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  1. Reko07

    Wow finally evan back in the vlogs!!! The vlogs are way better with evan in....thanks logan for breaking his monitor so we can see him in the vlogs.

  2. Pratham Games & more

    George might actually be able to beat the shit out of Ksi

  3. Amore Mio

    It breaks my heart when Logan started to walk away from Ginger. I hope she will a good dog soon😭

  4. Haydean Duncan


  5. Tyler Clement

    Man Logan your cool in all but all you care about is money dumb shit

  6. Mehul Singh

    Mike dick "1:46 😂💀💀💀😂😂

  7. Gayatri Jadhavrao

    3:40 creeper.....awwww maaan

  8. Sidharth Raj

    More lana please

  9. Franklin Clinton

    Logan Paul:*doesn’t give a flying F**k* Jake Paul:WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW

  10. JackSnap

    He is not actually colorblind he was exposed.

  11. Mcbride Vlogs

    I’ll let u knock me out if u fly me out to la for a day and u can put in on your vlog🤣🤣 deadass serious

  12. II satorii II

    omg i havent watched logan in years and this is my first time and all the memories of logan giving me daily 10-20min vlogs came back

  13. Jason walsh


  14. Shaurya Kaushik

    Content quality going down. Watch out logan!

  15. U The

    2017:Filming a dead body. 2020:Actually killed someone with fire.

  16. Rogue

    Evan: *exists* Logan: you have lost monitor privilege

  17. raj kara

    when are you doing a ranch tour

  18. zyreX

    endings are juss so hillarious lmao

  19. Xinaty Yurd

    this mad fye but he kinda forced it lmaoo

  20. ChrisDaSavage

    This came out on my birthday 🐐🐐🐐

  21. Jason Petters !

    Vlogs have been so good!

  22. M. Beltrán

    Your grown ass man

  23. Vladimir Nedeski

    Im a ksi fan but i still love this song

  24. Steven  Valencia

    When he says I'm red green color blind but his shirt is red and green

  25. Jas Bajwa

    i’m sorry but i got soo happy when he was singing ‘big plans’ by wdw

  26. ayoub bbx

    This one was bad sorry

  27. Wasti Rock

    It's Too Much Short Fuck You Logan 😝😝

  28. Adithya Narayan

    Where’s your dodge!?

  29. Anna Duane

    Im soooooo sorry Logan we all loved him keep making merch for tribute

  30. Matthew Riggins

    Sooo.... we don’t get to see him kiss her ass? Or is it gonna be on the hub later?

  31. jenil vira

    Finally evan and Logan together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. Shahs Gautam


  33. Justin Bersamina Vlog

    Who love Logan Paul. Give me thumbs up or else I'm gonna hurt u pinkie 👇👍

  34. Senn

    Evan is going to break Logan's yeti next😂😂

  35. kɪwɪ

    Jake paul. Remember, PTSD is created by you. Go outside. Talk to a friend. 😭

  36. Justin Bersamina Vlog

    Who love Paul Logan Give me thumbs up or else I'm gonna hurt u pinkie 👇👍

  37. Bill TP WV

    Just saying I think we’re gonna get a 2020 was the best year of my life

  38. Ameer Design.

    I'm i the only one who saw that "EPIC RKO" Logan did to that poor Asus Monitor xD


    If you lose after making this song then good luck...STILL SUPPORTING YOU THOUGH!!!

  40. Susan Warden


  41. Duy minh Nguyen

    I mean how do I rap

  42. Justin Bersamina Vlog

    I'm color blind too..

  43. Saransh Pahel

    Is isnt disrespectful

  44. Duy minh Nguyen

    How do be a rapper

  45. Eric Dean

    How is every one from a week ago but they have 1k likes?

  46. nick ho

    I thought the blood was clickbait

  47. Susan Warden

    same, and I subscribes only because he gave pewds the subs.

  48. Dave Wörle

    jeah more eaven

  49. anonymous secret agent

    Fucking monitor 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. TRI 36

    3:15 though😂

  51. XP_ NiCkY

    Plot Twist:He Sucked All The M&M’s!

  52. Dave07

    Is he really color blind?coz i think there was one time he talked about mavericks color so i was confused🤔

  53. atharva jatar

    4:40 the best part of the vlog!!!!❤️

  54. nick ho

    Thes look like some guy to flip some nice sausage wit

  55. Brady Powers

    Honestly hate both of you but this song was heat!?

  56. themoos420

    longer vlog loser

  57. Exotic vlogs & gaming

    even you are acc a waste of space 😂

  58. MehMoonyGal

    Logan changed everything changed i see no more hates and thats good

  59. Maximus Foley

    Bro when mike asked why we don’t fall of when we drive cars bro it’s fuckin gravity bro no offense but u stupid

  60. Hussein A-k


  61. Silent

    Holy shit, you fucking killed him dude

  62. Tu Rorro

    You should destroy every tv he gets in each new video 🤓😂

  63. blevins 9021

    Kong was a good dog and we all miss him we all what him back and he changed your channel with his cute face and fluffyness and that was the day it happend we all miss him. And yes we have lost ethens dog and that was bad it we all have these problems if its family or dog it all happens. R.I .P kong

  64. arikajoyce

    The colorblind video was the first video I’ve seen of Logan and I’ve seen a majority of his videos since then! For Logan to really appreciate this I’m 20 lol

  65. SamashBrickProductions

    Bring Lydia on Impaulsive

  66. Apollo 441

    Evan is not nice..what is he doing at Logan's house? Isn't he be thankful to live in such a beautiful house without mortgage

  67. David Craig

    These new videos ur coming out with now r funny af

  68. Jared Vasquez

    When ur kid lost a game of fortnite

  69. Takos

    do you go still go visit these kids?

  70. shane8911

    Well safe to say Evan is addicted

  71. Aidan Markham

    This is actually fire

  72. legendsnow SK

    Logan’s a kid??? 🤔

  73. Damaged Television

    Longer vlogs Logan pls

  74. TheGamer JP

    I don’t know why FIsels recommend this to me

  75. TrexTheDino Gaming

    Why did it take 3 minutes for the title to be true, and why did it last for less than a minute!?

  76. Psyche Infusions

    😍 I want to do thiiiiiis course.

  77. João Almeida

    everyone doing great things on youtube, he gives a party, get wasted and fucked riley reid. kkkkkkk what a fucking dumbass

  78. JJ Brendan

    2:39 this man could defeat ksi

  79. Sam B

    Actually wanted to see u sort them

  80. Diyar O

    You Lost


    4:45 Evans face

  82. Danny West

    This is the old Logan Paul where I actually laugh during the videos and I love it!!

  83. Bethany Arbon

    Logan at the beginning of the video "I'm completely red green color blind" as he's wearing a red and green shirt.

  84. purujit :-

    Is it just me or his views have been kinda Down lately

  85. AJ Trujillo

    this suck no joke so bad frfr

  86. Meat Jay

    Darf bro is going crazy 🤪🤪🤪

  87. samuels vj

    Bro do a 3am challenge in a Hunted place let's see if ur brave than ksi

  88. vinesh kumar

    Iam very Happy to see Logan and Evan happy after ages. Iam thinking they have to do friendship video again...🙏🤗🤗

  89. Jayleon Kirby

    That is not drago

  90. The dino puppet twins

    How do you say you never fall camera

  91. Chris Suda

    I'll gladly sort the M&M's for a grand and a Lana cheek @BigMike

  92. Crappy69 1

    Any ksi fans here ?

  93. Riptide

    🤣🤣🤣 breaks Evans monitor again, I’m dead.

  94. John B

    Do 10 minutes

  95. BRU -WINS21

    Logan I want longer videos plz

  96. Jatin Solanki


  97. AJ Trujillo

    when the song starts i see some butt cheeks p.s. antonio brown is going to win

  98. Kyri Outsider

    Lets hope old LP doesnt come back

  99. Toko uso Movement

    Guy:throws a crate at them The lady: tHaTs WhY YoU NeEd SaFtEY gLaSsEs😂😂

  100. Daniel Douglas

    David Dobrik is that you?