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  1. Annamaria Majatico

    I saw James emotional other times, but seeing Reggie in tears really hit me hard. So sad.

  2. MurMade0312

    It's all an Agenda by the Far Leftists Libtards paid for by Soros & Communist Chinese. WHO ARE TRYING TO START A RACE WAR #WakeUp It's NOT all "white peoples" fault. Stop bowing down!

  3. khadija ahmed

    She be slaying

  4. JEFF CH

    I like bruno when he smile :) so sweet

  5. Ayah Obadi

    #ICan'tBreathe #AllLivesMatter

  6. taylor sheldon

    Look at Africa and Jamaica then say black people aren't the way they are because of their own actions

  7. karon mcgregor

    I agree that black and brown lives matter - but where are the Native Americans in all this?? How are things going to change to help their lives on Reservations? They also need to be a high priority now.

  8. Sevil Jung

    Watching this 2 months with my breakfast...

  9. MurMade0312


  10. aahsv

    America: "I cant breathe" with Trump on my neck

  11. hathorearthfyre

    I'm in tears.

  12. HRV BRYN

    Filipino here. Balut is a Filipino food. 😂

  13. Silxnced_ Bxby

    V is such a mood

  14. Royal Smith

    Thank you, James💖

  15. Paxtonias Whompus

    The guy who “went on a jog”... that isn’t the true story

  16. Ana Vicente

    James honestly I respect you right now because not many people want to take the blind of and see the kind of president that we have right now, and not many want to admit their fail to not speaking up but this should be a learning experiance and also a pathway to their rights.... And to stop social discrimination. Not just for the black community but for every kind of race including Latin, Asian, and etc.

    1. Ana Vicente

      Because its not fair for people to be discriminated as they also seek the life they have worked so hard for.


    Thank You James. Your words really comforted me. Thank You for not letting us down. #blacklivesmatter

  18. Jacob Giaimo


  19. kcswan88

    I just saw this and THANK YOU, JAMES, for posting this. 🙂😇

  20. Ayah Obadi


  21. Dira Betancourt

    Thank You James. For all of this. Your opinion matters because believe it or not internet, social media, and publicity is what is giving us extra boosts and awareness to this cause/movement/mediocrity, that should've changed eons ago.💪🏼💪🏾💪🏻💪 💪🏿

  22. Wol4StormZ

    I would like to know why people have disliked the video🤦‍♂️this is a well needed message 🙏

  23. Sweet Koo

    jhope is very excited, I get excited too

  24. my name is manic

    Race baiter. There is no race that I am a part of. You collect into a group and take account for your groups action but don’t put me into a group I don’t claim. Then tell me I am responsible for action of people I have no group with. James you are an ignorant liberal virtue signaler Go hate yourself somewhere else but leave America behind and go to England please You do not belong here

  25. Negar Sahebkar

    Somebody check my covers for Christ's sake 😭

  26. Leon Youm

    He’s one of the more intimidating magician

  27. chillidogsupreme

    I love the comment section

  28. Gabriel Haskins

    Thanks. This doesn’t help, at all. Maybe this is the time to listen, because its clear that preaching your opinion hasn’t brought change yet.

  29. Jack Kidd

    Q knows your game. You are walking on very thin ice.

  30. Ruth Asefa

    You can definitely tell James genuinely cares. Thank you so much for using your platform and your voice! #blacklivesmatter

  31. marthatia tia

    05.15 I know

  32. Flo Rencelol

    James probably remember every song lyric at this point

  33. Noah Villin

    love her

  34. *AeWyN *

    Thank you, both, James and Reggie, for your words. So much of what you said is how I am feeling. I cannot do anything to help something that my own ancestors caused, except to try to live differently, and teach my three children differently, which is what I have done. Reggie, I would like to tell you how much Alice Walker means to me. When I first read “The Color Purple,” it moved me like no other book I have ever read. It was an amazing , beautiful story, and I still pick it up, from time to time. I used to be an English teacher, and I also used to read a short story, that she had written, to them, about how she had been shot in the eye with a b b gun, and lost her sight in one eye, leaving her with a cataract. It was a beautiful story. She is a beautiful woman, and I am lucky to have been able to experience her amazing writing, and to share it with my students. Thank you, both for this post! 💕

  35. Assozial Nətwork

    Time for a change huh 🤔where have I heard this before? Americans are just talk and that changes nothing. Have you heard Biden talking about "America's strength was to stand up and get out of a crysis even stronger? I mean I'm German and Nobody was talking such an utter nonsense after WWII anymore, if ever. There wasn't even politicians left for such a pointless peptalk. I guess it's not too bad of a comeback either, was it? What do you have to offer on the other hand? 400 years of unsolved racism and a neverending trauma after two of your buildings collapsing? This is your famous comeback qualities you don't get tired to claim for no obvious reasons? How about you all just start to keep your bigmouth shut and DO something instead? In fact you're nothing but slaves for a handful super rich and all it takes to make you do it is telling you how great you are for being born on just another random, meaningless spot on this planet. Wake up and move your way above average fat arses finally and become really the yet empty phrases you indeed only talk about. And I suggest even then just keep it shut and move on silently. Really great, successful personalities don't need to rub it under everybodies noses. That's actually the whole point of being succesful so everybody can see from all alone that you are rolemodel material. At the moment you're nothing but a ridiculous, pitiful laughingstock achieved absolutely nothing over the past 50 years. Face it and wake up my FRIENDS!

  36. Kami B

    Thank you for speaking up! You have so much to offer, you have a huge platform. Keep spreading this message!

  37. Dumb Jason


  38. Killer Raco

    Flea looks like a mix between gollum from lord of the rings and bad ape from War for the Planet of the Apes

  39. jennifer elahi

    i really wonder what dumbasses disliked this

  40. Majestic 630

    3:23 wtf XD

  41. Rae K

    I would do anything to give Reggie a hug the moment he breaks down. This is what its all about. This is why we fight for police reform and stand against police brutality against our black brother and sisters. We all bleed RED. Thank you for using your voice and your platform James Corden,

  42. 3 dollar chain

    Every time I watch this “ahaha you’re a joker guy” GETS ME BRO

  43. Jung_Subin_99

    This made me cry. Thank You James Corden.

  44. the girl with the sun in her head

    James took the words out of my mouth. I feel exactly as he does. I could not find the words. ♥️ Immediately started crying when Reggie did. She much pain, there.

  45. Haeven P.

    Jin's reaction is the cutest tho HAHAHAHAHAAA

  46. Madeline Collins

    your voice is oh such more important than you think James. You are naturally and sincerely a kind, loving person (aside from hugely talented and entertaining); watching your love for Adam Lambert recently singing Closer to you was so loving and sincere; you're one of the good guys - LOVING LEADERS - that we need right now. You fall in love with people and help us to do the same. So your genuine, strong heart is needed right now.

  47. Zack Roy

    zayn was screaming take me off the roof

  48. Jyoti Kshatriya

    I felt so uncomfortable🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. Ryan TV

    he just broke the cashier using his power

  50. Eddie Najera

    Nice game ur playing

  51. Nobody here but us Chaotic Neutral chickens

    OI!!! Dont say killed by what PEOPLE, say it RIGHT! KILLED BY COPS!

  52. Veatah Devarim

    Haha The US ,The land of liberty ... Just wanna say that . Liar

  53. Deudeu Ndang

    Jungkook hi you have such a wonderful voice


    thank you for showing that beautiful performance from dave

  55. That 70s Guy

    Hey James Corden. Stick to your so called comedy. Quit your virtue signaling and just don't talk. !

  56. zt fest

    I believe you say from your heart, being sincere. Because this what people need, help from people who have more power. I saw Halsey, she was helping the people who get injures. And police still were attacking her and some other people with her.

  57. CTSkite

    All i see is diane man

  58. Richard Whitney

    Amen James!!!!

  59. Paul Yarzon

    Beer cans or carrot stick? Fuck does that mean

  60. Pol Lamber

    Is there free speech in england.. oh yeah nope

  61. Eliupnext

    Everything about this video is just amazing

  62. sarah sabrinna.

    J-Hope, maaf hamba lemah lihat dirimu :")

  63. chris nolin

    I knew that song" proud to be an American" was a lie. Most countries in the free world take pride in the appreciation of their citizens. Now it's just sad to be an American. I'm proud not to be American.

    1. MooseT

      Im proud to be an American. It's an amazing country. Don't let the propaganda sway you. 1 cop did an incredibly revolting thing doesn't change how amazing America is. 325 million people there is unfortunately going to be an evil one here and there.

  64. Max Mac

    Here's a story from my childhood. It's not relevant to these events, i have commented earlier about Georges murder. This is my memory. I was born in a small mining village in Wales. I went to visit my Aunt in Birmingham when i was about nine or ten years old. I had never seen a black person until that visit. While i was there, i went to a local kids playground on my own. There i saw a kid, about the same age as me with his dad. The kid was on a merry-go-round being pushed by his dad. I approached the merry-go-round. It was going around slowly enough for me to step on. I was just a kid looking to make friends. As i got hold of the handrail and put one foot on the standing area, the dad suddenly spun the merry-go-round so fast that i flew off, grazing my knees in the process. It was a total surprise to me. The dad or the kid never said a word. I picked myself up and headed back to my Aunts. When i explained to my Aunt and mother what had happened they simply brushed the incident off as an accident. There was nothing accidental about it. This was my first encounter with people of colour. It was many years later that i understood why the dad did that. He must've experienced ill treatment from white people and maybe that was his motive for doing what he did. It's a memory from my childhood that's still with me, not because i have any ill feeling towards him. It was simply my first encounter with a black dad and his child. I used to wonder what he told that kid about why he did that and did it have any effect on that child. I'm now in my 60's.

  65. aysha emani

    WAIT 1:44 isn't it that girl who always makes those tik toks and funny faces? the pretty black girl when Ashton is going down

  66. Jesse K. Brown

    Why isn’t the goal to be good to everyone? Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated? Why does it have to be narrowed down to just one race? Even if they feel mistreated there entire lives, don’t you think it’s more right to make sure no one else gets treated that same way regardless if they are the same race as you? I believe everyone needs a spot light to make them feel part of this movement. Because if they don’t, then someone gets alienated.The #alllivesmatter has stood out to me the most because it doesn’t leave people behind. Why doesn’t that get the attention it needs?

  67. Hello

    As I am Chinese, at the beginning of the corona virus, I wish to not share it with anyone though, I just want to remind everyone that no matter what human or alien or animal we cannot continue with racism because some people get very stressed and angry and sad when racially abused, thank you for reading this.

  68. Daryl Ng

    Liars. where’s John Cena?

  69. yoona yati su myat

    Jimin is so cute.💓

  70. J. Co

    Cougar must be seeing a ham walking carryin some bag pack 😂☠️

  71. Seema B

    ❤️ black lives matter.

  72. Seth Navis

    His voice is as smooth as that silk he had on

  73. QueenN

    At 8:48 James tells us about "Black" by Dave, the most beautiful song, which starts at 9:39. But I'd recommend you watch the whole video, totally worth it.

  74. casualinfoguy

    Thank you James.

  75. M C Jennings

    Thank you for caring and your advice on things to do to help

  76. GoHome Loser

    People now see how disgraceful democrat leadership is and there is a huge red wave on the way.

  77. Wildninjaturtle

    Yes let's protest and push for change but don't be going around trashing innocent people's stores and stealing their things. That's other people's livelihoods at stake and absolutely not justified. Burn police cars and government properties whatever but people's personal properties is not on.

  78. Lena Mea Games

    Listen, what happened to George Floyed was bad, but black people can’t blame us whites for what our ancestors did 70 or 100 years ago, they have the same right that we do, instead of saying Black Lives Matters day All Life Of Colors Matters.

    1. MooseT

      They actually have more rights than whites do. They are the most privileged race in America.

  79. Jailynn Lopez

    ashton was in the EXACT SAME SPOT harry was when he got his tattoo

  80. Andrew Rothman

    That Dave performance was powerful.

  81. Ragnar Volorus

    Ughh, i want to give Reggie a huge hug........I cant do much to help the actual problem but i could definately give him my shoulder to cry on.......Big wacky, weird, completely out there teddy bear he is... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  82. quaran teen


  83. ZëSlythërpuff Mültīshippër

    5:29 Bromance who

  84. Francis Ylanan

    The victim becomes victimizers by the elite cabal globalist. Lets not be clueless behind the real truth about the death of George Floyd in terms of HAVOC with LOOTERS, RIOTERS etc, by using the issue called RACIST. Its a well planned by this evil group. So, lets all wake up and step up and stand in our rights.

  85. mr Koltzz

    he is putting that cry on to make him look good

  86. Ohnus Chan

    May I know what have the white people done over the past decades? Oscar still so white? Asians are being ignored or disregarded? Congratulations from Hong Kong, Americans should now know how painful it is to see your city being destroyed by rioters....oh, yes, Americans call those rioters in Hong Kong as "protesters" and Pelosi said riots in Hong Kong were indeed Beautiful Landscapes... I wish these beautiful landscapes in the USA will go on forever and ever.

  87. Rational Hatred

    Man it's hard to see Reggie like that. I didn't expect to be sitting here at 1AM eating Doritos and suddenly find myself crying. Love you buddy. We can win this fight.

  88. Rumbllenow5

    Two Taurus Queens ♉️♉️♉️👌🏼

  89. Harumi Haneta

    Seriously, no one can be better than her

  90. Andy Macedo

    Ron how are they communicating ?? Video chat ? When was that invented ? I don't understand ? That's available ? Nah it can't be - I don't believe it ! 😳😲🙄💸💸 Ron that's also the economy - every second that goes by and this smartphone doesn't ring ! 💸💸💸🦠 understand that English ! Your not making another dollar ever again ! Understand that English ?

  91. Ragnar Volorus

    I feel the same way, i dont have a huge platform or money or connections im just a regular white dude. I dont feel i can even complain or even blame people in power because i DONT have even a hint of an answer to these problems... I cant just sit here and bitch when i cant even offer a simple idea on where to even start to fix this. I know were supposed to be hopeful and resolute but alas, im hopeless and overwhelmed

  92. Alternative Atom

    I’m so sorry you’re feeling this that’s why I’m putting it on FIsels for fame

  93. Shire Kingsley

    45 needs to take notes. This is how you show compassion in times of crisis not threatening the military on your own citizens.

    1. MooseT

      Trump has been an amazing and inclusive leader. Best President this country has ever seen and he replaced the worst. Don't want the military to come? Stop acting like animals.

  94. Vrian taetae

    Jin was so cute hahahahaha and the other hehe

  95. Aaron 572


  96. alysson gutierrez

    i love you.

  97. MCR122568

    I get it. I cry every night since this happened. Thank you for reaching out.

  98. Oscar Brittain

    Police shouldn’t think they can get away with everything just because of the position they are in

    1. MooseT

      You do realize that police officer is in jail....

  99. Christopher Butler

    Boss FREAK OUT!!!

  100. Teresa Nixon

    Very well said, James. But please stop using the platform you’re privileged to have to rag on our president. He was not in a bunker, he was in the WH situation room. Either way, it wouldn’t have been his choice as the secret service are charged with the responsibility of protecting him. The dem deep state have used and continue to exploit the black community. That is what should be called out.

    1. MooseT