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  1. Meg Lea

    I was using Shea Moisture and the same thing began happening to me. I used Plaine Products shampoo once and felt relief right away. I’m not going to be using conditioner for a long time. I can still smell the fragrance in my hair from she’s moisture and I haven’t used it in over a month.

  2. Yvonne Campbell

    Kate is trying to show someone that she cares it's to late. You had over 8 years and now you are talking but you will never be as popular as Meghan and Harry. Because Megan is hard working and have done a lot for the people in the UK while she was pregnant and after Archie was born.

  3. mkvl1490

    Its crazy that Em, Dre and 50 all had all white shoes on lol

  4. Olivier Sok

    Imagine that he has left his girl for Katy, whereas it's just a funny, flirty character that she played as a judge and on tv to make people laugh !

  5. Mystic Blue

    Why are you yanks talking about a nobody(Meghan)? It(Meghan) not a royal and it(Meghan) will never be. Only joined the Real Royal Family to insult and humiliate the Her Majesty and turn Our beloved Harry against his own Brother and caused nothing but chaos, all because It(Meghan) can't meet up to the Royal Standards and let go of her fame and celebrity life. It(Meghan) nothing but a disgrace towards Her Majesty, Royal Family and British Public, costing us Millions of Pounds. Enough said!

  6. Mkao Moua

    If I were Peter I sent her home long times ago! So annoying

  7. diego arguello

    hold up that black guy is 68?!!

  8. Rayd Matthew

    Why does people hold a grudge against LGBT? They don’t hurt other people’s feelings. Guess I’ll never understand why, just internet culture I guess.

  9. Sakiyeh Walker

    I thought it was cool she was kinda giving hints grammies awards 🏆 hahahaha 👍👏

  10. Sandeanna Beckker

    The biological father of Prince & Paris was Dr Arnold Klein, celebrity dermatologist. Anyone would know that just by comparing photographs of Prince & Paris to Dr Klein. Debbie Rowe was Dr Klein's medical assistant for many yrs. So it's not out of the question that they were more then just friends. One has to wonder why MJ didn't father his own children. Debbie Rowe married MJ just for the purpose of providing him with children that were actually fathered by Dr Klein. MJ must've paid Dr Klein a pretty penny. Then he divorced Debbie Rowe & kept the children. Very strange arrangement here!!

  11. sadie marsden

    He’s a great guy in the movie and out of the movie 🙏

  12. Joanna Fischer

    this is the best thing i’ve ever heard

  13. Lycos Games

    You are interrupting a game because you made the stupid decision of wearing something that could easily fall off while you are running around

  14. Ryan Bream

    Bodyguard is what got me into the job, i was down on my luck, no foreseeable future and i watched that movie and said, thats what i want to do. i did it and while the realisation is its not like the movie, that movie stopped me killing myself.

  15. Leah Allen

    My allergies are so awful!! Welcome Home!!

  16. Powered_by_Plants

    What an amazing man 💕 If we all thought like this the world would be a better place 😇 🌍

  17. TheDolly089

    Why are we talking about KATE? This video is misleading..smh

  18. Kylie Morgan Glinski

    I can’t fathom that this man plays Dwight

  19. Shinta

    I'm sorry... But that's a peculiar choice for a thumbnail.

  20. Amir Murray

    Michael strahan in his mind sayin.."thiss nigga wade crazy"lmal

  21. mTEC Devil Shyt

    boycott your sorry-ass movies, nobody watch it twice because only BLM find it entertaining

  22. kim d

    Too funny

  23. Your Fun friend

    This is like me when I tell my parents I did something like eating cookies.

  24. Hellen Grall

    😂fake news

  25. Haley Faragalli

    SO GOOD!

  26. Harry Callahan


  27. sassy class

    Your a LEGEND Ozzy! You haven't let anyone down! We all love you and support you! Rock on Ozzy! ✌💖😀

  28. J Cede

    Why does your headline said Meghan and Harry, then you slip in Kate. We are only clicking because of Meghan and Harry.

  29. Haley Faragalli

    She is so courageous!

  30. Joseph Joestar

    *Wears Hijab while playing soccer, a sport where you run in the wind and fall* *hijab gets hit off* *surprised pikachu*

  31. Frederick Gaylord III

    Gordon Ramsey: lightly season the onion Also Gordon Ramsey: drenches the onion in oil

  32. Lno 1

    We need more death punishments.

  33. Haley Faragalli

    Wow that's great!

  34. OrcaSucks

    Who the hell gave Lucas the spider a 3/5? Whoever made that website is on crack.

  35. Roy Cummings

    Fake News personified.

  36. P J

    Victoria is so passive-aggressive to Pete on the bachelor.

  37. Frank Sánchez

    Ewan: mention misogyny Everybody: ok bye Birds of prey: *Dies

  38. Mardell Drake

    What is Custokebon Secrets? Does it work? I hear many people lost their weight with this popular lose weight methods.

  39. Abraham Garcia

    I don't blame him for jumping over the table. The killer deserves to get his ass kicked by the father.

  40. iYurak

    Omg Stacy GIRL Power!! Kidding

  41. Tammy Stockley-loughlin

    All the best to Amy. A good sense of humor is necessary for raising a child. I had to shut myself in the pantry to keep from laughing in front of my daughter. I would also suggest to pick your battles, I booked no nonsense on safety or moral issues but if she wanted wear her slip on sandals on opposite feet...not worth it. Teach them how to be a good friend, but not a pushover. To be a kind and reasonable person. And answer the questions asked...but get ready, kids pay attention. Positive vibes from New Hampshire and remember to be kind to each other

  42. Danielle Scalzo

    Omgggg soooo cute ! Wow so so so cute

  43. silver sight

    Clickbait!!! 👎👎👎

  44. Island Gem

    Well why are we talking about boring Kate

  45. Cesar Antonio

    For me The Morning Show is one of the best shows I have ever seen. It's also because you know it's exactly what happened to Matt Lauer. The drama is so good. Jenn definitely deserved to win the award for best actress. I don't think of Friends when I see this show. She plays her part really well. Reese, of course, does too. All of them actually are top actors.

  46. Meme Tagi

    Even the media knew the world will want to click to MAGHEN she is excellent in everyway. the media get more money out of Maghen then Kate. WOW!!!!! no wonder. they are both queen!!! kate is for British, Maghen is for the hearts of so many people all over the world.

  47. Jack Daniels

    They will be taking money from banks and good luck with that! And Prince Charles is not paying them a penny the Media is lying to you!

  48. Dazzlassies

    This all happened from just an armadillo

  49. Jack Daniels

    They are posting old stuff as if it is new. They are in Canada not at Stanford University. Ha ha the media are crazy!

  50. Kevin Berger

    I believe Catherine's accent is Snobistani.

  51. j Andraj

    Liam 🥰🥰🥰 love 💕

  52. Sophia Idek

    Wow. I just wish everyone could be like this and respect each other’s cultures like that

  53. Julie R 11

    Not too interested in Kate and the rest of them since they’re all scripted on their entire lives. Let’s hear more of H&M who had the guts to get out and putting their family first over the country that hates Megan. I’m positive Diana is smiling!

  54. Amazing Nadine


  55. The Danish GSM Channel Henrik Buitenhuis

    Ha ha ha Thanks so much

  56. Deathlorathor pl

    Girl from marrowbone?

  57. Jessica Carter

    That’s looks like so much fun!!! At least the dressing up part.

  58. Ash Money

    11 year old brainwashed from social media man that’s sad may god bless him.

  59. ChuChild.

    Apparently the surrogate did the parents dirty in this situation actually.. look through the comments..

  60. thmuffinslayer

    He starts to say half then says everybody lmfao

  61. Tee Jay Aiono

    Wtf is a hijab

  62. DR4G0N

    only in 'Murica?

  63. Annita

    He just too sweet Awww😘

  64. Angela Bryant

    My father is a human trafficker and is Elizabeth Windsors cousin. He say queen Elizabeth and her sister are turkey baster babies. Elizabeth is the daughter of lord Louis mountbattens and the queen mother. Charles is inbred son and grandson of lord Louis mountbattens. William is a pagan bastard forcibly born on summer solstice June 21. Diana was raped by Philip. Harry's father is James Hewitt and Andrew's father is lord porchey carnarvon that died on 911. Being married to an illegitimate son not Charles son he is not an heir.

  65. Rosita Alicea

    Love both of them 😎😎👍👍👍❤❤

  66. ZIG ZAG Ground ZERO

    [ DUMB & UN SAFE USE of An SnowBlower ] Must Be Democrats

  67. 100K Subs No Videos

    amazingly epic

  68. Gilbert Garces

    Fun fact: Anya Taylor-Joy speaks fluent Spanish. No joke! I had to search videos, & I couldn't believe it. It's part of her background. Better then I speak it, & I'm Hispanic! 😂😂 She should definitely be in a role where she speaks some Spanish perfectly😍

  69. Tranquility 32

    Lol So cute! 😂

  70. Shin Wonbabe

    I can’t wait to see how she does as a Sith Lord 😂🥰

  71. pauly

    A pair of self serving self absorbed parasitic professional hand wavers.

  72. Sara Italiana



    What was the back lash.........?

  74. YoniNadi

    I want to cook wild boar burgers in a cast iron pan the same way he cooked his burgers in that outdoor grill.

  75. pug 1101

    WHAT he didn't season the tooth picks

  76. The Perfect Business

    she said she was his biggest fan *cough* (ANNIE WIKES)

  77. Greta V

    Beautiful positioning...text book. Landing stuck with ease! Bam...10!!!💫

  78. Frank Thunderbolt

    She looks terrible like she's living with the guilt of a Murder. Don't buy into this psycho's self-promotion. She stole the light from our generation. He could have quit nirvana, divorced her, married her bassist and given the world decades more of his genius. Sign the petition reopen his murder case!

  79. F. S.S.

    I thought this was about Meghan and Harry?!! Get it together folks.

  80. Hayden Haivala

    Man you inspire me so much love you Gordon

  81. Mark Werblow

    This is so dumb

  82. Yannis Scott

    0:01 When you almost arrived to school then suddenly remember you forgot to do your homeworks

  83. Rangel75

    0:14 What’s Hines ward doing in the audience

  84. 효마


  85. GC33

    She’s gorgeous🌶🌶

  86. Jesse Alexander

    "Stay human"

  87. Pat Bowman

    Must be taking Liberal for Dummies classes.

  88. David Little

    God bless you Ozzy Osbourne and God bless u Robin Roberts for sharing this story

  89. Faith Love

    Love Harry and Meghan.Kate every mom do that every day, go sit down. Lazy u got maid, we raised our kids with no maid and did an amazing job!!!

  90. Bobbyjean Leblanc

    That's good dressed like normal people and not all stuck up show off rich. I was a lot like Kate, well I was pregnant I was sick every single day right through labor and after my baby was born.

  91. funi cat

    "pet"acure. I see what you did there.

  92. fopifop fopifop

    Crap ABC

  93. Nubian Princess

    I wouldn’t even be allowed to wear them long nails and wear crop tops at that age and I was born female ._. and if I had a son that young I’m raising him to be a man, it’s only when he is 18 and out of my house it’s all between him and god which is how I was raised.

  94. Nina

    Literally nothing about Meghan and Harry but lots about their boring sister in law!!! ok, then

  95. Jack Daniels

    2 seconds of Harry and meghan to get you to look and then 3 minutes of Cate ha ha! WTF where can we go just to find Harry and Meghan for fuck sake. Always piggy backing off of Harry and Meghan to get your story out! Are you not popular enough to carry your own story kate?

  96. sarah birchnall

    Heart breaking parkinson is horrible diease I feel so sorry for them sharon kelly jack and the other daughter Most be going through it I love them

  97. Saved Jackson

    After I saw Kate I stoped so fast, why use Meghan's name? Silly

  98. Nyimeobari Hughes

    You bitch do NOT USE MM and PH to arrest listeners attention and introduce your boring Kate Middleton! You dumb person

  99. Charlene Walker

    continued blessings issa rae!

  100. Winnefred Harris

    Ain't that something