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  1. Michael Newell


  2. Brent Borders

    The uprising hahahaha more like whiny kids thinking any of this will change. 😂

  3. Travis McCutchan

    Please don’t associate Gen Z with these idiots. Me and every person my age that I know, thinks Greta is a moron.

  4. Z Ed

    1 Corinthians 11: 11 When I was a child, I used to speak as a child, to think as a child, to reason as a child; but now that I have become a man, I have done away with the traits of a child. God is NEVER wrong.

    1. Lucas

      I mean here you are, speaking as a child. So?

  5. miguel mexa

    I love trump, cheers from Mexico

  6. Rebecca diaz de leon

    this not going to change anything in the 🌍🌎🌏

    1. Dr. Krieger

      Made me giggle, that was a change.

  7. Helicopter Dad

    Hoping for drunk pelosi early dismissal from earth

  8. Boyana K

    "Look at people as human beings" Fears trans people

  9. Sammy Sam

    I'll be upfront. I don't like Trump, I didn't vote for Trump, I'm an Atheist, and I don't trust anything that the Washington Post posts, uploads, writes, releases, etc. They're a shame of the media and haven't had any credibility since the early 80s

  10. john foster

    You were "hollering"...not him. You have no credibility. Shame on you. I'm onto your foolish game.

  11. David Gutierrez

    Why is there so much dislikes? when we die in 20 years you'll know why

    1. Dave

      Dr. Krieger when every human dies in 20 years I’ll finally be at peace with my self

    2. Dr. Krieger

      When you die in 20 years I'll be there to point and laugh.

  12. Tammy Ileene

    Cannot even listen to commenters with filthy mouths. I got a bar of soap and a peach tree switch to change that behavior with.

  13. Orange7

    Climate Change needs to be stopped but not by yelling at traffic In the street and skipping school. Be cool, stay in school.

  14. K. KTM

    We finally figured it out why she delayed the delivery of the impeachment.... she was waiting for those special pens from China lol....

  15. VOR

    I'm waiting for trump's "you can't handle the truth" moment

  16. Dr Osborne

    Do you know you can make millions of dollars from Paypal trade transfer?

  17. Veteran Patriot

    Glad I hate kids

  18. Aceof2Hearts

    He is a pathological liar.

  19. JeepZJ 101

    The world is a mess

  20. Tyletha Bradford

    How is they going to stop climate change? Only the Almighty can do that, see how Greta, AOC, and the Pope messed up the peoples minds? This tells me that neither one of them has read their Bible, so that means they do not know the truth. They can’t stop what the Almighty and his son Jesus Christ words says that’s going to happen.

  21. Causttic -

    Oh stfu

  22. Mary Myers

    Thank you. Am saving it for our trip to Japan

  23. Tanner Cox

    We’d see more progress in climate change if these crazy people would stop acting like they are better than everyone and blaming everyone but themselves about climate change. Literally these people and Greta are the reason more people deny and reject it.

  24. SanAnMan 1

    Washington Post doing gaming reviews, nice. So hear the confirmation of Fussion GPS. The shots are highly conductive and satellite's are weapons, that all our leaders are hand pick communist that murdering countless man, women and children and called it culture. The civil rights movement was the biggest terrorists attack in American history, stealing live, votes and seats of power to become our superiors and leaders. Yeah I got hit with a De-Atomizer which is radio grind which is the a current the shots can hold. That's how there offing children with dreams. The told us satellite's are harmless cameras and we just Canada with NASA technology and all our medican like the shots.

  25. Joe Lev

    Sadly no strikes in China and India the worst offenders

  26. Johnny Dominguez

    Nice thinking cap dumbass...

  27. Klondike Blame

    Damn stoners and their "green dreams".

  28. Zion

    "Why go to school to learn facts"

  29. Matt Sprayberry

    These are not kids a kid is a baby goat.

  30. Pepe The Frog

    It’s stupid how snowflakes run the media.

  31. Zion

    All these young kids in 3 years will be nonbinary with green hair

    1. Dr. Krieger

      Did you just assume their gender?! Lol!

  32. mopthermopther

    “Any man who hates dogs and children can’t be all bad” - - W C Fields

    1. Yogi Beez

      I hate some dogs an most chiledren...

  33. Ira

    Washington Post, for future reference, maybe have a variety of people included in a "bizarre political moments" video. The President is not the only political figure. There are hundreds. Lol. 💖

  34. Zion

    "WE WANT ACTION!" *throws signs, cups, & plastic on the ground at protest*..... Greta Thunberg:"you are not mature enough" *Stockpiles plastic trash in her Tesla

  35. Chris P

    Mr Beast planted 20,000 trees in a day. Standing in the street does NOTHING!

  36. Russell Chokan

    Meanwhile they all have phones made in sweatshops, in cities built of electronic waste.

  37. Jabootie

    I believe, you believe, we believe, they believe, someone heard, maybe possibility something might stick that's my prayer..

  38. Keith Cindy Panama

    As Chuck Schammaker said Elections have consequences. Vote 2020

  39. Dirty REkT Um

    LMFAO. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. children that get traumatized over not having milk for breakfast trying to tell the world how it works. that is just too funny

  40. Jim McCracken

    All the posters, and banners are going to end up in a landfill. How much fossil fuel did it take to get all those kids together?

  41. Efren Rodriguez

    You mean the brain washing of youth. Look at likes vs. dislikes you morons.

  42. Milo Auker

    quid pro quo Joe......needs to be investigated.

  43. Mike Corleone

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Stop using kids to push bad ideas.

  44. Sage The Assassin -Super Gamer

    I praise these kids, I'm 19 so I would probably be arrested if I did this. Free Speech

    1. Dr. Krieger

      Now if they only had something to say.

  45. Gary Spears

    The sky is falling. More government must be the solution.

  46. mike logan

    Climate change crisis, for 50 years now. The world was going to end, some 40 times.


    Can’t walk the talk commie, green new deal, climate hoaxers, using children. Who did NOT C that one coming?

  48. TommyBolognattv

    just here to downvote

  49. Mag

    Exchange rate in value : 1 Greta=1.000 Trumpsters.

  50. E S

    This Is Fake News From A Leftist Paper Machine

  51. imran khan

    the video talks against the prejudice which is gud but the other side of the video is that it does legitimise the activities the Masons are or were indulged in which were pro prejudice

  52. mye namee

    An excellent report by a fine correspondent. Well done!

  53. Gray fox

    I believe in climate change I just don't care

  54. Herman Lipshitz

    Until these entitled little children have worked for a living for 10 years, paid off their student loans, and taken on the responsibilities of a family, they're not telling me how to live.

  55. Menuka Dhungel

    All corruption

  56. shoeless robert john joe jackson

    The Democrats are a disgrace. They've sunk so low that they have become anti-American. This is not the Democrat party of my parents and grandparents. At least those democrats loved the country.

  57. Menuka Dhungel

    I’m watching

  58. Tom Bombadil

    They are all liars. Some are better than others. Nunes sounds like a kid from the back of the bus who lies a lot but doesn't have close to the pathological lying skills of Trump.

  59. Rocky Slater

    I’m all for efforts in resolving pollution and climate change but I don’t like the fact of how ignorant these kids/teens are now a days. Little do people know is the signs those kids are holding are made of paper..where does paper come from kids? TREES! What’s in your pocket? A cell phone you say? Little do they know that the material that your phone is made of is mined from the earth. Politics, selfishness and ignorance will be our downfall.

  60. Pam Bridenback

    Here come the puppets!

  61. Mgtow Saved My Life

    God what i would give to see these losers get shot.

  62. Lots Of Merchandise

    Let's skip school for a fake cause, yay!

  63. Drake Slayers

    Brainwashed children won't tell me how to live! Our schools have fails us!

    1. destructiveduck 123

      and your grammar

  64. Bruce Molyneux

    libtard indoctrination

  65. Jerry Middleton

    You can tell that these idiots are Democrats the Republicans are not trying to hide anything they are the ones wanting a fair trial they are the ones wanting to call witnesses the Democrats are the ones that do not want to call witnesses and they want to try to tell the senate how to do their job you people in the private sector are so stupid there's laws that everybody has to abide by not just the Republicans the Democrats get to break the law and create some of their own so they can win a case that's not the way it works there's laws for a reason there's a constitution for a reason that's so both parties cannot abuse their Authority furthermore at dude speaking is a liar they would not allow Donald Trump to defend himself I mean that's something they're not telling the public of course they don't want to tell the truth the truth is I just don't like the man I don't like Obama and like Clinton I put up with both of them for 16 years 8 for each I want to fella at the end of the video here seems to have a good head on his shoulders even though he probably just likes Trump he saying that hey stuff wasn't done right and he'll probably remain in office and he most likely will let's just face it the Democratic Party wants him out of the house White House cuz they don't like him has nothing to do with the law they don't like him

  66. Lorenzo Lai Veríssimo de Oliveira

    oh nice, now i need to buy a f-ing bluetooth headset, because they make game changing attachments that doesnt let me use the other

  67. Electoral College Enslaved Alumni

    If any of them eventually get to College I bet they stop flicking class as soon as they find out how much it costs.

  68. Charlie  Lopez

    So another words they would rather skip school and be activist then get an education. Fkn losers get an education and a job thats how you give back to society and the planet

  69. D. James

    Why not just have them sing "We are the World"? Seeing as how you're using them as pawns in adult issues and all.

  70. Ledder Havit

    I remember when I was young and knew that I knew everything and then I got older and realized I knew nothing...

  71. Aiwanano

    Abyi Amhed should have the reward burned in front of his face.

  72. mkmason2002

    THE THUMBS DOWN HAS IT. The Zionist-controlled media is chomping at the bit to take America's guns, then get the Mexican invasion set full throttle. Control is easiest with chaos.

  73. Boogie and D's Adventures


  74. kwame Hunter

    Let the planet burn for all i care for its what the rich wealthy and power want.

  75. The REAL Mr. Gates

    Cus of cramps lmao

  76. David Doyle

    Yelp is dirty ,,,,don't touch them

  77. mountopian 1

    It was global warming but since its freezing everywhere this winter, its now climate change.

  78. whatzup

    i hope trump wins this and then starts having these "progressive" jews and others killed.

  79. dr3yec


  80. Sunny D

    They shouldn't skip school. That's important we don't need more IGNORANT people. we need smart people who will do something to help. NOT just talk. Talking does NOTHING!

  81. Dan Banks

    Maybe they can go form a new nation on some island... maybe Greenland

  82. Abdull Abdullahi

    Tired of having facts in your fact checking

  83. Samuel I

    Hold India and China to some standards before you try to preach to me. The environment in the U.S. is leaps and bounds from where it was just 30 or 40 years ago. We have blue skies. We don't need masks to breathe. We're doing OUR part. Talk to the real polluters.

  84. iOn-Christopher DiMeglio

    As to the content - what the Senate Satan (and this is not a joke - it's a technical term) wants doesn't matter. It's only a show. It's a calculated big lie. Because fully 50% of the 'voting' population could not solve their way into a cerial box if somebody didn't show them.. That is a simile - not far off at all judging from typical comments on Channel Maddow, etc.

  85. Black Toof

    Millennials are realizing what their generation is trashing. Now they want action? Let's exploit this for da kidzzzzz!!! Disliked

  86. Mike Elbow

    Is there no chain of command in the military anymore?

  87. casey james


  88. JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior

    💟Beautiful and More!‼️💚

  89. joey shearer

    If these kids only new the truth that the top elite are hiding from them it would be a different world and situation but the fact is this false climit change that the government is the ones actually chemical ly inducing or slowing down what happens every couple thousand years but nope they have to put on a big front a lie a way to blame the people from what they themselves keep from telling the world how dare them they do this to these kids I don't want to think what the good lord has coming to them

  90. Tom Howe

    The globe will warm then it will cool. Nothing you can do. All the money on the planet will not help. Pray to god, learn of him. He is more powerful

    1. Tom Howe

      This just all political scientific propaganda

    2. Tom Howe

      They are teaching these kids the wrong lessons. Kidnaping them into a lost cause. The bible predicts these things.

  91. ANTI-SATAN pro-life RTMI

    Oh he going to let people pray freely in a country where people are supposed to be free...I'm so triggered

  92. International Harvester

    All the "nobody cares what *Hollyweird* has to say" Trump supporters, turn away, come running back to comment and cheer on a member of *Hollyweird*

  93. nick99

    Why don't the UK have a capital in Scotland

  94. Captain Bigot

    Eat the babies. lol

  95. Bill Dickson

    President Donald Trump - He's for America, he's bringing industry back to American shores. He's recognized throughout the world as a strong leader and a good deal maker for The USA. It's unfortunate that Pelosi displays an extreme level of misandry against President Trump. Instead of working with President Trump to bring about good outcomes for the USA Pelosi continues to be nasty. Pelosi should be the one who should step down because we have seen her on numerous occasions have mental breakdowns; she is mentally ill. God Bless America, God bless our President and God bless our Commander-In-Chief of the United States Armed Forces. Cheers from Bill

  96. Night Train

    Schools brainwashing our kids. Isn't that what Joseph Stalin did ?

  97. Leonardo Bautista

    So now this kid won millions from CNN and this dude just lost more teeth.

  98. Tyrone Tucker

    Socialist from Germany came over after WW2 and infiltrated the school system it's called the Long March thru the institutions

  99. Stephen

    I give a damn’. News???

  100. Aaron Miller-Schumacher

    Y'all realize this is because Trump decided not to give af?! Y'all are pretty stupid to not realizes there's reasons the youth is decided to try and use the political actions we were meant to use. Y'all don't understand the significance of not limiting pollution as a nation (which is supposed to limit major companies from polluting our waters, air, and ect). This is the kind of act the supports Trump without doing the minimal fact checking... Y'all disappoint me. Make America great??!!! More like selfish and lazy... I'm embarrassed to be an American... I'm 22 and you guys have ruined my faith in America... Hopefully my generation might actually do something about it... Pitiful