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  1. chronoss chiron

    im using 424.3 i see a beta 1.0 can this work in it?

    1. chronoss chiron

      nope 425 ONLY and 425 has issues

  2. Dennis Haupt

    is this using raytracing or don't we need that anymore?

  3. Mike Asterios

    Crunch :(

  4. 송주연

    What is Niagara?

  5. EasyYt! Tutorials, Games, Reviews

    Do it work on android too?

  6. Enes Özdemir TV


  7. Enes Özdemir TV


  8. Noxiosus

    Jesus Christ talk about a punch in the gut using a Paragon character...

  9. Max Playmaxx

    Please make more tutorials like this.

  10. Iskandar III

    Remember... "It just works"

  11. Bossk

    Can you have multiple objects casting Rayleigh scattering?

  12. Hasan DEMİR

    I have unreal engine curiosity I would be grateful if you put Turkish subtitles. respects.

  13. vivek tyagi

    How many years will it take a newbie to get to that level of drilling down the maze and returning back up to breathe. Quiet a system there. I wish it had a magic wand to manipulate it. I wrote it at timeline indication 20.32 another 8.minutes 21 seconds to go. Diving back in. Off with the pause. Just finished watching. Starting with basics is what is needed. Where can I start with that ? Many Thanks.

  14. fresh maker

    It's that easy.

  15. Ben Free

    Hmmmm, delicious 🍰

  16. Chronno

    Excellent tutorial. I really hope they are working on a master Niagara class that we can take as an online course :)

  17. vblackrender.

    I never thought, that this audio technology could make such a big difference, but wow, now I understand! This is a big thing!

  18. Unwired Project

    AWESOME tutorial. Please tell me that you have some kind of course or guide to work with Niagara, i would absolutely love to watch everything you create. Honestly, Niagara lacks of this kind of thing and i'm eager to know how to play with it

  19. iamisandisnt

    Awesometastic. Raise your hand if you're finally starting to understand Niagara!

  20. Cpt.Trips

    Will Chaos have easy to use events to integrate more advanced collision sounds such as rolling and sliding?

  21. Jim Newton

    Awesome stuff!! phew.. gotta learn all these nodes.

  22. Dave H

    I lovvve that water!!! wish I could have that water in my game! my water looks like crap! :(

  23. Dave H

    the 2 guys were rendered and animated in unreal engine lol :P

  24. Juan P. Hernández

    Amazing tutorial!!! Keep it up like this. :D

  25. Jaromír Adámek

    Whats the accent of the right man, I cant understant him single word! Its worster, than the india or china accent.

  26. DeeOdzta

    Awesome thanks Chris hope you do more of these, a Niagra concepts series maybe!

  27. Seyit Bayar

    Nooooooooooo parangon

  28. Anxious Dreams

    Imagine these kind of graphics in all games running 200 fps. I hope that becomes reality in the future. But you can definitely see the stuttering image when the camera moves which sucks. Can't stand 30 fps anymore. 🤮😅

  29. Andrew Biggam

    literally only clicked this because of crunch

  30. JT Kingzly

    Damn.. didnt think I would see crunch again. RIP PARAGON

  31. Milagro


  32. Taylor McCrackwitch

    For anyone else that was headbutting the screen. aside from having to add drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id= for the google drive stuff. you also have to name the Param2d in the texture RT or the same as you did in the event graph of the blue print.

  33. Andres


  34. Bloodyshinta1

    Paragon was tite

  35. Dalton Williams

    So when are we getting proper sound for above and below?

  36. Dark Energy


  37. polyguy 3

    this is unreal

  38. Krispycush

    aplausos weon aplausos !!!!

  39. Asier

    If this is what you get with PS5, what can IBM get with their supercomputers ?

  40. Tobias Schneider

    Does anyone know where to find more good Niagara tutorials?

  41. Tobias Schneider

    Please Epic, more tutorials like this. It is so hard to find Niagara tutorials online!


    Virtual Reality and unreal engine = class

  43. Yazan Saoud

    Its my first time seeing a USEFUL tutorial from the official UE4 that isn’t 2 hours long



  45. KG88 music

    imagine VR ou wee

  46. Badr Ballish

    Love it man, thank you very much.

  47. Hiro yuki

    2758 : We have fully scan the universe and your mom.

  48. Daniel G.

    We want paragon back!

  49. Pete Zah

    I thought this was fallout 4's automatron dlc judging by the thumbnail

  50. Backroad Junkie

    Episode 104 of the Disney Gallery (Technology) on Disney+ shows this in action. They call it the Volume, Absolutely ground breaking. 75 feet in diameter with video walls around 270 degrees, 20 feet tall... Amazing stuff...

  51. Coen Naninck

    Your voice is incredibly relaxing! I can just listen to this and doze off... 🤗

  52. vertigomaniac

    Glad to see my boy Crunch helping the community after his untimely demise

  53. kroks06

    It must be a lot of work to create all the details of this map, no way real games will be like this.

  54. Luke Canniff

    This is excellent in pace, length and content. This sort of format is extremely useful to me and I'd bet other learning devs too

  55. gbacl

    This was really good. The effect looks amazing

  56. RandomLiquidSnake

    So this is the Epic Games office...

  57. GLYCE Music

    So this is where all the Fortnite money went.

  58. Rajat Kumar

    we need more like this on Niagara..

  59. Nightmare Foxy Plush

    I want this to be used in the new pikmen game

  60. Sandeep M

    Need more tutorials like that instead of Stupid 1hr talk where you dont teach anything.

  61. Min Chit

    Is there anyone who learn UE 4 for the first time?

  62. justaname onyourscreen

    Sad dayz... can't sign into my Epic games act...Passwerd doesn't work...and when I try to request another it says something about being invalid because of double request...oh well it was fun while it lasted...

  63. Identifiant

    Bring Paragon back instead of using it for technical demos ..

  64. xxerbexx

    i really wonder why i have to use this around the corner node system now to creat my particles instead of nodes like in ever other ue4 part. and done come to me with "easier for designer" i am a designer and i think just randomly slapping in something that visually works pretty different is a hilariously stupid idea. im aware i can just use nodes, but that is then in so many different bp´s or whatever its even worse. rather useing some nodes, in a window, without leaving that window.

    1. Foodius

      Give it a chance... It's a little weird at first but it's certainly not random and if you get a little used to it, it's much more straightforward than Cascade. Plus, think about all the techartists and vfx guys that can do way more of their art now. If you know or learn a little programming it get's really fun, pretty quickly.

  65. OyBoY'

    Paragon :'(

  66. ok

    2:16 GORE.

  67. Dima Ferox

    I like Chris tutorials >3 thanks

  68. Josh Kitney

    You had me at "Hello." Well done, really good vid. Nice and clear and well paced.

  69. Cain GodTier

    Just when I thought I was getting a hang of UE4 ! This engine is as deep as the ocean!! This effect is very dope by the way! May try to remake it later. Does anyone know of any other good resources to learn the basics of niagra?

    1. Muneeb Hamza

      CGHow is a good channel. There was a also a livestream on Niagara when it first came out in early access. Watch that too.

    2. Yazan Saoud

      I know, i thought the same thing, UE4 is huge And takes a lot of years to learn, there is a channel called CGhow where a guy showcases some cool tutorials about Niagara , and focus on his basic tutorials first , then the other more advanced ones

  70. CGHOW

    Stunning effect.. Gonna try this one

  71. flynsxcool

    мега круто

  72. Sam Walsh1


  73. flynsxcool


  74. Tejmur Šihmamedov

    Either bring back Paragon, or stop using those models.

  75. HaloBaller9813

    is there a way for the particles to only appear when the character is touching the bars instead of every wall? Like is it possible for the particle system to react to objects of a certain layer or type only?

    1. HaloBaller9813

      @Luke Canniff nice is there documentation on how to do that?

    2. Luke Canniff

      yes, you'd likely add a marker on a specific class of object and use only those distance fields

  76. Jared Lind

    Gosh, I miss Paragon!

  77. Evgeny Yurichev

    ouch... I remember Paragon)... So sad project closed

  78. Chrys Gaman

    Thank you for covers the fundamentals of Niagara. Can you make tutorials about chaos destruction please ? Thank you.

  79. Quirky Science

    If you saw a 400 year old plastic model somewhere, give me a call, please

  80. Marty's random art

    Will be cool in the new Unreal Tournament

  81. Ryu's G Play

    Looks amazing but so did the anthem trailer I won't be tricked twice I'll wait for the reviews this time lol.

  82. David R. B.

    More Niagra effects from start to finish are greatly appreciated! Been wanting to make the switch to Niagra but it feels so under-documented and lacking in solid foundational tutorials as of now.

  83. Sean Lake

    MATT! Dude, good to hear your voice!

  84. Marcelo Tezza

    Evangelist? Strange...

  85. TuncaySonmez

    Chris Murphy is the best UE4 evangelist. He always makes to the point fast paced tutorials.

    1. Tim Oxley

      He needs to train the rest of the team, this is how you do it.

  86. Wawa Jey

    Very Nice!

  87. Nestor de Ogueta

    Crunch!!! Bring back Paragon Epic please

  88. chronoss chiron

    and im using crunch in a lil fun this is UBER fun stuff and experimenting you get lots a fun stuff makign a galaxy then using a hologram you turn it into a neat effect on top of it etc the fun is real

  89. Ty_ teynium

    Please do more tutorials!

  90. Michael Bahena

    hey chris! hope you do more, you a great resource. Loved the one you did a while back

    1. Michael Bahena

      @chronoss chiron the last one he did on technical art was great

    2. chronoss chiron

      i got a feeling more of us will do a lot more start experimenting and woa neato stuff

  91. DeathIsAGift

    Where are the falls ?

  92. Sitanoni

    I miss Paragon :(

    1. Goshtic

      @eth When they stop reminding us with it's assets is when we won't get this one comment.

    2. The Scrizz

      @Andrew Biggam they shut it down to move devs to Fortnite

    3. RecklesFlam1ngo

      At least everyone now gets all of the paragon assets for free :)

    4. eth

      @Andrew Biggam They probably shut it down so they have the manpower to develop UE5.

    5. Seyit Bayar

      Nooooooo paragon

  93. julian rosales ivanosky


    1. DarkyInside

      Un video a la semana

  94. Navhkrin

    More videos like this please! 30 min explanations done by experts, much better than 1.5 hour long talks

    1. Tim Oxley

      What they should do is give those feature-film length talks internally or on a stream, then have someone re-record a 20 minute, concise summary afterwards.

  95. gursimran singh

    What about making clouds in Niagara

    1. RandomLiquidSnake

      The default skybox already has clouds.

    2. Luiz Vaz


  96. Vasudev Singh

    Niagara tuts.. Finally..

  97. RFXcube Studio

    wowww.. its amazing!:D

  98. Cojocaru Ernest

    If this is real then what you one can create is Limited only by one own Imagination

  99. Free Super Games

    Why are you uploading the same video everyday ?

  100. Funny Videos - Funny Out Loud

    0:06 wow look at that quality of render, this character model is indistinguishable from the real one! (wondering how many triangles are there on his face)

    1. Bogdan codreanu