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  1. Girls Update


  2. funmi Rossette

    Who else was shocked when the brush was Fromm brown to magically snow white🤣🤣😂😂😭😭😄😅

  3. jack bernier


  4. Sarah Naik

    My sister likes planking others and the entire family!!!!

  5. LegoUnboxing

    In the beginning hack I don’t understand it cause the questions on the test are going to have an x on it so. It’s a A+ with incorrect answers?😐🧐

  6. Sarah Naik

    Can’t you at least teach me

  7. AbsoluteGamerGirl

    nooffence but these hacks are so stupid

  8. Haylee Nguyen

    I have tiktok its : haylee_devilll

  9. Maria Garcia

    Am in high school 🏫

  10. jack bernier

    Numerous people have to fhvgfhf6dgdgdfdfddfdfdfdfdf

  11. JaynesfilM

    Keep the good work I did one of them The tree

  12. Lattawan Wingfield


  13. Maryann Boadu


  14. Akun Gfk


  15. Twitcheo !

    Did she just spend 50 bucks on a lollipop?! That is expensive!😬

  16. Vishal Ajmera

    Where is vicky



  18. Carol F


  19. Carlos Guevara

    Fake AF

  20. Jaylah Borjas

    Hey Vicky

  21. bilias hour

    YeahPapa anything it really benefiting our best to get a salary where he misses good birthday love me to

  22. Jaylah Borjas

    Why is your channel call 123 go huh so be quite because your channel is not good because you rude and your pranks they are not funny😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  23. Nichole Skeels

    I actually just tried these hacks and almost none of them work

  24. chao xu

    女 lL

  25. gacha elly

    This is dumb why don't you just clip your hair or put in your ears😒🤭

  26. Diana Bromfield


  27. ROBLOX MASTER 2345


  28. Diana Bromfield

    Wow 🙀

  29. Diana Bromfield

    Lana,s hairstyle

  30. Nirtika Wati

    Didn't you wash your hands after painting 😂😂😂

  31. Jaime MacNiven


  32. angel have devil

    That isn't her name 🎫😠😠

  33. Destiny with friends and family

    Good job

  34. Mel Phelan

    I love 123 go

  35. Joel lim

    One evening the other