Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.
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  1. Linxin Stuff

    What's black, white, and red all over A zebra on fire.

  2. mrmogensen

    Sokath, his eyes uncovered!

  3. Athstetic_spelt_wrong

    You didn’t search for this...

  4. Sheldon Hawke

    So, computers suck at translation because humans suck at language design.

  5. Omni Mystiic

    I can't feel my feet watching this video.....🤣

  6. Jotaro Kujo

    Why tho

  7. Voltaic Fire

    On a side note, I wish cabin trains were far more popular. I would happily pay significantly more if I got my own, personal space for the duration of the journey. It would make the comfort & quality of the journey magnitudes better.

  8. papa mito

    I'd love for someone to wear some protective suit with a camera and gp into it.

  9. Peke

    somehow im happy that my country is not red

  10. Robert Swifts

    Who thinks of this!?!

  11. Chibi terasu

    I wonder since it was goes up to the space why is that garlic bread didn't change into garlic toast bread. Can anyone explain it please?

  12. Voltaic Fire

    This implant is just social media for the physical world, they share most of the same horrific consequences.

  13. Clarinettist OwO

    The pun of the road name is just smart. Rue CanUSA

  14. Mr.kevin not home

    " Houston we have a problem"

  15. Kyle Lee

    2:31 all that trash

  16. Aaronsosexy

    Definitely real

  17. Stefan Gruber

    It's not nuclear waste. It's TUNuF. Temporarily Uneconomic Nuclear Fuel. These Tunuf sites will be easy-access mines for future reactor generations.

  18. Anon B

    I imagine some path in Nepal or Afghanistan is worse.

  19. Enigma

    No matter how many times this ends up in my recommended i watch it every time.

  20. Voltaic Fire

    I don't think I could bring myself to use an invasive technology unless it was to save my life or alleviate suffering so great that I didn't want to live. Even then there are limits. I'm the same way with the ironically named social media even if it has lead to being out of the loop for some things, for good or ill.

  21. Palash Sashittal

    we call this jugaad in India

  22. Ender Ben


    1. Ender Ben

      I typed it with a russian 'e'

  23. Meme Magic

    It's pitch black, you are likely to get eaten by a grue...

  24. titus

    Imagine it hit an aeroplane

  25. HOW TO

    Whts the point??

  26. KitKat_XD

    Imagine being on a plane and seeing a flipping piece of bread attached to a balloon in the sky litterly just vibing

  27. Felix Roux

    These are such good questions.

  28. Voltaic Fire

    Taking a descriptive approach to English has allowed people to try things like using the word 'they' to describe both an individual & a group. So I think it's fair to say that being prescriptive does have its positive uses too.

  29. Ørjan Solli

    I was just about to hit like when I saw that I already liked it... I must have seen this before

  30. Voltaic Fire

    I think I'll just wait for a real time universe translator.

  31. Melody Storm


  32. Blodershade Donald productions

    Hold up is that me

  33. Justine Chandranata

    how it tastes like bread with space taste

  34. ConspiracyTheoriesWithTea

    That's very much just a machine that bumps your head into the sides of your chair

  35. Voltaic Fire

    Damn those lazy type setters, they've cost us more than I thought.

  36. Erick Barrun


  37. Voltaic Fire

    I don't know why that insufferable git didn't just go by Walter.

  38. Mrflimflams dog


  39. Henry Ding


  40. Jacob Tarnowski

    We have drive-through liquor stores in 'MURKA, too.

  41. Sadair

    I’ve saw this in the past and it has come back to make me smile

  42. Johnray Ponce

    That's a bait. They're fishing an alien

  43. Swe-TV


  44. a random girl

    Sorry to be 'that person', but I'm genuinely curious? Who's watching this in 2020?

  45. UndeadDog

    I’ve always thought 30 year is an ideal time length but I can definitely see the appeal of nostalgia cycles. 50 years sounds like a perfect length of copyright and I can only hope we get there someday even if work ends up getting grandfathered in and I never get to see it pay off.

  46. nose wiggly

    Tom looks so young

  47. l ironface53 l

    Balloon pops at 1:52:16


    Welcome to this week’s episode of: why is this in my recommended

  49. harld kardika

    Indonesian: 1. Indonesian literally (literally "literally", not figuratively) don't have any tenses. 2. We= kita (including the one who we talk to) & kami (excluding the one who we talk to) 3. Nope 4. Nope

  50. harld kardika

    We need something that indicate if you want your sentence to be replied or not by the one who you are talking with (in not a harsh/long/unnatural way) Sometimes i just want to give an information without knowing someone's life story.

  51. xR Naughty

    You should of kept the bread in a display for one of the few foods that has traveled to space alone

  52. RainbowCookie

    Of course they ran Doom on a voting machine

  53. Ethan Nelson


  54. Богдан Кондратов

    The amount you earn is public... unless your income is, let’s say, is partially under the radar. Which is rather easily achievable unless you live on a salary alone, of course.

  55. Manguydoods

    Me: *checks the comments for anything about DJ Khaled*

  56. Pronto

    If you have claustrophobia, don't watch this at bed time...like I just did...

  57. Dextronomy

    Hello from 11 years to the future, the FIsels reccomendations algorithm has brought me here yet again

  58. Voltaic Fire

    Huh, neat.

  59. Kyubi Hitashi

    You send a garlic bread into space..., right, but the only question i have is... How Does It Tasted?

  60. Yvon Tripper

    We're not movie producers but my boss still uses dithering all the time

  61. Mikky

    And there's not one of these in the burj khalifa?

  62. TikTokSong

    Nord or Express

  63. QAaRIS

    4:37 That's what we call phlegm.

  64. Voltaic Fire

    I have the technology sat in my living room to power all that and much more. Nice.

  65. UndeadDog

    Was not prepared for the Legal Eagle crossover but I definitely appreciated it

  66. 348joey

    Lesson learned. I'll stick to kites with keys tied to them.

  67. Voltaic Fire

    If humans could only get an input error BSoD.

  68. Lachlan McCarthy

    How can I make this ?

  69. [KFT1]Daniel Avocado

    “I forgot to press record dammit”

  70. ThePixel1983

    Commenting from France, as a native German speaker who moved here two years ago, 10 years after leaving school. For me, it started by not wanting to have wasted years of English and French lessons in school, so I kept both alive.

  71. Voltaic Fire

    SkyNet: Humanity, they're living stack overflow errors that can't be allowed to continue.

  72. sansdacomic1098

    Who else but quagmire

  73. Matthew Hernandez

    Interkosmos and the Soviet Union would like to know your location

  74. Demir Ergun

    No one probably searched this

  75. Voltaic Fire

    Just let people fall, they knew the risks going in & it's good for the species.

  76. Voltaic Fire

    Hold up, there's a slice of Africa up for grabs? Let me grab a flag, a flight, and a tent.

  77. TeAniMate

    Next, send Lasagna to space to feed an ancient god, Garfield

  78. Adam L

    The 1 to 2 and 201 to 202 comparison is hard to wrap your head around.

  79. Pragnya Vempati

    Ahhh the did the intro translation with telugu as the language !!

  80. Joe Mama

    Let me guess you didn’t search for this? Yep

  81. Crystal Gamer

    Astronaut:is that garlic bread. Astronaut to:looks good. Astronaut:brings in space ship. Guy:alright gets ready opens to nothing um???

  82. John Brass

    Numbers are the universal language

  83. thesummersofar

    Y’all should read Worm, it covers a lot of the issues with most superpowers

  84. Suspect XX

    For a flavor thats out of this world!

    1. Suspect XX

      Kill me now

  85. Rea

    using a robot to prove if one isn’t a robot

  86. Voltaic Fire

    It reminds me of an earth like section of a starship with the grey walls constantly in the background to break the immersion.

  87. Toprak Girgin

    And thats how alien virus come to earth

    1. Mrvizu

      Toprak Girgin no one likes u nerd

  88. Goodness Gracious

    Couple years ago I was a full on conspiracy theorist and I just remembered watching this, it’s all coming together

    1. S.F 2100

      And now you don't believe on conspiracy theories or decided to be a sheep?.


    Doesn't it get like... Radioactive or something?

  90. GenguGenji

    What if the thing just hits a bird while falling 😆

  91. CatchingUpWithKAYDEN

    See people not flat

  92. Voltaic Fire

    I don't know why but Tom, despite being his elder (I think,) is one of the few people who can warn me of danger and have me listen.

  93. Voltaic Fire

    I'd say the canals in Liverpool are more dangerous, it's the only stretch of water that can give you a sexual disease.

  94. Voltaic Fire

    I'd still watch him go "huh, neat." at different points on the planet.

  95. Duncan Dayrit

    I'm here cuz of Shane Dawson

  96. Lynnlo

    Tried to wipe the water off the screen.

  97. I.K. Stern


  98. Alixer YT

    2030: Humanity's Dead. What happens next?

  99. ```Yxllow_bun```

    *garlic bread when it returns* 4:46 Mom: oh you can eat it, just cut off the bad parts

  100. QuitLovingMe

    This how Corona Virus started