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  1. Alent

    Let’s go

  2. Phoebe-Rose Millward

    jj is shameless 😭😭

  3. 07mineking :MINECRAFT

    1:08 this is my parents after I break there "expensive vase".

  4. Blazebella

    The fan service for Harry is through the roof this video poor Harry has been put on the spoy😂

  5. DireDanger

    Ksi: Spend 100k in one hour challenge Simon: *Buys a slave*

  6. Ali Ninja 69


  7. hervey medina

    Vik by far the worst joke teller🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  8. kayle gerreyn

    lol when 2 people give someone cash to swipe right, then vik goes to give money and they swipe left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahah

  9. Kalvin Z


  10. BEYOND hunting

    This made me want top trumps

  11. Adam Henderson

    Any one here in 2020??

  12. Yoshi Yoda

    This happens when rackaracka goes somewere

  13. 卍

    Look who's back. Back again FOOLABI

  14. Bubble_Song_07

    KSI deserved his toy 😤😂

  15. Benjamin Susel

    When’s the next sidemen holiday challenge

  16. Gainner

    How tall is vik

  17. Farhan Adira R


  18. Lyi_

    why does vik piss me off so much

  19. TheWordh Is My Name Boi

    JJ and Tobi: A AH, A AH, A AH Everyone else: ... Aheh

  20. Surya

    22:52 Thank me later ;)

  21. Alfie George

    15:37 where are jj’s trousers 😂

  22. Sam Hall

    Is vik 23 or 25 😂😂

  23. TheWordh Is My Name Boi

    Simon: and give tobi a new trim Tobi: wait what 😂😂

  24. MfsBeats / CoNnOr ThE aNdRoId SeNt By CyBeRlIfE

    Tobi Bout To start another beef

  25. Cooper Willis

    I dont get cals roast of vikk where he talks about a vichi?

  26. Jumpin Nemo

    How many people have acctualy googled the helicopter pose

  27. LemonAid Tv

    Tobi's laugh lol 0:17

  28. Becca _ April

    Best 59:16 minutes of my life 😂

  29. Tanakorn O’Kong

    vik could easily finesse them all, everytime they say the right answer n it’s his turn to choose the answer he can just say the correct one tobi would of said 😂😂

  30. Desiraye Lawrence

    Fun fact the question "when was Britney spears oops I did it again released?" It was not 2000 it was 2004 I was really hoping they actually had the correct years and dates this time

  31. Arian Rezakhani

    Win gang

  32. Ryan Stejskal

    Where was the part where Tobi said something about Deji

  33. Ahmad Ajaj

    who is the blonde girl with them ? also what city they were in ?? (both teams)

  34. Canem 2k


  35. Ethan Roberts

    This video is kinda like when JJ used to play scary games with Deji

  36. YtScavenger

    When Ksi does an African accent u know the vid will be funny

  37. Matuboy Brawl

    I got 583 so 1 off but i did lot off calculating

  38. BEYOND hunting

    All skets

  39. Apophis

    JJ don’t have pants...

  40. shannon maire

    Please do this in Holland

  41. AntonioGotGame 10

    My brain cells were soooooo messed up 😂 *me before >* 😀 *me after >* 🙃

  42. Lucas Jeppesen

    The fact that the man with the guitar jj borrowed a microphone from didn't take any of the money JJ threw is a statement

  43. Fadzrul Aiman

    vik can go fck himself

  44. Philip Viken


  45. Thando xo

    KSi is dressed like a slave

  46. Lol

    1:03:06 - 1:03:52 Lol

  47. Olivia Neff

    As an american I would like to say there is absolutely nothing light and fluffy about pancakes in America

  48. ur mum

    29:57 dem dats a good souljaboy

  49. 3giooly craft

    I dont know what josh say anymore

  50. Clemens van der Klaauw


  51. Russell NBA PROD

    what’s that song harry was playing? at 27:46

  52. NINJA

    Ksi though LOL

  53. NINJA

    The guy who was smoking should have only got sleeping bag

  54. Dinky Dav

    big up to the sidemen for including such a diverse range of list of people, well done!!!!

  55. katley murris

    Why is the American guy in this video he's begging it

  56. BabyDraco


  57. Rajdeep SINGH

    I'm dead

  58. Dylan Morris

    fisels.info/a/MAY_JLP1aTXm5tVD9Juh8g subscribe to jakir playz! Really funny come gta and more suggest games

  59. Matt Brooks

    vikk is genuinely the least funny person imaginable

  60. Ryan Clarke

    *True Geordie roasting Ethan on his DM’s* Well let’s look at your messages Brain

  61. I Wigglygamer

    4:39 . When someone puts their hand in my bag of chips. 😂😂😂

  62. Ahmad Gamer

    Honestly Ethan laughs like he has a coughing fit.

  63. Neela Ingle

    Pause the vid at 20:24

  64. Jack odin


  65. End Mii

    What the doctor dose with the fetus when there done 43:58

  66. ATP Synthase

    17:40 Viddal's disappointed face. Don't know if he understands the concept of the roast. They're jokes. It's not that deep.

  67. Dinky Dav

    harry still doing bottle flips in 2019 XD XD

  68. John Abdallah - EIS Grade 3

    Did any one notes that jj is wearing boxers

  69. Racing Potato

    Can we get a part 2.. please?

  70. jeff k

    10.00 man looking like james charles

  71. Alicia Francis

    my guy said nottingham

  72. Luke Bennett

    The amount of likes is how many steps Toby took | | \/

  73. John Abdallah - EIS Grade 3

    Why is jj talking like babatunde.

  74. Peanut the National hero

    watch it with no volume,its hilarious

    1. Pranit Harnathka


  75. Morgan Prosser

    Does Harry’s gf know he jumped on top of stacey

  76. sotuur aeei

    12 minutes in and my thoughts are: “is there even a lie”

  77. Valerie Time

    why does sx think he can sing omg i laughed so hard

  78. XpertZ

    It’s So Weird Seeing KSI Without The Bandanna On

  79. ByteCrescent

    25:12 xD

  80. friskmatch

    No one: Harry: So this regular meals about 6k calories? Also Harry: This drink is about 700 calories

  81. Jacob Webbe

    Do it again

  82. Hollie Bales

    anyone else notice at 3:55 Harry and Tobi done the same thing? lmao

  83. Michael Allan

    Missing babatunde

  84. lilnapkin .I.

    19:37 imagine saying this irl to a disabled person

  85. FaitalSc0pes 23

    Ksi is not wearing pants🤣🤣🤣

  86. GlockK 21

    12:35 black helicopters

  87. 22_ amd

    what do u mean challenge?

  88. HikingInk91

    JJ has one of the worst “African accent” I’ve ever herd. Some Btec Nigerian lol

  89. Joshua Egen

    Anyone else hear jj say something at 16:38

  90. James Humphries

    What is wrong with Ethan

  91. Wasian

    Everyone in public thinks their idiots when they have just made 2.4 million or more of of this video

  92. Vincent

    imagine editing an Apple logo on a Razer laptop to get more view.

  93. CHXNCE Unofficial


  94. scarlet andrews

    does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 3:23 xoxoxox

  95. Praveen Sharrma

    20:22 the rape face is back

  96. james johnson

    Jokes how the chain is literally more than most peoples houses

  97. GK 05

    15:12 madddddd. Big ooofs

  98. Handsome Jack

    TrueGeordie holding that phone like he's Smart Hulk

  99. Haidar

    Why am I still watching this

  100. SaiyinWarrior 13

    O yeye