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  1. Genius Roque

    That cartoons is true, 👍👍👍👍

  2. Shinta Kikuchi

    Plot twist: this video is dazzling

  3. jesus ramones

    2/3 of children outcomes are determined my factors outside the home. Vote for Andrew Yang. Give parents money. Read a book on UBI

  4. • TreasureHead •

    **is here because of frozen 2**

  5. Gauge Bezayoff


  6. Subhransu Nanda

    This video is ten times relevant now.

  7. joe cole

    Liberals-You believe in global warming. Then start living like the Amish or shut the f--- up

  8. isabel Kree

    The Stradivarius, *hand it over*

  9. LifeUntilLove

    What on earth are Japanese teachers doing for the roughly 8 hours where they are working but not teaching? That work day seems ludicrous, especially if it is all planning and grading.

  10. Franklin Castleman

    A word is call gambling

  11. Turbotroll

    Whatever you do, don't let Facebook provide internet

  12. Al Mina

    hi jazz you're such a beauty!

  13. Ayu Gita Bhagawanti

    No no no this couldn’t be a new normal 😢

  14. Steve Clarkson

    My mother was in a coma for 4 month's due to a motorcycle accident and a bad head injury. She woke up and said she had been talking to her DAD for a while and at the end of the conversation her told her to go back that it wasn't her time. My grandfather passed away before I was born from a brain tumor. She also said she wasn't in any pain through the whole thing.

  15. Snowkyle YT

    Galvanism on modern day might be the cause to a zombie apocalypse

  16. Jeff Nye

    “Selling at 10,000$, it’s one of the most expensive virtual items sold” Anomaly: hold my beer

  17. Pavel Grigortsuk

    How America going to solve homelessness problem? With uncontrollable benches. Great!

  18. eva phernanda

    The description is sad, God bless them and keep them!

  19. 5%LowBattery

    A few cases of arson ? 👂

  20. joker 126

    Let's be honest arcades now indays are just casinos for kids

  21. Elis

    Anyone who has traveled knows that the happiest looking people are usually in the not so well off countries. The most miserable people I see are in western countries that are well off

  22. Maria Kaprial

    They say students are the future. So the future for the US is looking pretty D-

  23. Snowkyle YT

    Can i ask a question Is magic real

  24. Gravy Nolastname

    Memes mattered when the definition of meme was "something of cultural significance" These days memes are just a simple method to shape the pathos of weak minded people to absolve them of individuality, ensuring they all speak in the exact same manner, to which they happily oblige.

  25. vampy p

    12 years of gaming experience wasted by death feels bad man

  26. Master Jet

    Taal Volcano Joined the Group.

  27. h a m b o r g o r

    I’m from Colorado, and in my high school, we had a very small amount of teachers that every teacher had to teach every period with a class filled to the brim, even having to bring in extra desks(if there were any) to accommodate other students: it’s still crowded :(

  28. felasfer3d

    No the answer is because stolen land

  29. Nat Jac

    They need to start breeding these koals to keep their numbets up.

  30. Adrian Tomaszewski

    Since everyone dopes, right?

  31. George lampard

    Being practical.... u cant create a border line on sea no matter how good is ur device that does work in the middle of the ocean only compass help for path not to see borders ...... ships or the boats which are shown are used by the political leaders what about the middle class fisherman's from both side who uses canoes that has only engine .... there maybe wrong fishing methods for prawns but do u think only prawn matters here u cant use the same technique in deep sea fishing u need bigger than shown in this video and for using that both sides Govt does not allow........ pls show me a border line or some physical drawn border for the people to tell that this my area and that is yours u cant do that especially in the night time ....... To be more specific the boats that patrol around may be 50 do u think they can create the border line ...... everytime in the middle of the sea ..... I am a Tamilian and the people affected by this are the middle class of both sides having such an selfish Govt from both sides do u think it will resolve the conflict ...... Many fish hatchling can be left to sea to increase the wealth of the sea provide a certain time for them grow and make the sea ecosystem grow so that it provides food for both sides without doing this and u people cross this border or that ...... this side of the fisherman have better boats and others do not have is foolishness. ....... Please provide a proper information do not just see the outer layer ......

  32. kishore smart

    Anyway, I don't want to spend money on virtual goods. Now you just read my comment , Thank you...

  33. Lazy Roy

    You guys getting tears?

  34. Mauladous Basantes

    2035 Google becomes the main military contractor, replaces blackwater mercenaries with swarms of killer robots and drones.

  35. Elis

    I get teary in war museums. One thing I always think about was a photo of a Vietnamese soldier found dead and all he had on him was a tiny photo of his girlfriend/wife in his pocket, they looked in their early 20s and I know a old Vietnamese lady who lives alone because her husband died at war so I think of her.

  36. Mr E

    😂😂😂😂😂 Awesome

  37. Zed Pazett

    While australia is burning, their neighbor indonesia got the worst rainfalls in the decade, about 3 provinces impacted by floodings (coastal region of jakarta, banten & west java). However, when i visited sumatra, they got less rain (about once in two weeks, its suppose to be twice a week due to rainy season currently). I think climate change is real.

  38. Joey Prince

    6:15 it's just a Florida thing

  39. Sandra

    Booohoooo keep weeping you daisies! Make Up exists since ancient times and you western women have all the freedom to do whatever you want and you complain and nagg about so much. Make Up has been considered as medicine in ancient Persia and unlike the Greeks they never wore white lead powder. I don't understand the complaints in this video. Be glad that yoh have the mindspace and the skill to wear make up.

  40. Nachito Rape

    Que buen tono de ingles, lastima que no se decir ni arroz con leche!!!

  41. Sa am

    they should try a medium rare steak rib eye steak

  42. skoo woP

    I’m sorry but I did not even know there were floodings in Africa 😳😰

  43. Matt C

    Using Tarot cards was schticky and uneccessary.

  44. Koala

    Nooo!! I've loved koalas for my entire life, my life revolves around them. This can't happen :(

  45. useful chickens


  46. fhaiox

    thanks for making this. now I know where my tears came from...

  47. Killbox Onealpha

    Better than drugs

  48. olan levan

    Rain in Africa is nothing new, just ask toto.

  49. oopsitsdeleted

    2020 is going to be a good year they said, climate change doesn't exist they said


    I- I'm literally FLABBERGASTED... I know the USA's system is flawed and VERY outdated... But not this..? Time to move .

  51. Andres Karam

    Jet fighter or fighter jet?💀

  52. Iris

    Teachers get very little pay for their work and they have no power. It was taken away by parents who think schools should raise their kids but only the way they think they should be raised.

  53. Geo Benz

    Why we have kontol?

  54. fsxmantra void

    who cares

  55. Chipwhitley274

    "... the bigger U.S. economy required a more centralized state and bureaucracy to manage the growing economy." And yet... you have no evidence to substantiate that claim.

  56. EDKH

    Australian fires are a product of pyromaniacs its got nothing to do with "climate change"

  57. Mobile Legends Newbie Newbie

    Who else is scrolling through the comments to find time? Like 1:29

  58. Ringoat Desu

    *Ricardo Milos Memes*

  59. I, Dio have no nose

    I cry because i want to stay up even tho i am sleepy, It didnt worked.

  60. Lawrence Reyes

    I didnt asked but ok (I just saw this vid on my recommendation)

  61. HomeBrandCereal

    Map at 0:23 is missing a ton of burned area

  62. s h a y a g i n g e r b r e a d


  63. CHRISTO ze boss

    My dad is the chief navigator

  64. Glamour y Sensualidad


  65. Santiago Montoya

    In Costa Rica teachers dont get that much pay but compared to our economics they can provide for themselves and others.

  66. Eva Mae Cachuela

    Well you should start walking to your destination. Don't ride anything other than bicycles. If you want to go across the ocean start paddling your boat.

  67. Carbiniz3r

    Oh thats rich Vox thinks they can educate anyone on the military industrial complex. i wonder how many wikipedia pages this guy went through

  68. Jella Faith

    I don't why but this gave me goosebumps!

  69. Zero subscriber

    GOD is the key. Only GOD is the key to life and death.

  70. Vishwajeet Khamkar

    When Indian government tries to control the price of medical devices, American government threatens Indian government with trade sanctions.


    This really sad 😢 see this the 🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨 koalas bad day for it where get some airplanes ✈️ can throw water 💦 to stop the fire 🔥

  72. Nathan White

    Shut up.

  73. Jack Carr

    So when I hit my toe on my bed frame and by sitting on the floor holding it yelling OHH AHH OHH AHH!!! The movement of my face muscles puts a strain on my tear glands and they start leaking?

  74. clarence gibbonz

    Is it Climate change or the end-of-days Bible prophesy? The Australian bush fires no doubt has been catastrophic. Many buildings burnt, many animals and creatures displaced and killed. Many people dead. A prime minister lacking intuitive and all at sea in a much-to-late urgent response. However; - no one around the world has mentioned about the Aboriginal people who live and reside in the bush. What about them? Who is speaking up for them? Who getting aid for them? Who is looking for them?? PayPal, do the honourable thing with your appeal and split the £fund of your appeal to go >>directly<< towards those aboriginal community’s left desolate and destroyed by the fires. - It’s only the right thing to do... May God bless their souls.

  75. Nakiri Erina

    It would have been nice if the women who made this video were not conventionally beautiful like these two are. Nothing against them, but, it would have made much more sense.

  76. Crystal Unicorn gacha

    Google literally talked about eco friendly and now there teaming up with oil companies wow google

  77. Athul Krishna


  78. Chanchiya Kishan

    I'm wondering that you are still alive. Because if you do this kind of journalism in India you will get killed the very next day.

  79. MaT3riAL_Thorium Rocks

    Why is that kid so huge

  80. Tony Wu

    0:50 because they make less money that’s why

  81. Rally craze

    I never spend money on video game Its easy. Im poor

  82. coffee carnage

    I feel sorry for today's women

  83. RiYzAL ofFiciaL

    If u want to know about something just find it at Holy Quran..dont scare Quran 4 all humankind

  84. Cease 2 exisT

    I'm not afraid of dying.. I'm just afraid of losing everything and be forgotten.

  85. Dean

    Well if you see greenland above the sky during summer then ofc the ice isnt there

  86. Travis Woolston

    is there a reason the closest i get to crying is feeling like i could? lol

  87. Michael Devaney

    Do teachers in America work harder for less money....wonder why there's a shortage

  88. A B

    A Country of backlash

  89. Barry Harry

    Could us revolving the sun be a illusion?

  90. Angel G


  91. Taco Bell Valet

    Crashed because non-whites were involved in its creation.

  92. nice

    Better buy food than buy a thing that u cant eat😠

  93. Meme Man

    Now it is flooding in Australia

  94. frigofflayhey

    When they find out who started these fires send them to me i have something special for them

  95. Jack Orban

    you should go on his show

  96. Lisa Camaron

    Norway has the right mindset.

  97. Farrell Gaming

    I have question, why do you know that

  98. Colan Chen

    Is beauty culture hurting us? Yes! And we don’t need them!! Working in advertising industry for beauty brands extremely exhausting and overwhelming me on this ..

  99. Avelino Rodriguez

    Omg ever since September to now of that like 6 month I wont to help but I cant .😐😩😭😥

  100. soul sanctification

    Teaching is a noble job in my many cultures. I am so sad all the teachers I see here are burnt out, depressed and defeated.