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  1. Adam mitchell

    0:39 'FIsels Champ'

  2. Infinite 101

    Now your a meme hahahaha 🖕

  3. XggXG4M3R

    Bored af

  4. Alejandro Burgos Pineda


  5. Daisy Carter

    R I P Kong

  6. Lorcan Jambrina

    "I wonder how your still on youtube" from Logan Paul ,he litteraly filmed a dead body

  7. James Kaiser

    anyone remember when schools were fighting over who was better..

  8. James Kaiser

    is anyone sad about kong in 2019

  9. James Kaiser

    2017: year of diss tracks 2018: year of boxing and a bit of diss tracks 2019: year of clicking old videos because your desperate

  10. cquintanamedrano

    The name of the song at 2:23 is “Racks” by JAG Thank me later......

  11. Ben McNelis

    Logan : mission failed we will get it next time Ksi :LETS GO CHAMP

  12. Jesse Vasquez

    33333333333dc ce fcif iffrjffj

  13. Jan Crnic


  14. Chelsea Herron

    Zach is so cute

  15. Yanish Yan


  16. Star Warz

    Bounty hunter d

  17. Cooper Terry

    I want to be you how do you get abs

  18. Flame Man


  19. Odmene

    This is what happens when there a lot of white people

  20. Chicka Gacha

    Ksi is kinda a bitch back then

  21. Yanish Yan

    Yeah we know you are here after KSI won.

  22. Xrilla

    Terrible... Seriously has a good storyline, but TERRIBLE execution. If you are here for the movie and not logan click away and save 1:30 hours from your life

  23. gamer master

    Miss old Logan

  24. Skwarrrk

    I wish FIsels would get deleted along with this guy

  25. MrCheats 's

    What's 5×5 logan 😂😂😂😂

  26. Lack Tech

    But JJ won isn’t he Logan?

  27. erikokos

    “He still goy his disney contrast” Disney:hold my autism

  28. Roroboro

    pussy! youre always talking trash and yet you got owned by ma boy ksi!

  29. MARIUS69


  30. Sid UT

    Logan laul lost his Lisdom Teeth


    Read the comment under this. Then go FIsels search and search for Jake Paul. Pranks his brother with the secret service!!!!!

  32. Nay x

    Eee i watched this the day before the fight i really thought he would win ;-; This documentry was bad ass thoe 👁👃🏼👁

  33. Just a purson


  34. KY Kuk

    Hahahahaha u lost fuck u

  35. EU Jeuben

    This guy is a gilly he uploaded this after he lost he’s such an idiot

  36. curtis gwata

    Jake Paul is a asshole So are you logan

  37. FN_Coolman

    I miss this Logan

  38. :-p :-D

    Viddall won this press conference 😂

  39. Gravity king

    It’s no but November so looking at old videos is all that Helps

  40. Vi Gi

    Its snowing here in florida imokie

  41. n0g4rdd3r

    Smells like BS...

  42. Emil Krey

    Can this comment get 69 likes

  43. Courtney Wright

    Plz l dont have eny because l dont have money

  44. Adrianna Thurlow

    you sound like you are on drugs lol

  45. Courtney Wright

    Hi your video is so good 😋😋 can l get free merch

  46. Adam Shyaka


  47. Rayan Nareman

    Logan rekt him

  48. Van Warner

    My 100 subscriber will get a 50 gift card for what ever you want

  49. Klausy Klaus

    Who’s ass is that ?????

  50. tim weekley

    I think you're the best

  51. :-p :-D

    42:33 "You didn't abuse Lennox Lewis" 😂😂😂 Best line of the night, totally had him 🤣

  52. Tuty Black

    How old are you in there

  53. Wasif Slayah

    Even tho logan's a pussy sometimes but he's a damn strong person! Never gives up. Losing beloved living creatures is the hardest thing for a human being. He should have won the fight against ksi for them atleast.

  54. Tkz_Void

    Logan Paul : “I sneezed this morning and I’m sick” “I don’t act like myself when I talk smack” “I’m gonna knock him out” AFTER FIGHT: loses🤡🤡🤡🤡

  55. Lifeswierd

    Who is here after rip maverick

  56. Hunter Boots

    I almost cried 😧

  57. Thanos

    *Before fight* KSI: You know NOTHING about boxing! Logan: I move like a boxer, I'm a professional boxer now! *After fight* Logan: I'm new to boxing and thats why I lost

  58. Juliette

    When Logan's loses againist ksi 😂

  59. Jacob FNz


  60. Joshua Hunt


  61. iDesire Magic


  62. Hackenslash

    You can tell Logan is sick here and not at his best. That was unfortunate he wasn’t at his best. 3:50:56

    1. violet baudelaire

      He was diagnosed with BeingAPussyAssBitch-itis.

  63. Potato Manz

    F you ksi

  64. Genesis’s Edits!


  65. *ṜṒῩΛⱢṪῩ*

    You lost to a guy whos "not a real fighter". Hold this L

  66. Jessa G

    I came just for why don't me

  67. Kris Brokmann

    LOL you ran from a dog and you have a giant thouhg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Agoraphobia


  69. Tallal imran

    Bring this logan BACK PLEASE

  70. DJ Golden

    Why is everyone saying:"Did you randomly clicked on this song on november"? But i actually did its boring tbh

  71. STC_Sproose

    U got shited on so

  72. Lsplayz Its

    Shame he couldn’t do this in his fight with KSI

  73. sips tea

    I hate logan but this diss track was creaseee

    1. infoboutg tv

      bitch hating on others is your job anyways, why should we give a fuck?

  74. Official dimitri

    Where is logan ? Bro dont hide we all love ya even after that big L

  75. Panda pickle2000

    Okay yeah Logan lost big woooop but Logan got alot out of this alot of positive if you think about it so can everyone chill on Logan tho he was just so focused and ready shit happens maybe he just didnt feel ir that day and he seems calm about the fight now and the beef is dropped ...... I think Logan is amazing i gained new respect for this guy

  76. Marcus O Grady

    It fills me with joy seeing how cocky Logan Paul is and than watching after the fight and just being like fuck you Logan

  77. Zork180 The Gamer Boy

    Yo bro Logan after what happened last year don’t hate me anyone but I stoped watching u and got upset bc I new u could do better but now seeing u after all that time I’ve seen how u became a better person and I just want to say I’m sry for what is happening now, I want to say I’m sry for what happened to maverick and Kong. I miss them as much as u miss them even if u don’t know me I got ur back

  78. TXDropEm

    I wonder if he was this sick when he lost to KSI

  79. /Mathias Tocto

    ksi girl

  80. /Mathias Tocto

    her integral is loissharpie

  81. Azami Mido

    Talked all that shit just to lose. "Im a boxer now" yet he hugs the entire fight. Get wrecked loser

  82. Goat Niter

    Stick to vlogs

  83. BondableLemur 79

    When Logan acts cocky

  84. Luis Espinoza

    Is it me ,that logan and ksi videos are being recommended since the fight

  85. Violet Wolfz

    1:42 “I think it will hurt him in the fight” -Sneezes 3 times in the morning Logan: I was on 60%

  86. Gavin McMahon

    Sorry mate might want to take this down

  87. Charlotte Athorn

    I'm cutting my arms because I wanna be dead

  88. Danial Hany

    Son of bitch take a a man fucker

  89. Sharda Prasad

    Me to I don’t have nothing to do now

  90. Iconic Playz

    Who’s watching after Logan got fuked up by ksi

  91. Jake Reid

    Well guess you were wrong 👌🏼

  92. xXMiloXx

    I have no comment R.I.P kong da savage we all miss you

  93. Cdcw Gaming

    FIsels never fucking recommend me this or I will fucking buy vidme back and start it up without deleting mumkey Jones and deleting jake Paul with his big asss head and Greg Paul’s pedofilic fingers

  94. sophia rose

    0:06 its really not 5hat hard that is basically saying it's not that hard to fly

  95. Emmet Concannon

    This guy is such a dick!!!!

  96. Brooke Planas


  97. Mi Ki

    Where is old Logan

  98. Joshua Joiner

    I think he is chillin it was a great fight no L for either of the fighter

  99. رامي تيوب

    هاذي معنات ولله لعطيك كف انسيك حليب امك😂😂😂

  100. Tusk

    L ogan