For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by FIsels star and anime pro Reina Scully

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  1. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Nobody: Gordon Ramsey: I H A V E F O U R K I D S!!!!!

  2. Namphu Gangmei

    When she spat back the ice into the glass😂😂😂😂

  3. Nestor Martinez

    I love how neil can choke on spicy hot wings one second then 3 seconds later giveme an exestencial cricis

  4. TheBlackShield

    This dude must have horrible poops every day

  5. Doubleheaded Eagle

    I put this one off,don’t know why. Glad to watch this now. Well done.

  6. Paige Larson

    Omg I could not be more excited for a hot ones episode!

  7. BarelyMortal

    Please get all three members of the New Day on here

  8. GaniL cHannEL AnUwEL G MomiN

    😍 Thanks you so much it's very interesting video I love it..

  9. Z28Gaming

    Her hands look huge compared to his. I don’t even know why I noticed that. Wtf is going on, lol.

  10. B D

    I am straight woman but i am getting gay vibes for halsey lol

  11. Laura Forstedt

    i think you should do a show where you let all the people who gave up, a second chance...

  12. Arin Gomez

    If anyone wants to know the look at us meme is at 25:07

  13. Emily PIOLO

    I love the talks about shit, still has wisdom 😂

  14. Trypsykh

    Fuckin balut man my whole family eat that shit when they can. I dont even know where they fuckin get it from. We live in DC. I think they order it but they dont ever tell me because they I dont any of that nonsense.

  15. Inspekcja Pracy

    She aged so bad..

  16. p25h76l

    If Jack Black, Guy Fieri, and Chris Farley were all donors...

  17. Gareth

    Actually amazed that there was no tears until Da Bomb - very impressed

  18. Rahsaan Ephriam

    She kept me in anxiety mode the entire time bc she kept getting sooooo close her eyes with her fingers lol

  19. Fuzz Guzz

    Impractical Jokers pleeeeease

  20. Jack Peepod

    Thought he was gonna hit el sauz in Long Beach

  21. Jason Warwick

    Soooo impressive

  22. ghoulunathics

    Billie: I don't really even know what Illuminati is *S H E ' S O N E O F T H E M*

  23. MKE

    Kudos to Offerman for blaming the cause, not the symptom. It's not a "generation of snowflakes", it's people being misled by the easy life of Consumerism. I hope to be that person someday.

  24. Douglas Humes

    Bam get on the hot ones.....someone get bam on the hot ones

  25. Andy InAk

    One of the most real AF videos I've ever seen.

  26. Donielle Mone’t

    awww he stopped and was like “are you ok”😭❤️

  27. Failed Offerings

    I'm miserable, so I sing to feel better. Any music will make me feel better really, so long as i can sing along.

  28. Pharaoh

    Bruh I live 10 minutes from that taco shop and across the street from Fluffy's compound

  29. p25h76l

    WUT!!! You don’t like cilantro!!! F U ! I’m gonna put Fukien chucks of cilantro in all of dis shet for the rest of your dadgum show! This was funny as hell!

  30. Tod Marshall

    That last one got Paul. But damn is he so fucking cool.

  31. RainGazer

    vsauce and jerryrigeverything can really cook huh

  32. olivia


  33. Matt Magalit

    8:59 so i guess u could say that franku is george's hidden stand

  34. christmastiger

    I only found out when she was on SNL that Halsey was a generic attractive white chick singer and not an obnoxious Logan Paul-esque youtuber.

  35. Todd

    I only clicked because I knew I would see a bus. I was not disappointed.

  36. Absolom Apple

    Capsaicin is no joke, man, getting extract splashed in your eyes is probably as bad as glass dust in your eyes. Ninjas could make "black eggs" with it if they wanted to.

  37. MKE

    Quick props to Mr. Ferrell. The fearlessness doesn't surprise me. The vulnerability is a nice reminder why a real comic don't give a fuck, they commit to the bit.

  38. Michael Blevins

    Absolutely beautiful video but it makes me hungry lol love fluffy he is amazing

  39. Big's BUIDB

    god I can't stand this fake ass fool.

  40. White_Wolf

    you guys left the awkward silences in way too long cut them out faster my guy

  41. Adam Schaan

    Halsey having a Last Dab tattoo is so epic. I love her. She is Fiya.

  42. KHUx_X*€*N*♡

    Best one ever

  43. Toni Ramon

    Sean is the Sitama of Hotness, even has the haircut.

  44. Wes 76

    Vegan wings are not wings.

  45. SpaceWafer

    I’ve tried that curry cup noodles in this place called Tokyo Central. It’s really good!

  46. Chris Cuevas

    This was the spot as a kid magnolia ave . Tacos Loco

  47. DontHateDefenestrate


  48. gary nacapuy

    Beast mode 💪💪💪

  49. MKE

    One of the things I love about this show is it provides a good interruption to the standard character most performers play and we get a chance to see a little bit of the person behind the mask. I know it's still edited and I'm sure there are multiple takes to get a specific moment, but I truly believe that the foundation is reality and not performance.

  50. Vanilla Cream 6lack

    Awwwh he was to calm&collective on them chicken wings' Started getting chokeup#Hot Ones# Yeah' Love the comics movie Black Panther'Want to see some more comics movies#Go Michael B.💞😎

  51. phosphorescent wave

    never heard of her. and ffukk religion.

  52. Zumii Time

    Take a shot everytime Gordon says "Fucking hell, Shit"

  53. Dshak347

    Bro he threw away most of the wings he ate. He took 1 bite and threw the rest in the trash lol

  54. Steven York

    I don’t believe in love. But when she described the rigatoni I fell in love with her

  55. adam smith

    As to the vegan wings thing: wtf is a vegan wing? Veggies don't have wings.

  56. Lauren Stone

    Sean: "Where do you fall on the debate that north Delaware and south Delaware should be separated into two separate states?" Aubrey: "Yes."

  57. Kana Beats

    how is this man sweating before he eats any hot sauce?

  58. shadow atherion

    Please bring jason Statham

  59. teevon21

    is it just me or does she come off as a 37yr old mom tryna stay hip but she's 25

  60. Clarence Ohryyyon

    Funniest episode ever..period.

  61. Kassandra Bowman

    please watch with the closed captioning. it's hilarious

  62. Levi Ackerman

    her ear rings are wild bro

  63. Where are my Chettos

    3:14 porn hub

  64. furryraver4ever

    The man went thru with no water or milk, had a super saiyan moment and laid a massive dab on the last wing. Well done sir! Balls of steel.

  65. Alesha Vaughn

    She is BADASS!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😜😜😜😜

  66. Leaps

    That restaurant is White Mana 470 tonelle ave jersey city nj LMAO

  67. adam smith

    It's funny how they all seem to puss out with few exceptions. The burn is what makes it so good. I make my own dried Reaper/Chocolate Bhutlah rub to cook with. Hot AF, but I like it. My wife's always like, "Why do you do this to yourself?". I don't have a good answer except the rush. That endorphin rush is amazing. Just make sure you never touch your eyes, and guys, do NOT touch down there if you have to go to the bathroom if you have even the slightest bit on your hands. Washing it off will not help.

  68. bombarded15

    Her haircut is a disaster

  69. Indoor Kid

    Bert Kreischer is a next level contemporary installation artist

  70. MKE

    I love this dynamic. Makes me think of many great comedy duos from the past. Neither is the better, both elevate each other.

  71. Blackaria

    Gone so hollywood. All vegan wings and hardly any eaten if ya watch through the video. WTF is the stick doing in the wings?

  72. Damien Baranowski

    I. Love this show.

  73. Wes 76

    small bites

  74. john smith

    Hey Sean! Show is great! Have a member of the trans community on!!

  75. 1Challino

    Less talking. More eating please

  76. Royal Mind

    Gezzz so many people watched this

  77. Jessica Perez

    Best boy band song and she answers LFO?! 😩😩😩😩 No.

  78. TheRanificent1

    Gordan is a pussy

  79. dfernandez290

    Carlos Mencia....Duhhh 😂

  80. Ben Waterman

    those earings are gas tho spice

  81. Gideon R

    God she’s so cute 😂

  82. B Harmon

    Put your glasses on right.....dipshit.

  83. jello fish

    Gordon the entire second half: Fuckin hell, shit, Fuckin hell, shit, Fuckin hell, shit, Fuckin hell, shit,

  84. David

    Halsey is way hotter than any hot sauce. She is a super hottie, and she can sing. I'm a fan for life.

  85. 530 am

    Pls bring Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat

  86. Jason Mills

    Thank You so so much Paul for the Camera trick!!! I am totally going to over use it for the next year or so!! :)

  87. Johnny Leon

    We need steve carell in the show asap

  88. C G

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  89. LeLe Farley

    How does this video have 10k dislikes? Who are these people

  90. TheChosenOne

    how does the interviewer never break a sweat eating these ?

  91. Jesse Martinez

    I just made a quesadilla with a big flour tortilla and it was nice and crispy and cheesy i’m looking at my hands like I’m the chef from ratatouille

  92. Erik Amundson

    She's a fan this show is so cool come so far along

  93. Russell Horn

    When you get to walk to the gates of Valhalla you will taste of pepper but you will have Elle to hold you down that you have never tasted before

  94. Robert Hodge

    Please reach out to Ryan Upchurch he is an amazing independent country, country rap and rock artist. He's halarious and definitely would be a great pick for hot ones.

  95. R G

    She looks like an episode I could never watch

  96. Scxtty

    Dis bitch built like Lil Huddy.

  97. Jake Palacios

    I lost it at 3:52 Hahahaha

  98. Lion Vidana

    Drink the damn milk bro!

  99. Peasant

    this host is so fucking annoying....