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  1. ilovemelodyjane

    Oh my God, I just fell in love with this gorgeous soul ❣

  2. Modernpoet

    Damn that dog got a lot of ham 😂😂😂

  3. Jennings644

    Just to remind you all, Gavin Newsom IS Pelosi's Nephew... Say no more!

  4. Star G

    oh my god.

  5. silentmuffin the brutal

    My 3 year old nephew can speak the English language and able to understand what he's saying better than Trump

  6. Kiki N


  7. dielaughing73

    You know, Trump has a really snappy nickname for Nancy Pelosi. It's "Nancy". Awesome and clever, huh?

  8. Zubiila

    Ryan Reynolds is one of my favorite celebrities. He's a great actor, but an even better human being.

  9. Patrick Haupt

    An asteroid could save us if it were to happen to fall on Donald Trump.

  10. mao meow

    #nosuit :D

  11. silentmuffin the brutal

    Trump is trying to work a little bit at a time placing blame on anyone else to get everyone accusing the doctors and other people putting their self in harms way until people forget that he was the reason why they are under stock with medical supplies and not prepared it's his fault for being a incompetent person especially not a leader we lost a lot of lives cause of his ignorance he should be removed from office immediately and replace with someone else but not with Mike pence either he just as stupid

  12. B Willy

    I dont think Trump will "Get this!" until his toy armies are impacted!

  13. Thomas Hobson

    4:31 😂

  14. Attikisses

    No surprise about Moscow Mitch not wanting to give more money....it's for people in need like healthcare workers, and not big business. This he immediately cut taxes as soon as the Republicans held all three government without hesitation. Republican love to steal money no wonder they voted for the crime family.

  15. David Curchin

    Hi The Late Night with Stephen Colbert, if you miss an audience you could try a virtual audience by Zoom or other video conferencing app. Love your message during this time. Cheers, Dr Dave C

  16. Cong Vu

    pelosi láocáchó

  17. Morose Tidings

    Rich people are EVIL! FIGHT BACK! Landlords, bankers, etc. ALL ARE EVIL! THEY HAVE NO SOUL!

  18. Theron Roberts

    God forbid somebody should speak out against a corrupt lying politician. That's why you started coughing Joe. "Because your brain couldn't keep up with your mouth"

  19. Alma Dizon


  20. Stacey Smith

    Crazy as a MOFO

  21. Shara A.

    "George Washington's wooden tongue stud"! 😆

  22. The Velvet UnderSound

    This had me in tears of laughter. I can't be the only one who listened to the new Dylan song and thought "hmmm...it's actually not that good". It's certainly no 'Blind Willie McTell'. So grateful for this sketch taking the piss.

  23. pete kelly

    Watching this again on 4/4/2020 is like how far have we come? Shit still hitting the fan and all Trump does is whine and claim he's #1 on Face Book. Like who the hell cares? What the F are you doing about helping the first responders at the hospitals etc? Jared showed your concern that states are are their own. WTF do we pay national income tax? When we need those tax dollars to help more than ever? NTM the Dump Admin fired a Navy Captain for saying , "hey Houston, we have a problem." Trump and his mob need to go ASAP. Vote them hell out this fall. It's the only way we fix this hell hole.

  24. Edward Zaleski

    (Stares At Clock) I wonder if the recordist has nice thumbs

  25. Arctic Haze

    Why wasn't it posted three weeks ago? But this is even better, now.

  26. Du lmagdl

    Hobi’s part always brings tears to my eyes. It’s so beautiful 😭♥️

  27. Bill Fletcher

    From his brimstone, bed at the break of day, A-walking the Devil is gone, To look a his little snug little farm of the World, And see how his stock went on. -Robert Southey

  28. adrian richards

    Mount Gay RUM... from Barbados where Rum originated

  29. Bill Fletcher

    ♪♫♪ For a mad man's vanity we face with unity, a sad sad holocaust, where those who perish one must pass alone and as one, are unable to properly mourn. ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪ It is a time for quiet and solitary strength and a call to action with unified voice. "He's a disgrace, that ogre in orange face. From his throne he must be torn!". ♪♫♪ - William Fletcher

  30. Joshua Dowling

    A fucking governor can procure a million masks on a phonecall. Buuut, our President?

  31. z z

    Next time, get the real guy on. That would actually be interesting.

  32. lildizz669

    Couples out here having a lot if Scorpio's lol. Oh snaps I'm a Libra and Scorpios are Libra's match out of even Virgos.

  33. Bill Fletcher

    (Que instrumental hymnal blues - E.G. Johnny Cash "Hurt") ♪♫ A pompous ass from ankles to ears, the truth is all Donald Trump fears. With a fascist's heart and unchecked desire, where his shadow falls leaves a stinking quagmire.♪♫ ♪♫ With a pickpocket's hands and stubby little arms, his tail a block long tripping car alarms. His tiny little brain opens his great big mouth, and out spew lies from a lip-less pout.♪♫ This jingle was sponsored as a slap in the face directed at the The Fascist Old Xenophobe Network News. All The Alternative Facts, Fairly Unbalanced. America's most busted misinformation network and and the man Fox's False Prophets For Profit are Profiting the Most, Lyin' Lachlan Murdoch! in a most profitable venture.

  34. Sava Stepanovic


  35. Edward Zaleski

    Nealon and Rayon. fisels.info/video/videot/qp7NlbyJkn2So4U.html

  36. Ashton

    damn I love frasier

  37. Joshua Dowling


  38. tahmine vakili

    BTS 💜💜💜💜

  39. Mike Neilsen

    She puts the dems first not the american ppl

  40. Max Moya

    Molly Shannon deserves an Oscar.

  41. tahmine vakili

    BTS LOVE UUUU 💜💜💜💜

  42. tahmine vakili

    Omg our cuteeee boys 😭😭😍😍😍

  43. Mike Guidotti

    Very dark chocolate with adrenochrome on top.

  44. Alma Dizon

    You have your virtual audience Mr. Colbert 😍

  45. Alma Dizon

    Hi Mr. Colbert this is out of topic but us here in 🇵🇭 started the total lockdown in March 17th and I must say that I never saw the skies as blue as these days. Few of positive stuff of this horrible pandemic. Another positive thing is this pandemic exposes your crazy president being the worst US President ever 🙄

  46. InXLsisDeo

    Stephen Colbert is a much better interviewer than many professional interviewers.

    1. Bill Fletcher

      In addition to being smarted and better prepared. If you're going to be an ass it's best to be a smart one. He is one hell of a romantic intellectual for sure.

  47. Rocks D Boat

    Colbert needs to figure out where to look when using a webcam

  48. idek oof

    This is a media brainwashing people into thinking pizzagate isn't real when most of them are part of it or being paid off... Wake up

  49. Silver Kid

    Extreme Langowan Market fisels.info/video/videot/nGPfoMlmb4OGqo0.html

  50. Emma Swan

    Rosè always gets horrible dresses

  51. Melano Supriatna

    Wait....is he....is he drinking hoegaarden?

  52. Vuk Dinare

    Hey Americans if you didn't forget history of United Kingdom you are also Europeans speaking Europran lenguage just with no history and culture

  53. Astin L

    Bennie needs training

  54. Astin L

    Really AL

  55. Charles Miller

    No words for the Superlatives you deserve sister! TESTIFY

  56. ismeme me

    3:19 is he looking at me?

  57. Alma Dizon

    8.5M pabdumbic people I think ✌️😜

  58. Julio Garcia

    All true!!

  59. John Fay

    Stay home and shut up

  60. lorand yannick

    Good luck Stephen from a french guy, your country, your people are in serious trouble and I pray for you (matter of speech of course). Take care.

  61. ferlinmarcini

    my bucket list..

  62. Nathan Hallifax

    I wish Australia has a leader like Trump.

  63. Amanda Rose

    Oh my holly dug she is a robot. Fun.

  64. Lea Voda

    That is some hard core fishing for views and likes!

  65. st0ox

    With the phones is somehow a neat thing to watch.

  66. Angel of Sarcasm

    Harry Potter making Jurassic Park out of Legos. Childhood in a nutshell.

  67. minh nguyen

    I am a Roman Catholic, but I feel ashamed and humiliated when Nancy says she is a Catholic, if she was a true Catholic she would never have done bad things. so bad ...

  68. Felice Pricam

    Brilliantly funny and brilliant timing 😂🤣😂🤣😂👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  69. Gawain Davies

    Oh it’s not joe exotic I thought it was him so disappointed now.

  70. Tanja Cavalli

    2:08 faking an interview when in reality it's just an ad...

  71. Alma Dizon

    Just wear both sir. You look great 😁 and shout out to your son and daughter 🙏

  72. Sarunas J

    was it dickhead? seemed like dickhead.

  73. Alma Dizon


  74. Anthony Ellsmore

    Ha ha

  75. Stanton Dinger

    After her suggestion of send in votes by mail, it's just a matter of time before Trump calls her Nutty Nancy due to people licking those envelopes and then send them in putting postal workers and the counters at risk.

  76. Froggy 01

    Keep on praying... See how your sky fairy protects you against a virus and rampant incompetence... another reason America is screwed - too many religious idiots. Worse than the Middle East for religious madness :(

  77. Gawain Davies

    I think he’s lost his mind even more than before he needs help.

  78. Lor Bliccy

    Why is this guy so likeable 😂 love him

  79. JamieLan2011

    Whatever happened to just wearing a band-aid Stephen? Why give Nancy Pelosi the full suit and tie treatment? 😂

  80. William La Rochelle

    Better to look closer at Biden now than after (if) he gets the nomination. fisels.info/video/videot/bKDTqcl1pqF3iWg.html

  81. Megan McCarron

    “Nobody wants to be me” broski! My whole room was Olaf themed😂

  82. Flea

    He wants to take some of that money. My goodness his greed! Oversee distribution?! Talking about transparency?! We see you clearly Republicans, tRump...hoods?! On a happier note, Ms. Nancy mentioned See's Candie's.... This Cali girl living in Georgia misses that yummy candy, they do online orders. If you've never had it before, check them out!

  83. cebsny

    Such a sweet man

  84. Jacob Zondag

    8:06 Finally an adult in the room.

  85. Nidhi SurMiT

    Kookie with mustache😄

  86. no thanks

    My mom gave my dad a haircut, forgot she took the guard of a razor, and took off a 2 square inch near the top of his head. Best time to accidentally shave a bald spot though

  87. Stanton Dinger

    Brian Kemp personifies the GOP. They do not care about you, only the rich people that fill his re-election coffer.

  88. vex

    Tell you what I don’t miss, John interrupting the flow of the jokes with his constant impressions of an out of tune goat! I do miss his playing though, killer musician and band leader!

  89. Chopped Artisan

    So, he hoards .

  90. Parris Price

    The republicans virus,the dump plague

  91. chipikowski

    "Songs in A Minor" was the first album that I bought for myself and really shaped my understanding and appreciation of music, and ever since this woman was the epitome of beauty for me. Sending love and peace and patience to all of you from Germany ❤️

  92. Nidhi SurMiT

    My name is Jin and I am handsome😂 he's awesome

  93. Amanda Brinkley

    💙🌎☮️🌍☮️🌏💙 #FULLDISCLOSURE will go a long way to help with an actual cure. End the advanced technologies secrecy. Zero Point Energy!!! You can’t say you’re praying for a cure unless you’re willing to demand the silence & secrecy end.