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  1. Nic The Quick


  2. Tomasina Covell

    Yes Stephen! LOL

  3. NZ DIRT

    Wow she served the worst sausages on the market

  4. Dee Cohen


  5. Tribble Booth

    789 dislikes! Can you believe it!

  6. Coaster Labs

    🎶 There's just one thing you need to know🎶Trump did the quid pro quo🎶

  7. Blip Machine

    Casting call for *Quid Pro Quo* A Film by Stephen Spielberg IN THEATERS Fall 2023 Starring Jamie Lee Curtis as *Marie Yovanovitch* Liev Schreiber as *Lt. Col Alexander Vindman* George Clooney as *Kurt Volker* Bruce Willis as *Gordon Sondland* Sandra Bullock as *Fiona Hill* Jonah Hill as *Devin Nunes* Bill Hader as *Jim Jordan* John Goodman as *AG William Barr* Woody Harrelson as *Rudy Giuliani* Christopher Walken as *Lindsey Graham* Nathan Lane as *Sean Hannity* Tom Hanks as *Joe Biden* with Michael Caine as *Mitch McConnell* Pierce Brosnan as *Chuck Schumer* Matt Damon as *Adam Schiff* Jodie Foster as *Nancy Pelosi* and Robert Redford as *Donald J. Trump*

  8. Ashtar Sheran

    #Drumpf4Prison2020 😁😁😁

  9. UncleFonso

    Oh god .....she is sooo ....tasty

  10. The Real Lange

    THIS is the leader of your country?! Holy shit I want to live there. She's amazing

  11. Brian Garrow

    Every witness has testified that Trump did it.

  12. Rhyme& Reason

    I hope patriotic Americans who care about the country remember for a long time just how reprehensible and disgusting the GOP has acted during these proceedings. They have simply lost every ounce of their moral fiber trying to defend a corrupt man. How do you defend ANY of this? * Smearing career diplomats, * Smearing Purple Heart recipients, * Illegally storming secure facilities, * Perpetuating conspiracy theories and innuendo, * Outing Federally protected Whistle Blowers

  13. Sammie Hopkins

    Fuck, I live like 15 minutes away from Coeur d'Alene AND I'm gay

  14. John Culley

    President Trump ought to immediately replace all U.S. Army personnel working in or near the White House with Marines and Air Force members after his experience with this indiscreet motor-mouth.

  15. Chuck Stark

    Haha! With a name like Krishnamoorthi from Illinois being interviewed, I wonder why.

  16. Nico Steffen

    *"We just followed orders!"* As a german i heard that sentence a lot since 1945, especially during the Nuremburg trials! No i am not that old, but its on tv almost every week and most students watch dokus in school!

  17. Richard Jones

    Please Country over Party!

  18. Jeff Goddin

    Not only is he the best band leader late night has ever seen, but he's better at banter than any other sidekick by far. More Jon Batiste!

  19. railspony

    If Kevin Bacon plays Ghouliani, I'll see it.

  20. KelZ X

    I thought Trump wasn’t watching these impeachment hearings ?? *LIAR* 😡

  21. RealReverse

    No one invited Stuart lol

  22. Elijahjsmith22

    This is literally the DUMBEST president we’ve ever had.

  23. Nurse Jho-RPG

    I don't believe Americans are too dumb to remember the cast and characters in this Impeachment thing. I do believe that people just don't care about characters in something that they don't care about

  24. Vaughn Michaud

    I'm waiting for the Lord of the rings video

  25. Learningisfree

    That bald guy is hot AF

  26. Anthony Slaga

    Exactly! You trump followers come up with the stupidest reasons to protect the idiot. How convenient ya chose this particular strategy, as you see Colbert shot down that fallacy. Next ONE!

  27. Dee Cohen



    All Gas must pass

  29. Gipsy Mayhem

    Republicans will have no other option but to assert that Trump is too stupid to know when he's commiting a crime

  30. Mark Shealy

    I find him super sexy in an odd sort of way.

  31. crovax 13

    Actually one of cast members was married to his cousin for a bit...

  32. Pamela Damaris

    Good lord, if people aren't able to follow something such as the impeachment hearings, we, as a nation, are doomed.

  33. T33K3SS3LCH3N

    Trump may have said he'd like to date a family member, but Giuliani was married to one...

  34. Hyperian

    10 minute video's been out for 4 minutes and there are already 52 comments?

  35. camelshit

    trump; the president that ended up knowing no one .

  36. Michel Hebert

    Progressives are moderate. So called moderates are GOP-lite

  37. Cajek

    Everyone watching this? Please troll Fox News’ FIsels channel ha! They will go insane!

  38. NaNcy K.

    I adore Helena.

  39. Tamala Rovaris

    Soap operas, school yard preteen angst are less complex! Kids playing Pokemon can comprehend this so what’s so problematic? And now we see why we need more education funding because FOX news stated that their viewers are too stupid which means they voted in someone as smart as them...SMDH and banging against the WALL that Mexico is building!

  40. Austin Zappas

    Secular Talk

  41. Junior 2013

    Is anyone else looking at this like holy shit could U look anymore guilty lol talk about over compensating 🤦🏻‍♂️

  42. Susan Stanley

    Thank God for your monologues. Otherwise, I am caught between anger or crying.

  43. Sindollx666x (Heather/Sprout/Monster)

    From *the moment* Stephen busted out that peanut brittle I was waiting for the snakes to bust out!! _i was hoping it would happen, but Jacina was just not interested, so was starting to wonder if it would happen. But also thought to myself, they wouldn't keep that bit in if it didn't pay off _*_eventually_*

  44. AlmostHollowed

    "Isn't it illegal to bribe voters" RE: UBI. What the heck is campaigning on tax cuts then? What a silly comparison.

  45. KelZ X

    If it’s Game of Phones then I need to see Arya jump *off the top rope WWE Style again* with her Valyrian Steel dagger and annihilate Trump’s administration

  46. CShield

    The impeachment hearings are only confusing for trump-humping bootlickers. The rest of us know what's going on.

  47. Austin Zappas

    Humanist Report

  48. Tristan Wolfe

    My dad hates Game of Thrones and any similar show or movie that is too complicated for him to follow (for an example, he really didn't like Schindler's List because he was having a hard time telling who were the Jews and who were the Nazis. No, I'm not shitting you)... he's also an avid Trump supporter. It would be fair to say that these two things are linked.

  49. Matthew Snider

    Literally every witness called for impeachment testimony provided information extremely damaging to Trump, including the witnesses called by House Republicans. And between Sondland, Yovanovitch, and Hill, any doubt about Trump's direct involvement and culpability (and that of Pence, Pompeo, Rudy, etc.) in this pressure/extortion scheme against his domestic political rival has been put to bed, as has the absurd "counter-narrative" about Ukrainian election meddling and the "crimes" of Hunter Biden. The Senate GOP's response? To ignore all that and investigate Biden.

  50. Brian Koski

    'How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb? None... They're all too damn afraid of change. Especially if it would make the world a brighter place.' Enjoy!

  51. John and Jenn Aganon

    Game of Phones, Season 1 > Game of Thrones, Season 8

  52. Austin Zappas

    David Doel

  53. Vegas RoManiac

    That joke based on a true story, was really funny

  54. John Lawniczak

    Get Fiona Hill on the show!

  55. Rezene Woldegebrel

    Best show on planet earth.


    That is passed gas

  57. Woman of Substance

    Eew! Spaghettio sandwich?

  58. Austin Zappas

    Lee Camp

  59. Tell me I’m stupid

    🙌A new jingle just in time for the holidays! 🙌

  60. Jairo Romani

    I used to be subscribed and watch daily but omg can you find something else to talk about besides trump 🤦‍♂️ it’s getting stale

  61. Carson Brandt

    It warms my heart to see Stephen interview Lord Farquaad

  62. Albert Bremner


  63. Austin Zappas

    Jimmy Dore

  64. Timothy McCaskey

    I went to a Trump rally and all I got was this lousy white hood and robe!

  65. Christian Trosdorff

    What fun it must be for any voter in the US to find out - slice by slice - that Trump and his Clowns do not only violate their power, are corrupt and shit on the constitution, no they do every favor to foreign powers: They throw Ukraine, democratic forces in Syria and the Kurds under the bus, they help Russia gain power in the middle east, help Turkey destroy their opponents, help Assad to regain his power in order to destroy his rivals, help Iran to gain power in the middle east, help ISIS terrorists to flee. Trump is just Putin's puppet.

  66. ToxicTrump Tube

    This is how many years in prison Donald Judas Trump deserves: 👇🏽

    1. Ashtar Sheran

      Get his name right, it's Conald Judas Drumpf.

    2. youssef garas


    3. daMirko

      I can only click once...DAMN YOU, YT! 😉

  67. K J

    Donald Trump is Craster lmao. Too bad Ivanka isn’t sympathetic or heroic like Gilly was. 🙃

  68. Austin Zappas

    Check out Jimmy Dore

  69. amanda grosso

    The fact that this song is about anxiety and Matty dislikes performing on TV, kudos to him for getting up there.

  70. Pan Darius Kairos

    I only remember HBC as Carla in Fight Club as the woman everyone I knew was ashamed to admit they'd fucked.

  71. aileenpi73

    There are a lot of ignorant people here in America but there is still also people who can follow this very obvious situation

  72. Víctor Inguil

    Hey, Qween! No one?? Nobody??

  73. AlmostHollowed

    Incredibly irresponsible of Steven to keep joking that UBI is some kind of kickback

  74. Err gag

    It damn well better be a quid pro quo, because I'm getting my facts straight from the guy who paid Trump a million buck$ to get an ambassadorship. He knows bribery when he sees it!

  75. Austin Zappas

    Jimmy Dore

  76. Atten Shun

    Take a drink every time Trump tells the truth. ...and I'm still sober

    1. Caroline Maybe

      Atten Shun you’re gonna stay sober too sadly.

  77. papankunci

    Thank you Stephen for making the Presidency more laughable... =)

  78. J LA

    I still can't believe Colbert hasn't had Randy Rainbow on his show.

  79. Austin Zappas

    Vote Bernie

  80. armada2390

    I'm going to miss his trump voice so much lol

  81. Err gag

    It damn well better be a quid pro quo, because I'm getting my facts straight from the guy who paid Trump a million buck$ to get an ambassadorship. He knows bribery when he sees it!

  82. Lizard King

    "Do us a favor though."

  83. Austin Zappas

    It's okay to vote Bernie

  84. abdul abdilahi

    Waiting for your show all night! Ty😁👍😆

  85. Carlos Perez

    GOP they most the ones confused lmfao.

  86. Super Luminal Probability Cloud

    Joey "the Gaff" Biden

  87. kapital research

    What a painful irony that trump pardons war criminals And demeans A man like Vindman and people with an actual profession

  88. Austin Zappas

    President Bernard Sanders

  89. dafttool

    *The Emperor With No Clothes* is failing in fabulous fashion, His enabling cultists blind to the naked truth before them. *Country over Party. Country over Cult.* 🇺🇸 *NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW* 🗽

  90. madscientist

    This is only confusing for fox news.

  91. Dré Nunez

    (#9) Providence,RI🇺🇸

  92. Vanshul Rathore

    Everyday it’s a new story!!

  93. Praxy Yeah

    No one: Democratic Candidates: we need to talk about.... We need to talk about.... Also Andrew Yang: Look, here’s the problem. And here’s my solution.

  94. Andre Roy

    I wish the Colbert show would go find the old TV show Trackdown-The End of the World (5/9/58) S1 Ep30. Trump con man charlatan comes to town proclaims the end of the world. It's so much material there because the CON-Man in the show is named TRUMP. He cons the whole town. You guys could have a field day.

  95. Chicago Critic Gerald

    Love Colbert segments

  96. Dittzx

    The Kinks. "Father Christmas"🎄 Father Christmas, give us the impeachment We'll vote you out if you make us annoyed Father Christmas, give us the impeachment Don't waste time with those Senators boys..🎅

  97. john smith

    Gym Jordan. He'll find out who the wrestleblower is!!!

    1. kat von nova

      Love your icon photo XD it's perfect!

    2. Yvonne Finnegan

      Your comment- genius.

  98. Monica Pattera


  99. dafttool

    *I prefer presidents that aren’t caught with impeachable offenses.🤔* *Country over Party. Country over Cult.* 🇺🇸 *NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW* 🗽

  100. Taz Jones

    Love you Steven