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  1. kkaebbsongg

    It's been months since I watched Angel's last mission but I haven't moved on from it yet😭 and this is one of the BEST fmv oh god I'm sobbing again😭😭😭

  2. sunshine sunshine

    jon is hot af

  3. Sel MFire

    I love this video and the Zutara. 😊❤ 2020

  4. ana franco

    They are gorgeous.Grest actors. I know now why i always hope they be together 4Eva into real live.It is because i never want the story to end.

  5. Tapuitea Sagapolutele

    Just got through binging this series.😭💔😩 There has to be a season 2. The last 2 episodes I couldn’t breathe. Shouting and screaming at the television. The ending was heart breaking..😭💔

  6. Leonela kebi

    Still can’t get over how beautiful this edit is!!!

  7. Leonela kebi

    It’s 2020 and for the final season if they don’t get together then this has been the most painful slow burn ever but I’d they do then it was worth it.

    1. Leonela kebi


  8. J P

    My husband said something interesting while watching this with me. He said he wished they had cast an older looking actress as the actress playing Charlotte looks like she’s 16 years old while Sidney looks to be in his late 20 to early 30’s so he finds their relationship a bit distasteful. I told him that her character is supposed to be 19 yrs old but he said that’s fine but doesn’t remove the fact that this actress looks like she’s 16 yrs old (to him) and now I can’t unsee what he is saying. 😑

  9. ftnur demir

    I was ship them so much .stupid cheol

  10. Nargiz Abdulrahimova

    You'll think that it's funny but I listened to Shakira "Objection" while while scrolling through Kastle tag in Tumblr. It was their song. There a lot of videos by the sad music. Could you make the video by this song?

  11. Amal Al

    شسمه المسلسل

  12. Isabel Hidalgo

    I cannot believe that I just came across this movie yesterday. It is so good! I hope to God that they make a sequel. The humor and action was so amazing. I really loved the development between these two characters. I want to see them again 😭😭

  13. Tesfaalem Brhane

    Groce Uglly

  14. Rey Palpatine

    I spent a lifetime waiting for someone to care. Honestly, he’s amazing and I couldn’t live without him.

  15. Kevin and Ashley M

    Can Theo James be in everything please?

  16. Priscilla casal

    I ship them 💙♥️

  17. Cronos Kratos

    Someone should thank the stylists. They both looked amazing in it.

  18. Lynda Rivers

    There must be Season Two! Please!

  19. Gus Hodges

    This is so good!! Great job!! We want a season 2!!!!!!!

  20. FallingForFiction

    Amazing video that makes me want to buy a subscription. I wish companies would let vidders do ship videos for them. I know this was published such a long time ago, but would u mind telling me who sings this cover. The link in the description redirects me to a video that's no longer available

  21. Violetta L.

    beatiful couple, romantic story of this two i like very much. Story in the end look unfinished and sad. They must do 2 season to normal end of story. thanks for clip.

  22. Gus Hodges

    This was beautiful! So good!! There had to be a season 2!!! I’m grieving!

  23. Connie Sholl

    This US peep wants season 2! There has to be a better ending!

  24. Anouar Ben amor

    Il fa

  25. VibesWithAyanna

    Im finna watch it again 🥺

  26. Paloma Peixoto

    Qual é o nome da serie ou filme ?

  27. Anna Lore

    I love his voice!!! I enjoy their relationship even more than mr. Darcy and what's her name in pride and prejudice

  28. Maths with Muneer

    Who else like this couple?

    1. christian chang

      Not me I can only see a realtion like this aint never going to have this

  29. shadow

    311 with perfect taste of music

  30. Serhat Kuru

    We are waiting open world rpg

  31. лев

    Это для фанатиков

  32. QuiGonFishing

    Love all of your videos, TH! And I think this is the BEST FinnRey video on the Tube. I wish FIsels had DM, but since they don’t, have to ask you here. I wonder if you would consider creating a FinnRey video similar to this using the song Just as I Am by Air Supply. I think it would be extraordinarily touching because the song lyrics could come from either Finn or Rey’s perspective. Let me know what you think, even if you think it might not work as well as I do. Thanks!



  34. Iris Flg

    This relationship is so perfect... and Aang the kid come in this history. Rip Zutara. I'm disgustead by Kataang cause it's not realistic. They have not chemestry. But Zuko and Katara have seems and differents. They are just perfect together.

  35. Curt BaToN99


  36. ᆞᆞ


  37. cachais

    Lovely video, but the more I see the ending, the more mad I get. I saw the series a second time, and am starting to root for Mr. Stringer. He admired Charlotte from the start and was a gentleman even when he knew he lost. I really need a 2nd season!!! Or one long episode where everything ends. No cliffhangers.

  38. Nawreen Azeez

    It's the saddest feeling that one can go through to see the one you love with a bloody fucked up JERKK And yet he chose to be decent and take care of his own feeling without trying to break em apart *THEY SHOULD CREATE ANOTHER DRAMA S2 AND KILL YOJOUNG* ( I don't even know his name) *KARMA HITS HIM SO FUCKING HARD THAT HE DIES AND SO SEOUL CAN END UP WITH IN HO* IN HO DESERVES ALL GOOD WHAT DID HE DO TO GET ALL THIS BETRAYALS AND BITCHES IN LIFE!!!!

  39. Tae Tae stre44m

    I don't know English 😭

  40. Lou

    Omg, just found it and I love it! Thank you !! It is perfect.

  41. larael d

    _Moonchild....dont cry.._

  42. Sinara dos Passos Sinara

    Muito obrigada pela ajuda é tão bom ver 😭🥰👍

  43. Sinara dos Passos Sinara

    Não consigo parar de verdade 😭🥰👍💋🧚🧚🧚

  44. Sinara dos Passos Sinara

    Muito obrigada pela atenção 🙏🕊️ com amor e carinho

  45. Mirna Garcia

    Sólo quiero saber la música de cortina quienes son y cómo se llama el tema me encanta. Siempre lo ponen en historias que veo este tema

  46. Abdulwahab Alghareeb

    The only way out is to find something that you care about 🔥💔

  47. axel Salha

    Zendaya y tom holland no hacen buena pareja😣😡🙈👅👎

  48. Stephanie Pinto

    I had to donate to get a pbs passport to watch all the episodes because I couldn’t wait 3 more weeks, I live in the states. Even though they don’t end up together I still think I can be ok with the ending since we aren’t getting a season 2. I wish the writers didn’t gamble with the ending but it wasn’t a cliffhanger. Sometimes not every love story has a happy ending. Definitely not the way Jane Austin would have finished the book but I still really loved the series.

  49. Vro D

    Am I seeing people complain about Zuko’s voice, the literal og???????? Dante I’m sorry

  50. Magi Agim

    I can't wait to see them for another romantic kdrama. I have big hope . I loved their chemistry so.mich. It's good to use that song Cant help falling in love for LaBit Couple.

  51. kam apparicio

    Even though I'm older now I really wished katara and zuko could've been together like they had so much chemistry and connection it made all the sense for it too happen. Like I'm still upset with the writers for this one. Only if we could get a mini series of a different ending with then being together it would ease my heart lol

  52. Stephanie Pinto

    I had to donate to get a pbs passport to watch all the episodes because I couldn’t wait 3 more weeks. Even though they don’t end up together I still think I can be ok with the ending since we aren’t getting a season 2. I wish the writers didn’t gamble with the ending but it wasn’t a cliffhanger. Sometimes not every love story has a happy ending. Definitely not the way Jane Austin would have finished the book but I still really loved the series.

  53. Anna

    Oh, my heart. These two are too good together and this video... HUH THANK YOU FOR THIS

  54. alex

    i love this smm 🥺

  55. Popi

    This is the best thing ever i'm adding it to my pride month playlist

  56. Naveen Ali

    I saw this halfway through reading Dragon War and I keep coming back to this video. Ahhhhh cant wait to see what happens between Rin and Nezha in the next part

  57. Maria Idivonete Mafra

    Afff pelo amor de Deus quando que vai passar na Netflix.

  58. Jovana Jeremic

    It is 2020 and Zutara I'm still pised

  59. Tiana

    Their story is such a heartbreaking sad-ending movie. They waited for each other for years, gave it all they had to that last Olympic moment, created magic for us, left us all in awe of their chemistry and bond... and then something went terribly wrong to a point where you forget the existence of someone you shared your whole life with. Then ofc Scott is acting out out of spite and anger and gets engaged to a married woman so quickly. I think Moulin Rouge's Roxanne was their story in a nutshell. No wonder they made us feel every second of it.

  60. Tracy Toth

    Love, love, love this video! Perfect song, perfect scenes, perfect couple!!

  61. Yap Shao Wei

    my tomdaya heart and hopes today has finally died. BOTH OF THEM ARE TAKEN

  62. moonjoon bts

    They made kataang happen in 2D so they best make zutara happen in live action 😤

  63. jaexvc


  64. Heavena Wilson

    FInally a kiss..That Theo is so fine..Sadly back then people married for the Business of Wealth building...not.for love...There is a indication of a second season of Samditon hopefully Sidney and Charlotte will find their way back to each other..Maybe Lady Denum will make Charlotte her Heir to her Fortune..and Her and Sidney wed after all.

  65. Allison Spears

    It is hard to watch I can't stop. CRying

  66. Allison Spears

    I love you ok ❤️

  67. Only エクソ


  68. LadyofShalott

    This song hurts me.

  69. Deanna Hazlewood

    this actually makes me cry >:( why u do dis to me

  70. Katia Rabelo


  71. GirlBetweenLight&Darkness 98

    Looks like no second season is coming which breaks my heart ✨

  72. Patricia Wagstaff

    Oh please don't give the ending away...I just watched the first episode tonite and have set my dvr to record each n every episode. PLEASE.

  73. Victoria Grahm

    Why Why isnt there a season 2..They should 100 % do a season 2,3,4,5 .... Theo is the bomb in ANY THING he does..Could watch him in so many series..

  74. Janell Lovell

    Still annoyed by the bbc for not giving this show another season, just hope the American channel has more sense to pick it up..

  75. qis soo

    So basically everyone who has watched this drama has a sec lead syndrome isn’t it :’)))))))

  76. Vania Nascimento

    Que lindo❤❤❤

  77. Johnnydeppfantastic

    Gosh I love them so super much! The ending was just beautiful ❤😭💖

  78. Dilya Dzhuraeva

    He is amazing in Devergent too. There are 3 parts. I strongly recommed watching them to those who hasn't seen yet.

  79. Dilya Dzhuraeva

    Can I find this film/series on youtube?

  80. AriuZ Shmagles

    i dont ship them... but this is awesome

  81. Val Mid

    12th like for 12th Doctor!

  82. Berna Azade

    zuko really opened his heart to katara and was ready to let her in and that moment where aang and uncle iroh come in to rescue them, katara feels so sorry for leaving zuko without healing his scar and i feel like zuko‘s choice between azula and team avatar was also effected by this act of aang. everything could’ve developed so differently in that scene.

  83. El. C.

    1. They’re WAY cuter together 2. Aang needs to grow and should’ve been paired with Toph 3. Zuko and Katara have much more chemistry 4. It just makes overall more sense

    1. Anfani

      I agree 100%, especially to your second point - Aang was still such a flawed character by the end of book 3, he wouldnt have been able to keep a stable relationship at this point of his developement and everything

    2. Farah Indy


  84. Игровой канал Fenix

    cool l Love spider man

  85. Tamara Kozlyuk


  86. Jacques Coulardeau

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  87. Mahoot Expressway

    This video deserves a billion views, I get so many chills watching it...and I’ve never even watched Avatar: The Last Airbender! (That’s about to change though)

  88. Not relevant

    It’s so sad there’ll not have a season two..

  89. Melek Yıldız

    That is soooo and tooooo cute.

  90. Amrita

    Steve and Bucky my babies! There is no reality, no parallel universe, nothing in which they wouldn't choose each other. We know that. Heck even Seb knows!

  91. Laureana Paolini

    Please! Somebady can tell me when i can look this series or movie! Please! how i can search this! Theo James 😍💓

  92. Z. A

    I feel like waterbenders and firebenders are meant to be

  93. Heidi W

    I know Aang and Katara are cute together, but still Team Zutara!!!

  94. Sheepish

    This video just proves how honest to God ooc Steve in EG was. This was beautiful. And I can't stop watching

  95. Альмира Файзуллина

    Эх,они были бы идеальной парой 😌🙄

  96. Alexandru Jeler

    They are so stupid if they are not a coupel

  97. Queen Oswin


  98. Tara Dodoo

    i’m going to pretend they ended up together

  99. JuliaB1955

    These two actors are absolutely gorgeous. They even resemble each other. I wish they'd get together in reality and have a few kids, too. The beauty would be unbearable.

  100. Ger ly

    Netflix please made Zutara end up together. I could pay anything to see them getting older in fire - water nation. #NetflixZutara #Zutara4ever

    1. Skamaz BG

      It might be possible and if you want to know why tell me.