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Hello there FIsels! My name is Gibi - I have been watching ASMR videos by accident since I realized that some sounds and movements made me feel blissfully relaxed. I've watched the ASMR community grow into something incredible, and I decided that I wanted to hop in and be a part of it! You will see a variety of videos from me, from roleplays, to makeup, to cosplay, to original characters! I hope you very much enjoy.

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  1. jinnie the pooh

    Is this how Jungkook learns English?

  2. Sam Andemichael


  3. Arthfael Online

    How I sound with strep throat

  4. Gacha galaxy

    Gibi: "can I touch your face?" Me: "nO" Gibi: "okay" continues to touch my face (the camera lol-) Me: "lAwSuIt TiMe-"

  5. random toot

    Is it just me or were these adds super long with no skips

  6. Ollie3Haff


  7. Fumikage Tokoyami

    How do you draw on my face? Unless it was my beak, that makes more sense

  8. ChopRamen

    i LOVE the way you worked the sponsorship into the video instead if having it as a separate segment. please do this more if possible

  9. Safa Shairzai

    Is anyone going to talk about those lashes tho

  10. Joel Dawson

    I actually got to play recorder in the Sydney opera house

  11. A Traveler

    Yoo geebs, I was thinking maybe we could get another Avatar or Korra RP in honor of Netflix throwing ATLAB on there?!

  12. Sam Rajput


  13. jeb bryant

    So do you just not do anime role play anymore or do you need a sponsor to justify making one?

  14. mxlvin yt

    I love u gibi

  15. Jeremy C Barnhart

    All excited to sleep. Eager to plug myself In. Desperate to FALLout of awake. Deeply hopeful to click on this ASMR SLEEP STRESS RELIEF.... BOOM! ADVERTISING!!! BURST OF SOUND!!!!!

  16. luvxsophh

    I don’t know if anyone has recommended this but you should do a Luigi asmr. Like him smelling the mic and his cute little grunts

  17. Robert Hartfield


  18. Eseumi


  19. Marc Miranda

    I just smoked and i went to youtube to watch some asmr to gts right? and i saw this video was uploaded yesterday and was like YUHHH bc i loved the last worry removal video lmao (i was sick yesterday so i didnt watch any asmr lol) Love the vids :D

  20. Weebaku Wesnaw

    12:35 Was that a Ghast?

  21. Israel Buitron

    im lactose intolerant though

  22. Deidre Schenck

    you should be a voice actress or actress

  23. César Gc

    hablas muy bien!!

  24. I finessed yo bitch

    What my phone sees when I’m trying to delete ugly ass photos & videos of myself

  25. Jin-

    No hate :), but i used to watch a lot of Gibi 3? years ago. Havent watched in 2 years i think

  26. Jim Tsiamis

    Why sounds like daisy?🤣

  27. Terhan Wade

    Good morning I just woke up and I just wanted to start my day with you you are awesome

  28. i don't know what to put here

    I feel bad that I'm about to get her fired for measuring me instead of the beautiful goddess that was meant to get the measuring...

  29. Waleed OP

    You realize how good ASMR video is when you don't even remember when u fell asleep while watching

  30. Orrin Eubanks


  31. Pablo Acedo Logroño

    Honestly, I expected ur Spanish to be worse, props to u from a native speaker!!

  32. maria prodromou


  33. It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo


  34. maria prodromou


  35. Bringme thedoritos

    Gibi is so beautiful

  36. Madisyn Barnes

    OMG who else noticed her Shoto Todoroki shirt?

  37. PhoenixNymphy Twitch

    I love those character and enjoy the worry removals.

  38. averie sievers

    Don’t get me wrong I love Gibi ASMR but this routine is notttt good. Go watch Hyram😂😂

  39. Lavashot 449


  40. Jamie B

    Only an intense and truly important person can have such a severe and precise personal assistant. I feel treasured.

  41. Seren Loera

    omg yaas who eles has been waiting for this?

  42. The Main Man UwU

    Me not seeing the first one: Damn, I like Daisy's new haircut Also me: That knuckle crack was very impressive.

  43. Dean Winchester

    You look like Faith (Eliza Dushku) from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. You should look the character up.

  44. Dean Winchester

    If they ever recreate Buffy, you need to play Faith. You are her doppelgänger. It’s uncanny.

  45. Luis Clark

    Is there one where u can remove the pain of well a lot of thing ?

  46. cyj

    this makes me wanna blow my nose and im not even sick

  47. Conor O Brien

    i really want her bakugo jaket

  48. Orkanten

    "What's the last lie that you told?" Me: "Yes, I'm ok"

  49. Jenna Adsitt

    My favorite!! Keep making these please!

  50. Rexgaming9273

    Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous

  51. Jon Güstaf

    Suck the worries away was great

  52. Daniel Huerta Jr.

    This accent fits you perfectly. Awesome.

  53. SleepyJakey

    Went a docter has a flu

  54. Jimmytheman1

    OMG...You are sooooo sexy!!

  55. William Lozano


  56. Joonie's Lost Passport

    Lmao today’s literally my birthday so where’s my cake

  57. Niccolò Barbini

    Only I have tried in every way to understand what she was writing from the reflection of her glasses?

  58. Peke

    why is this recomended

  59. nour elhoda

    I loved the previous pomodoro , I studied with it basically a whole year , but this on I feel its less wholesome I don't know what's missing I the quality of the previous one was better I guess

  60. Roohaniyat ASMR

    more worry removal please

  61. Chicken Strips

    Gibi:Can you give me on word to describe your family Me:Justabunchofloserslivinginoneplace

  62. Yoshi

    Shes like the Jonny Sins of ASMR, but a girl.

  63. Sumit Jaiswal

    Gibi : *So do you want to talk 'bout it ?* Me : *i want to kill my Dad !* Gibi : **You Btter STFU**

  64. Jdub Moran

    1:51:44 the hunger games song humming hit kinda different

  65. Ludy

    honestly my fav roleplay of anyone ever ...on FIsels

  66. Jdub Moran

    The country roads humming at the end hit kinda different

  67. Drogaemon X


  68. Allie Hudson

    Opens everything she tries to sell you 🤣😹😹🤣🤣😂😂

  69. Lily Animations

    Lol yes the toilet paper is rare now

  70. Oscar Rivera

    I love these videos especially the first one and you made another YESS

  71. Help Me

    I know requests r annoying but u should make a “zoom” video call video with all ur characters! Loved this video btw (my birthdays today)

  72. Hassan

    Off topic but anyone one know what that light is called after the sponsor

  73. GIGI GTZ

    And this is how I found out about asmr ❤️😍

  74. Crazy HGamer

    Gibi was sick but wanted to make an Asmr video.

  75. Willian Nahas

    pls do more videos like this

  76. Matrix Adjustment 4.0

    why in the hell are you whispering like that? are you stoned?

  77. Inga

    Į always go lissen to asmr when į play

  78. Kassidy Oneill


  79. Hayley Searle

    me literally watching these every night to make me fall asleep. l i t e r a l l y

  80. hill sxx

    Squeeze your nostrils together and you'll talk just like her lol

  81. ale_ xxtr

    you are ugly and rude ...

  82. Earliana Bailey

    Wait she has a name?

  83. RedMoneyX

    Do you smoke or drink alcoHHol?

  84. Eldrith Sycamore

    Gibi, honey, if you don’t do voice acting then YOU NEED TO!!! Some quality voices 👌

  85. Greg Chavez

    “None of us could have foreseen 2020...” Never a truer statement has been said toss year.

  86. StubbyMcNubbz

    I wonder if she uses this as her sexy voice 🤔🤣

  87. CybRHyper 346

    Gibi: we are making this wax sculpture because you are beautiful Me in my own thoughts: whats it like having down syndrome

  88. sunpi

    How does your neck crack like that.

  89. Nevada Gale

    Love the video but I wish you added tubes aka lipstick

  90. AeonGaming X

    People who uses the word "cringe" are pathetic retards and mean nothing, just losers. They can sit and rot at home under the supervision of their parent and wonder why no one loves them or have friends.

  91. Anna Sweet


  92. Noelle Munoz

    You managed to capture my middle school best friends entire persona in this video and I was really shot back ahahaha

  93. damp towel

    why is that accent so perfect

  94. Tyler Law

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahh

  95. Chet Goldstein

    Carl Trump approves this message

  96. Carson wade 123123

    Could u please do a kakashi roleplay??🤔🤔😢😢

  97. Random Fandom Thot

    Here are my answers: -I’m a big fan of their friendly nature, most dogs just think your family already. -Hannibal, since it’s my current hyper-fixation. -I’ve enjoyed researching things about stags and more darker topics, it makes me excited and teaches me stuff -Read the back of a cereal box, it often has a little quiz -8, I had no shame and loved everything -Probably 18 -Sprinkles, although everyone else calls them hundreds and thousands -Bonfire night, it’s just fireworks and scared pets -I don’t like sandwiches, so? -Reading, But I’m also just a bookworm -Anything to do with my current hyper fixation -A character on a show, in a day or two, I went from hating them to waiting for their return -I don’t like coffee, but I take my tea with a dash of milk -I think so, but people should NOT support Joe -Live to work? Maybe -She’d think I was disturbing and not fun -I’ve not had a job yet, I’m barely a teen -Not a workaholic per say, but I when I work I really work -No, and orange juice also shouldn’t have pulp -Archive of our Own, Because if you know you know -Wireless, but I’m currently stuck with wires -Colin Morgan, He’s just aesthetically pleasing now -Different, different from me at least -In terms of words and writing? 8 In terms of feelings? 3 -Probably a 4 -Maybe a 6 -I have both, but I would literally admit to my sisters face that I prefer my brother -Prefer neither, but probably a brother if I had to choose -Italian flatbread, since I don’t like salads -Definitely introvert -No, They passed long before I was born -If you’re successful, you’ve reached your goals in life/maybe even beyond that -I’m a brilliant listener, but I’m fairly proud at how good of a liar I am -If you use emojis un-ironically, get out. -Not a motto, but love it. ‘Is it better to speak or to die?’ -I’m a cancer, and no, I don’t really believe in it -Creative, but Smart would be a fair runner up -No, considering I’ve never had the option to be one -Probably a program of some sort for kids with a creative talent -Sherlock’s intro, but that’s probably just because that was a previous hyper-fixation -Tail, Hands down. -Rather sunny, snowing and a bit windy. -Roughly 55 in the space of 2 months, Call Me By Your Name. -I love bangs with curls. -Not too sure, but I love ferrets. -Trick or treating, Free candy. -I used to be a definite Mabel, with braces and long brown hair and an obsession with baggy sweaters. Even went trick-or-treating as her for two years. -Golden Mushroom, I think -Not really? -I have no idea, But I’d feel bad for them either way. -Whether women have rights. And I shit you not, they were dead-serious. -Wendigo if they could be trained/bonded with their owners. Imagine having a killing machine at your disposal that also looks (at least to me) hella cool and a little cute. -Carrot and Nutella, I don’t like either now. -Dishes, Because I can get clothes to survive for suspiciously long. -Mountains, but one of my fears in the ocean because we have literally no idea what’s at the bottom/what half the stuff in it is. -It’d just be my name, but with a Garamond font and all lower case letters. -They’d be named after a Greek god/goddesses because you can’t tell me what to do. -Insecure, because it’s the most true. -Pushover more so because I’m definitely not assertive. -There are a couple show details that I like to completely overlook because no. -I’m not that quiet when you get to know me, and I’m also not that polite. -No, but it would be nice to get a piece of literature I made popular. -No one, really. -Yes, completely. I tell myself that I’m reading a book that I currently have on hold because I have other things to do, when I really don’t. -Completely. -Trusting someone’s word. -Medical, as it would probably pay well although it would be cool to ramble about a topic of my choosing to some bored children. -Watch a show, like seriously, how did I finish it so fast. -Express emotions, don’t ask. -A few are: Apollo, Kira, Winston and Bartholomew. -Chased, although I can’t run at all. -Yes, why not do it if I was completely aware I could reach my goal. -Damn, you really got me here. There are so many fiction characters who I’ve obsessed over who I think are so pretty/beautiful. -Cloud-Gazing, although I’m awake more for star-gazing. -I think so because I have no other name to think to call of myself. -Myself. -I think a piece of writing a bit too long to read, a task is a bit too hard or a show is a bit too absorbing. -Dinner, although I’d call it Tea. Breakfast, Dinner and Tea. -My bed, but only at a certain time, temp and with a certain thing playing. -I have 4 pillows. Three by my head and one between my thighs (I can’t sleep when they’re touching) -Cooler. I can’t handle heat at all, so I sleep with a fan on. -A baggy shirt/hoodie/sweater, loose shorts. -Not really, although I should be since it’s 9am and I haven’t slept yet.

  98. Yeet Yeet

    Daisy, worry remover

  99. Goose

    Is she based off that one teach from Harry Potter?