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  1. Jennifer St Pierre

    Hila is such a kill-joy. Constantly upset that nobody is laughing, when that’s the whole point of the game. Not to laugh. And, because of that, after each video, they all have to console her and reassure her that the videos are funny. Which completely killed the whole vibe of the video. Sucks too, cause I do like Hila. But it was so cringey listening to her complain about her videos. Someone should have played the worlds smallest violin for her

  2. Malcolm Filichia

    1:20:08 Hila's joke about vin diesel's outfit, followed by her little laugh had me fucking crying

  3. K90SAS - Choppu

    invite callmecarson

  4. Mattchuchu

    “We’re in beautiful world”

  5. maria landry

    PLEASE! let papa talk 🥺

  6. Chilled Cola

    Felix what the hell man I Know you in a break but at least spare a couple of hours for the h3 army...

  7. blasé

    it makes sense bout the control. mayb i take my criticism back 2:20

  8. Thomas Orozco

    “Maybe not being a great interviewer makes a great interview” love it. I like the abstract ness of your interviews and the fact that you guys aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions.

  9. Bahsaq Tibagh

    5:45 "At least the guests were happy with their appearance" Uses unsavory picture of Papa John in follow up podcast episode despite Papa John being super chill and a friend on the show.

  10. Monoman

    Lol when Sonic ended up being not bad and making 70 mil first weekend..

  11. babybatz

    Ethan and papa calling each other every day is less gay than the video they just watched

  12. Luke Miller

    Watching this in 2020, really hope there’s a reunion episode one day.

  13. StoneyD

    So it detected a slur when Papa was in the house but not when y’all watched the news blooper and played that sound bite 30 times?😂

  14. RayRae 559

    KFC Sucks BFD

  15. Ding

    Interview CourageJD, both of you are at 2 million subs

  16. Cody Pline

    Papa and Ethan should launch their own pizza chain.

  17. Alec Dukas

    Endorsing Bernie Sanders for president is basically admitting to being a soviet style communist. Such a shame you can't see that in a communist regime sheeple like yourselves will be the very first to go.

  18. Matts Koldewijn

    The captions on this video still say n-word

  19. Matej

    Am i the only one who thinks that Ethan is so jealous of these bilionares?

  20. Pinhead

    The fact that Ethan said he would've checked their Instagram proves that he is honest and faithful. Imagine if he said he wouldn't have checked their instagram just to please Hila, that would've been way way worse. Honestly, Hila and the rest were just showing their insecurities, Ethan was the only logical person there

  21. Petrol

    Where the apology podium been at?

  22. Alex Stansbury

    I would much rather watch a conversation rather than an interview and I thought that is what the Papa show was. I enjoyed the conversation tremendously.

  23. juliejewels

    Get YMH back on

  24. Coollin Dan

    Ethan stay confident please

  25. Auz

    Ethan was hilarious on this episode 😂😂😂

  26. Rahul Bolar

    i can understand wanting to have a more aggressive interviewing style but personally when im following what the guest is saying and they get interrupted, it kinda makes me kind of eh

  27. MandeeBe

    People Are Not Stupid: PANS -hila

  28. Stephie C

    Sonic was greattt

  29. Ben Bybee

    We have to get Theo back on the Pod

  30. Erica Renee M

    I’m sure the negative comments are more memorable than the positive but Ethan, I think u do a great job interviewing. I love the podcast! Great moves, keep it up, proud of u! 🍕

  31. Summer Manning

    The salsa dancing with a platonic female friend bit was funny until Ethan kept repeating it. Like sis, we get it, you think you're funny.

  32. JustinPayton

    1:58:26, "Nobody should face tats..." Post Malone..... :|

  33. i want to die

    battle of the lip smackers

  34. Shay Alexander

    PewDiePie is a myth on the H3 podcast at this point.

  35. FloorGorilla

    LOL ! 5' ANYTHING" is short. Stick to being an extra on Wizard of Oz or circus acts.

  36. Pilferpup and Friends!

    Damn, that Heila support, what a true King and Queen.

  37. Ya NoManches

    Part of being an artist and entertainer is growing from criticism. Take haters with a grain of salt, but a legit critique is essential for an artist. It opens your eyes to broaden your perspective and craft a more appealing work of art. ❤️

  38. pluckyduck11y

    Papa did nothing wrong. Said nothing untrue.

  39. Johan Anzules

    1:27:26 Just want to timestamp this

  40. Patrick Taylor

    Really like the Podcast and I think you did a very good job with Papa last episode, but this episode really sucked ngl.

  41. Wolf !

    If the next guest on H3 is reading the comments *MAKE SURE YOU INTERRUPT ETHAN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!* When he asks a question, finish answering it even if he jumps on another topic.

  42. Adamin

    Not Cyperpunk actually Hellboy 2 but ye haha

  43. b h

    Ethan ruined this interview

  44. Youneed Toreconsider

    Not Cyberpunk 2077, Dan.

  45. KeemstarIsTheGreatestYoutuberOfAllTime

    Ethan: "Everyone is too pretty for a face tat. No one should have a face tat." Post Malone: "Wtf?!"

  46. Wolf !


  47. Wolf !

    Remember when Ethan was a good interviewer? Yeah me neither.

  48. Jordan B

    Papa's interview is different than others with the whole controversy and day of reckoning. But with other guests the audience just wants to see/ hear a conversation not necessarily an interview. I dont think putting people in the hot seat is a good strategy. If you want to ask questions that are interesting to you go ahead so long as its natural and not forced.

  49. James Bishop Smith

    Respect for addressing the negative comments .

  50. Jake Ross

    special ed in the house

  51. Chad Roemer

    I love you Ethan and Hila <3 You clearly know your faults and talents, so just tossin you some papa love <3

  52. Donovan Kinney

    You couldn't give this video 30 more damn seconds, come on man

  53. Tristan Deniet

    I definitely haven't thought of the idea of trying to skip over the fluff conversations. Good point, Ethan.

  54. The Liam Episode

    Papa did put you in your place, he said to you “Let me finish”


    your eye brows pretty tame lately! love u ethan, hila, dan, papa and more shoenice please.

  56. Braxton Pressley

    Invite Zach Galifianakis and Lana Rhodes

  57. angryJEWwaiter

    Ethan, I am FREAKING out about those gay jokes. I was so offended that I punched my 64 year old co-worker and he was 2 weeks away from retirement

  58. April W

    “When do people ever FREAK, in all caps, out. Pearl Harbor? 9/11?”

  59. Ainslie Hartmann

    F u Dan @ 1:05:05

  60. J D


  61. omsauce

    Yang ❤️❤️❤️

  62. Mugenmush

    41:49 Ethan: "Can you call this high quality?" Hila: "Well..." Dan: "It has _a_ quality." Hila: "It's on the spectrum." A+ right there 👌

  63. NIc K

    when I was a kid the average man in America was 5'8". now it's 5 10. fucking hormones are making me average height

  64. Oli

    Have anything4views and maxmoefoe from Cold Ones

  65. Tyler H

    Sonic was good when I set my expectations low. It was not bad as far as family movies go

  66. mother of the bees

    Okay but can we all just appreciate Hila’s outfit? It looks amazing

  67. Mamie Qui t'aime

    I think you are great at what you are doing Ethan, people always projects that desire for perfection on everything, there is no escape. I saw your whole youtube odysee, Hila and you are so great, you now have an amazing podcast and a beautiful family. That's already perfect. Papa bless <3

  68. aquifersrock

    31:05 I dont think @papa likes to be recorded while on phone calls lol

  69. Pete Mitchell

    Stone Cold Steve Austin (or any pro wrestler) or Coyote Peterson

  70. J. L. S-P

    Ethan getting cancelled over eyelashes now.

  71. Harem King Junaid

    You should totally get MoistCr1TiKaL on the podcast

  72. Jive Afro

    That vape Nash meme was a screen from hellboy

  73. reidmich182

    1:01:10 it's Johann Kraus from Hellboy

  74. Y V

    Fallon is cringeworthy!!! Keep doing your thing Ethan. Some awkwardness in interviews makes it interesting.

  75. MichelleObama isAman

    papa is speaking out about bad decisions that are being made by the board of directors. by "bad" he doesnt even mention money, he says "bad things that are happening to the franchisees and employees." this is a man who cares and who understands business.

  76. Raddeolized221

    Calling this conspiracy the Papa-Gate

  77. Sara Regelsberger

    I overall really liked the papa interview its fun to hear about him as a real person

  78. Raindrops40 Chavez

    Y’all gonna talk about sonic being a banger!?

  79. Cam S

    The captions still say the n-word even when you replay the clip from the podcast on the new podcast

  80. ty ty

    Ethan really can’t take constructive criticism. I think most of the issues people brought up are completely valid. It’s not like these are new problems. If people are complaining about the same thing over and over, maybe it’s time to listen.

  81. Sheridan

    Bet lil nas will come on in time


    Ethan Klein: The Next Howard Stern?

  83. arnold nöbsler

    please get Billie Eilish, she is such a fascinating person

  84. Stephanie Tardif-Bennett

    Eyelash lift and tint are very common!

  85. brycew3987

    I hit that "like" button before I even watch it. I just know that y'all will keep me entertained for 2 - 3 hours. Papa Bless

  86. Austin Meyer

    Get david spade on man

  87. milndolrman


  88. Mugenmush

    "Maybe not being a great interviewer makes you a great interviewer!" ... Nope, it definitely doesn't. Learning from your mistakes would be a start though, certainly more than... doubling down I guess? Please don't bring a guest on if you're just gonna run all over them. It makes you seem like an obnoxious, ADHD-addled douche. Being an obnoxious ADHD-added douche can be funny too, but it's a lot funnier when it's just you and the H3 crew, not someone who has taken the time and shown you the courtesy to be a guest - because then it shifts squarely into awkward unfunny cringe territory. It's _not_ endearing. Just watch a video if you're in the mood to interrupt something every 5 seconds. It's less rude that way at least. I get the need to maintain control over the direction of the interview, but there's a right balance to be found there and Papa and Evans weren't it. You can't "rattle some more truth" out of anyone if you don't let them actually answer whatever you're asking them. I still love the show, don't get me wrong, but [Ethan Bradberry] "C'maaan!" The dating question was perfectly fine, by the way, that shit was pretty hilarious. This isn't Larry King. I think really off the wall questions are fine so long as they're given sufficient opportunity to answer. I _know_ Ethan like's Howard Stern, and Stern asks some *really* off the wall shit. He lets people answer though. I do agree though that even in its current state, at its worst moments this is a thousand times better than Jimmy Fallon.

  89. Mr. Skeleton

    Please bring Theo Von back on!

  90. BlackBird

    Would love to see Neil Degrasse Tyson on if you don't have anything against him since his unfortunate tweet. Would be really interesting!

  91. bloosh

    how are you? OMG I LOVE YOU!


    Hila def rode docs meat train after this podcast

  93. Lin Lin

    I love this podcast, I got into it by being a previous BTS semi-stan, The way you brought The madness up cleared some things for me and probably many others, it is just that we are People that stand by often and observe and only Come if The case is very severe... Sorry for not always being there. I love your developments, both old and new vids are golden. My favorite has to be Mobility Marie videos, i love The way your interviews go as well. Don't listen to the People Who make you feel sad. My brother, Who is also a FIselsr, had part of His fanbase turn on him for just being himself... He has aspergers, so do I, but His is more severe, anyways The point is that your interviews are, as they should be, fantastic Ethan! Hila's side comments are always fun to hear as well. Her art is so beautiful, as an artist myself I can't say I am not a bit jealous of her talent, The collab you did for The Pink Paris shirt in your teddy collection is so pretty... I was sad to see it being outsold, hope you restock soon! *update* The reason for all The typos and capital letters is cause of my phones settings, haven't had The Willpower to do anything as of lately.

  94. Abigail Williams

    The Vin Diesel part had me CRYING at my desk. It was so funny!!

  95. Kirstie McEachern

    Ethan asks some hard questions, but then he also just asks uncomfortable questions. And then sometimes he asks the uncomfortable question a second time, when the guest avoids answering the question. Like when Ethan kept trying to pressure Sean Evans into talking about his sex life with his girlfriend? He was asking pretty private details of 2 other peoples lives and Sean was obviously not comfortable answering. Asking once is whatever, but he kept pressuring him. It's gross to try to pressure someone into talking about their private sex lives, like his girlfriend probably doesn't want him sharing that stuff publicly.

  96. Benjamin Mitchell

    You should get PBG and the completionist on the show

  97. MrJakehoffman92

    Hi Papa, can we get an H6H6 podcast with the devil voice the entire time? Papa Bless

  98. Great Wall of Norman

    Ethan really needs to study Joe Rogan

  99. Jill Cherry

    7 minutes in and ethan is already talking about how he could use papa for his own benefit. maybe papa john just wants a friend and not a business partner, ethan...

  100. Chase Mallard

    Does anyone have trouble finding their place after closing the app and resuming