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  2. Jon Croes

    The diseases come from vaccinations. Either; microwave frequency is? And WiFi frequency is? 24GHz is dangerous people!

  3. Seven-Arcadian

    That sparking happening in the water is caused by electrolysis. By running an electrical current through a conductive or semiconductive liquid such as salt water, the positive and negatively charges molecules will be attracted to the electrodes of opposite polarity to them. When they do this, the congregate and form bubbles, in the case of water mostly hydrogen and oxygen. The reason that it is sparking is because the AC current changes the polarity too quickly to effectively attract only one type of molecule, so instead you end up with both trying to congregate around the conductor, which causes a small chemical reaction when it's exposed to that much available energy, turning the hydrogen and oxygen back into water with a small spark or explosion. This happens all because electrolysis requires DC in order to work properly. The reason it only sparks around one of the conductors is because that one is the "hot" side of the AC circuit, and so it is the one that has the alternating polarity, the other being neutral.

  4. geheim314

    I love you!!😂

  5. 3d rain

    1:58 is where the thumbnail is.. All of those sparks get created in less than a 10th of a second

  6. ben cromwell

    I know the feeling the vandegraff is very hard to make without the proper materials the problem is finding the right (best) opposite dialectric materials and properly insulating them .

  7. PenileAugmentation

    I really appreciate the thought put into all those electrical "accidents" lol.

  8. Patrick Thibaut

    5G doesn't worry me. Based on previous videos, what worries me is seeing Van De Graaff-generators in your lab. ;-)

  9. Mostafa El-tohamy

    Hello, could you check this and try to explain if its true or not? m.fisels.info/video/videot/anOum9yKbZ6Tcn0.html

  10. leif forrest

    7:16 Wilhelm scream, I appreciate that

  11. elronyfacio

    El rayo no lo electrocuta a el. El electrocuta al rayo 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Shauka Hodan

    5g also helps Karen’s to download her conspiracy videos faster

  13. Tomato Loud

    Lol 3:34 is the best part ,besides all the other stuff

  14. Scudmaster11


    1. Shauka Hodan

      5:14 holy shit this taught me everything about radiation in 10 seconds that my school books couldn't teach me in 9 years

  15. ドキSomeone 2124ドキ

    "oh tonight?" "No, I'm completely free to F**k!!!"

  16. Víctor _240

    Wow, when there is a timelapse of him pumping at 3:40 you can see how the car slowly goes up

  17. enoch powellsghost

    my hamster generates power while running in his wheel, no sex with female hamster until he recharges my heavy duty lorry battery. with a hundred hamsters you can power a house

  18. Lukáš Jeřábek

    Ach, I almost shit myself when you said "Not everything hot is kissable." :D :D :D

  19. Dr.Rajasaurus and Uncle Bonecrack

    Today's episode in a nutshell, pamtri style! Electrocute: I am nervous.. These looks like they will shock me! Father? Will they *SHOCK ME?* ElecroBoom: *NO* Electocute: * touches and gets zapped, * Electrocute: *FATHER* , why is this zapping me! ElectroBoom: *BECAUSE WE'RE TIGHTER THAN BARK ON A TREE!* Electrocute: oh okay! Electrocute: * gets zapped again! * ElectroBoom: *SANTIAGO*

  20. Krisz Szedlak

    FIsels put me recomanded in 2020

  21. Danger Zone

    for a second i didn't know if davie504 was ripping off electro or if electro was ripping off davie or if they both ripped from someone else.... Slap like now.


    You are Genius.


    I also use LED bulbs because they used energy and give high light

  24. cube earth society

    now i can finally sabotage my neighbours wifi

  25. Dr.Rajasaurus and Uncle Bonecrack

    Jack in the box? More like Heath Ledger in box!

  26. Mr.Pianist

    4:50 what’s the music?

  27. CrOnOs

    i don't know how you feel confortable touching your eyeballs :(

  28. John Seed

    7:04 no wtf? The cheapest tesla ($40000) has a range of over 500 km. And they were released before this video. Also don’t say that you were talking about the other electric cars. No one smart would buy them


    He got me and alot of people where also tricked for believing him as well But will not admit that

  30. Power Plants


  31. احسان حسن

    Why not create a mosquito Zapper with a 3 volt battery

  32. Francisco Bernal Sanguino

    I love how short is his hairdryer cable

  33. christian pierce

    8:38 he said smack like on my video

  34. Camilo Badillo

    1:56 well, that’s very premonitory

  35. Suren Bono

    ..does it have something to do with the speed of the computer...?...example an arduino

  36. AKAmoney

    "Just cause people yell wrong things, doesn't make them right." Pretty much sums up your channel!

  37. jooched

    When they first started driving cars it seemed like a cleaner option to horse manure. Well look at us now...


    Yeah I did learn something

  39. Brandon Escobar Navarro

    2yo video, still pretty good! I love ur channel bro i just insta subscribed. Thanks for the excellente content!

  40. Arya Pradhan

    Is he an idiot

  41. buryah

    whp jere frp, [pp gim

    1. buryah


    2. buryah


  42. E N D E R _ S T U D I O S

    The thumbnail is pure art

  43. Richard Smit


  44. groszak1

    Is GFCI backwards-compatible with AC power?

  45. XanneS

    In Poland someone burned down the 5G antenna bcs it causes cancer PEPEGA

  46. warmooze

    Since there's no gravity, air isnt constrained to earth and is free to dissipate into the giant chamber the liars at NASA call space. *THERE IS NO VACUUM! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!* Flat earthers are retarded.

  47. Kacper Chrobak


  48. why am I wasting my time on this

    too bad videos like this one will never get recommended to the science deniers, because algorithm bubbles. Thanks, FIsels!

  49. Noor Ali

    I love your channel please translate to Arabic 🥺❤️

  50. megabigblur

    It's amusing and moderately educational but the best thing is how he shows at the end how to make a decision between a bunch of different choices (types of lightbulb) with a bunch of different factors (light output, power consumption, cost, hazardousness, light quality, dimmability). That's actually a fairly advanced method used by scientists and engineers but he shows how to do it in a simple way

  51. Mr. Privilege

    This video was sponsored by LED's

  52. Sanjeev kumar Rai

    Not inviting you to my home 😂😂😂

  53. Woji1

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa we gona Die DX


    abe ghochu jaake mr indian hacker ki video dekh

  55. PewDiePie Fan

    No, 5G towers are creating a gate for satan to come to this world

  56. Z Mouffak

    I understand all the benefit of using LEDs but cars headlights that use LEDs always blind me.

  57. fernangamer070 :D

    Discovering the light 1:18

  58. Floridian Railfan

    Mehdi: talking about a peasants Also Mehdi: *drives a Toyota Yaris*

  59. Yper Keimenos

    You want something more accurate? If your resistance ,in Ohms, is high enough not even lightning can kill you.

  60. Fanis Korg

    And what will you do if you go to Europe with a similar device but at 110v? Europe has 220v !!

  61. sciroccoR

    didn't Tesla invent 5G and then Hitler killed him??

  62. Jake McHargue

    You are such a blessing

  63. Strahinja Djordjevic

    He is pretty stupid and pretty smart 😉

  64. TrueRblxYT


  65. parkour uzumaki

    No guy will ever try to mess with his daughter other wise there will be shocks

  66. Crazy boi

    I love you you are best youtuber

  67. Nikhil Thakkar

    Let's make a Tesla tower

  68. pierre gullam

    wait a minute you are advertising a way to get youtube in youtube banned country on a youtube video intallijens : 100

  69. Bora VR5

    This guy would be the perfect teacher, everyone always wanted

  70. Madden Hottinger Hottinger

    That’s cool

  71. ricardo rosario


  72. Terry Rose

    Please check if Malwarebytes (Premium) new VPN actually works.

  73. how s dat s

    Over acting

  74. Reeve Kook

    8:52 you basically made a distributer like that of an old car.

  75. Soumyodeep Dey

    Please make a comment on this: fisels.info/video/videot/a3zGhLGXrGannZ8.html He is not happy with your video.

  76. grecian jovero

    I just realized the thumbnail is miliseconds from disaster bc of the man in the backround saying "WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING" that left me to tears when i saw that sltfoot

    1. grecian jovero

      Stlf means still laughing the frick out of this

  77. Agent X

    Bro, are you okay?

  78. Smith Sam

    1:58 Wait, so if he jumps from the future to tell us the cleaning method, then how could he know he needs to say, ‘Welcome back’ in the past?

  79. fortnite cracked


  80. social Engineer

    Do you pay for the actual current if it runs through your body heating the food we ate cold.

  81. 77 Trickster

    :sonic why do I keep almost killing my self :me that’s the point

  82. hiran beatrine

    Broo...please do a video on tesla coil......please please..

  83. Dennison Gaming

    My man started to act like pink panther when the pink panther song came on

  84. jas528

    MAn I love the style of the video and I'm also learning stuff as well/ Fantastic. :D

  85. Ghost24 : Hindi gaming

    Bad things happen to good people - #truth of the world

  86. koolaidman007

    LED light bulbs are awesome, I'm glad we're making the transition to them.

  87. Ratul Khan

    The Van De Graaff Generator is like my panis🤣

  88. Internet Kammerjäger

    "High power" 240v *Laughs in european* 400V Three phase in basicly every home.

  89. Corey Gunstone

    Sorry if this is offensive ever herd of Russia

  90. Kian Curatolo

    The fact he shocked himself in his first vid put the biggest smile on my face, Some things change some things stay the same.

  91. Real Trash

    0:08 OMG lol

  92. how a bout no

    Basically you taught us how to make a battery charger

  93. Crystal Cookie Gaming

    I died at 6:37

  94. Vincent Presscod

    Slapper detected. Where do you hide your bass, mister?

  95. TheCompleteGuitarist

    hack of the century. I hope it works. I am using a multi volt universal power supply set to 12v. Tell you in 20 mins I guess.

  96. Ali Abdulstar

    هههههههههههههههه 🤣💔⁦🤦🏻‍♀️⁩🙆🙆⁦🤦🏻‍♀️⁩⁦🤦🏻‍♀️⁩⚡⚡⚡⚡

  97. nameki

    5:14 holy shit this taught me everything about radiation in 10 seconds that my school books couldn't teach me in 9 years

  98. Tejas Dhilip - Main

    What's the music he used for his time lapses?

  99. parkour uzumaki

    His neighbours and gonna die some day soon

  100. R Ds

    How come 3G cell towers operating at lower frequencies have warnings of ionization area warnings. ?