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  1. mlm745

    I like how they are both trash 🗑 and they deserve each other👥

  2. Abdel Satan

    Keem is jewish, Am I right?

  3. mike emmis


  4. Satisfying Stuff ASMR

    I died when they said Philippines instead of Philippians XD

  5. Fish Cat

    The sheer amount of HunterxHunter music used in this video is astounding tbh

  6. Med ia

    oh okay milo

  7. Jjoe Blow

    I fucking want to smash whoever did the background cause those beeps are fucking annoying

  8. Action Eric

    I almost forgot about FPS Russia and I had no idea his accent was fake.

  9. Kaldaryn

    "My sister died, send me nudes". Wow. Real piece of work we got here.

  10. Blu Kirby

    There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with homosexuality as a lifestyle - however, to vilify people for being homosexual is not ok. I hold traditional, Biblical values, which is also ok to disagree with, if you wish to. As a Messianic Jew, blood of Abraham with Yeshua in my faith - I'd say religious people and the LGBT community have so much in common - all grounds to meet halfway.

  11. Angela Hyde

    @The Right Opinion I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this but I had to do a double-take when you showed the ARC (Anthony Roth Costanzo) album cover, such an obscure reference and one I actually got because I’ve met him and written about him as an opera artist!! Amazing, I hope you’re a fan because he’s very talented and sweet.

  12. BrotherBoresIsBest

    The sad thing is that people like her actually think they are talented, and that people tune in for the talent and skill, rather than the fact they are whores. Just like dudes who "pay" for dates.

  13. Abdel Satan

    Who in the fuck is this Totbiscuis?

  14. C0mical

    What Keem said was true. It's exactly why he said he was depressed in 2016.

  15. Samaritan_Prime

    Faith is... a tricky thing. Faith requires one to trust that things will work out as they ought to work out- there is no guarantee that one will experience a favorable outcome. Take the classic example of a loved one who is in the hospital, and the prognosis isn't good. People do turn to faith to help them cope with such a situation. Sometimes the patient does make a full recovery; other times, they are gone before their time. Some actually do stick with the faith to help them cope with the loss in that scenario. THAT is faith. Religion (of which you need faith in something in order to practice) isn't really something that can be rationally explained beyond that. These boys... no. Just no. Jesus would not be pleased with what these boys have done. Matter of fact, making a show of one's faith is something He strongly advocated against. (Something about ignoring the people standing on street corners shouting their faith to the heavens...) He also responded to people using the Temple courtyard as an open-air market by taking a bullwhip and proceeding to flip tables and drive them out. Tying one's religion into your brand is not something He approves of, it seems. On a side note... I actually do see a chiropractor. The guy I see recommends regular alignments to the neck and spine not as a miracle cure, but as something more akin to standard maintenance that can prevent serious ailments later on in life. Why rely on a miracle when you've been taking good care of yourself?

  16. Michael corrigan

    Thanks for this video. I was always curious about him and his channel. I loved FPS and boy that’s an interesting tale. I think it’s BS that he got screwed over like that. Have nice day...

  17. Alexander Knight

    She sounds retarded. There. I said it.

  18. Elanasse

    I would love to see Emplemon rant about Pewdiepie's "Meme Review" oh wait he wouldn't dare to do that

  19. titanaup

    wow. This is the fucking LAST thing I expect from a red state like Georgia. NY or CA? sure but Georgia?! A conservative state that wants smaller government, the right to bear arms, more individual liberties, lower taxes, not having the government meddling in your business, how you live your life, what you choose to put in your own body and lesser government regulations? What a joke. I don't know how such a state with such laws can call itself conservative or libertarian. pathetic

  20. Vince Almaraz

    How can people follow this girl? I've seen bags of rocks with more brains. She's also annoying as hell. Only teenage boys would find this content interesting. She's pretty, but so are half the streamers out there. There plenty of women on FIsels who are better looking, with intelligence and ten times the personality of this train wreck.

  21. Ochsen Kopf

    Error: success

  22. Tenni Baul

    There is no defending FO76. I was a diehard Fallout fan but because of how blatantly sheisty and dirty Bethesda has become, I will not patronize them anymore.

  23. Jim Morrison

    Video starts at 6:00. Dude really needs to get to the point.

  24. maggot man


  25. GypsyGinger Poop

    Why the fuck did I watch 9 minutes of this

  26. Kanal Q

    Damn, I thought her avatar looked like Brew's. Turns out, they're sister channels.

  27. CowboyRazor

    imagine quitting youtube so you do something like this to start conspiracies and keep people watching through curiousity. would be genius.

  28. Oscar Blas

    You really need to be on Chris Hansen’s show!!!!

  29. Blitzkrieg Camo pony

    Fuck the ATF

  30. Crystal

    Why are y’all complaining about something that nobody can care less about

  31. The Lytz

    This is why cancel culture needs to be executed, this shit can not only kill careers but also kill people's live's, everyone should watch the movie Marriage Story where the underlying story is about cancel culture

  32. ampharos

    i dont get why people like her.. shes not interesting at all

  33. DGPrepper

    You had me at "open DMs on all platforms."

  34. Green Carnations

    I never have any idea who these people that TRO is talking about are, but this is still my favorite study ASMR channel 😁

  35. Back Country Pastimes

    Hey guys, GARGANTUAN giveaway for a single extra subscriber (me) and all you have to do is like this comment. When this comment reaches 10K likes, one of you lucky bastards will have just earned yourself 1 sub.

  36. Smoke Sleet

    Just like how she...was never black

  37. seculstice

    I feel so fucking sick watching and listening to those videos. Seriously. I’m just so, so confused. So fucking confused at the lack of legal action. What the fuck.

  38. Kie yeezy

    See, back when I was young I came across one of onion boys videos, and I loved it, it was his deathnote vid i didnt really get it but now when i look back at it it was homophobic, insulting and all around gross but anyway hes a terrible person who I think should delete all of his channels

  39. Lady Leeloo

    Very well made, Ty!

  40. dio says you're gay

    Peanut butter jelly time > i'm a banana

  41. Back Country Pastimes

    You’re pretty cute in real life... oops, did I just type that?

  42. Digital Documentarian

    I can't rag on people's racial delusions. I'm half white but look like I'm 100% mayonnaise.

  43. Jose Maxwell

    I'm wearing headphones for that tweet reading, and.... I'm uncomfortable.

  44. Ryan Marvin

    Dumbbb as fk... Fuck social media and FIsels. Boring as hell... Fuck yo "content"

  45. Dan Bryant

    Pretentious neck beard nice guy sums him up. The cut of his jib, along with that snooty tone just screams I'm better than you, smarter than you etc. Except he's not. He thinks smoking Chruchill cigars and drinking scotch make him a man when in essence he is just a man child who happened to carve out a career posting Fallout content.

  46. Michelle Cox

    Stop they are not lieing bad guy they are good And you are bad

  47. deadpoolnerd

    Ok so I'm not the only one that's noticed the audio being behind the video. It's not synched up for some reason.

  48. rafael damian

    I'm a latino and I have an ex witch she is from Colombia trust me wen I'm telling you Colombian are the worst she got married for papers soon as she got the papers divorced she makes money for sexual content she makes money from watching another ppl in the internet I will strike her videos too just for the fun of it

  49. bigredwolf6

    The feds can go screw themselves. Who gives a shit if he smoked weed? You can’t strip him of his second amendment rights. Obliterated serial number? Wouldn’t be surprised if the LEO’s obliterated it themselves. And just think, this was before those stupid red flag laws came into effect. Edit: That’s about as shitty as your UK cops

  50. netpagan

    Attractive? Average looking at best (without makeup and filters), Incels need to up their standards... smh

  51. Michael Dodd

    28:32 Her mum looks like a Breaking Bad character

  52. Antony Taylor

    1000th comment

  53. tree267

    What the actual fuck is that ridiculous purple monocled thing? Credibility gone.

  54. Cassidy Anne

    *this was such an amazing video, and a great look into the world of the 🧅’s fuckhead antics all in one video! Thank you everyone who collaborated!*

  55. Parker Phillips

    Hey onion boy... y'know, we have canine teeth for a reason, right??

    1. No Name

      Parker Phillips I hate onion cuck as much as the next rational person but as it stands the meat industry is destroying the environment and certain meats cause a rise in heart conditions and cancer, humans although adapted to eat meat cannot survive off of prolonged consumption

  56. Stian Kinn

    She obviously behaves wrongly when she feels attacked or criticized. Alot of that has to do with the Culture she's raised in. All we have to do is throw coal on that fire that is her pride and increase the likelyhood of her making mistakes. She has to go from an asset to a liability from Twitch's point of view. Opinion's don't matter at all you have to make things happen by doing stuff. If you want Alinity to be removed from twitch, trip her up and keep testing her nature.

  57. Isaiah Solis

    This man pretty much makes mini documentaries that are phenomenal

  58. JustASquirrelNamedArey

    I dont know who these people are or how i got here, but these people are a bunch of goobers. Its like they never left middle school

  59. Rambo Shamone

    So uhh, is thinking Keemstar is a total cunt not a normal view?

  60. M D

    I lived this channel. Now FIsels is pretty weak without someone like him.

  61. John Marshall

    There is something “off” with Matt Watson... and how is he finding these videos? Creepster.

  62. caseylovesguitar

    As some one who has suffered from Vertigo several times, I laughed though all that. Acne? Uh what? Also, if he really did have vertigo he wouldn't be moving so damn much since every time he moved he would want to puke. And if it was continued as he apparently says it was it would be a brain tumour, otherwise they call it Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV) which means it can come and go, but it won't be constantly persistent for years as he claims his is. He is right though that there is no treatment for vertigo, they can give an antihistamine which they flat out told me will likely do nothing (it didn't for me), or there are certain movements you can do which may help (it didn't help me), and if that doesn't work your screwed. So that part is true and sucks. You can still fly and whatnot with vertigo that's not a problem. BUT IT IS NOT FATAL! LOL And how is 1 doctor able to treat BOTH of them? One would be an ENT for vertigo, which only does ear nose throat.....

  63. Gabriel Esling

    I was wondering what happened to him! Great video!

  64. tsn The Skyrim gamer Yt

    Hey the title really encroaches apon the creator doesn't it?

  65. Lil Car Crash

    This tickled my phalangies

  66. DontF***WithMyRanchu

    Why do fat chicks always have heaps of piercings lmao.

  67. Bird Frenzy

    I am slightly HoH so I kept hearing Amberlynn as Anne Boleyn lol

  68. Dracannia

    "She was gonna steal it if I didn't buy it" Y'see, the thing about being a parent is learning to say "no, you're not getting that." If they throw a fit about it, the bathroom is around the corner.

  69. Ano Nymous

    Aaargh! The look on their faces trigger me somehow. The one on the left is categorically agreeing nod.nod.nod. And the one on the right...sorry, I can't help it, I just want to shave off her eyebrows. ^^

  70. Calamityking

    Austin looks like a great value Chris Brown

  71. Jess Crago

    Bro, this was a really interesting video bro, seems like this bro's just really screwed up bro tbh bro. Thanks bro for covering it bro!

  72. Helenneleh97

    They sure swear a lot for a family channel for kids lmao

  73. Ian Alexander

    I only watch her to rub one out.

  74. Jose Hernandez Martinez

    So this person, was not actually Russian? He was just making up the accent? That is wrong. Why he was never called out? All he did was mock the people of Russia. I used to watch his videos. But now that I learned the truth, I am very disappointed, not just at this person, but at FIsels, and the community, for allowing and supporting this charlatan.

  75. ianjsutt

    Fucksakes man you’re goddamn annoying. I can’t believe people watch your entire videos. Right then Good luck to you.

  76. Cameron Anderson

    Eat your heart out avengers and smash this is the greatest crossover event ever

  77. T S

    your givign him what he wants

  78. Van Jordan

    She's almost as pathetic as the loser virgins who sent her money. She will be forever remembered as a shameless camgirl. What decent guy in their right mind would date this girl regardless of how attractive she is..

  79. Léon Austen

    We make fun of them because they are an easy target, I doubt that this is such a nice move.

  80. Wiz G

    She did oopsie, everyone got an oopsie, but the worst oopsie is mess with our king of BROS! The leader of SquadFam!The dad of 9 Year old army! The father of Sven And joergen!!! just kidding, animal abuse is the worst ofc. no joke on that

  81. Hege Farms

    Big Brother will charge you with anything they can and put a person in the worst possible position. So you have no choice but to take the shitty Deal they offer.

  82. Historical Archive

    The cocky little bitch got what he deserved.

  83. Danielle Shaw

    So that would be a No on the pineapple then?

  84. donks 01

    The tragedy of Zoie...... How she spells her name.

  85. Umos

    She honestly deserves PETA's wrath

  86. The One - Eyed Bear

    ugh i hate his voice so much

  87. roomy the shitposter

    TRO watches Jojo confirmed

  88. Ethical Potato

    I think your vsync was accidentally turned off. There's some screen tearing in there.

  89. redbarron59, Paragon MOBA and Shooter Content

    Pew di Pie is still the websites largest creator. Also do things in the public eye then you have to accept criticism as the obvious outcome.

    1. redbarron59, Paragon MOBA and Shooter Content

      Also anyone that calls themself, “divine”, “prince”, “princess”, “king” etcetera that shits cringe.

  90. Luxai

    Who's the woman in 1:05:07 in the video title "why do people hate onision"? I recall having a small comment to comment debate with her years ago about how dressing that way might well build sexual attention at the cost of actual content interest, but I've forgotten her name. She didnt take it very well.

  91. EggHeadUSA

    Loosing weight is actually really easy

  92. Lily Zoe

    This is so bizarre...I would never have guessed there could or would be drama in the fallout world tmyk

  93. Cris Patton

    So, I got 44 minutes in to the video and all the chaos that unfolded from the allegations legitimately made me forget about what the video was about until I saw the title. That's some crazy shit man.

  94. Anonymous Lurker

    I watched this while eating flaming hot doritos. I’m gonna go for a walk 😂

  95. Dallowd

    Why did he blur out the name of a discord bot? It's not like it has any identity it's trying to keep secret, it's only one of the most popular bots on the platform but y'know...

  96. Cassidy Roulet

    I see Fred showing up as an example of a "dead" or "oldschool" channel in your videos often. It kinda misrepresents things showing Lucas as a 'dead channel', hes one of my favorite channels to watch currently

  97. Chitaru Namatame

    the video is good but please get rid of the hazbin hotel drawing with the tophat

  98. Alice Jones

    I can't believe they told their child their room was broken into by a dangerous stranger. They even showed her her messy wardrobe. Wether it's fake or not the fact they showed their young child that can traumatize her.

  99. The Institution

    The inmates weren't wrong though, he has the face of a snitch. ✴

  100. Yemen Steezy

    Love my man James taking the piss out of the jarring enthusiasm and cracked up exaggeration of American commentary on almost anything 😂