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  1. Abomachine Grins

    stewie toggle hax on rund 7 on

  2. Abomachine Grins

    cloud9 is us 666 Inside this logo. this alowed this Team to cheating.

  3. Abomachine Grins

    cloud9 the hole Team is a hacker team. stewie und shroud use aimbots since jears. no one see that.

  4. Session Gamings

    Worst map remake ever.

  5. mustafa çılman

    is it shrood or shrode

  6. Shanto Das

    his best na team is literally the current liquid team with skadoodle swapping elige

  7. big nibba xd

    everyone after the new operation is legit watching this lol

  8. Abomachine Grins

    Why can a hacker like flusha play again? Ban this hacker for lifetime

  9. Dave29

    amanek is underrated

  10. GombahCODM

    Nifty got a mean snipe game in only in OT

  11. Pankruea Chengchalad

    Nifty 1st awp

  12. M_Swizzy22

    I’d stick to a MAG-7

  13. MART1JIN

    I love emotional this sport is!

  14. NR

    Weird that God has to read from a tele prompt.

  15. Puro

    6:50 : THANKS PURGE "He's feeling himself".. Well, if he didn't feel himself he'd be dead, right?

  16. Eli Green

    Broke: Vape God Woke: King of Smokes

  17. Spark yt esports

    I am missing your live streams

  18. Matheus

    2:40 ahhpufffahahshsraushpfff whaaat?

  19. Canman

    I just realized that twist hit Kenny with the wallbang in the last play as well, can you imagine if he finished that play with a double wallbang to get the ace?

    1. Felix K

      Nah it was a Nade from F0rest that brought Kenny from 16 to 2

  20. Petrockspiracy

    I don't know how they managed to make a map called Vertigo and with the theme it has more boring than cache.

  21. WillC 69

    Niftys play was the better than twist tbh

  22. WayStedYou


  23. T. Yasin KILIÇ

    Xantares the best of movie 🇹🇷

  24. kuldzio

    where my psc plssss

  25. Денис Валонов

    Nifty fucking noob

  26. Mohd Sufyan

    I see Nifty in the title, I click. And not disappointed at all. What a God.

  27. abdullah ibrahim

    Is no one gonna mention how crazy good niftys movment is?

    1. Dezza2241

      @abdullah ibrahim Oh fuck I was like last year was 2017 right? ... I didn't even go to Sydney in 2017 smh

    2. abdullah ibrahim

      @Dezza2241 2018* and yeah it was really fucking crazy

    3. Dezza2241

      Somehting about OT makes this guy insane. IEM Sydney 2018* vs Mousesports map 2 Inferno is just a ludicrous game

    4. Mohd Sufyan


  28. just a random user

    Nifty is insane

    1. NiftyxCS

      no u insane

  29. HELLO

    That's triple collateral was just way too much. Ninjas in pyjamas FTW.

  30. MK III

    👃🏽 ASMR

  31. Don Kim

    amazing/shocked how this gun was hiding in plain sight

  32. Reanu Keeves

    Petition to make ESL hos every tournament from now on

  33. Xplicid

    Just use autodirector lel

  34. Ma Hodn

    This is such a sneaky flex, madlads

  35. Gewoon_Jie

    now i can do this for the operation

  36. T_bus

    I love Rush

  37. Miekuah Productions

    He is the *Global Elite of All-Observing*

  38. Memes and Depression

    Learning a smoke for the new operation nice

  39. happysideoffear777

    Lol i was called a noob for using these guns like a year ago. Theyre now op? what happened?

  40. Jackson Rezende

    "Flarich the number 8" hahahahahaah

  41. Doug.the.welder

    I'm confused,what did he do?

    1. Doug.the.welder

      @Untitled Ninja ahhh, got it! Thank you sir

    2. Untitled Ninja

      Doug.the.welder The observer was in charge of cameras while he was blindfolded

  42. Glen Dsilva

    MVO(most valuable observer)

  43. Damn that hurts

    All dislikes from StarLadder observers

  44. zntei

    He's absolutely top 1 observer!

  45. Lemon Nation

    Starladder observers rn: Reeeee

  46. SchlaG

    How is this better than starladder??

  47. Meneertjesem

    100% like/dislike ratio, how it should be !

    1. Akira Kurosawa

      spoiled it.

  48. 7eewilsmi

    Using this for the operation lol

  49. Improvings

    Ahem more views people 11:52am GMT : 856 views

  50. Jolly

    This is why I love ESL

    1. Shadow Gaming

      same bro

  51. Daniel Condor

    Lee Sin 😂😂

  52. Tharanan Chhim

    Wth is this?

  53. Synergie BF

    How is a blind ESL observer still better than all of Starladders observers :D

    1. Recaro Red

      I came to say this

  54. Mraz565

    Still better then starladder observer during the major.

  55. Lucas :]

    better observing than starladder

  56. Aum

    Holy shit wtf

  57. The_real Spoilor


  58. Dave29


  59. ZombieXXer PL

    Why hello there

    1. Shadow Gaming

      @ESL Counter-Strike i love esl 🤩

    2. Cheetah

      ESL Counter-Strike whoever commented that needs a raise

    3. ESL Counter-Strike

      General Kenobi

  60. Bryle FromYT


  61. Karl


  62. crazyMDS

    I love apex xD

  63. Farrel clutchboy

    bro its 11 seconds. because the round started at 1:55

  64. Kera

    Подпишись на меня если ты не лох

  65. Scott B

    That’s a bruh moment if I ever saw one

  66. TheRickerd

    I wish I'd last 16 seconds...

  67. Avinash Pratap Singh

    I took 3 replays to understand the situation 🤣🤣

  68. MrEiht

    Thats like me inna bedroom with 5 girls...15 secs and dem all down.

  69. Fran


  70. Bebby RinoP

    This is not surprising to me, my team just need 5 sec for lose.

  71. zeejshh


  72. CookieSP

    In another casting universe; This is so smart from 100 thieves THE WHOLE TEAM ARE GONNA GO DOWN

  73. Eko Shadow

    AZR: I give this grenades s1mple . And i think s1mple is legend thank you !.

    1. Muh Irsyad

      I see u men of culture as well

    2. Eko Shadow

      @kamik1ng abahahah yea only s1mple others lie ..😂

    3. kamik1ng

      It has to be for s1mple right? hahahah

  74. Angel

    Nuke Incoming !

  75. Claudiu Munteanu


  76. Muhammad Ilham

    Us is 30 second ish

  77. Muchamad Syariful Umam


  78. Bimo Setyoadi


  79. Smxks

    actually 11 seconds but hey let's just copy what the redditor said when he uploaded the clip

    1. Josh Day

      @Aldiandya Irsyad Nur Farizi The guy I replied to deleted his comment lol

    2. Aldiandya Irsyad Nur Farizi

      @Josh Day 1:44 is the round end, quick math

    3. szsmix

      Josh Day he counted those seconds in. The video shows 8 seconds of the 11 second round

    4. Josh Day

      @IvanGames3D Round start is 1:55

  80. Skywalker

    For a moment I thought AZR chose somebody other than s1mple...What a disappointment...

    1. Rishabh Mishra


  81. Kwyjibo


  82. mmm-gaming 15

    Gotta go fast

  83. Dowper


  84. Paul Harrison