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  1. JoleFin

    Two elitists meet : This is our plan for gaining more wealth. Media : Thanks for the partial share of wealth, we'll support this in a positive light.

  2. FLASH


  3. Aaron Powell

    Warren =🐍

  4. Steve S

    The supreme leader is a clown, a liar, and a lunatic. Same for sarif.

  5. JoleFin

    Greta needs to be cancelled because she's met with Obama in a friendly manner! Obviously they share common ideas.

  6. Happy Wife


  7. Sierra Herrera

    My teacher, he told me that him and his wife was there and she got shot, so he got on top of her to protect her. It makes me sad to this day because he had to see this and his wife had to get hurt. It’s so sad, and it shouldn’t have happened. No one should’ve died that night.

  8. Redcat Redcat

    Thanks to all people like you, you are heroes, I love you all !! ❤️❤️❤️ You do the best for these poor animals !!! Why is this horrible fire proceed ? Why don't all other selfish countries help Firefighters in Australia ? This is a shame😡😡😡

  9. Ndr Nndn

    Yeah...Jahmal👏👏👏👏Jahmals are Great people...I have me a Jahmal(son) 💞💕💞and he is an amazing human...PIP PIP FOR JAHMALS👐👐👐👐💗💗💗💗

  10. Ash Scott

    If you want to risk your life for the rush, that's great. But go find a cliff to climb, where you won't fall on anybody, where buildings won't have to be cordoned off and where your corpse can rot without anyone having to smell it

  11. Darius M51

    Haha I smell the fuvking Americans blood

  12. mason deeks

    0:07 untouched field if green grass but everything else got torched by these flames including cars? This was caused by DEW this was a mass murder not a "camp fire "

  13. james paul

    His faith is strong like a rock.

  14. sam l

    Believing in Gods will during war will get you killed

  15. Cooper D.

    When I think about hearing Yanny I hear Yanny, but when I think about hearing laurel I here laurel?

  16. Kcbg

    No dear, the US basically said, you want to be a terrorist, well we'll treat you like one.

  17. Jon C

    The Guardian. No paywall. Because nobody would ever bother paying for their left wing drivel.

  18. Unknown C

    1 like = 1 kangaroo safed

  19. Justin Morgan

    Alex Jones is being rude

  20. Kanade Tachibana

    Dude is just trying to score himself some white puss when she gets out

  21. Bad Company

    Why do Trump supporters in the comments think that there’s a final result from the Senate here?? Give it a few more days. 🤦‍♂️

  22. Mike Palko

    Linemen won't turn away that's for damn sure. O-Line and D-Line are like SUVs running on hamburg.

  23. Reversal

    Awwww :(

  24. Rita Goldman

    The nature has many faces

  25. Armin Parekh

    Greta's message to you: you should set your car, office, and home temperatures to - 200°C. The world and you will cool down for ever.

  26. Maria Valery

    I love trump I really do I think he is a great man!!

  27. Anok Nyiemlim

    My favorite president ever ❤️😍

  28. Armin Parekh

    Her specialty is not global cooling. It's global fooling.

  29. Moshe David Dyion

    What's coming up??? Next !!!

  30. David

    Dog be like : I am done with Turkmenistan .

  31. am someone lol

    I heard brain needle

  32. Jonesy Jones

    In grade school they teach you simple instructions... all they have to do is listen and follow instructions and they wont get tazed.. Just like this punk some choose not to listen..

  33. kiran chandran

    Lol crazed lunatic it is

  34. No One

    He's ok !? Oh thats a shame... 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🙋‍♂️

  35. turbobenx

    Death penalty to these fucks that tried to make it seems like it is caused by the weather.


    He gonna live 175 years in prison wtf 😂😂😂😂

  37. ‘Jooordey ‘


  38. BlocuzGirlz_YouTube

    Yanny in a light voice and Laurel in a deep voice

  39. Dylan Davis

    Trump is hilarious in this

  40. 나NA

    cnn reporter is very rude.

  41. Kev Luxury

    Who won the democratics or republicans? Did Trump really get impeached?

  42. Common Sense

    You can take the boy outa Crawley but you can’t take Crawley out of the boy.

  43. Luke Otter

    Cowardly is surely contacting the military base that you plan to 'attack' and telling everyone to leave, cause you're afraid of getting blown off planet earth if you harm anyone.


    If I would know English I would think she Declares WW3

  45. Evil Pussywillow

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I myself am on my way out and spend my time in bed watching the news. I wish I could send you all the money you and the animals need. So happy you are there to help❤️

  46. Google User

    Is this real?

  47. Frederik Mangor

    i dont get why they give some 175 years? like hes not gonna live that long just give a 100 years

  48. Tengri Ego

    We dont hear so much about this farage troll nowadays. His fame was based on cursing others and that type of fame is temporary.

  49. Mikey Pozo

    He's not impeached yet... thanks to Pelosi...

  50. BARULICK Sama

    So that is how you earn oscar? Pathetic barbarian.

  51. Jochem Groeneweg

    00:56 How dare you!!!



  53. Тамара

    Какие вы молодцы. Спасибо,что спасаете. Здоровья вам, счастья, всего самого доброго .Привет из Беларуси.

  54. Yujiro Hanma

    sooooooooooo...where was the destroying part? all i saw was ben demasking an old man

  55. I Saw The horror On Intranet

    This Iran Leader cheering innocent people who die on Ukraine airplane full of innocent killed by Iran rocket

  56. Maestro in

    What a beautiful elephant)))

  57. Ahmed Bajinka


  58. Victor Best

    Return to me. My friend

  59. Victor Best

    Amazing channel you got here .. thanks for sharing

  60. Mathematical Weeb


  61. safeer zaman

    And i m sorry camel

  62. Fernanda Ribeiro

    Ok. Now it’s water the problem? Wtf Australia

  63. Burton Rivera

    Meanwhile we eat animals and everybody's got a gun too. Morality is BOUGHT AND SOLD. IS THIS A COMMERCIAL?

  64. Ben Stevinson

    Jeremy Corbyn is a Labour 🌹 legend!

  65. Burton Rivera

    Easy job. Just like sending doctors and missionaries to 3rd world countries.

  66. Jon Merritt

    Only hope she last 3 years and then gone!

  67. RR Extra

    Bullshxt its about bloodline , not skin colour.

  68. *Kim -Jung Un

    Haha *N u B*

  69. Stephen Roche

    Cut 20.000 officers she is so patronising.

  70. Public Public

    Trump will start a war and refill the swamp before he gets fired.

  71. Дмитрий Боровик

    Well, why do you mock the unfortunate cuttlefish?

  72. Stephen Roche


  73. Polar Cold

    He is more rude tbh...

  74. Tywin Lannister

    Politics were better without women. Prove me wrong.

  75. RedKind GMNG

    "Darkness" brought me here.


    Everything’s a rant to the guardian... unless it’s the precious tears of our bleeding heart liberals.. give me a break. ☽ †


    i am so sad for animals and people =(

  78. 肉红烧

    What is the relationship between a spiritual leader and a governmental leader in Iran?

  79. 3NTR0PY


  80. Michaelbos

    The most important part, you film the ground.

  81. Dragon Ball

    Anyone here from Eminem?

  82. The Dark Knight

    "How many people went blind by watching the sun?" Trump:"BILLIONS AND BILLIONS AND BILLIONS AND BILLIONS

  83. Barbosa 602

    Go back foos!

  84. Кон ан

    Идиоты вы погубили свой континент! Почему не просите о помощи? гордые чтоли?

  85. Wardina Muhd Wata

    I can only hear yanny


    House dems are gonna need some milk... we are baking up some humble pie ❤️ don’t choke Nancy!

  87. Amy Amy

    Barack Obama did this to you?

  88. A Team

    hahahah i think he was telling a joke to his people he forces to live under his demands, odd how people of Iran had more freedoms 20 years ago. and less now.

  89. Greenpoloboy3

    Such a kind, peace loving man. x

    1. Sima J

      You are joking?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is sitting on people's blood !he is a real scumbag so his supporters!

  90. babe brown

    Hey he’s right This whole thing is a farce

  91. rick james

    Trump is the man .we need trump for life

  92. Chris Xavier

    Alexander Green looks vexed he wasn't appointed a manager :D

  93. RitaSparita *


  94. Alex Bon

    Imagine the pollution caused. Get Greta to have a word.

  95. Masada Judea

    This old man has dementia. He probably thinks Soleimani only suffered a hand wound.

  96. Ghgff Hfhhg

    Wow tnhk u

  97. Anxious Juans

    And you guys kept on saying you don't like Trump yet he won.

  98. David Rain

    Iran is a country that grows stronger and stronger by enduring all its hardships. Their national will is commendable

    1. Tom *

      And they will end up building their homes in bomb craters because they thought they were better than the rest of us. After they killed more innocents...

  99. Fleshas LT

    So what should we call a country that shoots down a plane full of civilians?

    1. Sima J

      That's how hd stayed on power !!!!!!!!!!!! Using religion and killing people!!!!!

    2. I Saw The horror On Intranet

      Iran Killer of innocent People

  100. Louis Legrand