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  1. Tee Dlavl3s

    I’m ready for this!!!

  2. Youfan

    A Star Wars Story: John Wick. Wait, change the title... The Mandalorian. ✨✨

  3. Andrew Edoff

    hope it will be fun like pickachu detective story and I won't be to hard on just try to have fun with low expectation. People it's just a movie keep playing games if you like sonic in a certain way or animated shows.

  4. An Silicon

    Not a Sonic fan. But I’m going to watch it to appreciate the effort of creators actually listen to people’s opinions

  5. Sebastian Chavez

    Mysterio: See that wasn’t so hard

  6. Ezequiel Ramirez

    I never watched a star wars movie but does this show tie to the other movies?? Cause it looks interesting to watch tbh.

  7. Rob D

    IGN video with <200 views... Kinda funny. This game should have been on the remaster.

  8. ᚲᚨᚢᛚᛞᚱᛟᚾ ᛃᛟᛏᛁ

    "How is magic portrayed in the series?" "It was amazing to be an actor, blah blah blah, had so much fun."

  9. Joe Higgins

    Now all we need is an improvement on the Cats design.

  10. Cody Gulledge

    I just finished the story. My total play time was 39 hours. I am done with IGN reviews. Death Stranding is a MASTERPIECE!!!! This is a beautiful story. It may just be something just for me but I am 31 years old and this is the greatest game I've ever experienced in my life. The ending is truly mind blowing.

  11. Michael Jarrett

    I was never a fan of Sonic, nor did I have much interest in playing any of his games. But I'm glad they did the little dude justice by fixing his previous look ;]

  12. D K

    Much better.

  13. jumbology

    Me when I see 2019 Sonic's design 1:03

  14. Gabriel Lofton

    Im content now

  15. Jeff Munter

    Alright that’s better

  16. The Dark Prince

    We want Silent Hill Back ... ! Please Konami !

  17. Ashley J

    Oh no, please lord no. Just can multiplayer and stick to single player.

  18. Brandon Gortarez

    I like those odds

  19. TGMinnieeMee

    Not quite there yet. Do it again.

  20. Gabriel Lofton

    This just put a big ole smile on face

  21. MeowHaze

    i think its a new genre, especially the social interaction.. You cant see them, but you know they're there and can help you.. Very different than normal online game.. No toxic

  22. Amaru

    they better

  23. Tee Dlavl3s



    They Didi it about time

  25. Cameron Radaszewski

    Never thought a company would listen and actually make a videogame character how they look. You may have my money for a ticket now.

  26. Minecraft MinerYT

    If only Nintendo had this kind of dedication to listening to their fans

  27. Chris Dooley

    Wait it’s only PG? Not even PG-13? Oof how did I miss that. If anyone has seen it (I’m waiting to get my free trial for a bit to maximize my episodes available) does this affect the action and its grittiness ? I’m a little worried that it’ll be too sanitized for me as I’m a Punisher/Ray Donovan/Banshee kinda level of violence in shows guy lol

  28. Dante Mills

    I hope they don’t go over board with micro transactions. Just leave it cosmetic and it will be fine

  29. saint nic cage

    Its looks miles better on xbox than ps2

  30. Amer Majeed

    Can Google Stadia beat Rdr2's performance on Rtx 280 ti, if yes I am in

  31. Flores Rose

    Looks pretty lame to be honest. Also Isn't dragon ball fighter Z and Xenoverse 2 like dead? No one plays them no more and there's hardly anyone online playing these games.

  32. StEweDLaMbb

    IGN's playing this on the easiest difficulty. my boss battle did not go the same way

  33. Sayak Das

    Feels like Battlefield 1 first mission.

  34. Elijah Blast

    Dbz Broly: I did it first Dbs Broly: I did it better

  35. Dante Mills

    “Last of us dev”

  36. Nico Valleharra

    Wow no offense but this is absolute dogshit in comparison to the Japanese trailer

  37. Zero Cool

    Viva Chile 🇨🇱

  38. ASackOfPotatoes


  39. J.D.

    I still prefer the original Broly to this one.

  40. Preston

    We gonna ignore the fact that they gave the whole movie away in 3 mins

  41. DaDLM

    Hey, the same character but different form as a DLC, well it isn't another Goku I guess.

  42. Ewrecked

    2019: NUH ! 2020: YUH!

  43. Halo Galaxy

    I like this show because it doesn't make the Mandalorian a badass nor does it make him like John Wick who can take down a whole fortress of people, he bleeds , he slips up and he makes plenty of mistakes like any human would, he panics to, like that ending shootout sequence

  44. Dabbed Out Media

    I had a guy throw me grenades in a boss fight after I ran out... that’s why they show up, if you have no ammo or run out they can become your only chance

  45. Brenda Cervantes Lopez

    can't wait for friday

  46. S A F

    Chloe and Nathan are soo cute together 😍

  47. Castrated

    Trailer 1: Crack Addict Trailer 2: Rehab

  48. guesswho1440

    What a very disapointing show

  49. Jessica Hennessey

    Do a Mario teaches typing video I hate ign

  50. Fae Carnifex

    I can't believe how much better this looks.

  51. mrchinee25

    This clip is better than the 3 latest star wars (Rey) movies put together and the last one havent even been released yet.

  52. Why Google?

    So Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy. But... Blue.

  53. Dark wolf

    The last of us multiplayer is waayy better than the new call of duty

  54. Andrew Nguyen

    Definitely going to watch the movie now. The studio actually listened to the fans!

  55. James Young

    Where can one watch this

  56. ItsOscar_Ok?

    They still didn’t connect his eyes

  57. Alexander Vera

    0:35 is that pyro

  58. Sleudgehammer

    Seeing the old sonic shows just how terrifying he used to be.

  59. Daniel Dominguez

    Why did IGN reupload this sneak peek?

  60. Racctation Last name

    Now that I am thinking of it, did this man die? I mean I don't think he will survive from that

  61. Certified Fresh

    I want Shadow if they make a sequel

  62. Guilty Guy

    2019: WHY SATAN WHYYY!!! 2020: thank you JESUS

  63. Mr Mobile

    Now paramount gets it

  64. Rico The Kid

    Choice of words for this type of free world would be a linear open world.

  65. Palhacinho

    só faltou alguém que sabe mexer no controle

  66. Monoochrom

    Yeah, I'm just not feeling it. Maybe when I have a clearer Idea of what this is about. Inside Out already burned me (great movie, but absolutely not what I thought it was going in) and so I'll take a wait and see approach.

  67. Fu3go

    Let’s go

  68. Alex Mantale

    Ok, yes. You got it right now.

  69. Andrew Will

    2019: I didnt sign up for this... 2020: This... I signed up for this

  70. Hiram Mendoza

    I hope IG-11 shows up in future episodes. (Sorry for spoilers)

  71. Todd Jones

    Much better.

  72. Ricardo Moreira


  73. Maria

    Yaaaaaassss!!! Thank you so much for listening to us❤️

  74. tboss2017 gaming 2

    gatans is better then kevin harts

  75. Jeremiah Torres

    This was an amazing way to kick of the series

  76. VikingFyre

    Pokémon Brexit looks interesting

  77. Ameri Wryter

    See what happens when you listen to your fans.

  78. cinemar

    Rebels was gripping? Kool aid drinking much?

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  80. Rico suave

    Whoa.. 😮

  81. Animesh Cholkha

    Cheating at it's best

  82. Spider Shaq

    Why does the main character remind me of noble 6 from halo reach

  83. Celestial Films

    Happy: I've always wanted to go to the moon Erza: *Yeet* *Fairy Tail: The Power of Friendship* Releasing in 2020 Lol no hate. I love this anime.

  84. TheGoncas2


  85. ralpheduar

    Forever Avicii ❤️

  86. xpyschx

    This on is waaaaaaaaay better

  87. Shadow Moon

    The first sonic still haunts my nightmares to this day..

  88. LoL Twitch Clips


  89. Count Falconer

    I don't think any child has been awful enough to get the Last Jedi for Christmas.

  90. soltan alosmi

    That’s some nasty way of showing the game. Because put in mind you can make any game looks boring. This game you NEED to play it to understand how fun it is

  91. Gurinder Dhatt

    I still play the last of us multiplayer today, I love using the bow and hunting rifle

  92. EZ Man

    Anyone know why this got cancelled?

  93. Jordan Haynes

    That's better.

  94. Peter Johnson

    20 times better!

  95. Not Real

    Nothing to say except................................thank you

  96. Darius Tatum

    Why do trailers spoil the whole plot of the movie?

  97. Liam UK

    UK will find an alternative to watch it now, I have already watched it and I love it

  98. Jared Tebbens

    They finally fixed him! Finally! For a bit I though they would make him worse.

  99. Lumify | Gil

    2020 for me 😢 Can I get an F?

    1. Brendan McLaughlin

      Pirate it mate

  100. TheRealneon

    I love how Scooby Doo talks more