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  1. Gayathri Pradeep


  2. Gayathri Pradeep


  3. Gayathri Pradeep


  4. GoodBoi

    Coronavirus: *stonks*

  5. Pradeep Kumar

    Build a canal and claim this as your territory!!!

  6. alexxxth

    In the Falklands they use sheep to find landmines 😂 Oops I mean 😞 😢

  7. Ayanda Sihle

    2020 worst year ever

  8. Sobia Asif


  9. AK 15

    Listen bub, no sentence containing the words USA and nuke is crazy

  10. Wow Karen

    Democrat military would be small if only democrats fought

  11. Samiul Islam

    Uhh U.K is not the smallest country! Cuz there is a country called Bangladesh which is prob smaller than all of it

  12. Vineeth Vish

    Why don't you buy a factory in SA And store them up in big containers

  13. Purii

    This is why we can’t trust America with nukes

  14. John LeBrun you lied

  15. Okita -san

    Laughs in Swiss knife.

  16. PhoenixIncPi

    What Happens if the world gets 4 degrees warmer? Thumbnail: *BURN*

  17. Smr J

    You have shown wrong map of Kashmir, after abrogation of 370 entire Kashmir is Indian territory. You have used older map

  18. Minhaz HX

    So this is basically usa in 1950s. Replace engineers with nukes.

  19. Ahoosi Foou

    I want to see humans settle space but i might just die before that.

  20. Amir Khan

    Who Allah (S.W.T) wants to save he saves, he is all mighty and powerful.

  21. Nathan Watts

    the narrator sounds like he narrated this inside a diving bell.

  22. Galadriel Galadriel

    The Spanish empire continues to live in the Spanish language, so when I see the provocations of Donald Trump and his attacks on the Spanish language, it seems to me that he does not understand that Latin America is a giant, a giant that will not accept provocations and attacks on his culture much more time and Spain neither.

  23. MartyMonster

    I think they should at least try it now.

  24. Serban

    Imagine how big the city may be

  25. Kenza Rezyarifin

    You forgot that the soil go to the ocean and create largest manmade tsunami that washes russia

  26. Oompa Loompa

    Normal people: Lets get digging Alaskans: BOOM BOOM

  27. The Drumstick Empire

    1:01 HUHHH SWORE (jk I’m not like 2)

  28. 5qd4

    USA best at corona

  29. Gábor Pap

    Just to put it here, Teller was not just an 'ambitious madman', he was one of the guys working on the Manhattan-project, he even named as the 'father of the hydrogenbomb'. He definetly undervalued the radiation effects here, though.

  30. Tejas Venkatesh

    I have mad respect for that individual who maintained his cool and intelligence to convince the others this was a BAD idea.

  31. FullNuclearBreakfast

    Alaska: If we nuke ourselves, we win Belka: If we nuke ourselves, we win Need I say more?

  32. Mr. fish

    For the swift reunification of korea like as of germany do needs only one thing : collapse of People's Republic of China. As like USSR gave up on their power on DDR, PRC's weakened power will be able to make DPRK fluently start to speak and negotiate with S.K and U.S.A. U.S.A have given lot of resources for the reward? Gift? To the N.K. government for their reply and act of negotiation. There's no reason for U.S.A for giving another dozens of rewards for N.K. acting positively and willing to follow S.K.'s sub-administration and allowing freedom of transpassing and trade with S.K. and other nations around the world.

  33. Anonymous Luka

    Hey my country wasn’t in there

  34. Shah Faraz Ahmad Siddiqui

    Bro Kashmir is part of India not Pakistan your map is wrong

  35. Ziya Baig

    Wait for Whole worlds muslims unite

  36. MUGHALe AZAM Official

    Fun fact: You didn't search this video 😂

  37. Anonymous Luka

    *My country is the best at being a country*

  38. Ryan James

    I thought tictok was the Chinese version of tictok.

  39. Ginger Jesus

    This guys voice is giving me aids

  40. Juicydaboss

    3:35 dam this planet been having HD tv even before we were made

  41. Fawad Gul

    Me: waiting for my country pakistan Video: doesnt mention pakistans sports equipment production and natural beauty and geographic diversity

  42. Sadif _001

    Love pakistan from srilanka

  43. Laura Nuhija

    Let me correct that 2020 will be a new virus

  44. Loo Chin yong

    I saw the thumbnail and I thought this was fakelifelore

  45. Malik Umar jann!


  46. Juicydaboss

    So what happens if i have a twin?

  47. LotsOfS

    "this leaves pakistan with only two more neighbors, iran and china" What about that glaring hole up in the border graphics up north?

  48. Arian Baqeri


  49. Insanely Unknown

    Metric System:❌ Toyota Corollas✅

  50. berry boy

    Hello from pakistan😍😘😘

  51. TySepecurry

    If that small dot is the furthest that earths radio/signal can travel, then how do people know how far out the universe reaches.

  52. Just Do It

    God's out there somewhere.

  53. Brian Huffman

    See fallout...

  54. KaiMes

    Outside the universe is heaven


    Gilgit Baltistan of India.


    India's Gilgit Baltistan.

  57. Hanyou ZHANG

    The biggest tank ever mad and was Evers tested was actually the Tsar Russian tank

  58. F M

    Wait if religion of Africa is 47% Christian + 47% Islam + 10% traditional + 2% atheist = 106% religion??

  59. Tirenx

    Aliens are 100 percent real. Have you seen how these guys think about us as aliens and attack us. Well, the same happened to Iran. Three times. Iran spotted weird objects like UFOs that were glowing and Iran trued to attack them. but the aliens prob had Mercy on them they probably think us like these guys. Like how India banned people from this island aliens probably are not allowed to visit us. And the weird thing is that after the late two thousands there has been no alien contact. Extremely theory but could be very true

  60. Abdul Shahriad

    They are not Spanish countries LOL more like "Spanish/Portuguese" colonies.

  61. Meinungs TV

    For me as Austrian it's very easy. I am from Styria Graz|Gradec|Gradac. I live in a City build by Slovenes. I also know many of them. Every Child from Carinthia or Styria should learn Slovene in school and know something about France Prešeren. The greatest Slovene Poet who studied in SURPRISE Graz my hometown and Vienna Capital of his Country Austria. He also rhymed in German why not? Half of Slovenia is Styria Carinthia and the rest Krain. The 3 Slovene Provinces of Austria. And every child should know who Rudolf Maister is the one German Speaking Slovene[what is that?] who killed and distributed German people from Slovenia also if they lived there for 800!years[look at Gotschee]. Slovenes speak like a Švabo tries to speak Croatian. I will speak Slovene to my children. And every Slovene is my Brother. I have a Czech surname and Slovene and Croatian blood in my Veins and I am proud about that. We Austrians are mostly mixed. We gave the Magyars the right to be what they are and if Franz~Ferdinand would became King or Emperor. He would give the Slavic people's from Austrija the same rights. I am for Austria with his 9 to 15 languages. Danube Federation like Aurel Popovici a Romanian Austrian once said. Austrija is so strong because of the different cultural influences. But the Western World told us that our greatest Power is our greatest Weakness. Mi smo jedno. Mi smo enaki|glih. Romanii sunt și strămoșii noștri. Nagy lojalitással. Nagy erővel. Te is velünk vagy. De a fasizmus kapitalizmus és a kommunizmus megakadályozta. Pusztítsuk el együtt az ellenségeinket. És hozd vissza a magyar területeket Magyarországra. Look at Franz Puskas a Švab playing for Hungary. Look at what Beneš did to his German Speaking czech brothers.Jsi jako my. Bez tebe by Rakousko nebylo nic. Jak bys nebyl bez Rakouska . Ty jsi to se Slováky ani nezvládl? Toľko rokov bojov a spolupracovať a teraz? Ho imparato la tua bella lingua. Anche il mio nome Mario viene da te. Sto solo dicendo Vendetta. Siete europei e amici dell'Austria, ma noi vendicheremo.

  62. Ege serin

    You're a idiot

  63. David Hollenshead

    Teller was a horrible person but the idea was sound. Granted that they would have to wait a year or two before using the harbor, but thermonuclear warheads can be used safely. As long as the thermonuclear warhead was designed to limit the fallout, which is possible with a fission-fusion thermonuclear warhead...

  64. Raiyan Siddique


  65. orange doorhinge

    Point hope cancer rates are 50 percent. About 50 percent of the people their have cancer

  66. 조유준

    미국이랑 한국 사이 외교관계 이간질하는 댓글들 = 전부 다 중국 사이버 부대 공작 댓글임ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  67. Hemlata Menaria

    My country is India and it is best at making movies

  68. Bronz S

    How to get five nukes very close to the USSR.

  69. Tirenx

    They didn't use skillshare that's why they still live in the stone age.

  70. Aadharsh 7

    Japan apologized for the attack on pearl harbor while the USA still hasn't apologized for dropping two freaking nukes on Japanese cities. No one can beat the Americans when it comes to shamelessness, except maybe the Brits.

  71. LV RB

    This is hurting me brain

  72. Olav Remme Haukvik

    5:18 Difference is when you subtract one number from the other. 10^90 is the ratio of the two masses, where ratio is where you divide ond number by the other. Also: when calculating the ratio between two numbers with the same unit (in this case kg), the units cancel out each other. So in conclusion, it should be written: Ratio in mass = 10^90

  73. Tirenx

    No there is no way only 2 humans survived a plane crash free fall. At least someone must have survived the fall but he or she prob died after having untreated wounds or from hunger or they probably didn't use skillshare

  74. ROCKY king

    Whatever in video all by God's grace OM NAMAH SHIVAYA 🕉

  75. 5qd4

    I wanna live untill then to experince all of this

  76. Trinayana Kaushik

    Britain sucks. Period.

  77. Keith T

    When in doubt, -C4- nuke

  78. 『вυllєтρяσσƒ ηαмgι』

    I live in Beijing. Went to the West of China to go South for a holiday/vacation (no direct flights). A one-two hour flight, time went back by 2-3 time zones. Also, that day, in the hotel in Western China, woke up at "7 o'clock", in the actual time zone, it was 4-3 o'clock. Thanks China :)

  79. Makhyusni Makhyusni

    Oh okay

  80. Heinz Doofy

    In Soviet Russia. Land flood ocean

  81. Junaid Ahmad

    Tnt mining does not work well in minecraft

  82. Ciarán Kelly

    idk why but the way you said "real like minecraft tnt shit" set me off laughing way harder than it should have

  83. Ben TRM02

    5:21 its like a castle in pubg map name vikendi

  84. BestThunder

    I wish i had a friend like Leo, loyal.

  85. Bibhu Rout

    It's not Geography, its the origin story of Pakistan that sucks most. The only country in world who demanded division on basis of Religion. I repeat religion, not geography not culturally not ethnically not linguistic. So they are destined to doom.

    1. LMAO

      No pakistan and india should have not been togather in the first place there religion, people everything is different. indians are dark skinned with african features while most pakistanis are not

  86. 에밀리lσνєlу Ємιlу

    Who here don’t understand a thing he said..... but just time and zones and numbers...... no one just me okay 0-0

  87. fat booth camp

    i would know ir, it would be awsome

  88. max lakeland

    That was fucking close wow

  89. Iftikhar Husain

    Because of PAKISTAN majority of the world is freed from Soviet Unions draconian rule.

  90. Daniel Dixon

    Omg he said shit

  91. Max Walkam

    only 1,780,000 people damn in my city theres only like 20,000

  92. Ali Abbas Naqvi

    Why does almost everything global involve nukes

  93. red crimson567

    Water planet 2:00 saubnautica i predict lmao

  94. Balkan Mapping

    This is like Cities skylines if you are bad at the game.

  95. Vae Vae

    2:15 is a drone footage of Manali in India lol

  96. Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

    What will happen in the next 24 hours? A day will pass.

  97. wahyuda chico


  98. 10428 2020

    오 ㅅㅂ 뭐야

  99. ani zurabishvili

    I am Georgian and we are also good/best at making wine and vodka which called chacha and we have khinkhali and mtsvadi which we prefer over khachapuri. The information isn't false though...

  100. infinitejinpachi

    person or group: *statement or action* second person or group: *statement or action* (this is very humourous) HAHAHAHA EPIC WHOLESOME CHUNGUS BREATHTAKING 100 EVERYBODY LIKED THAT EDIT: OH WOW THANKS FOR THE GOLD KIND STRANGER