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  1. Damnatio Memoriae

    that vampire boss looks awful...


    may I.... stand unshaken....

  3. TimeLord Victorious

    I have a psvr so can you like have a button that turns on the controller

  4. JFn Cho

    Stadia: the "fetch" of video games

  5. Talent

    L for not including Monster Hunter World


    Hero academia,one punch man and black clover?

  7. Preston Eric

    It just plugs into where your headphones go and- "I think we're done here." I shouldn't have to make a choice between hearing or having extra buttons.

  8. Octane 1

    You got a lot of the story wrong, just saying

  9. Mashiris

    Se ve como malito

  10. FrenchToast

    DOOM 2016 IS DOOM 4 OMG

  11. EpicGamerJake

    Disney: I don’t care about the kids Just their parents’ money

  12. įŃ ŠåÑíTŸ

    I get not being able to put another 3rd party character but Nintendo has so many diverse first party games they could pull something out off. There are too many fire emblem characters and to top it off another long reach/sword character. So many other games lack representation, look at f zero,metroid,xenoblade and maybe even zelda, the zelda roster in particular as most off the link clones have the same skillset just different properties. Not unique! Could have put zant (zelda) rundas(metroid) deathborn ( fzero) as the 5th dlc character and already you have more interesting choice in thematic and possible skillset, but we get another generic sword fighter with flashy

  13. actionvids35

    would be nice if marvel spider man would get a pc port

  14. Goku Black

    Overwatch and csgo is the only game I dedicate

  15. Darth Vader

    I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I met you I was but the learner. Now, I am the master.

  16. Nate W

    The lore they said is inaccurate.

  17. Irving Zistman

    My man sounds like bonzai buddy

  18. C B

    ......i just got six ads letting thisvideo


    All you have to do was running away from damn nemesis jill

  20. Travis Mckenzie

    Tbh, this is so overdone and frankly lackluster. Nobody would care about this game if it were not for the recent dragon ball revival fad right now.

  21. Enternal Abyss

    Just stop it's already dead

  22. Ed Wassermann

    this duo thing is a bit weird. the humour isn't working either

  23. Ouigee

    4:04 oh no, it's Cuphead all over again

  24. Joel Ngandu

    4K HDR+ 60FPS+ RAY TRACING CONTROLLER since I always play third party games more than exclusives. POWER

  25. DragonHeart613

    Wow IGN, really??? You're hyping this flop of a machine???

  26. Gerry Taylor

    I'll stick to my colevovision. Eff the haters

  27. Night T

    No clue about WTF is this all about...and don't tell me it's the beauty of the

  28. MrNice

    Piccolo: starts fighting a goose his mind "this should be a easy dinner" Goose: "Teleports behind him" Peace was never a option

  29. Chris

    what do you mean "again"? there was never different release date than 16th April 2020, so it's the first delay...

  30. SDEV307

    Very much for your time with my family👨👦👧👩👴👵👨👦👧👩👴👵👨👦👧👩👴👵

  31. m16chick

    We should really introduce Tormund to Lyris.

  32. Riley IV

    i hope they take as long as they damn well need. I dont wanna see another GTA 5 scenario where half the promised game is missing on launch. I could wait another year for this to be completed

  33. Mashiris

    Omg omg Halo 6 and now and new Doom 😱😱😱😱😭😭

  34. Melchior_111


  35. Jeffrey Richardson

    lauries new sim card kristens real tight leotard leo marrons hard

  36. Bài Kūnning

    Oh boooooy another fire emblem character. :|

  37. King Santa Cruz


  38. followthesun89

    So is this game a rerelease of persona 5 with extra stuff added? And it’s coming to switch right?

  39. Chad McElfresh

    Lmfao stadia marketing...

  40. Leon Brookes

    I watched this on the new Dolby Cinema screen & it was truly amazing (has IMax had its day?)

  41. Richard Ball

    The story of Scandanavian Nintendo Love.😁

  42. Expert Cypro

    So they gave DOOM 2016 a 7.1 while these got a way higher score? Even the DS and PSP/ VITA scored more? Bro...

  43. Paden Conner

    1:00 Hey, it’s Ventress!

  44. akshay kaushik

    The story telling is what made season 1 much more interesting. I think it was an amazing narration and Lauren nailed it!!

  45. ADO Photoshop Breakdowns

    The graphics look pretty mediocre but if you can chop up and dismember bad guys I'm in.

  46. YSSipher

    Sick of Nintendo and their Fire Emblem characters in Smash. There's a lot of characters that should be playable in this game they've neglected. Also characters that were nerfed and misrepresented.

  47. Conrrado Torres

    So all the way to Buu Saga.... nice

  48. Eucliwood

    If they switch, the lol guy have to play dota he woudn't get a single hero kill.

  49. vMagnus

    Well You didn’t search for this video

  50. Lakon Oki

    I really dont like leto's

  51. Ginger Ninja

    You can also have someone invite you in any mode and you'll leave without punishment

  52. StevenTheFan

    Spoilers!!!! “The exposes wires are important to Carl’s story” Me who went to Dathomir early to get the double sided blade: ...oh

  53. arshdeep singh

    were is dragon ball

  54. RavenWolf654

    This has to be the worst trailer in 2019 or the best...

  55. Ahnaf Sajid

    Just saw parasite a Masterpiece 17 april 2019/11:54 pm/Bangladesh

  56. GoodbyeJeffery

    It's downright heretical that Mother 3 and Bloodborne aren't on here.

  57. Youssef waleed

    Where is soup and ghost from mw 😥

  58. Hellcaster

    The death of soap should be on the list!

  59. Jonathan Rosado

    I have both consoles but I've always preferred xbox.

  60. Eric Ramsauer

    How is killing The Boss and placing the flowers on her grave in MGS 3 not here.

  61. andreas aagaard


  62. jnub210g

    No rocket launcher?


    Not even one single comment here on IGN ! This great game is my childhood 😄

  64. Khaerul Umam

    Came here just for sydnee :))

  65. TheGreyPigeon

    Meanwhile, the Horkers they aggro'd are desperately trying to catch up to them.

  66. DC xoreo

    1:35 *yay, look how high I am* Couldnt of said it better, Gohan

  67. blueph03n1Xx

    I have something to say about women thinking they can play video games........ They are absolutely right because video games aren't only for one specific gender!

  68. Sam Ward

    Asajj Ventress? That you?

  69. Meymey .mp3

    E X C L U S I V E S

  70. Yvonne Rogers

    Awesome! Thanks! 🙏 😎

  71. TheRealDeaf


  72. Micah  Johnson

    They made Carlos look cool ..this is going to be awesome.

  73. Menethorable

    So disappointing

  74. Ilyaas Ilyaas

    What about gta online lol instead you talk about fortnite

  75. Cleetus Vonbehren

    I would really love to see spider man on my ultrawide with high fps.....i doubt that happens but i can dream

  76. KindredSouls

    He doesn't say STARS anymore. :/

  77. DillZGaming -

    Nobody: Nobody at all: NO LIVING SOUL: Nemesis: STAAAARS

  78. MM Tube

    Does anyone else think the audio is out of sync

  79. Janoth Fernando

    Why did joaquin phoenix do this to this man?

  80. Matt

    Guess ill be getting Cyberpunk on the PS5 lol

  81. Perfectly Sliced Egg

    Stadia - 90% drop in player base within the first month *MAJOR OOF*

  82. Deep Space Traveler

    Damn they are really trying to push this failed STADIA thing huh

  83. J Rocck

    Great question

  84. Christian Boustani

    "Innovate and push the boundaries of the creature collecting genre" I see none of that happening here.

  85. audilover70

    I literally know nobody who's even interested in the stadia I know nothing about it either I feel its a bit of a joke

  86. Paint_Pawz

    M o o d ETERNAL

  87. Mewantsnax __

    first 10 seconds in and I thought I listening to Beat Saber.

  88. AdversaryOne

    I'm about to start playing this weekend. For some reason, the real guy's face doesn't look as punchable as the character's face does.

  89. DemonicVoodoo

    I think Joker shouldve had a better voice actor for this game. But its whatever, still happy to see my homie J make it into MK11 time to "save the date" boys

  90. Mike Barnes

    You had me at "he stayed dead". It's better.

  91. Zeinu Umer

    actually if THomas done something right in this version was this : HE KILLED BANE

  92. hersh 11

    They did a great job with the trilogy and building her character ark. Capturing her youth and being naive in the first game. Her dealing with the past in the 2nd game. And the bold arrogance she starts the 3rd with only to be humbled and grow form it in the 3rd.

  93. Ultra Gamer

    Sad that this game has to have the trailer out shadowed by Huniepop2

  94. young boss

    Finally a review where ign is actually honest about a movie.

  95. Kris A

    5:19 "Really close...", yeah 14s lol.

  96. Ed4476

    Will we get to meet serana?

  97. CMONCMON007

    I never was impressed by the new additional characters in Smash

  98. TrolleLOL

    I had both ps4 pro and Xbox One X but i prefer almost everything on the ps4 since i bought the newer more silent One. The UI, the psn sales, the controller etc, and i had the Elite 2 controller! Recently exchanged the One X to a Nintendo Switch and couldnt be happier with that Sony/Nintendo setup.

  99. David Algar

    What the hell is it with sly and russians

  100. scoopidiBoopz77Z

    Bloodborne or riot