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  1. The3Sp7

    GOAT St-Pierre looking A LOT thinner....

  2. Bobby Dillon

    I really like Jorge, but he wants to be Conor sooooooo bad. He talks like him dresses like him, acts like him, everything. Now he's got a drink. lol He'll be humbled by someone soon. Pride comes before the fall.

  3. FF Film Crew

    At 3:34 "He will not face me, He will immediately magnetize on my crotch" Sounds like he's out slay him a sodomite.

  4. Dinner Kitchen

    I think ufc has become a joke all these rankings mean noting anymore if Conor gets shot at usman it just shows other fighters mean nothing anymore. Conor needs to fight his way through the division before he deserves a shot

  5. Roblox Dad

    Bruh gsp looking mighty light ! 155:165 ?

  6. Working Class Lad

    That's a crystal clear video if ever I saw one... 4K?

  7. Tim Baer


  8. Martel Michaels

    Take them both out brother

  9. The Skeptical Christian

    1:54 "His Coaches went through AT&T"....didn't know they were in the telephone business.

  10. Brendan McGrath

    why cant americans tell the difference between English people and irish people

  11. Greiguci Wootchie

    He looks 46, not 36.

  12. natural 9

    George two fights- conor and khabib-retires very rich

  13. Rob

    Masvidal vs Thompson trilogy

  14. Greiguci Wootchie

    Conor was an embarrassment in boxing. Mayweather held back until the end then showed he was the main man. What planet is Conor on. Manny would murder him.

  15. Julio Azua

    Conor will beat Manny.

  16. Floodland99 99

    NMF belt holder vs BMF belt holder rematch.

  17. Emanuel Sanchez

    How crazy would it be if mcgregor called out gsp after cowboy

  18. Jeff Sif

    This aint the old conor its the new... lets see if its the best conor

  19. N S

    A cowboy with no BEEF. SMH

  20. Harvey_Weenstain

    Scootching tiger, not-so-secret admirer

  21. rami khalil

    when did he earn your respect? - when they gave me a fat pay cheque. - also am afraid of his left hand and am gonna get knocked out!

  22. andrew sobolewski

    Conor wants no part of this dude! You da man Jorge. Miami style!!

  23. Joe Joe

    masvidal vs conor would be good

  24. Dave Nadeau

    to me the best part of this day was after the conference, when a reporter asked Conor this question: ''we already know how Cowbow will celebrate if he wins, how would you celebrate?'' then Conor goes: ''How do you know how Cowbow will celebrate?'' reporter goes: ''with the red panties'' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Conor laughed so hard hahaha that was really good

  25. Sourlis 123

    Jorge wants McGregor because he wants the easiest fights in the division for his style. If he fights Usman, Colby, Woodley or Wonderboy he loses.

  26. Leopoldo Muniz

    Conor McGregor I don't think that he has change I guess if he don't like you he will react accordingly the mind game will always work with McGregor.

  27. Meghnath S

    Conor will retire if he loses the fight against cowboy. Masvidals' call out doesn't work in that case.

  28. As Ager

    I want both of em to win ..dammit

  29. Mr. O'Connor

    ‘Skinny English dude...’ smh. 🤦‍♂️

  30. Dinkle Berg

    Maybe we'll see gsp fight this year. Looks like hes keeping his weight down

  31. Saul Ruiz

    This mexican will get smashed by Conor

  32. Uncle Dust Comedy - UDvE podcast

    "We moost do dat ting " - Mick MickGregor Mickelson 🤣

  33. Foos Foos

    Already sick of this guy

  34. Michael Butterfield

    Me : Conor I'm going to F*CK your bird. Conor : happy days, you're a good man.

  35. Sneakerfreaker88

    Hey let’s have a interview with cowboy and only talk about Conor, this dude finally gets a big fight with lots of interviews and u guys talk about Conor

  36. Jose Alteron

    5:25 your welcome.

  37. Future Dude

    Cowboys are known for driving Harleys? Interresting.

  38. Majin VEGETA

    GGG vs Conner.

  39. fall out

    This dude would mop anyone in lw or ww

  40. The Phonz

    Look at all the Conor fan resurfacing left him when he was down now here everybody is.. smh

  41. Gunner Gattling

    Mystic mac strikes again! He saw stiffness in the Elderweight division and he's coming to take over!

  42. watcanib

    the Khabib effect.

  43. Mathius S

    Justin Gaethje with a wig and makeup 😂

  44. szilard gabor

    more bla bla bla

  45. Joshua Howard

    Cool recap ❄️❄️

  46. The mad hatter

    The red panty man is back with money for all💯🥳😂

  47. Ruben Olguin

    I hardly ever buy PPVs, usually go out and watch it, but do you know how fast I would buy a McGregor v Canelo boxing match. My entire Mexican family will lose their mind.

  48. Mossimo Tiberi

    Canelo vs Connor

  49. Mark L

    "Conor is a very violent person" lmao

  50. MotardPDX

    Sorry Cowboy, Budweiser taste is awful plus not even owned by USA company.

  51. Johan Bosch

    He was a no one untill ben came along

  52. Nest Of Plutons

    "magnetize on my crotch"

  53. Santa Claus

    Dudes a beast

  54. Tempestni02

    How can you not like Donald? Humble and down to Earth.

  55. Aesop Tales

    She needs to meditate and a good massage, always seems super nervous and tight in the octagon. Shes got the skills to be champ again. Hope to see her at the top again.

  56. Phil Haight

    This guy's run is gonna end soon. Usman will beat him easily.

    1. Parker Greene

      Phil Haight I can't see how Jorge thinks he can win

  57. Wader ,

    He's getting pissed at 8:30 and I don't blame him. Freaking reporters are so disrespectful

  58. lucasgs4

    what happens if this fake connor loses?

  59. Jerry Clark

    >>>> Marc !! look at you now !!

  60. dietermeyer1

    MMA has the best online community of all sports😁 The memes never stop!

  61. Dirafv3

    Chael shut up u sound like high lood presure alcoholic

  62. Noel Mercado

    Stop moving your hand Ariel lol!

  63. Roman Sutton

    I use to like Barber but know I’m kinda hoping Roxy gets the W

  64. Dudagraphy

    2:04 "the skinny ENGLISH kid" ??? Are you kidding me double chin?!

  65. Liban Bile

    It’s so cool how KHABIB makes you so cool and humble, that’s what I’m talking about 😝😝😝

  66. Francisco Javier Tamayo Clavijo

    Descansa en paz Natetico

  67. 3piece And Soda

    Took a note from rassies book

  68. Ryan Scarborough

    I'd love to see an OG like Jorge get that big money, easy fight payday. Conor has no chance against this dude.

  69. merKo G

    conor wins, he fights and loses to tony next, for the lightweight strap.

  70. Shady Brady

    Masvidal is ready to sell the BMF belt to Conor. Not a bad move. I'd rather have the money than the belt as well. After all.... your kids can't eat the belt.

  71. Psychic Bubblegum Man

    These boxers are awful to ask mma fighters to box. Fight em in mma real rules unhandicaped first. Boxers always want easy pickens. Its not respectable. Floyd mayweather refused to fight conor in UFC, so it was cowardly.

  72. tobbe1hitman

    Medal wrestler is a bad hugger? XD the irony of that is real... LOL

  73. Chris Gray

    I don't like that he is talking about boxing so much. He needs to stay focused on mma if he wants to get titles again.

  74. Wilhelm Hesse

    Street Jesus for real!

  75. Julian Arias

    God dammit I need that sweater

  76. jewboy

    Rofl "you want us to use weapons"?

  77. TrebuL

    Kamaru Whosman

  78. seanyof

    He’s not English tho😑

  79. Hisoka Morow

    Came to see what Conor is up against I see not much

  80. Samuel Alexander

    I hope he gets badly ko’d and extra shots are landed on him while he’s unconscious. Karma.

  81. Jürgen Klopp

    Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal switched Personality?

    1. Jürgen Klopp

      @Mackenzie Gault Conor behaves nowadays like:"i'm about to respect this man's whole career and clothes!"

    2. Mackenzie Gault

      Jürgen Klopp seems so lol

  82. Chavo Chavez

    Dyno bro haha deserves to be lost

  83. Patrick Baseler

    Conor please go back to being “who the fook is that guy Conner”. This new Conner i’m not buying it.

  84. John Allen


  85. first name

    i will put my knees in the breeze thank you

  86. Hector Saucedo

    Alvarez needs that red panty night again using a Nokia for this video lol

  87. Shadow09

    Cutie pie 🥰

  88. Nitay Harari

    Cerrone is a proof that you dont need a good record to be a fav fighter, It doesnt matter if he wins or lose he is the best human in the arena

  89. Bob Dole

    Conor VS Lomanchenko

  90. יניב יחזקאל

    Khabib fried rematch whit connor because khabib know he lose

  91. ConcussiusClay

    Masvidal will smash EITHER of them

  92. Just Rammy

    Can we have a triple threat match between Ariel, Brett & the Schmo for the title of best media reporter for ESPN

  93. ben stolen

    I'm centered. I'm focused. I'm more grounded. I'm efficient with my energy. I'm sharp. I'm me.

  94. Jiu Jitsu Everybody

    All these sickos talking about Macee the dog being cute when this chick is straight killing it.

  95. Stoic Savage


  96. King Lion

    Conor "It's good to be back" Mcgregor

  97. MansterBear

    Is the first guy asking questions Bert Kreischer?

  98. Jerry world

    baptize, destroy, beat in his face their getting old dude i fwy but its like he’s repeating himself in every press

  99. Occifer FigPucker

    Jorge would smash Conor with little trouble.

  100. King Lion

    Kamaru "Who?" Usman