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  1. 11' 10

    La vida es buena we 🦋🌻☘️⚡⛮☀️🇲🇽

  2. Jeroen Geens

    When you're in a group project buth evrybody is doing his own thing

  3. Brad

    Wtf is this crap

  4. Emanuel Lazaro


  5. Sandi K

    Turning my channel

  6. JDUBB 011101011101100100101


  7. Jimmy D

    No one noticed the guy in the phone store stole that watch?

  8. Jon Rochford

    This shit was way ahead of its time

  9. Big Don

    Whys it gone to a different beat 😂

  10. Sayeshen Govender

    Shoulda has Drake at the end again

  11. Magdalena 123


  12. Ujvári Dávid

    Song of the decade?

  13. Finn Wardman

    1:06 My grandparents after i change from HDMI1 to HDMI2 with the tv remote

  14. nesty on s10


  15. nesty on s10

    Mask off

  16. nesty on s10

    Love you

  17. Pillow Man

    Well I guess working at normal jobs is now a trend for rich people

  18. nesty on s10

    You are lengend

  19. nesty on s10

    Love Future

  20. nesty on s10

    Legend song

  21. Prince Nety

    awesome song.

  22. hari baskar

    When you so rich you just start doing normal jobs for fun

  23. Dino The trap god

    Anyone peep 21 savage

  24. iamaSAD!Writer

    Nobody: NF: Yoo drake don't forget that I was the first.

  25. Fallen Spike

    This vid reminds me of NF

  26. 10k Subs By The End Of 2020?

    Tbh why do rappers look like high school bathrooms

  27. Chapa Garcia

    Dammn drake look at juice and em! Just saying....🙏🔥

  28. ten Ally

    why the fuck dis still here..darkness needs to be #1 trend

  29. PrInZi FIFA

    In germany we say „ Was ein Brett“

  30. Raul Quijas


  31. Hasan Semiz

    Turk yok mu ya Ses ver Türkiyeee🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  32. TXDropEm

    He meant cheesecake.

  33. MultiJello123

    i like how u can hear his jewelry moving, he was def into it while recording

  34. John Ho

    Future doesn't even know how to use a can of whipped cream.

  35. G 4 R

    Future so hard

  36. Joshua Leon

    Shit I can make better, harder bars with this beat

  37. Clash Football

    Wer kommt auch von Ufo361???

  38. 4pf Enzo

    Wow drake

  39. Mjau Mjau

    ee voyage hsshshshshshhhehhshshsh

  40. Rocky Davis

    Future saved the future on this song! Sheesh chief lil bitch! 💊🤧

  41. Emre Kursun

    Ufo361 ft. Future - Big Drip👍👍👍👍

  42. MrGapi Slovenia

    1:34 when drake almost hits a car with his head.😂😂

  43. marlon wong sy

    phillippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 nigga wooh

  44. Eyüp Can


  45. K r E A T I V L O S

    0:55 yeah

  46. Yoni Type Beats

    1:35 Skip to the better half

  47. Tre Patton


  48. Никита Круглов


  49. Bráulio André


  50. Prescilla Duarte


  51. Tschogat

    Ma boi lil boat

  52. Rob Higgins

    this is futures song no question

  53. Alex Moyo

    Futures part got me feeling gangster 🔥🔥🔥

  54. Zenek Martyniuk

    Basik taki inny

  55. TF AimStarXx ツ


  56. Gabriel Vincent

    God's plan v2

  57. glock guy 87

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  58. Victor Marcano

    He matching like a g

  59. NewPac

    Yooooooo I felt those visuals like its like a true story

  60. Samson Bakari


  61. Kyle Holtzhausen

    The autotune on the second guy though

  62. E.M. Noah

    Best Rap Video 2020!!!

  63. clutch rose

    ye ye ye yeyeye

  64. John Shiro

    what's 21 savage doing there 😂

  65. Malick Sarr

    Nice music 🎶

  66. Victor Marcano

    What does he mean when a don’t feed him

  67. tatdre kuol

    the beat on drake verse lit future verse change da song but he got served

  68. Brittany Bonnie

    lil boat look better with his hair in this color 😝

  69. Dray Bush

    Future carried hard asf. I actually skip Drake's verse now lol.

  70. Kartess Browder

    Future created a Lil Wayne lane for dudes rapping right na! Facts listen ta bruh 👂👂👂👂

  71. Dashawn Butler

    even 21 was tired of this rappin shii too 2:50

  72. Bohémond de Tarente

    C'est quand même drôle de voir des blacks travailler plutôt que d'être en prison... on voit directement que c'est un clip de musique basé sur une totale fiction!

  73. Sean Gmail

    They making history 2020✊✊✊✊

  74. Angelo Knight

    21 randomly just popping up

  75. Boomer boi

    Would be better if future wasn't in it.

  76. JUST a G33K

    Drake stop mixing 2 different sounds, it’s awful

  77. Ronny p

    This song sounds reel reel good

  78. peyotelebon

    Porco diooooo

  79. Bohémond de Tarente

    It's a GTA mission with music... ^^

  80. Crimson Dusk

    ye this is shit

  81. Lila W

    I turn Ritz nto the poor house.....😩😆😝

  82. Babatune

    Love how lil Yachty is just casually in the music video

  83. Journee R


  84. Keith LaVon

    I cant be the only person that feels like future fucked this whole song up‼🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  85. Jake Curran

    1:08 is that Lil Yachty

  86. Бу Ргер

    Шо он блять собрался разбирать ключом на 32 под этим бентли?

  87. 波 Numb 波

    1:12 Joyner is that You ??

  88. Damien Floyd

    You had us in the second half💯

  89. xxblazingninjaking

    Had to add drake really man I hated God's plan i hate his voice sorry but future your lit bro no problem with you I'm just saying its one of those songs where the ft ruined the song and I don't care how much hate i get about my OPINION OPINION some of you don't know what that means but yeah just saying I expected better bro

  90. Natalie B

    Ok I definitely hear the Ciara Promise sample.

  91. origin AM

    am i the only one who saw 21 savage?

  92. ismail amin

    song would have been better without future 💯

  93. OTRz

    Future made this song a hit! Something you can bump with gang!

  94. AHMAD _afg

    Samaj nahi Ayia paar acha lagaa 😁

  95. Coded RapTv

    know you seen my text,baby please say sum'n

  96. Official_FTH_Nino



    U killed this shit omg

  98. Sis said mom is with dad in the Back of the car

    Future: Woo Me: Boo ??

  99. Sis said mom is with dad in the Back of the car

    Can drake pick up my trash (me) ??

  100. Joshua Banghard

    Drakes part is 🔥🔥 but future ruins it.