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  1. んー魔王


  2. Yugasam Yuthaa

    We Asians here love Prince Harry and his Beloved wife Duchess Meghan Markle! and cutest baby Archie! Resembles Prince Harry! Lovely lovely loving family! May God bless you Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle! and cutest baby Archie!

  3. Michele Mcnaugh

    Good on you Nigel, kick them up arse. They are free loaders, the Union should be paid redundant. Leeches and bludgers.

  4. Upasuhut Jurnal

    Nice job. Thanks

  5. Ake Van der Hoeven


  6. Pegasus

    US President Donald Trump is not allowed to leave the United States. He will be arrested for War Crimes, just like the Ex-President G.W. Bush, indeed. Even if Trump never shoots anyone directly, he and his administration are responsible for deaths on a scale that screams at us to take notice. If Trump is going to be impeached, don’t fool yourself that what he’s allegedly done to Hunter Biden is the worst crime he committed while in office.

  7. Phil The Messer

    You still giving speeches at far right German meetings Farage?

  8. malli prasad

    Great humanity

  9. Sharon Newman

    So sad and it breaks my heart seeing them hurt

  10. John Mandragon

    More Rupert Murdoch sponsored bile, and you lot LAP IT UP.

  11. Людмила Черкасова

    Помоги им господи. Бедные зверушки

  12. 24yrukdesigner

    At the time of that first Nigel speech, he spoke for literally 90% of Europe. No one had ever heard of Romproy and actually many people STILL don't know who he is even today, or what he did, but he certainty obtained a positions of high authority over everyone without their consent. (Well he thought he did, but Romproy remains unknown and unimportant). Maybe if the EU was about trade, sharing opinions, idea's and democracy, things would have been very different, and we would have all have been interested, but since it's behaviour resembles any stereotypical communist startup project, ignoring the people, imposing IT'S views on everyone else regardless of what they think, and being WAY way way MORE than just trade... No thanks. Thankyou Nigel for standing up to these evil power hungry psychopaths! <3

  13. Suzanne Nichols

    God Bless You All.

  14. tiaramags

    I live in the states and want to volunteer in Australia but too expensive. My dream is to hold a beautiful koala 🐨💔

  15. joun Adam

    God bless you....

  16. hauskalainen

    our national self interest is to reject the Trump pressures and stick to our European self interest which clearly is one of supporting peace in the Middle East. We cannot have continual migration from the East (Middle East) to the West (Europe). We should not support a uniform Middle East under one power influence. Let there be variation so that everyone can find a home where they feel comfortable.

  17. Violeta Aplasca

    koalas are good creatures

  18. Gere & Freke

    I cry as a lost and powerless person, I rage with hatred, hatred of all politicians and people who cannot understand the severity of human annoyance, but I welcome the good people who fight for wildlife and nature. I think humanity is creating ragnarok, war, pollution slaughter of all wild wildlife pollution of the air and that will be the end of 50% of people here on earth. human race is abominable

  19. Violeta Aplasca

    pls save koalas and kangaroos

  20. Bob Jolly

    I've learned quite a bit I never knew before about the monarchy and Margaret Thatcher being from the US...

  21. Steve Mogan

    It was also promoted as, the war to end all wars, bit off the mark unfortunately.

  22. Paola Palazzini

    Poveri piccoli animali.. hanno visto l'inferno

  23. Arjun अर्जुन्

    Why do they have to look so cute😭

  24. ernesto budokan

    Hypocritic nation.....Killing camels and saving koalas.......Nonsense....U guys don't have any respect to animals.....If u really have..U would not have killed those innocent camels..y don't u wipe out villages and kill people settling down in their habitat....spineless nation

  25. Brendan Cooney

    What a fantastic interview. Thanks.

  26. Copper Beckville

    What a kiss-ass interviewer. Cringe. Can’t even blink.

  27. junkyard dog

    I can't express how happy it makes me seeing people help animals like this and I wish I had money so I could donate.

  28. AD Kashyap

    1k dislikes, what the hell is this?? Bloody devils😡😡

  29. Jane Jones

    Prince Phillip 98, of ill health, Queen 93, she could pass at anytime now, in role or death, as her Majesty continues to age her duties should be significantly less, Charles, 70+, will he have the stamina for more public engagements, when hes King most likely now in his 70s how long can he continue or will he want to scale that back at that age or we gonna see him do another 30 years like a whipped horse, more pressure on him also could be a stress killer, (it was believed the Queens father aged and died young because of the abdication and the stresses of the job) so that ONLY, really, leaves William, HE will have to step it up BIGTIME and carry the load, a HEAVY load, too much that if his Granny and father get frail it's only HIM and remember his children are too young to to take on active roles for at least 20+ years if we start the clock NOW who's gonna do the work???? The royal family is in crisis, god forbid if something happened to William, so the throne isnt secure now. I am a true royalist, I love our royal family, and I'm very concerned that its a withering plant the leaves are brown and dropping off, its dying. Someone needs to DO something, this exit from Harry will be the catalyst for others to bail, this is gonna end very badly for the Royal family and the Monarchy as we know it. Harry has to realise his birthright position, he has a duty, in his heart if not to the people, to his family, he cannot be the prodical son.

  30. Al Hakim

    European people is very good people actually but just little bit europe illuminati lying to them . Then that why jesus later will come back to say the truth

  31. Shelby Jennings

    she is a great actress indeed...oscar nomination worthy...there are people sleeping on the streets in England...give them your taxmoney.

  32. Olga Sven


  33. Oscar Gonzalez

    I wish i can be out there helping on the realist thanks who ever is helping tht hektik what is happening

  34. GR4Y H

    This should be a restoring faith in humanity video!! Good job to all who’s trying to help!

  35. AD Kashyap

    I love this video so much, thanks for this good job, this is a true humankind. 😭😭😭

  36. EA

    Steven, you're a great interviewer. Prepared, good questions, and you let people speak. I watched several of your shows and always good. I'm an American who found you by chance. Great chat about 1917 and WWI. THANKS!

  37. laura reid

    May God bless everyone

  38. Dee

    Okay I have a serious question: why is everyone saying "don't kill the camels"? Are there camels in Australia? Why would Australia kill camels? What am I missing? Ty in advance.

  39. Ethenderman

    5:40 Flight attendent savage

  40. Juan Herrera


  41. EMS

    Poor little guy. :-(. I hope he will be ok and heal well. So very sorry to hear continued bad news about how many koalas have been killed by the horrific fires. All my love to this little guy and others like him - and gratitude to all of you working to save the ones you can.

  42. John WKH

    pity boys and girls, hope get well soon ❤️

  43. Cypher

    Aww shame, how could someone be so cruel to hurt such adorable creatures 😍❤️Protect them for me🙏

  44. Chesire Cat Wonder

    The technology can find a missile lunch, why can not find a fire start, and put out the fire at beginning stage??????? The government is useless.

  45. Violeta Aplasca

    God bless them

  46. A furious Brit

    We prayed and he answered

  47. AlexToff

    Vous méritez tous des médailles !!!! C'est beau cette contribution , merci 1👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  48. keefie80

    Thank you greenies for preventing clearance of dead wood and other fire resource material during the winter....the cause of this is climate change fanatics. Walk regularly under any wind turbine and see the dead birds. Examine the co2 levels in the past...way higher than now....have you ever thought that reducing co2 may KILL the planet??? Plants require it. Billion years ago levels were much higher. The law of unintended consequences means you may be doing exactly the opposite to what needs to be done to save the planet....are you really so sure after this?

  49. Paula Riese

    Pray to Jesus for rain for Australia

  50. Ameliamasdukihasan Hasan

    Nice and cute Animal Na I love them Than I love the people around me Right now

  51. Iori Iagami

    Ils ressemblent a des vieux dans un centre specialisé 😭

  52. Yong Hui

    Californian forest, amazonian forest, and now Australian forest. Seems like we are running out of time. Keep ignoring warning signs from mother earth and have no regard for her well-being, we will reap what we sow

  53. Kenny Fenny

    Can you imagine teenagers today being conscripted to fight in a ww1....

  54. Souad Souad

    Irak and palestine

  55. Pipi Brasci

    Real inside story.

  56. Ameliamasdukihasan Hasan

    God Bless You All Baarakallahu Fikum Yaa Jama'ah

  57. Cheryl R Leigh

    While their physical wounds might heal, the psychological impact of what they've endured will never be healed. God bless them and the wonderful caregivers working diligently on their behalf.

  58. Violeta Aplasca

    God have mercy to these creatures and bless those who care for them

  59. Hau Pubg

    So cute

  60. John Marshall

    40 new hospitals. I mean 6 new hospitals. Sorry I meant no new hospitals.

  61. Shirley Mallett

    If British security is to be used, it will cost far more if this couple live abroad and also means those security people won't see their own family for 6 months of the year ... but as long as Meghan is happy .....

  62. Wojtek Butny

    what an idiot gave a thumbs down, respect for helping animals. Australia stick to Poland

  63. lindajonesartist

    Why do they list koalas in the title? Koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves. They don't eat carrots or sweet potatoes.

  64. Joyce Anne

    What a genuine person. I love you duchess. Pure class! 🥰

  65. jim

    Surprised the French tank didn't raise a white flag when they heard the one next to it fire a round.

  66. Janet Jones

    Praying and sending my love and support to the beautiful animals and people of Australia 🙏🙏🙏

  67. Søren Hornum

    Koalas dont eat carrots or sweet potatoes though do they? More for the wallabies I guess

  68. Pamela Penick

    I am glad to see an organization has started selling bracelets to help the funding for planting more trees in Australia.


    I’m off tomorrow to sell laundry basket in Australia:)

  70. keefie80

    Apparently 50% die after treatment...they have inhaled huge amounts of smoke into their lungs...they need go be on oxygen...

  71. Shivam singh

    All koalas should be killed with their family

    1. mike taylor

      Cool let's start with you F-wit

  72. Francine Atimua

    Such a bitter sweet moment here.. sad to see so many babies suffering, but so happy to see the humans get together. No matter the price they pay to save these animals lives and pull together as the human race. I feel so helpless here in the US as we get loads of rain in Hawaii. I think of Australia as I pray they get some enough rain to put these terrible fires out. I’ve been following this tragedy since the first day I heard about it. My heart goes out to you all. I wish I could close my eyes and come out to volunteer. I would love to be a part of this. God bless you and your families along with these poor animals. Prayers for you. Much aloha from Hawaii

  73. Joe Nardi

    Notice how no one's talking about the camels.

  74. Volta Kubrick

    He killed his FAMILY for this freaking ugly skeleton ?? What a dumb ass dude !

  75. Nathan South

    Poor little sweethearts, I love our native animals in Australia and it breaks my heart to see them hurt.

  76. Mandy Pink

    I dont understand every day make Fotos and cameras and filmed . For the animals is that not good

  77. zs Xie

    0:52 Logan Paul


    People who disliked can go to hell

    1. Penny arnold-STANTON

      It was probably Sasha Lou. Her comment sucks!

  79. HanLan

    Joker ! Godzilla !

  80. Khalifa Thiumai

    Tsar left the chat🤣🤣🤣🤣

  81. kalunda

    British built their wealth from exploiting millions of Africans native Americans Indians. U.K. is an island remember. This farage is a fool.

  82. Bob Jolly

    excellent interview from both participants

  83. Fernando Michael

    He is a true English hero.

  84. Nirmal 2

    If a carrot falls on an animals head...☠️??

  85. John Fowler

    if Bernie wins in 2020 I'm moving to the UK I'd rather be a redcoat than a socialist, God Save The Queen

  86. JC Andreatta

    Yay survived the fire. Boo got killed by a sweet potato to the head. Such is the circle of life.

  87. Bob Jolly

    it seems everybody thinks the same...... sad but true

  88. Gordana Janic

    Jel se pozar u Australiji zavrsilo

  89. Pamela Penick

    I am glad that the rains came to put out the fires but the rain creates all sorts of problems too.

  90. 売春婦

    i eat koala

  91. Sasha Lou

    time for Islam to fade awAy. no more rapping our children by those with money. that's the truth around the world

  92. Julia H

    What a lovely man.

  93. Wojtek Butny

    Hello, I'm from Poland, great sympathy for Australlia for what happened to you, but also a big thank you for saving the game and dealing with all this, we are with you thoughts and we keep our fingers crossed. Regards

  94. Pablo Mendoza

    Real hero :') <3

  95. Cacilia Why

    Going to Verdun in March....

  96. Yong Hui

    Let's hope we will all not become Robinson Crusoes who have to live by the seaside because the land is too dangerous to be inhabited. Really, I hope that day never arrived

  97. Nita Rowe

    None of you people know what is going on with this family. Stop speculating and blaming Meghan.

  98. ME_TOXIC

    Koalas are such inferior of a species

  99. Raja Manohar


  100. Sasuke Uchiha

    0:24 the way she lift it 😍😍😍😍