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  1. Alfie Aolomons

    Internet do we all agree to vote nico as the driver of the day in Brazil and Kubica for Abu Dhabi?

  2. Juan Manuel Santoyo Urbina

    The Kaiser

  3. vitor roque

    Who tf is cutting onions?

  4. Vinicius Alexandre

    I miss driver... I miss sound V8... I miss look cars... I miss the real F1....

  5. MitsuZer0G



    Sure wish Nico had a seat for 2020.

  7. Andre Silva

    That is not F1

  8. mroshfosh

    His last lap .....

  9. Ricardo Olho Aberto

    Nice to hear from Hulkenberg, but it is very sad not to hear the track guide from a Brazilian driver.

  10. Matthew Howard

    My Childhood hero I grew up watching him he was just simply awsome, amazing and awe inspiring he was just incredible in my opinion I miss him dearly in F1 an absolute legend

  11. VVV

    When engines were made for men and the drivers were really fighting...

  12. FRFM00

    I remember how excited I was watching it live. Suzuka was very painful and odd because of the retirement. It was so unexpected. I knew Fisi was going to cut his wheel, I remember just knowing it was going to happen, and it did. Really ruined the race. But the pace from Schu after the pits was awesome and it was great seeing him and Kimi go wheel to wheel in T1.

  13. Rob Knook

    Welcome to another episode of ‘important to have a great exit’ Hulk, give us that great exit, you have two more to go

  14. CF23Rhys -

    This hit the feels🥺

  15. Dewan Chand

    Epic. Michael number 1.

  16. Jay Grogan

    That’s cool, how about 2020?

  17. Renato Cesar

    Beat by Räikkönen in a red vacuum slicked tire with DRS

  18. Phillip Leite

    I dont wanna see this after knowing Hulk wont get a seat 🙁🙁

  19. Daniel Melo


  20. Dan Moritz


  21. Yener Coskun

    This made me cry. He deserved to win that race, even if it wouldnt make him WC

  22. roberto oliveira

    Senna the best

  23. Oğuz Can Soyselçuk

    Carbon fiber composites.

  24. Ricardo Matheus

    It is a pity to not have a Brazilian showing one of the F1 temple.

  25. G.E.O.


  26. Xxprince x

    Schumi forever numero uno !

  27. Thiago Lima

    Eita que no Brasil vai pegar fogo

  28. tushar giri mukharjee

    This is the exact why I hate Ferrari to the death

  29. Renato Cesar

    I wonder if Montoya had a wider car and wider slick tires... V-10 is way faster.

  30. The Highkage

    Im sad he wont be year,.but Im excited to see DTM

  31. André Luiz


  32. Vinnie Judilla

    Thanks for making me choke up guys. So glad and lucky to have witnessed his greatness in my lifetime. Michael will always be the greatest all records aside. A remarkable family of racers the Schumachers..👍👍👍

  33. Ed Seda

    The G.O.AT man those engines sounded Amazing, today's engines sound like vacuum cleaners in comparison.

  34. Dawn Bennett

    I’m sorry but can you imagine this Hamilton gets his 7th world title and Micheal gets better and comes back to F1 and fights with Lewis to get the 8th won’t happen but could you imagine

  35. Daniel Max


  36. Danny355

    I was there at that race, epic comeback from the back! Did all his fans proud. The championship really ended at Suzuka with the engine failure but was an epic final race for Ferrari

  37. Fügedy Tamás

    Driver of the day: Hulkenberg for this GP!

  38. SD

    Michael Schumacher; one person in my live a love, he is my idole.

  39. Michael Kennelly

    I heard the V12 leaves no carbon footprint. Soooooooo....put the V12 back in the cars and save yourself lots of money and time!

  40. Camilo Almendra

    Thank you Formula 1 for this remembrance.

  41. Diego Ferreyra

    So proud of Nico... The only one that gave me some happines on Mercedes's dominance

  42. vdochev

    Schumacher isn't my favorite driver. So why am I crying watching this?

  43. Jadhiel Asaph Mendes Pinheiro

    And Ferrari (without cheating) still improved more than Mercedes

  44. Chil Man

    Why does Alonso's engineer always sound like he is on the verge of tears ? Shaky voice.

  45. Maquette Music

    Hamilton taking that title on that last corner is one of the greatest F1 moments of all time. Get rid of Abu Dhabi, the most drab race in a human rights abusing country that hates anyone who isn't them anyway.

  46. Eduardo Talavera

    The Kaiser

  47. Guitarjosii

    Bring back V10. Nothing more to say.

  48. Demicheli

    Before the 7x1 was a thing this was the First time a German f***** a Brazilian in Brazil 😝

  49. Shpend Abazi

    my hero

  50. Cody Jay

    Simply the greatest. Senna forever.

  51. Afonso da Mata


  52. Gabriel Depallens

    For me just the best driver

  53. Louis Browne


  54. D. Duarte

    Schumacher Dick Vigarista das pistas ! Mas torço pela sua vida !

  55. Sport Stacker.45

    Should have shown Nico’s Pole Position From 2010.Anyways Bye Nico! You should Have Been In The HAAS in 2020 but They were stupid enough to sign Romain.

  56. Israel Freitas

    This circuit has so many histories...

  57. Patrick Mason

    I just wish that Michael could produce one more piece of magic and wake up

  58. Robert Peterka

    Hit by not so safety car

  59. Firemarioflower

    1:00 And a stripper pole????

  60. Squeakers

    Still wish that vettel threw it away in 2012 and lost out so Alonso could get it that year but as with Massa the most unfortunate things can happen

  61. 辣椒塗眼

    That blonde girl and the drummer pay more to be on the video than any pay driver

  62. colymoliTM

    why 17 laps? the taff thing in sim racing is to keep you conzentration on that high level. so why they dont go for a full race? this wuld deffenelty more taff and if you crash ore something aley in the race your chance is higher to fight back.

  63. Prasad Gianluca Colombage Fernando

    The best race I have ever seen of Michael. He was nearly one lap behind and did a big vamp.

  64. Alejandro García

    Goodbye Nico, we will miss you on 2020, I hope you'lo have a seat on 2021.😢😢

  65. Apple Man

    Yet he scored his maiden pole here😂

  66. gaahleux666

    Nico are better than 8-10 f1 drivers. I want to see Nico more f1 schedules :C

  67. Qamil Nuhu

    He is the best driver in F1, not Hamilton, Hamilton is zero

  68. denny peters

    keep fighting Michael

  69. Harry

    Never liked Schumacher for his cheating or him winning all the time but the people who said he could not race wheel to wheel are deluded.

  70. Alejandro Moreno

    Was that Glock?

  71. Pavel Tikhonov

    So basically 10, 7, 4 and 1 is why there's no more refueling in F1

  72. bodie of ci5

    One of the best drivers ever. The rivalry with Senna, Piquet and Mansell were epic.

  73. SchwuppDieWupp

    Oh, I got damage GOT DAMAAAGE! Ooaaaarrr!

  74. matt

    I'm praying for you Michael!

  75. Sergio David Buitron

    Quien vio a Schumacher y ahora como esta. Por mucho que lo superen,seguira siendo el Kaiser.

  76. Andres Ponce

    Adiós vaquero 🤠 espero volvé a ver a nico en la f1

  77. El PapaFrita


  78. BWX

    Enough with the garbage MUSIC.. Sheeshh..

  79. Mohammad Heydari

    We already have formula E... so please please please don’t ruin formula 1... let us enjoy it.

  80. Daily Dose of E85

    A better drive than Hamilton has ever done, certainly an icon, a legend. Racing today is boring, I doubt we will get something like that again

  81. UltraOmar

    4:24 - "Good team work J Hus" ?? hmmmmmmmmmm....

  82. steve

    Back when there was no DRS for artificial passes. The good times when a drive like this was of epic performances.

  83. Sergio David Buitron

    El pobre Glock quedara para la historia como el que arruino a Massa. Que grandes momentos nos ha regalado Interlagos

  84. Mike Muncy

    Keep fighting Michael.

  85. liam burgess

    I’ve never seen a full MS race as I was born in 2000 but this gave me chills and emotions I didn’t know I had

  86. Curious Cat

    Now everybody likes Schumacher because he had the accident. lol Keep fighting, even if I don´t like you, I don´t wish what you are going thru to my worst enemy. Nobody should suffer like this.

  87. Антон Власенко

    so many tears

  88. Maico Botega

    I'll remember him forever!

  89. Gar C

    The Michael ... We <3 u

  90. R3TRO_ Dernoff

    A legendary driver he is!

  91. chproductions


  92. Lyrics4Music

    Nico i loveeeeeee youuuuu dont go pleasseeeee!!!!!!

  93. Sergio David Buitron

    Me encantaria que Brasil fuera la ultima carrera como ha sido siempre. Una pena lo de este piloto cada vez queda menos asiento.

  94. Mr Rose

    And this is why Fernando Alonso is one of the best F1 ever had

  95. Giant Killer

    Hamilton retires... F1 fans: it was the car... Bet me!

  96. Carlos Rodrigo Oliveira Pereira

    That's the reason why Senna was a lot better than Hamilton

  97. HtOW

    Planning to zero Carbon Dioxide but let 2 new build up while existing got realeased.....

  98. eoe123321

    GOAT #keepfighting

  99. laskipaa2

    Wasnt this the race where Kimi was having a shit?