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  1. Crosbhealach

    His idea of Dodgy and my idea of Dodgy are different...way different.

  2. Obinna Onah

    Well an average person my not see it's practicality today but about two decades ago if you show someone a phone that's 90% screen to body ratio you might be disappointed with the feedback

  3. Anmol Verma

    Seems like you're opening up a bit. That's cool. Great video.

  4. Dipanshu Chakole

    Umm ok

  5. EJM Love

    Thanks for tips...I have 83 subs and I hope it grows. My mom wants me to reach atleast 500.

  6. that one THICC BOII

    Fixing this would be a nightmare

  7. Nathaniel Jakobi

    "Taking a speed boat to the shard" - takes it to Westfield, no where near the shard

  8. Farid Khan

    5:10 story of my life. Hahahahah

  9. michael dylan

    Almost panicked when boat was shaking and you holding the phone 😂

  10. AngryPanda

    They don't like this 360 screen design,but when fans made concept videos for 360 screen iphone no one complained and everyone liked it,people only care who makes the phone,they won't look at xiaomi,huawei....,only apple,that anoys me,our society is retarded...

  11. Dean Churchman

    Just buy a Vivo NEX instead of dealing with this thing and its virtual buttons power and volume buttons

  12. Debiprasad Panda

    Plot twist: 'Story of my life' girl is the girlfriend of Arun.┐(´ー`)┌

  13. Guilherme sampaio de oliveira

    Not needing to turn your phone ever is a interesting proposition.

  14. Oblivion Gaming

    An interesting intro for an interesting review

  15. Nijun Rajopadhyaya

    After analysing all the aspects i dont see this as the future too many problems...

  16. Joel Tan

    can't believe no one comments about good haptic feedback. i hate apple products but one thing i love is their taptic engine. it's worlds apart compared to any android device. it really makes the phone feel premium and the overall experience to be a lot better. honestly, i dont mind having to drain some of the battery juice for that good haptic feedback.

  17. denny hermawan

    Why the logo same with Sony camera alpha?

  18. Tanqr Fan

    I wanna see what the case will look like

  19. ChaCha/SSS

    I love this guy so much. I could listen to him for hours.

  20. 加菲Garfield

    Please subscribe me, I Will back, please

  21. igorot gamer

    that nokia phone is better than my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

  22. Happy Little Penguin

    around 3600 dollars canadian dollars :C...i really want it

  23. Jacob Kim

    OMG i have a scrap of a newspaper article about the galaxy round when it was released in South Korea

  24. Paul Arvey

    when are you gonna stop talking

  25. Redasher

    Phone companys are literally trying to remove hardware button

  26. Odin windini


  27. Silkl4sh

    Pixels sucked. They don't deserve to be on the list.

  28. Captain Rahul77

    Man people in Europe and America are all biased towards Apple They won't appreciate other devices

  29. Anonymous Banda

    05:22 aaaah corona virus bhaaaaaaago. Run

  30. sm sn

    cant wait to see this on jerry's hand

  31. DraCc ShouHei

    Not worth 2500

  32. Aadil Ahamed

    10:36 lol at your flat display😜😂

  33. Karfk.c . .

    Used motto as click bait Me : am I joke to you?

  34. Elvyr Gaming

    Who esle noticed Kurzgesagt

  35. Toughbutnotsorough

    Sir, Durability is the main conception for every smartphone or anything else..

  36. Nashik Mohammed

    There's no mobile case so how we protect this mobile from falling and crashes

  37. Anshul Agrawal

    what game was that which you you were playing 12:26

  38. H C

    two moths later you used the $2700 Xs.

  39. Blaise Mangera

    I have followed the steps for the Mega Giveaway💯

  40. Abdulcader Buhary

    That phone is so weak that it feels like eating an marshmallow.

  41. Nashik Mohammed

    Xiomi is best in some mobiles only other way it's not that much good

  42. Saffron Coupland

    I have been to all those places!!!

  43. Saleh Saadi

    If they can hole punch a display they definitely should keep the physical volume buttons as the display wrapps around the body

  44. Michael Ferguson

    My first phone was the Vodafone smart first 6 for 25 nz dollars, which is about 17.50 in usd

  45. Speed News

    Ridiculous...this phone

  46. Bách Lâm

    you asked cool-*ss people lmao

  47. smilingface2006

    jerryrigeverything has joined the chat.

  48. Nafiur Rahman Nafees

    Try it's 7860 fps video recording on Kawasaki ninja h2r in high speed and post the video.......plz.

  49. Brian Kiilu

    maybe the back display for apps that dont need ..passwords

  50. JarvinArts

    Technology is Moving to fast for me, its becoming harder to decide which device to buy, because u will by the galaxy Note 10S today, Tomorrow samsung Releases the Galaxy Note 10S 5G Extreme Plus with nanotechnology.

  51. Pyter john Caasi

    I love it !!

  52. Nipun Katariya

    4:47 I lost it at "Surely, it's easier to just swipe to the left?"

  53. Stítçh Android Mod Game Reviews

    Just like how iPhone revolutionize Mobile Phone Industry, Before that people said Touchscreen Phones are so unconventional.

  54. Sohel Khan

    Good job

  55. FanofGK

    This phone is definitely not made for our country becoz people hands are mostly surrounded with clarified butter 😃

  56. A380 - 800

    its *CHONKY*

  57. Muhammad Zain

    i rate it 11 out of 10.

  58. Tech king

    Dope phone man , but it looks a little heavy and can easily break



  60. iNandoTV

    I wanna review this :((

  61. steven chrisjohn

    Four cameras on each corner.

  62. Yohance Dsouza

    Lady:- "Story of my life" . . . . Dammmnnn you killed it😂😂😂🤪🤪☠️


    The lady in the red it's so stupid!!! With those vaguely comments, about the phone. The phone it's revolutionary period..

  64. Kavi Senanayake

    Idk what you guys think but I dont like this design for some reason. Feels like I would drop this more often.

  65. Animal Rescuer247

    I love your real world use videos, they just get better and better. Also as a gal who loves all things tech, I totally appreciate this phone, both it's aesthetics and the beastly cameras lol. I think it's Gawjus!

  66. Richard Calura



    Amazing Video Bro 👍👏 Amazing Camera Test Mainly in Boat 👍👌👏😘😍

  68. and jao

    guys...stop buying iPhones!!

  69. anonymous 007

    Are u a Chinese phone ambassador????

  70. Kamen Kunchev

    When a 190 pound girl says the phone is heavy, I start feeling a bit confused.

  71. Alroy Ndhlovu

    Love your unique way of filming. It's like a story, a narrative. Keep the good working going.

  72. The home of rap MUSIC


  73. Rafi Anargya Sakti

    5:13 is that ETJ English?????

  74. admiral aladeen

    What about the obvious use that it should be like the Huawei mate xs and fully open up to make a tablet display Now that would make sense.

  75. Peter

    A short term phone: in the unlikely event that you don't break it, good luck getting the battery replaced.

  76. charlot rey jerota

    I love your voice 🥴😍😂

  77. RAEVG Vegras

    Same design of huawei

  78. Pius All-z

    After him comparing both phones i looked at my iphone more than once and i put it in inner pockets

  79. ankush chowdhury

    Really impressive how they managed to fit all those high end complex components inside that camera strip.

  80. Vishnu Raj

    It's still bulky man

  81. Jacer Luza

    I just missed Steve Job ☝🏼 I love how he designed a phone which is uniquely different among others 😢 a phone that contains everybody needs. Now all useless 😭 you mentioned it all sir 🙌🏼 May all the maker here this video 👊🏼

  82. E lego

    So true Samsung over did it ...... They just can't beat the iPhone no matter how hard they try.

  83. admiral aladeen

    That girl at 5:10😂😂😂🔥

  84. Nikki Chamling

    Thank for coming up with such good videos. It’s making me nervous about the future tech

  85. Wawahu 8

    If this is Apple product all we can hear from them was positive.

  86. Francisco Martinez

    Purpose of all Screen. Me: I just the front screen! Xiaomi: don't worry, you still have the back screen. Me: oh yeah...

  87. Brain White


  88. Hung Chang

    Aside from technical showcase, I don't see the point like srsly, why the hell do you need display at the back when you don't really use it most of the time

  89. Max Waterman

    Uses US technology, so not viable.

  90. pollumG

    Why do I want a heavy brick in my pocket? Lighter is better

  91. Max Waterman

    I prefer they put some space to speakers.

  92. googlewolly

    Can some Asian tell us what that letter states?

  93. jahid hasan


  94. Bembeng Suhardono

    This is better than unbox, yet the admin tone is flat. Doesn't sound excited at all.

  95. Farid Mazlan

    I love you!



  97. iNandoTV

    "do you think this is the future?" NO. smh. lol

  98. K Menon Mangat

    The phone is more worried about Zack getting it in his hands😟☹️😢

  99. Chris Rosenkreuz

    that audio splitter isn't something you can actually use because splitting also destroys the signal's gain level so you won't be able to hear shit on either pair of headphones you plug into it...

  100. Chris Rosenkreuz

    0:22 pussy-to-go