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  1. Jairo Mendoza

    When both of these teams are good these two teams never disappoint always a great rivalry.

  2. Raul Martz Hawk Azul

    42k likes Seahawks .... 1.3k dislikes 49ers... we will always be superior

  3. TTV-UR-BOT420 69

    The falcons know how the saints play just saying they play them so much

  4. phillipsal57

    Wow! That was a crazy game!

  5. Synyster Hope

    Not saying the Raiders should be top 10, but they're more deserving than the cowboys.

  6. Optimus Mike and A-aron talk about everything!

    It's so funny to see how bad these projections are.

  7. Enrico Zangari

    That highlights got me pumped as hell! GG to the 49ers! #GoHawks 💚💙

  8. cedric cruz

    Garropolo was ass

  9. xcountrycowboy

    Lots of reverse unos used in this game

  10. Calvin Kim

    The Packers play of the week should've been that amazing throw by Rodgers to Adams in that incredibly small window

  11. Aidan Birdsong

    Us niners fans are getting a feeling, one we haven’t felt since 2013.

  12. Mister X

    Not a SF fan, but hated to see the Cheathawks win that game. Pete Carroll should have been banned from sports years ago.

  13. CeeAyeJay

    Who came here after the Seahawks and 49ers game to compare?

    1. Gucci Boiy-Z

      I came because of watching that too

    2. Gucci Boiy-Z

      I’m watching to still

  14. sk rilla channel

  15. Sparky's Joint

    The 49ers are a farce...

  16. Tyler Morro

    6:42 Murray drops a dime

  17. David Butcher

    How do the 49ers stay at 1 when you lose?

  18. PhaserTyler

    Ravens can beat the Patriots and Seahawks but not the Browns.

  19. bryan snyder

    I liked the good ole days before garbage social media before every fat, miserable armchair qb that probably never played a down of football vents their anger in life on the game the day before.

  20. Otisboy67

    Patriots: lose 1 game Everyone: they suck now the dynasty is dead and let’s put them at third 49ers: loose a game *don’t move at all and everyone’s still sucking them off* Patriots: *grabs infinity gauntlet* how easy they forget

  21. Itsfire

    The bengals could still be like the 2011 Seahawks going 7-9 DONT GIVE UP BENGAL FANS

  22. Justin Nardine

    Total pro

  23. Macias712

    Raider nation where ya at?

  24. Itsfire

    49ers still 1 after losing? Makes since they should be 5 or 7

  25. Su Hugo

    What a game! Sloppy win. But a wins a win. Let’s Go Hawks!

  26. Wizdil Gamer

    Like for Seahawks!

  27. PJB

    What about fez Bryant to sf?

  28. Casey Nannery

    Panthers would destroy the Steelers and raiders

  29. 100,000 subs with no vids ?

    Ravens will with the Super Bowl. The dolphins are making there way up

  30. Chris Breezy

    I think the Raiders should be ranked above Pittsburgh and LA

  31. Infamous N4

    49ers all hype this what happens when you play real defense

  32. Brody Lawson

    Beast mode

  33. jordan trinh

    I was listening to this game on the radio and the guy was like TOUCHDOOOOWWWWNN SEAHAWKS and then two cars ran into each other

  34. derby1884

    Great game. No point inblaming the 49ers kicker who'd just come in to the team. Kicking generally, though, seems to be less efficient as each year goes by. Surprises me, given how important the function is, that teams don't focus more on it. Points win games! Used to be that missed extra points were a rarity. Now they moved it back a few yards, they're a regular feature.

  35. Tateornator

    49ers should not be first

  36. 49ersFaithful Jake

    49ers #1 still😎.We honestly still deserve to be here

  37. equilibriums

    Refs missed a false start on Carson at 8:21

  38. Para Dice

    Clowney went super saiyan in this game



  40. Shai Hulud

    He's on steroids

  41. Clive Green

    Great game, wow.

  42. MixedEnergyHD

    Best Division in the NFL


    My sisters freaked out when dad yelled yes he missed it

  44. Shawn Lepe

    In overtime, Geno Smith called tails, but refs thought he said head and it was head and Seattle got the ball. Wth.

  45. Jawa713

    Anyone else think the ravens should be 1?

  46. Seth Coovert

    Who the hell are the miners still 1 when they just lost to the Seahawks and have a very mediocre quarterback! At least put the Seahawks above them. This might just be my bias because I’m a Seahawks fan though.

  47. Deonta Shafford

    This definitely like the playoffs when we had kapernick

  48. Trev WIlliams

    The Browns are so undisciplined

  49. Brett Farmer

    ravens and seahawks should be 1 and 2

  50. Boone Docker

    Terrible tackling all over the NFL. They should just play touch.

  51. Yumi Tokushige

    Aaron Donald will destroy 🐻 🐻 🐻. 🤞

  52. Random Boi

    As a Vikings Fan who watched the game I had a heart attack when Dalvin Cook bobbled the toss at the end

  53. Chris F

    49ers vs real team...

  54. Billy Jean

    Kareem Hunt would have made the Bill’s field goal 🦵 🏈

  55. cam jam

    i alredy knew what the vikings one was gunna be😂

  56. lozito Wrld

    Dang man, their kicker lost them their game 😂😭‼️

  57. Joshua Hayes

    Tyreke Hill vs Tom Brady in the 40 yard dash.

  58. MrTreCarter618

    Most fumbles in one game lol

  59. Tyler Kasuboski

    Can't wait for Green Bay vs 49ers. Could be another gem.

  60. subcomandante marcos

    The Seahawks chose not to run the ball because kearse wasn't supposed to make the catch. Yes I'm saying the game was rigged for the patriots to win. This clip doesn't show the Seahawks after kearse catches the ball because half of them looked like they'd seen a ghost, those fuckers weren't celebrating like you'd think they would be.

  61. MixedEnergyHD

    Seattle is a top offense and pass happy team, gotta give credit where’s its due the 9ers defense held Russel to 230 yards passing, their rush D needs to improve but that Niners front god damn , clowney is also a monster

  62. ming Li

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  63. Moe Fitzgerald

    Here We Go!!! Now 12 is more like it! Finally NFL I'll ignore the other mistakes for now


    Sounders win Toronto now this 😩😩

  65. Nicholas Barrett

    14:02 Mark bell?

  66. Shawn Lepe

    How many passes were dropped by the 9ers receivers? If George kittle had played, would have been a totally different outcome.

  67. XtremeXpress

    Jimmy "Should Have Been Intercepted" Garapolo

  68. - BUS


  69. Vakhtang Pirtskhalava

    5:11 OMG stop it Mr. Jackson!!! what is wrong with you?!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  70. Christopher Moore

    I’m so happy joe buck didn’t call that play for Lamar Jackson

  71. Brody Elmer

    8:37 ballzy move on 3rd down and that’s why I like tannehill

  72. Deonta Shafford

    Garapolo need to hit them check downs he got to them running backs

  73. That one Kid

    49ers one? they just proved if you stop their run the cant win my top 10 10. Chiefs 9. Eagles 8. vikings 7. Texans 6. Packers 5. Saints 4. Pats 3.49ers 2.Seahawks 1.Ravens

  74. Its Yeet Or Be Yeeted

    Ah yes, Chiefs already in playoff form. Wonderful.

  75. Samuel Kakalejcik

    Ravens should have been top 1 this week. 49ers played against bad Seattle defense and they still couldn't have won it....

  76. Ian Ellis

    As a Chiefs fan our defense is hot garbage😥

  77. marcel hamilton

    Baker not the problem who ever made the play call ,just know that the tosses isn't working if its not successful the 3rd try turnover after turnover. crazy how dey 3-6

  78. w2131 11111

    bills should be under the top 20.

  79. Curry

    I love how the nfl sucks dallas off, average team somehow top 10

  80. Jay Deshpande

    I’m a Ravens fan, but I have the utmost respect for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. Pete Carroll also is a fantastic coach

  81. Jay Deshpande

    You can’t help but appreciate the 49ers vs Seahawks battles. I still remember fondly the January 2014 NFC Championship between the Seahawks and the 49ers.

  82. FarFetched

    Seahawks: Beat the 49ers on the road when the refs are straight up winning the game for the 49ers NFL FIsels Channel: Seahawks at 4, Niners at 1. HELLO WTF? It should be Ravens 1, Seahawks 2, Niners 3, Patriots 4

    1. Teigan Donovan

      Seriously its so dumb

  83. Gary The Snail

    Do the 49ers still deserve to be number 1? The answer is no, I don’t think you should stay in the same place if you lost a game unless your in last.

  84. Julius Hopen

    How are the Hawks 3 spots below the team they just beat???

  85. GGB

    As a saints fan, there was a saints highlight?

  86. Chey Heyway

    Action wumle bumble bee Jackson dummy dummy dun dun dun dee

  87. TheVargasShow

    This game had me on the edge of my seat.

  88. ravi8490

    Jamal Adams is the best safety in the league and it's not even close

  89. Kyle Doroudian

    Crying at Sanu @5:55

  90. YK xRay

    i bet the cowboys paid the nfl to put them at 8

  91. Erik L

    Murray looks like he's 4' 4" LOL

  92. Tony Fischer

    My list right here 32. Bengals 31. Redskins 30. Giants 29. Jets 28. Dolphins 27. Buccaneers 26. Falcons 25. Cardinals 24. Broncos 23. Jaguars 22. Lions 21. Colts 20. Chargers 19. Bears 18. Bills 17. Titans 16. Browns 15. Eagles 14. Cheifs 13. Panthers 12. Rams 11. Cowboys 10. Raiders 9. Steelers 8. Texans 7. Packers 6. Vikings 5. Patriots 4. Saints 3. 49ers 2. Seahawks 1. Ravens

  93. Kaloyan Yordanov

    Hahahahahahah cowboys 8 hahahahahahhahahahahah

  94. Mauri Vazquez

    Yesterday, I went out to the street and I forgot about the game. I just realized about it 20 minutes ... It doesn't matter, Seahawks got the victory....

  95. Cameron Whorf

    I can’t believe the Steelers comeback 1-4 to 5-4

    1. Cameron Whorf

      Yeah, changed it

    2. Jburrow SMM

      0-3 and 1-4 actually. And yeah I thought they were done too. Pretty crazy

  96. Delain124

    It was at this point that the guy being handed the ball knew he was dead. It was also at that point the Clots whole staff knew the play they drew up on tolet paper was no good.

  97. Isaac Seattle

    Ravens should be number 1. Niners shouldn’t be above the hawks

  98. BEAN Tv

    Cody Hollister killed it, he’s from Bend, Oregon. I grew up in Bend also, I played middle school football and we had a really good team, they went to a rival school and they were the only ones to beat us both years. I say they because i think he has a twin brother. Anyways super talented guys.

  99. Rithwik Puli

    Panthers r underrated. they are going to the playoffs #keeppounding

  100. majesticspeedrun 98

    The nfl best be recognizing the ravens finally 👍🏻👍🏻