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  1. Caitlin Torres

    When are y’all gonna show the LB 40s


    All these people in the comment so enamored with these lineman 40s and broad jump but scouts have already said Jedrick Wills has the best tape of any lineman. He has the best footwork of any lineman n the draft. I dont care about my lineman having a long broad jump or fast 40 time cause they not gonna use any of that n the game

  3. Alex Gonzalez

    How is the Romo 360 spin to shed an impending JJ Watt sack for a 45 yard td pass not the play chosen?

  4. Dubsfor20

    There’s a whole bunch of good running backs coming out this year

  5. Marcelina Rivera

    Shakira was good jlo ok... not family friendly. Kinda felt like a rated r version of dancing. Nothing beats lady Gaga! Shes truly a talented artist.

  6. Dylan Bristow

    Don’t sleep on Jeff Thomas, played him in hs man is no joke

  7. Nightowl333

    Holy crap Herbert looks amazing, then again so did Hurts.

  8. OneStopShop

    Please fall to the bears Please fall to the bears

  9. Just here.

    0:25 “Just really pretty balls”

  10. Patrick Kang

    This was such a great game. Still sad about the ending as a Steelers fan but the defense couldn't stop Gronk all game :(

  11. Hunter

    Man Herberts got some pretty throws. Itll be interesting to see where he goes now

  12. Cliff Bradley, MPA

    Man, I'm going to be so pissed if the Panthers let Wirfs or Becton get away!!!!


    Now he’s one of the best receivers in the league !

  14. Magnollia

    1. It rained everywhere but on Prince 2. I don’t remember anything about this super bowl other than the halftime show.


    Now he is a stud!

  16. DJ ROACH

    J. Lo has a fat pan!!!

  17. Bush Msbc

    Please Cards get the Triston and Simon please🔥🐘🔥

  18. Marcos Averett

    Jake Fromm runs like the kid who always has a helmet on. @7:41

  19. TheOfficial NitroNima

    No Steelers quarterbacks?

  20. 10,000 subs with no vids??

    Fastest time 1:36

  21. Feedsomefood

    32:37 make sure lol

  22. Jimmy Tweedale

    Lets not forget that Usain Bolt ran a 4.22 with running shoes

  23. Bush Msbc

    Who's gonna be the best olineman???? I'm thinkin Wirfs

  24. Yuki Peru Choco

    What the name of song in 10 min?

  25. T K

    The Cowboys are who we thought they were!

  26. Jimmy Tweedale

    White men cant jump, or run

  27. outdoor fun

    These combines mean absolutely nothing. All that matters is what you do in full uniform out on the field.

  28. EvilBrainFormOuterspace

    When was the last time an NFL QB started a play with his knuckles on the ground just a thought.

  29. Kenneth Madore

    Love J-lo too amazing beautiful and just awesome

  30. Ben Babcock

    Jt the 🐐

  31. mark moton

    I really hopes he develops into at least a solid starter.

  32. Kenneth Madore

    I just love Shakira, amazing dancer singer.

  33. D50ne

    Slow release

  34. To Pi

    LOL this was impressive as hell you have offensive lineman running sub 5 40s.... ridiculous

  35. Korn Lucks

    How can JLo danced that hard! But still sang that well.

  36. IRV G

    Keep Sleeping on Swift

    1. Jesse Hawkins

      Literally no one is sleeping on Swift. Hes sitting the consensus 1.01 in rookie pre rankings for dynasty

  37. EvilBrainFormOuterspace

    So many great athletes with out standing numbers and all of them won’t purge my mind of Chris Jones balls bouncing out of his shorts running the 40 a couple years ago.

  38. CFWB14

    Swift just moves different than the others. Quick too. Great class of RB's.

  39. T K

    RIP Denny Green and Korey Stringer

  40. T K

    Hearing Madden announcing on Thanksgiving makes me long for a big plate of Turducken. Congrats to the Super Freak for being a first ballot Hall of Famer! We knew it was going to happen way back when this game was played that it was going to happen.

  41. Annisa Fathia

    This is epic.

  42. Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube Channel

    Most these receivers slow as hell to me since tristan Wirfs ran a 40 at 4.8


    wowowwoowowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... <3<3

  44. Darius Butler

    I could watch these all day! GREAT stuff. This is why he's the BEST safety in the league! #EverythingDB

  45. overload65 hyu

    49ers should pick him

  46. Tj Mckenzie

    My goodness. John Ross didn't even look like he was trying.

  47. Riley Erickson

    When did y’all blow your loads? I did at the 3:20 mark!

  48. Latrell Jackson

    Some of these running backs are starting to look like LineBackers 😅😅😅

  49. Dingo Lingus

    Absolutely No One: Salvon Ahmed: ehf ehf ehf ehf ehf ehf ehf ehf ehf ehf ehf ehf ehf ehf

  50. Britney S

    Tom Brady-Titans ,Tua Dolphins ,Borrow Bengals,Newton Chargers,Jordon Love Patriots ,Justin Herbert Colts ,Dalton Bears,Phillip Rivers Raiders.

  51. IsaacH1273

    Jonathan Taylor will lead the NFL in rushing one day. Book it.

  52. Charles Dowdell

    Let's go RB's!!!

  53. Lalo Cortez

    I think and watch this video everyday and i just still cannot believe how amazing this was #BestHalftimeEver

  54. Ryan Heard

    All those receivers are slow. Not one of them was able to run a 4.3.

  55. daniel castle

    Bullshit. Bullet Bob Hayes all the way.

  56. Cosmoevents21st

    Gilmore was like "Who is this Devante guy and why does he keep beating me?".

  57. Daniiel

    1:20 🤣💀

  58. Stephen White

    Bruh I love DJ swift especially since he philly boy but Jonathan Taylor is the best RB in this draft honerun hitter

  59. Yamilett Morales

    La voz más limpia y hermosa se le notó a shak

  60. Brian Shissler

    Aiyuk looks like a freak of nature!

  61. Ryno Art

    Didn't get to see the last square headed dudes vertical. Why you guys stop it before it's over?

  62. Alexandre Cigano

    I love you

  63. OJ Fetti

    Jeudy is good but idk something about CDeeeee

  64. Yamilett Morales

    Los colombianos ♥️ shak & j balvin 😎

  65. Yamilett Morales

    2 colombianos y 2 puertorriqueños representando a los latinos fabulosamente ♥️

  66. TheRapper10000


  67. Man on an island

    Raiders, I hope you viewed this.

  68. AK legree

    0:23 peter parker

    1. Luis Enrique Cabral


  69. Zach Ayres


  70. T. Rizbone

    Somehow Larry Fitzgerald is just as good now as he was when he first got into the league 17 years ago.. 10:52 GOT 'EM!!!

  71. Dingo Lingus

    Herbert has some really pretty balls

  72. G R

    tampa bay will draft him 2nd round

  73. Brandon Mcmullan

    Wow they incinerated the dance floor🔥🔥🔥🔥❗

  74. Kyle Stewart

    Personally think the draft is sleeping on Fromm. Ima bama fan but he did take his team back to the natty as a true freshman

    1. Michael DeFord

      And almost won if it wasnt for Tua yea

  75. Lucas O'Reilly

    Shoutout Lil rhody

  76. AK legree

    Some of them need to gain more weight they moving to fast

  77. Drew Nayr

    Running at those speeds, these guys need to be labeled as military grade weapons.

  78. Big Dawg

    Taylor, Akers, Swift, Dillon, Dobbins the rankings for this RB class

  79. Cato Luciano

    Damn I'm gassed already watching these guys run..

  80. Long Chile

    That punter that did 25 reps

  81. Godspeed Killua

    Yo these times are rigged how tf did the QBs and OLs have more impressive times than the WRs and RBs

  82. Mateus Avila Isidoro

    we miss mayock at this position.

  83. Peanutbutter jellyfish

    They should do the forty in pads. It would be a better interpretation of speed.

  84. Vile Foxxx

    Becton is the best tackle in this class by far and it's not even close...6' 7 and moving like that? Top 10 pick.

  85. Jo King

    How is baker mayfield ahead of his twin?

  86. Iris GL


  87. Billy Petteway

    I ran a 3.26 when I played. I almost got signed but I gave it up.

  88. David Fahim

    OL is my favorite players to run the 40

  89. Ramiro aldhair Palomo chan

    Dios no puedo aún dejar de verlo es inevitable 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 iloveit shakira

  90. Monika Novak

    no super bowl 54 is not the best game I'm sorry

  91. Abraham Rico

    Awesome to see Jamycal Hasty here, I hope he gets drafted. Not too many people make it from my town, in Longview all the best to him and the rest of the guys

  92. Michael Harris

    Where is Tee Higgins from Clemson?

  93. Tatiana Plata

    El talento caleño y de nuestra costa hermosa

  94. J Rocka

    Raiders in the 3rd round

  95. Ut29

    Aj got some big thighs

  96. Kenton V.

    Michael warren out of cincy gonna be a stud. He be shruggin dudes off him hard

  97. rude boi

    D swift!!!!

  98. Stunna Island

    I like that J Jefferson guy. Going to be a stud

  99. Jake Mott

    Why didnt kj hamler run?

  100. John Fields IV

    JT will be a 1200 rushing yard runner rookie year I would use a top 10 pick on this guy without a doubt.