels: Hey it seems to be November 2019. You want to watch a video about the Note 7?

  76. Adonis Perez Abreu

    Go ahead

  77. einc70

    I can see Nokia resurrect their old flip flops of the early 2000s and adopt the foldable screen onto them for nostalgia. Foldable screens are still in the experimental stage. The late release Galaxy fold shows new improvement of the screen factor. There's room for improvement I think the foldable screen factor has some future. It needs to be more sturdy.

  78. Guess What

    Camera quality depend on the sensor and lens adjustments

  79. RisingTech

    I remember snapping these phones in half back in the day after a bad break up 🤣🤣🤣.

  80. AlexBTW_

    Is it still available in 2019??

  81. p jose

    Who came here from the 9 year old recommendation?

  82. Red Justice

    How good is this spec wise compared to an iphone?

  83. Dog That misses his ball

    Tony stark

  84. macoy r

    bill gate change the world

  85. Zafer Guz

    Doug be like: Yes.

  86. Sagar Chaudhary

    The worst phone I have ever seen.

  87. The Goat

    This is why Crapple sucks

  88. Samsuri Ismail

    U lose the game of pubg when ur closing a flip

  89. SuperMikoo

    Samsung just Infinity Flexed on everyone else.

  90. nkryptchn 02

    Att lies because it's being run by libtards. They're a bunch of lying criminal motherfuckers.

  91. Y. E

    Which camera do I look at when someone is taking a picture of me lol


    Coming back to this video 7 years later... and this HD video looks like it was shot on a $5 phone. lol, boy have we come a long way... just imagine what our videos will look like 7 years from the day i am writing this.

  93. Bishwas Mishra

    Which 2 apps do you use in a split screen or dual screen?

  94. NVR's Giftshop

    The rooms with two light switches use 12-2 wire when they need 12-3 and to be wired correctly so that both give power and cut the circuit off. But it's cool.

  95. Awesome Person

    Can you check out the newly released Huawei Nova 5T?

  96. W t

    My dude playing that new Madeon in the intro. Seriously, go listen to Good Faith by Madeon

  97. Brandon Mapes

    Why does he have a scar on his hand?

  98. beszt95

    I would only consider this so when i switch to android, i don't have to switch from itunes as well. I've had an iphone SE for over 2 years so it's starting to show its age a bit, especially the battery. Overall though the SE still is pretty good IMO especially since I've got small hands

  99. Billy William

    I don't pay more than $150 for a phone. I'll buy this in a few years when the price is under $150.

  100. Bimal Tripathi

    Can you tell me the performance between ipad 5th gen and ipad pro 2019..I was thinking to upgrade but have my own doubts