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  1. gqingcrxji

    Food addiction should’ve not been in this episode. It’s an entirely different topic than drug/alcohol addiction as it’s a psychological disorder. Im all for an episode entirely on eating disorders/ bad eating habits and I believe that guy shouldn’t have taken part in this discussion.

  2. Why do I have 3 subscribers?


  3. ツDank Peep

    Why am I watching this

  4. Nathan Pan

    Shelley looks like a titan from aot

  5. LIMP FR0G

    The guy with the hat seems like he’d be a cool guy to be friends with

  6. Lukas Karumo

    So they be calling the black person a mole SMH

  7. rima mitchell

    hahahahahahaha he's a mastermind

  8. Billy Bird

    ever not like the taste of something because of the texture? that’s how this sounds

  9. wönt

    The flat earthers think they’re so smart

  10. Derek Bamberger

    This cant be real

  11. Kya Fordham

    I love the transparency in this video!!!

  12. MRJG01_

    The over 100 guy doesn’t even look straight

  13. Kaci

    Loved this

  14. Muiruri 202

    Maybe they should ask someone who has seen the earth from the outside (Astronaut)

  15. Dylan Davis

    I thought it was find the white person that’s why I clicked on it lol

  16. MyDood 1450

    Does that Deazy kid realize he’s gonna get get jumped for downing bloods twice?

  17. xYottaByte Gaming

    6 homophobic people, 1 secret gay

  18. Denise

    You can tell Erin is a long time vegan because she's extremely angry and has dark circles and sunken eyes from her malnourished I mean vegan diet.

  19. Billy Rhodes

    Of course I get a grilled chicken Chick-fil-a ad

  20. Annalucia Hoque

    Bruh ain’t Mariah Hispanic

  21. Sachia Gofu

    When he says “but uhh”. He sounds like Cesar from omb👀

  22. ASE

    Im gunna challenge you to find a comment thats not about Erin GO!!

  23. Anna Prendi

    It’s not 50/50 it’s 100/100 I love that

  24. Yesn't

    What does personality have to do with being black

  25. Memeneal Scott

    Erin got on my nerves because she was making Brandon feel like he wasn’t a vegan because he eats sour patch kids and didn’t use vegan soap. And I feel like she’s the type of person to judge someone because of their beliefs.

  26. sabrina

    that “ adik “

  27. danjellerz

    I want to see who has never been to prison ha

  28. Janis Gay

    Choosing not to marry and have children vs those who think they are better adults for choosing to do so.

  29. ExtraLivv

    I fr wanna be best friends with Elizabeth! She seems so amazing and chill like yess

  30. La Chancla

    You can tell who’s broke in these comments by who’s hating on the dude who was broke and now a millionaire lmao

  31. sabrina

    dan is cute

  32. 6 inches is enough


  33. Jacqui Rose

    Please do one on Eating Disorders! I’ll take part if you need someone! I struggled and now recovered 5 years

  34. Jayson Butchino

    Feel the hair

  35. ExtraLivv

    No one gonna comment on how he said “How do you handle cops” like buddy-

  36. Pablo Martinez

    Best lipstick do that instant

  37. lizabethxx27

    Its very sad to see all these people harmed by religion because many people grow up happy in a religion, but sadly these people did not have that experience

  38. Bammies

    I’m dead i know Milano she from la ayeeee

  39. Duh Mkay

    The black perosn is the mole 🧐🧐

  40. Holographic

    The way everyone is hating on Erin makes me like her because of it. lmao

  41. William Tyson

    Rachel is supper sexist like holy

  42. Jeff Rupp

    I always wonder why the question “ where’s the edge of the earth?” Never comes up!?

  43. Devin Smith

    Needed t add a Canadian lmao

  44. AWSM gamez

    Jsyk. You do take background checks in gun shows. It takes a couple weeks. Same thing in person. There’s always a wait when you legally purchase a gun. But there’s definitely people who go through 3rd parties

  45. Colby Robinson

    The fruit and veggies are getting to her head

  46. Isabelle W

    Anyone crying rn

  47. David Dillie

    I had to keep pausing and breath when the flat earthers talked 😤😤😤😤

  48. rima mitchell

    Andrew is the devil hahahahahaha

  49. Billy Rhodes

    White people aren’t really proud because they don’t feel special. They just feel plain and boring. What is there to be proud of? If I say I’m proud then I’ll just sound like I think I’m better then other races. Also as a white person I don’t like this group they picked for the video at all

  50. acluf xo

    erin is the reason people hate vegans

  51. HentaiAnime Lover1997

    I love porn since I was 13 I know I was very young when I first saw it but it was it was weird at the time but as I've gotten older I love it I'm subscribed porn and I love it so much people need to understand that this is a job for people pornstars sex workers need to be treated with respect they do this for a living because this is what they love to do people should not bring them down just because of what they do this is a business not just sex.

  52. Jeanine Robles

    I appreciate Jubilee including the guy with a food addiction but...... he wasn’t meant for this episode

  53. Justin Conforti

    Who was the black one? This one was super tough

  54. Daven Dotseth

    For some reason I just couldn’t stop laughing at this entire episode because they all seem like con artists and the comments😭😭

  55. Seda BIuq

    knew it was that girl right away, easy to point out a liberal

  56. Lil Mickey 1

    I low-key wanna tell the flat earthers "ok boomer"

  57. AAA

    5:57 lol

  58. BootLeg_TV

    So ur telling me the world is flat and the other planets are round ?!

  59. Pretty Boo


  60. Artsy Tube!!

    Everytime I look at the name Jubilee I think of the food place Julibee

  61. Tessa Bohn

    How did not one scientist ask them why all the other planets are spheres?! I would have loved to hear the flat earthers' answer.

  62. ruby mccullers

    Hey, maybe put an eating disorder trigger warning too??

  63. adetokun abeeb

    May the black girl win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muah

  64. Alejandra Villarreal

    Sean is so greedy and annoying

  65. Oliver Meek

    I’m an addict too 🥺 I’m addicted to FIsels 🤓

  66. K K

    1 innocent person being murdered bc of the death penalty is too much. I will never fathom the opinion that these types of mistakes are worth it.

  67. Janelle C.

    Its really funny that they didnt wanna play anymore

  68. Colby Robinson

    Aubrey Davis went full retard😂😂

  69. Nova

    I recognize Dylan from Anthony Padilla

  70. Barney Lynch

    You can look at them and tell who is a Vegan.

  71. NotCyrus

    Erin ACTUALLY pissed me off. Even tho she was blatantly vegan I would have voted her off

  72. Savage Krisp

    You don’t have to go to church to be a christian

  73. pritam parab

    WTF! Not even youtube rewinds received this much hate! Never seen every single comment on any video related to a person for being annoying af!

  74. layla lo

    When you're Muslim and you don't have to worry about drugs and alcohol because it's prohibited 😎😎😎

  75. Travis Weischadle

    erin’s annoying and i feel bad for brandon

  76. Vishaldeep Singh

    That’s the whitest talking black ive seen lmao

  77. R.Williams

    16:35 I'm out

  78. Teri _

    erin is just that mean lol

  79. Faith HK

    Please do FREEDOM MARCHERS (Christian ex-LGBTQ+ org. that has a large following, they claim ‘freedom’ from a lifestyle of homosexuality, used to march in pride parades, now they attend to speak against them) and LGBTQ+ PRIDE MARCHERS

  80. AGB

    During the last conversation I had with my grandfather, I asked, "How are you?" He'd always been light-hearted. He said "Terrible, I'm dying!" There were many pauses, because speaking to someone that I knew was going to die wasn't familiar territory. After the longest pause, we said I love you at the same time. I look at my mom often and wonder what it feels like for her. I didn't get enough time with him, but I think you can't get enough time with anyone in life. You don't get to decide how long people will be around for and you won't ever know if it was as good as it could have been.

  81. Marcus Eversole

    Flat earthers made lose brain cells

  82. ORRante1117

    This is an unpopular opinion, but not all Incels are bad. Just like not all women are stuck up shallow women, we can acknowledge that not all incels are bad. And villifying a group doesn't help either as it just creates more problems. Empathy can help a long way

  83. Rei-Wen Tan

    august 8, 2016? thats the exact date i asked my girlfriend out, we lasted 3 years and broke up because she had to go overseas to study 💀

  84. Jay Tamilio

    You told them to stand

  85. Upasana Deka

    10:16 "nothing's changed besides some random numbers in my bank" :) Sounds rich to me.

  86. Oh No No

    And I am a raper

    1. Oh No No

      Hol up

  87. Brayden Wilson

    Erins the reason I’ll never go vegan

  88. pritam parab

    Erin has the potential to become #1 hated person on whole earth!

  89. Canine

    You should've gotten my man Neil DeGrasse Tyson for this one. He would've torn the flat-earthers apart.

  90. eatingwater

    An individual case is won using a strong argument, and the way you gather and present evidence. The ability to do so it obtained through a third party service like a lawyer. And even if it’s not a third party it’s still different lawyers with different skill levels. So basically it’s never going to be consistent or perfectly fair, because different people have different interpretations. The only way to do this would be to remove the human element from law making and use computers instead. Any kind of bias or unfairness at that point would just come from how the computer is designed, so there would be very minimal mistakes at all. And it’s not like it would completely remove the emotional element from this, as these things can easily filtered in- and probably take into account a lot lot more background information. I know there’s a bad stigma around robots controlling and making decisions because of movies and stuff but it’s actually a really good option

  91. Angel B


  92. Small Bird

    There’s gonna be that one kid who says: RACISM EVERYONE IS AGAINST THE BLACK PERSON!!

  93. Shemar Collier

    Richard doesn’t understand nutrition and he shouldn’t be vegan. I’m not vegan but I understand that life style has to be done right and an apple bean or banana doesn’t have the proper protein fiber carbohydrates the list goes on your body will eventually shut down with out those things. If I’m correct a lot of vegans struggle with iron deficiency easily fixed by adding in an iron supplement some one who doesn’t know about dieting would have a hard time being vegan.

  94. All Time Dreamer

    This is funny becuase everyone is trying so hard not to seem racist, and Elizabeth is just having fun.

  95. Jesse Lissaur

    This is why no one likes vegans

  96. Vanessa

    i knew it was her from the start

  97. SLiM M

    "I do yoga..." "WHITE." Not sure if they're aware of this but yoga originated in Asia.

  98. Effie Schön

    “After a long back and forth, we decided to cool the tension with some pizza.” Erin: that’s not vegan.

  99. Gino


  100. Devon Dawson

    Yall shoulda had me on the show. Ida actually told the truth and I ain't even racist