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  1. Phantom

    1:54, Holy Mother Of Cheese, I was so scared 🤣

  2. Candi Cat

    “Make me look stupid”, “This isn’t 7th grade” “I’m not a twelve year old” I swear to god Jake sit your ugly ass down you make yourself look stupid and you have the fucking mentality of a 7th grader.

  3. Aaron Dhillon

    He never let that group talk 😂😂😂 dumbass

  4. Thomas

    joe turn to a pig ugly

  5. sebbymiranda


  6. Zivojin Pecin

    The only things exposed here is a lot of cringe.

  7. joejoda007

    Was that actually mo

  8. joejoda007

    What the flip

  9. Jaytay

    The only person joe should be mad at is jake paul. What he did to you was foul spar in the backyard talk shit make a video of you dude. If there is anyone you should fight it should be jake paul but this time take it seriously.

  10. this cat drank the milk

    These were my favourite videos back in 2013/2014 😄 SHITTY LIKE FUGGY SLOPPY LASAGNA NOTHING BEATS TAKING YOUR SOCKS IFF AT NIGHT

  11. Dallin Willets

    I didn’t even know who Joe weller was before this video but Jake your a fucking idiot and you argue in circles dumbass

  12. William Lancaster

    Wait, did he do blackface?

  13. Madi son

    10 minutes of jake paul being an asswhole like if u agree

  14. Clamp God Xx

    Who’s here after KSI won part 2?

  15. AlphaDog CH

    Erm... So joe done black face and no one said anything

  16. William Lancaster

    I liked the video until they started disrespecting and throwing around breaking stuff. So fucking shit of y’all to go into something so old and destroy history.


    7:10 jjs wink made me wet

  18. The Hoff

    I honestly want to see you fight again mate

  19. Sunny Ako

    Joe Weller vs Jake Paul!

  20. Kellogg’s CornFlakes

    This is how many times shannon Briggs touched your arse Like to undo

  21. Davina Turner

    You are a bicth too

  22. Tadan Adakai

    F you joe weller

  23. Aly Khodeir


  24. Chris James

    they both keep on saying that they're just here to talk about boxing but none of them are actually boxers and or really don't know anything about boxing

  25. michael Jacobs

    There's good chavs and bad chavs this one is a good chav

  26. R00deyRoh

    I don't know why would Ksi fight you if my dad slap you you'll be knocked out.


    Ur just salty cuz u lost the fight

  28. toast_that_is_toasted •_•

    0:29 turn captions on

  29. Molly-Anne Bartlett

    ‘Keeps saying he’s not 12 years old’ *acts childish as hell the whole way through*

  30. PukeyLukey

    How much you pay elliot to join you 😂

  31. c. kyle



    It's funny

  33. Mankster1206

    The 6th one, I thought it was only me and man the fact that joe knows about this is shocking

  34. PeezyD

    Too much is not enough! and 3d a week is nothin' look Arnold

  35. RhianFB

    2:42 he somehow stuck the coin into the bottle where the lable was on the inside of the bottle and then hides the coin in his hand while the guest is distracted by the bottle trick and a couple of seconds later Joe cuts the vid and ends up on the other side of the screen

  36. the gamer 123


  37. ujust dewit

    Jake Paul is an ass.

  38. Your dad

    Recommend 5000000 years late

  39. Stotka


  40. lost4 words

    Embarrassed for you lol....

  41. Luca well done beau Wilson


  42. Internet melts 10!!!!! Plzzzz

  43. RK Begg

    They say chin ups, it's more like chin downs. No chips went about the bar height.

  44. Daniela Butler

    First 200 people that like this comment will overcome their dreams

  45. Charlie Fowler

    Joe weller is so irrelevant that he tries to get Jake Paul to look bad and actually uses evidence but it still doesn’t work 🤣

  46. Certti-m

    Niko Omilana LoL

  47. Sushi Dushi11

    1:21 that's one of his friends

  48. Sushi Dushi11


  49. Mustafa Abidi

    Jake Paul is a full fledged cunt

  50. LenZ Sous

    Jake paul is such a buffoon

  51. Abdul Khaliq

    Larkin ka pouda ku chup raha hai

  52. A fat Tiger

    Anyone here after jj beat Logan

  53. Toby Mansfield

    1:25 John census btw

  54. Mc _Mani

    Jake Paul’s a bitch

  55. Starchek

    joe weller fat

  56. Lorenzo Pacheco

    What do you mean he's not a hard hitter. KSI literally gave you a busted lip and a black eye.

  57. Papajeff10

    Crogpits can you make more of these

  58. Hayden Castleton

    I did Spanish at uni and moved to Spain just to come back and understand this video 4 years later

  59. Philip Ayad

    2:28 knives not nives

  60. Sam Phillips

    I've seen this video so many times and only realized it's Randolph rapping not Joe

  61. lost4 words

    Americans just dont get the english

  62. unknown person

    16:32 38% any1?

    1. unknown person

      21/11/19 16:33 now

  63. Nolan Geary

    Hahaha this is awesome

  64. Rob Arms

    This made me respect Jake Paul.

  65. Matthew Pitto

    Jake was in special needs in school 100% what an idiot.

  66. Ghost

    Ur just ur adverage Joe tho and cannot fight a ghost 👻

  67. Harry Dutton


  68. - kthxbai

    3:13 africano* 3:16 on my poll* 3:21 my dagger*

  69. wilheim wilheim

    star wars equivielant of the pauls logan = maul jake = savage

  70. Kian Fitzgerald

    Ksi won

  71. Yvng Poltergeist

    Joe has good ass self control 🙏shows who the better man is

  72. PhantomTreeGaming

    I like how he was like logan paul is gonna win A video later ksi is a fucking warrior the best amazing fighter like bruh...

  73. Mohammed azhar Cassie

    Rematch him

  74. Mohammed azhar Cassie

    Joe train abit and I’m sure u can beat him

  75. Mohammed azhar Cassie

    When your brother insults suicide victim and you still the most hated sibling

  76. Carmel Kerley


  77. Bty Bobby

    They definitely did this naked after

  78. Semisi Siu

    Its called silver spoon who got bullied that didn't turn out to be a school shooter

  79. A N

    It was a draw imo

  80. JMC The Director

    What a geezer haha Joe just got my respect he was trying to be man to man Jake's trying to make excuses

  81. JMC The Director

    Holy fuck this guy Jake is not good bro stay off the juice and coke

  82. JMC The Director

    Jake is just a meat head with an ego that is out of this world

  83. JMC The Director

    What a douche....

  84. Brinae Chanel

    Gosh I Love The British Accent 🤧😫

  85. Ky Gordon

    What’s he on

  86. Roy Taylor

    U have glass platforms under your feet

  87. Andrew

    Didn’t take jake too long to lose his cool. Jake Paul needs to learn conflict management lessons.

  88. • DYSTREX •17

    We love you weller

  89. Ze big Guy

    damn kasi has gone far who here after the fight?

  90. Tadhg Hutchinson

    To think this started it all haha

  91. Ellie-Ana Morgan

    what a nasty little boy he is, just sitting here watching this and hearing him tell you to grow up🤦🏼‍♀️ someone spark this kid out, proper cretin😴 he tried to redeem himself with his series with Shane Dawson but come on now, you were so respectful and just asking him genuine questions, not being confrontational whatsoever and he comes at you like this? Naaaaahhhhh bruvvv


    Not very scary😱 just gossip or time pass .... Totally cowardly investigation🔎 but guys take have some boosters & give real scary scene.. This time 🕒time waster

  93. Isa

    Weller vs jake would be a good fight

  94. Random

    Confrontation is the perfect recipe for conference constitution at the causal cusp.

  95. • DYSTREX •17

    " a spot of fish spotting" - weller

  96. Jagaimo Diclonioid

    something humble seeing jj going to shake wellers hand

  97. Wil l

    Thanks joe

  98. Брэндон Маркес

    Mate Logan did 3 illegal shots on JJ and is complaining about the 2 pains taken off. His lucky he did not get disqualified

  99. Maxime Gagné

    AJ predict that it would be 3 round

  100. Alex’s Vids

    1:40 oppressor mk2