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  1. bianca smith

    you can literally see yoongi say “aichhh” (idk if i spelt it right)😭😂

  2. bianca smith

    you can literally see yoongi say “aichhh” 😭😂😂(idk if i spelt it right”

  3. Abdul Samsad


  4. Jessica P.

    Absolutely right keeping the money. No one else in that row did anything for it anyway. They have no reason to be mad.


    dinna brazil gave her the quwstiins in advance of the debate, this is fact.

  6. Andrew Telley

    Meghan Markle is the next Elizabeth Holmes :D

  7. Jon Honesty

    Great video

  8. じんたんTV

    ドッジボール大会 最高

  9. Miajane

    I’m so sick of people using the argument “fat shaming isn’t okay but glorifying it isn’t okay either”. Fat people aren’t out here saying “omg, it’s so good being fat. Everyone go buy a triple cheeseburger”. We are just wanting to exist in the same space as everyone else and live our lives without feeling the need to be ashamed of our bodies and without the need to hide in baggy, hot clothes. Because how does it really affect you?

  10. Marks_Blade

    Michael Fassbender might actually work as the next bond

  11. Nikki B


  12. Henrike 8055

    Jurei que tinha autismo mesmo

  13. Abdul Samsad


  14. V-Way

    Jessica Rabbit was my first crush too.😁😂

  15. Kayla huynh101

    i adore jackson so much🥺

  16. Priscilla Olmos

    This is getting old especially because James NEVER fully eat anything. Just puts it in his mouth and spits it back out. Pretty pointless skit .

  17. Kiara Guachalla

    Didn't see that coming

  18. Abdul Samsad


  19. Jentaem

    they're so effortlessly funny

  20. Miss Moony Queen

    Yeah I got such a strangely spelled name, it’s Gaelic- Sinéad. And I’m not even Irish. I’m Canadian. So while my classmates are Abby and James, I’m Sinéad.

  21. Lonely Boy

    Nobody can tell a story so affecting and moving like Sara does. She’s not only gifted, she herself is the gift.

  22. Mandayani Nabila


  23. Arslan Manzoor

    My man if she really love me don't need to call wile I don't know her she can come to my shop follow while she is queen if she love me y she font call

  24. Atharva Joshi


  25. Andrew Vazquez

    Don’t do one with Billie Eilish, it will be depressing as hell

  26. Benjamin Lutjeboer

    Everything on here is so beautifull. She is soo hot. Please make a part 2.

  27. SMC

    My favorite carpool karaoke.

  28. Air Cooler

    Gorgeous... I’m talking about James Cordens fat belly

  29. Abdul Samsad


  30. Charlie Bwr

    Everyones like ‘he didnt point out the guy with the sweaty pits’ they point out this poor guys sweaty pits lmao

  31. Air Cooler

    I honestly didn’t even realise James Corden was there

  32. sbeowulf

    "I'll see you in court!" That one really had me :D

  33. Julie Mosz

    The vibe on that plane! halleluja

  34. Rajendra Biswas

    I jog at midnight

  35. Tethis Nomf

    i had no idea Arnold is so funny! :D

  36. Abdul Samsad

    Bring AR RAHMAN

  37. Duck Moore

    Have either of you accidentally walked-in while Bill was teaching an intern a “cigar trick”?🤔

  38. Ricky

    He has got a sweet sister!💙🌈🏳️‍🌈

  39. Brion McManus

    Never heard a chord from these guys and they're incredibly incredible.

  40. Brakkeleer Thuis

    2:49 Finish it or I`ll terminate you!

  41. Student, Shane Walters

    Man, I really miss Carol as Big Bird, at least Matt Vogel, the new voice and puppeteer also taking over for Steve as Kermit, does a decent job, not gonna lie.

  42. Saby Orhean

    I still can't understand how he hasn't found someone to be with. Maybe because no one deserves him. Time passes by and I'm kinda convincing myself it's the only reasonable answer. Whoever has the pleasure of dating this man is like the Luckiest person in the whole entire world. Imagine dating him, it's like pure Notting Hill for sure. Surreal.

  43. M Russo

    She's keeping her vagina private on the show.

  44. Rocket696

    Its like a whale stuck in tank.

  45. Plum Harle

    Well I just found this by accident and and yeah..wasn’t expecting the rollercoaster of emotions but I’ve officially become a Micky bubble fan 😊 I loved this and thought they were awesome 👏

  46. Zefram0911

    I would gladly attend her butt surgery too.

  47. kt 72

    He must be pretty hard up

  48. C38P0 1996

    I'd prefer tool

  49. Zefram0911

    I'm still in love.

  50. Lê Gracioli

    Klkkkkkkkkk que fofa

  51. Senia85

    Preach!! 🙌

  52. Richie201311

    James landed on his A$$, so funny.

  53. J Bu

    I am sure Isla loves Tongue.....


    Great sketch

  55. Edward Kinsey

    Never knew Dumbledore was a fan of James. Well he’s in the audience

  56. NEGAN 2020

    Sharing is caring 😂😛😋

  57. PurushaDesa

    This interview would be significantly improved with follow ups from Matt Christman or Virgil Texas.

  58. Robert Walsh

    What in the Whoopi Goldberg Sister Act...

  59. WinstonS84

    "I've had a horrible experience with some meat!" Girl, if I had a nickel...

  60. Orlando Gonzalez

    People commenting that Epstein didin't kill himself act like if its gonna change something😂

  61. Mande Gianfala

    Stevie is the original Cougar

  62. micheal stephanie

    This is funniest I have seen Bradley cooper be

  63. bulan ayu

    Why dony they show the grand high note?

  64. Abdelrahman toson


  65. Balubish Tech

    TV is dead so no. I personally havent watched TV for about 6 years now cause I dont need it, I watch this video here. Sadly FIsels is becoming commercial whores aswell now.

  66. Guacamolyy

    If I was playing 4 the uk I would have wrecked the all ahah x

  67. jonginspuppyeyes


  68. Mark Snippe

    wtf did i watch

  69. Dehra Saunders

    omg this brung tears to my eyes

  70. Autism Island

    A million white girls just died. Lol

  71. David Guilford Gomez

    Best joke of the whole thing: "Oh, he's been doing that all day." As I grow older, I appreciate Oscar more and more every day.

  72. Gevaldo Limin Hartanto

    8:00 this looks like Natalie from David dobrik

  73. pilar ramos

    Siaaaa <3 <3 <3 7u7

  74. Lucy Dragneel

    STOOOOPPP Jackson is the best lmfao 😂

  75. Debra

    Wiz is fine🤤

  76. Ashley Wang


  77. La' Vy

    Hell dont know or own them nada so give me my $750.

  78. Sarah Besbaci

    this was so cool seen two of my favorite people in the world together i wanna see this everyday


    ahahahahahahahah love james attitud, when scratches nose its the " what can i do? " sign . . !!

  80. Kiomi Reyes

    Son hermosos

  81. •Antoniø Brah•

    The soundtrack is amazing!

  82. Heaton Ashworth

    4:11 make this a meme templete

  83. Gus Raiver

    She is more beautiful today than twenty years ago. How can it be ?????

  84. Tim Tit

    He the only oldie that can still sing

  85. K Cotton

    This video is powerful

  86. John Brooks

    In this moment of living in the New Testament within what I see as the story of Saul happening in what seems to be a mirroring effect as I see how Kanye is the perfect example of this story for he has been one of the most out rageous explicit In actions and behavior looking at his earlier career and he is the spotlight of the act of god coming into the society that we live in and sparking a light on our generation are generation will make a stand in this world of sin and this world of hatred all of us can make a stand you can make a stand listen to what god has to tell you and make a stand god bless you all.

  87. Megan Watts

    Her boobs are so rude why don't mine ever look that good 😭😂

  88. pbsjones

    What was that guy's name? Dick?

  89. Ceee Kay

    “If we cut their heads in half we’d have a whole wig”


    How could Bieber let her go? She's such a beautiful, kind, simple and perfect girl. Shame on you Bieber!!!

  91. ELECTRO-Me

    Everytime I see this video I cry because I know I will never see paul or ringo in my life.

  92. Kiki Firdaus


  93. Andrea Miranda

    He is the most beautiful person in the whole world

  94. NIc K

    That was so fkin good

  95. Imp Rimp

    I love Bruno Mars too !

  96. Marcus

    16:00 why am I hearing "nelly furtado - I'm like bird" so much here?

  97. Mia P

    He's so confident... I've never seen anyone that confident :O That's why whatever he does is sexy.

  98. Laura Elena Aguirre

    I just can’t, he’s so full of gimmicks that it’s hard to believe this isn’t another one.

  99. Inma Gonzalez

    why there is no episode of a guy choosing girls?

  100. Niyam Niyam

    I love Jackson :(